System Name: Wayne Township
Location: Wayne Township, NJ
County: Passaic
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 04E WACN: 926A5
Last Updated: October 26, 2022, 14:14 pm UTC   [Updated encryption settings for 3 talkgroups(Police)]
System Notes

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
15 (F) 015 (F) Simulcast 471.2875c471.3125c471.3375c471.3875c472.150c476.450c476.575c


EMS (Wayne Memorial First Aid Squad)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3001bb9DEMS Ops 1a RespEMS Operations 1a ResponseEMS-Talk
3002bbaDEMS Ops 2aEMS Operations 2aEMS-Tac
3003bbbDEMS Ops 3aEMS Operations 3aEMS-Tac
3004bbcDEMS Ops 4aEMS Operations 4aEMS-Tac
3092c14DPD Hq to EMSPolice HQ to First Aid Squad (Simulcast of TG 12585)Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1DFire 1 DispFire Dispatch (Patch from 500.81250)Fire Dispatch
20027d2DFire Ops 2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
20057d5DFire Ops 3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
20107daDFD Company 1Fire Company 1 OpsFire-Tac
20207e4DFD Company 2Fire Company 2 OpsFire-Tac
20307eeDFD Company 3Fire Company 3 OpsFire-Tac
20407f8DFD Company 4Fire Company 4 OpsFire-Tac
2050802DFD Company 5Fire Company 5 OpsFire-Tac
44001130DFD BureauFire BureauFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10013e9DEPD 1 DispPolice 1 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
10023eaDEPD 2 InfoPolice 2 - InformationLaw Tac
10033ebDEPD Tac 3Police Tac 3Law Tac
10043ecDEPD Tac 4Police Tac 4Law Tac
1030406DEPD SurvPolice - SurveillanceLaw Tac
1040410DEPD Tac 5Police Tac 5Law Tac
50011389DPD OEM DispOEM DispatchEmergency Ops
9002232aDPD SPEN 1SPEN 1 (Patch)Law Talk
9003232bDPD SPEN 4SPEN 4 (Patch)Law Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
510213eeDSchool Ops02School OperationsSchools
510313efDSchool Ops03School OperationsSchools
510413f0DSchool Ops04School OperationsSchools
510513f1DSchool Ops05School OperationsSchools
510613f2DSchool Ops06School OperationsSchools
510713f3DSchool Ops07School OperationsSchools
510813f4DSchool Ops08School OperationsSchools
510913f5DSchool Ops09School OperationsSchools
511013f6DSchool Ops11School OperationsSchools
511113f7DSchool Ops12School OperationsSchools
511213f8DSchool MaintSchool Maintenance (Custodian)Schools
511313f9DSchool MaintSchool Maintenance (Custodian)Schools
511413faDSchool MaintSchool Maintenance (Custodian)Schools
511513fbDSchool AdminSchool Admin - Roll CallSchools
511613fcDSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
51261406DSchool OpsSchool Operations YesSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4001fa1DDPW to PDDPW to Police DeskMulti-Talk
4002fa2DDPW Tac 1Public Works Tac-1Public Works
4003fa3DDPW Tac 2Public Works Tac-2Public Works
42001068DBldg MaintBuilding MaintenancePublic Works
42101072DBldg DeptBuilding DepartmentPublic Works
426110a5DAnimal CntrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
429010c2DParksParksPublic Works
430010ccDRoad DeptRoad DepartmentPublic Works
45001194DWater DeptWater DepartmentPublic Works
45011195DWPCFWater Pollution Control FacilityPublic Works
460011f8DHealth DeptHealth DepartmentPublic Works
49001324DMgt Info SysManagement Information Systems (MIS)Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9004232cDTesting BTesting Public Works