System Name: Woodbridge Township
Location: Woodbridge, NJ
County: Middlesex
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 35E WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: October 15, 2023, 21:34 pm UTC   [Updated 1 talkgroups for Woodbridge Board of Education (BOE)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Simulcast 478.5625478.7375483.8625484.1125484.3625c484.6125c484.8625c484.9875c


Woodbridge Emergency Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3004bbcDFIRE DISP 1Fire Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
3005bbdDFIRE DISP 2Fire Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
3006bbeDFIRE DISP 3Fire Dispatch 3Fire Dispatch
3007bbfDDIST 1 FGDistrict 1 Fireground - Woodbridge & SeawarenFire-Tac
3008bc0DDIST 2 FGDistrict 2 Fireground - Port ReadingFire-Tac
3010bc2DDIST 4 FGDistrict 4 Fireground - KeasbeyFire-Tac
3011bc3DDIST 5 FGDistrict 5 Fireground - AvenelFire-Tac
3013bc5DDIST 7 FGDistrict 7 Fireground - FordsFire-Tac
3014bc6DDIST 8 FGDistrict 8 Fireground - HopelawnFire-Tac
3015bc7DDIST 9 FGDistrict 9 Fireground - IselinFire-Tac
3017bc9DDIST 11 FGDistrict 11 Fireground - IselinFire-Tac
3018bcaDDIST 12 FGDistrict 12 Fireground - ColoniaFire-Tac
3019bcbDDIST 1 OPSDistrict 1 Operations - Woodbridge & SeawarenFire-Tac
3020bccDDIST 2 OPSDistrict 2 Operations - Port ReadingFire-Tac
3022bceDDIST 4 OPSDistrict 4 Operations - KeasbeyFire-Tac
3023bcfDDIST 5 OPSDistrict 5 Operations - AvenelFire-Tac
3025bd1DDIST 7 OPSDistrict 7 Operations - FordsFire-Tac
3026bd2DDIST 8 OPSDistrict 8 Operations - HopelawnFire-Tac
3027bd3DDIST 9 OPSDistrict 9 Operations - IselinFire-Tac
3029bd5DDIST 11 OPSDistrict 11 Operations - IselinFire-Tac
3030bd6DDIST 12 OPSDistrict 12 Operations - ColoniaFire-Tac
3031bd7DEFIRE INVESTFire InvestigatorsFire-Tac
3039bdfDFIRE ALLFire Fleet-WideFire-Talk
4003fa3DEMS DISPEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
4004fa4DEMS OPS NEMS Operations - NorthEMS-Tac
4005fa5DEMS OPS CEMS Operations - CentralEMS-Tac
4006fa6DEMS OPS SEMS Operations - SouthEMS-Tac
4007fa7DEMS ALLEMS Fleet-WideEMS-Talk
4009fa9DEMS UseEMS UseEMS-Tac
50011389DOEM MAINOEM Main OperationsEmergency Ops
5004138cDOEM OPS 1OEM Tactical Operations 1Emergency Ops
150023a9aDFire BUFire Back-UpFire-Tac
150033a9bDEMS BUEMS Back-UpEMS-Tac
Woodbridge Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1DPD A-01Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
20027d2DPD A-02Police A-02Law Tac
20037d3DEPD A-03Police InformationLaw Tac
20157dfDPD A-04Police A-04 Law Tac
20167e0DPD A-05Police A-05Law Tac
20177e1DPD A-06Police A-06Law Tac
10043ecDPD Event 1Police Special Events 1Law Tac
20007d0DPD FleetPolice FleetwideLaw Talk
20067d6DEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
20077d7DEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
20087d8DEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
20097d9DEPD DetectivePolice DetectivesLaw Tac
20107daDEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
20117dbDEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
20127dcDEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
20137ddDEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
20187e2DPD TrainingPolice TrainingLaw Tac
20217e5DEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
20227e6DEPD EncryptedPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
150013a99DPD Back-UpPolice Back-UpLaw Tac
Woodbridge CERT Team
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4004DCERT TeamCERT TeamEmergency Ops
Woodbridge Township Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10013e9DTown-Wide 1Township-Wide Talk 1Multi-Talk
10023eaDTown-Wide 2Township-Wide Talk 2Multi-Talk
10033ebDTWP 911Township-Wide 911Emergency Ops
60011771DRoadsRoads Department OperationsPublic Works
60031773DBuildingBuilding Department OperationsPublic Works
60041774DParksParks Department OperationsPublic Works
60071777DSanitationSanitation Department OperationsPublic Works
60081778DWaste WaterWaste Water Department OperationsPublic Works
60091779DEquip RepairEquipment Repair OperationsPublic Works
6010177aDPlanning/DevPlanning/Development OperationsPublic Works
6011177bDDPW Ops 1Public Works Operations 1Public Works
6012177cDDPW Ops 2Public Works Operations 2Public Works
90012329DHealth Dept.Health Department OperationsPublic Works
110012af9DCommunityWoodbridge Community CenterPublic Works
150043a9cDDPW BUPublic Works Back-UpPublic Works
150053a9dDAll-Call BUAll-Call Back-UpPublic Works
Woodbridge Board of Education (BOE)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70011b59DBOE DistrictwideDistrictwideSchools
70081b60DBOE Bus AltTransportation Alternate (School Buses)Schools
70091b61DBOE Bus PriTransportation Primary (School Buses)Schools
70121b64DMawbery ESMawbery Street School #1Schools
70131b65DAvenel St ESAvenel St School #4/#5Schools
70141b66DPrtReadingESPort Reading Ave School #9Schools
70151b67DRoss St ESRoss Street School #11Schools
70161b68DFord Ave ESFord Ave School #14Schools
70171b69DIndianaAv ESIndiana Ave School #18Schools
70181b6aDMenlo Prk ESMenlo Park Terrace School #19Schools
70191b6bDClaremntAvESClaremont Ave School #20Schools
70201b6cDOakRdgHgtsESOak Ridge Heights School #21Schools
70211b6dDLynnCrest ESLynn Crest School #22Schools
70221b6eDWoodbneAv ESWoodbine Avenue School #23Schools
70231b6fDKennedyPrkESKennedy Park School #24Schools
70241b70DLafaytEstsESLafayette Estates School #25Schools
70251b71DR.MascenikESRobert Mascenik School #26Schools
70261b72DPenn Ave ESPennsylvania Avenue School #27Schools
70271b73DM.Jago ESMatthew Jago School #28Schools
70281b74DAvenel MSAvenel Middle SchoolSchools
70291b75DColonia MSColonia Middle SchoolSchools
70301b76DFords MSFords Middle SchoolSchools
70311b77DIselin MSIselin Middle SchoolSchools
70321b78DWoodbrgMSWoodbridge Middle SchoolSchools
70331b79DColonia HSColonia Senior High SchoolSchools
70341b7aDJFK MHSJohn F. Kennedy Memorial High SchoolSchools
70351b7bDWoodbrgHSWoodbridge Senior High SchoolSchools
City of Perth Amboy Emergency Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
140853705DPAFD DispFire Dispatch (Patched from 453.650)Fire Dispatch
140863706DEPAFD Ops 1Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
140873707DEPAFD EncFire EncryptedFire-Tac
140883708DEPAFD EncFire EncryptedFire-Tac
140893709DEPAFD EncFire EncryptedFire-Tac
14090370aDEPAFD EncFire EncryptedFire-Tac
14091370bDEPAFD EncFire EncryptedFire-Tac
City of Perth Amboy Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1407636fcDEPAPD DispPolice Dispatch (Patrol 1)Law Tac
1407736fdDEPAPD EncPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
1407836feDEPAPD EncPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
140813701DEPAPD EncPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
140823702DEPAPD EncPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
140833703DEPAPD EncPolice EncryptedLaw Tac
City of Perth Amboy Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14092370cDEPA DPW MainPublic Works MainPublic Works
14093370dDEPA DPW TacPublic Works TacticalPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3003DRange TestRange TestingMulti-Tac
307133DPatchPatched Occasionally to 453.225 MHz.Multi-Tac
10203fcDRadio TechsRadio Technician TestingMulti-Tac