State of Delaware

Amateur Radio
Output Input Tone Out Tone In Callsign Description County
146.97000146.3700077.0 PLKent Co Skywarn F-1Kent
147.30000147.9000077.0 PLKent Co Skywarn F-2Kent
145.31000144.71000141.3 PLW3UDU of D ARCNew Castle
146.70000146.10000131.8 PLW3DRADRA Newark / Skywarn New Castle
146.70000146.10000131.8 PL131.8 PLSKYWARN SecondaryNew Castle
146.73000146.13000131.8 PLW3DRADRA Wilmington / ARESNew Castle
146.95500146.35500WA3UYJDVRAS Wilmington New Castle
448.37500443.37500131.8 PLW3DRADRA Wilmington / ARESNew Castle
448.42500443.42500WR3IRSWR3IRS Wilmington (DMR)New Castle
448.82500443.82500131.8 PLN3HTT N3HTT Delaware CityNew Castle
448.82500443.82500131.8 PL131.8 PLSKYWARN PrimaryNew Castle
449.02500444.02500131.8 PLW3DRAW3DRA DRA NewarkNew Castle
145.190000.00000179.9 PLSussex
145.21000144.61000156.7 PLSussex Skywarn F-1Sussex
145.310000.00000156.7 PLSussex
146.715000.00000156.7 PLSussex
146.820000.00000156.7 PLSussex
146.925000.00000156.7 PLSussex
147.015000.00000156.7 PLSussex
147.045000.00000156.7 PLSussex
147.07500147.67500156.7 PLSussex Skywarn F-1Sussex
147.090000.00000156.7 PLSussex
147.330000.00000156.7 PLSussex
Area-wide Amateur Radio Trunking Systems in Delaware
System Name Type
NJ-TRBO Linked Amateur Radio Network DMR Conventional Networked