Sussex County, Delaware

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
145.190  RM 179.9 PL Amateur.190 FM Ham
145.310  RM 156.7 PL Amateur.310 FM Ham
146.715  RM 156.7 PL Amateur.715 FM Ham
146.820  RM 156.7 PL Amateur.820 FM Ham
146.925  RM 156.7 PL Amateur.925 FM Ham
147.015  RM 156.7 PL Amateur.015 FM Ham
147.045  RM 156.7 PL Amateur.045 FM Ham
147.090  RM 156.7 PL Amateur.090 FM Ham
147.330  RM 156.7 PL Amateur.330 FM Ham

F-1 147.075...local information indicates that the PL of 156.7 is sometimes used - but NOT always for this freq during SKYWARN and R.A.C.E.S. activities.

The PL for F-2 Sussex appears to be used full-time.

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
145.210144.610 RM 156.7 PL Skywarn F-2 Sussex Skywarn F-1 FM Ham
147.075147.675 RM 156.7 PL Skywarn F-1 Sussex Skywarn F-1 FM Ham

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