Trumbull County, Ohio

Category Report
Category Subcategory Lat Lon Range
Government and Safety ServicesTrumbull County 911 Fire Dispatch41.32-80.7618
Government and Safety ServicesTrumbull County Sheriff41.32-80.7618
Government and Safety ServicesCounty Fire Departments41.32-80.7618
Government and Safety ServicesCounty Law Enforcement41.32-80.7618
Government and Safety ServicesEmergency Medical Services41.32-80.7618
Government and Safety ServicesCountywide Mutual Aid41.32-80.7618
Government and Safety ServicesCounty Services41.32-80.7618
Government and Safety ServicesCity/Village/Township Services41.32-80.7618
Other ServicesAmateur Radio41.32-80.7618
K through 12 SchoolsBrookfield Local Schools41.24-80.5673.55
K through 12 SchoolsGirard City Schools41.161-80.7022.74
K through 12 SchoolsHowland Local Schools41.243-80.7643.38
K through 12 SchoolsLaBrae Local Schools41.251-80.8857.38
K through 12 SchoolsLiberty Local Schools41.176-80.6633.77
K through 12 SchoolsMcDonald Local Schools41.16-80.7291.48
K through 12 SchoolsNiles City Schools41.19-80.7512.28
K through 12 SchoolsWarren City Schools41.245-80.8152.87
K through 12 SchoolsWeathersfield Local Schools41.173-80.7883.86