Summit County, Ohio

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio

Severe Weather
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
145.170144.570 W8UPD RM SUMMIT WX BU University of Akron/Summit Co. Skywarn Backup FM Ham
147.135147.735 RM 110.9 PL SUMMIT WX1 Summit Co Skywarn 1 FM Ham
147.270147.870 W8VPV RM SUMMIT WX PRI Cuyahoga Falls/Summit Co Skywarn Primary FM Ham
Emergency (ARES/RACES)
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
444.550449.550 W8ODJ/R RM 131.8 PL 131.8 PL AKRON ARES Akron ARES FM Ham
444.550449.550 W8ODJ/W RM 131.8 PL 88.5 PL NORTON ARES Norton ARES FM Ham
2m Frequencies
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
145.250144.650 RM 145.250 Hudson repeater FM Ham
146.610146.010 RM 146.610 PARF (Pioneer Amateur Radio Fellowship) FM Ham
146.640146.040 RM 146.640 Community ARS (Amateur Radio Service) repeater FM Ham
146.685146.285 RM 146.685 Norton repeater FM Ham
146.985146.385 RM 146.985 Goodyear AMC repeater FM Ham
147.090147.690 RM 147.090 Barberton repeater FM Ham
147.135147.735 RM 147.135 PARF (Pioneer Amateur Radio Fellowship) FM Ham
147.240147.840 RM 147.240 Cuyahoga Falls repeater FM Ham
147.300147.900 RM 147.300 Community ARS (Amateur Radio Service) repeater FM Ham
147.330147.930 RM 147.330 Akron repeater FM Ham
147.735147.135 N8XPX RM 110.9 PL 110.9 PL N8XPX N8XPX FM Ham
70cm Frequencies
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
444.200449.200 N8XPK RM 131.8 PL 131.8 PL N8XPK N8XPK FM Ham
33cm Frequencies
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
902.5375927.5375 N8XPK RM 131.8 PL 131.8 PL N8XPK N8XPK FMN Ham
927.5375902.5375 WA8DBW RM 131.8 PL 131.8 PL Akron 5375 Akron repeater FM Ham
23cm Frequencies
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
1,272.2001,292.200 N8XPK RM CSQ CSQ N8XPK N8XPK FMN Ham
Wide-Area Repeater

This is a wide-area repeater with multiple RX sites using separate PL tones

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
53.170  N8XPK M 107.2 PL N8XPX In Col Columbiana County FM Ham
53.170  N8XPK BM 107.2 PL N8XPX Out Doylestown FMN Ham
53.170  N8XPK M 110.9 PL N8XPX In Loud Loudonville FM Ham
53.170  N8XPK M 114.8 PL N8XPX In Med Medina / Lafayette Twp FM Ham
53.170  N8XPK M 123.0 PL N8XPX In Stone Stone Creek FM Ham
53.170  N8XPK M 136.5 PL N8XPX In Rich Richfield FM Ham

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