Glacier County, Montana

Amateur Radio

Glacier County Amateur Radio

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
146.640146.040 W7SWT RM W7SWT Mt. Royal - 30 miles North of Chester FM Ham
146.700146.100 K7HR RM 103.5 PL K7HR Mt. Baldy, South of East Glacier - linked to Spokane, WA FM Ham
146.820146.220 K7JAQ RM 100.0 PL K7JAQ Hudson Bay Divide - 5 miles South of St. Mary FM Ham
147.200147.800 KE7QIP RM KE7QIP Cut Bank - linked to Mt. Royal FM Ham
443.300448.300 W7DPK RM W7DPK Cut Bank International Airport FM Ham
443.325448.325 K7IQA RM K7IQA Cut Bank FM Ham
443.375448.375 K7HR RM 88.5 PL K7HR Mt. Baldy, South of East Glacier FM Ham

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