Federal (Suffolk County)

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Added Frequency 162.2125 (Calverton National Cemetery)GTR80002022-05-07 21:59:58
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 1, Deleted 0) for Federalw2lie2022-02-25 12:15:56
Changed Subcategory Details For: National Cemeteriesw2lie2022-02-24 12:18:00
Added Frequency 165.4425 (LI National Cemetery (E. Farmingdale))w2lie2022-02-24 12:17:29
Added Subcategory: National Cemeteriesw2lie2022-02-24 12:16:25
Category (National Cemeteries) deletedw2lie2022-02-24 12:16:10
Added category (National Cemeteries 99)w2lie2022-02-24 12:16:03
Changed Subcategory Details For: United States Postal Servicew2lie2022-02-24 07:43:11
Added Frequency 171.975 (Fire / EMS)w2lie2018-01-23 09:37:08
Added Frequency 169.1125 (Mail Carriers (Mid Island Dispatch))GTR80002016-12-17 17:25:09
Added Subcategory: United States Postal ServiceGTR80002016-12-17 17:24:18
Subcategory: (Fire Island National Seashore) migrated to Category (Federal) in Agency: (Federal)GTR80002016-11-03 15:37:05
Subcategory: (United States Coast Guard) migrated to Category (Federal) in Agency: (Federal)GTR80002016-11-03 15:36:39
Changed category from (Department of Energy 99) to (Federal 99)GTR80002016-11-03 15:36:29
Changed Subcategory Details For: Brookhaven National LaboratoryGTR80002016-11-03 15:01:42
Subcategory: (Brookhaven National Laboratory) migrated to Category (Department of Energy) in Agency: (Federal)GTR80002016-11-03 15:01:22
Added category (Department of Energy 99)GTR80002016-11-03 15:01:07