Military Operations Area

Gladden / Bagdad

A majority of this MOA lies within Yavapai County and is controlled by the 56th Fighter Wing for use mainly by the F-16's out of Luke AFB.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
251.25000 BM G/B WYU/WY Unicom for Areas WYU/WY AM Aircraft
294.90000 BM G/B SNAKEYE "SNAKEYE" Control AM Aircraft
323.70000 BM G/B - U Discrete for Area U AM Aircraft
341.75000 BM G/B XV/X Unicom for Areas XV/X AM Aircraft
343.00000 BM G/B Discrete Discrete AM Aircraft
377.00000 BM G/B - V Discrete for Area V AM Aircraft
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
379.40000 BM LATN A2A Air to Air AM Aircraft
Located with the Barry Goldwater Range - East area.
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
127.75000 BM Sells-RngVHF Range Control - VHF - "Snakeye" AM Aircraft
234.80000 BM Sells-E-TDL East TDL Network - "Overlord" AM Aircraft
262.76000 BM Sells-Rng-2 Range-2 AM Aircraft
264.12500 BM Sells-RngUHF Range Control - UHF - "Snakeye" AM Aircraft
274.20000 BM Sells-A2A-Lo Air to Air Low AM Aircraft
284.47500 BM Sells-S-TAC South TAC AM Aircraft
293.80000 BM Sells-C/D/E C/D/E/ High/Low AM Aircraft
298.60000 BM Sells-Rng-1 Range-1 AM Aircraft
302.30000 BM Sells-E-TAC East TAC AM Aircraft
308.70000 BM Sells-Rng-4 Range-4 AM Aircraft
308.90000 BM Sells-A2A-Hi Air to Air High AM Aircraft
311.30000 BM Sells-Rng-3 Range-3 AM Aircraft
316.70000 BM Sells-A/B Hi A/B High AM Aircraft
342.00000 BM Sells-ROCC ROCC Expenditure Reporting AM Aircraft
371.40000 BM Sells-N-TAC North TAC AM Aircraft
379.40000 BM Sells-A/B-Lo A/B Low AM Aircraft