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Frequencies Updated (Updated: 2, Deleted 0) for County AttractionsW2SJW2017-05-24 20:20:46
Added Frequency 152.625 (Security Ch. 2)W2SJW2017-05-24 20:20:39
Added Frequency 152.680 (Security Ch. 1)W2SJW2017-05-24 20:20:07
Changed Subcategory Details For: Atco DragwayW2SJW2017-05-24 20:19:25
Added Subcategory: Atco DragwayW2SJW2017-05-24 20:19:16
Changed Subcategory Details For: BB&T PavilionK2YYN2017-05-23 15:54:32
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 5, Deleted 0) for Camden City WaterfrontK2YYN2017-05-23 15:52:57
Changed Subcategory Details For: BB&T PavilionK2YYN2017-05-23 15:50:48
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 3, Deleted 0) for County AttractionsK2YYN2016-08-22 15:13:23
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 3, Deleted 0) for County AttractionsW2GLD2015-07-24 10:11:48
Sort order changed to from 0 for subcat: Clementon Park / Splash WorldW2GLD2015-07-24 10:11:47
Added Frequency 151.895 (Park Channel 5)W2GLD2015-07-24 10:11:35
Added Frequency 151.955 (Park Security Operations)W2GLD2015-07-24 10:11:00
Added Frequency 151.9250 (Park Operations)W2GLD2015-07-24 10:10:31
Changed Subcategory Details For: Clementon Park / Splash WorldW2GLD2015-07-24 10:09:30
Added Subcategory: Clementon Water ParkW2GLD2015-07-24 10:09:13
Added category (County Attractions 99)W2GLD2015-07-24 10:08:59
Added Frequency 464.6 (Ch. 1)dtscho2015-03-19 11:57:13
Added Frequency 464.5 (Security)dtscho2015-03-19 11:55:51
Added Frequency 461.0375 (Ch. 4)dtscho2015-03-19 11:55:24
Added Frequency 451.925 (Susquehanna Bank Center)dtscho2015-03-19 11:54:35
Added Frequency 451.9 (Susquehanna Bank Center)dtscho2015-03-19 11:54:15
Added Subcategory: Susquehanna Bank Centerdtscho2015-03-19 11:51:49
Added Frequency 464.8875 (Security)dtscho2015-03-19 11:49:43
Added Frequency 464.7875 (Unknown)dtscho2015-03-19 11:48:47
Added Frequency 462.675 (Events/Catering?)dtscho2015-03-19 11:47:41
Added Frequency 462.0375 (Engineering/Housekeeping)dtscho2015-03-19 11:46:21
Added Frequency 461.125 (Ticketing)dtscho2015-03-19 11:45:01
Added Subcategory: Adventure Aquariumdtscho2015-03-19 11:43:40
Subcategory (Susquehanna Bank Center) deletedChauffeur62013-02-28 22:02:39
Subcategory (Adventure Aquarium) deletedChauffeur62013-02-28 22:02:35
Category (Camden City Downtown) deletedChauffeur62013-02-28 22:02:25
Subcategory (Camden County Historical Society) deletedChauffeur62013-02-28 22:02:25
Subcategory (The Walt Whitman Arts Center) deletedChauffeur62013-02-28 22:02:25
Category (Cherry Hill Township) deletedChauffeur62013-02-28 22:02:18
Subcategory (Garden State Discovery Museum) deletedChauffeur62013-02-28 22:02:18
Agency: Attractions changed from Attractions (Public Safety) to Attractions (Attraction)W2GLD2012-04-24 15:37:18
Agency: Attractions changed from Camden County Attractions (Attraction) to Attractions (Public Safety)W2GLD2012-04-24 15:36:42
Agency: Camden County Attractions changed from Camden County Attractions (Public Safety) to Camden County Attractions (AttractioW2GLD2012-04-24 15:17:06
Agency: Camden County Attractions changed from Camden County (Attraction) to Camden County Attractions (Public Safety)W2GLD2012-04-24 15:14:19
Added Subcategory: Garden State Discovery MuseumW2GLD2012-04-24 14:55:51
Added category (Cherry Hill Township 99)W2GLD2012-04-24 14:55:41
Agency: Camden County changed from Camden City (Attraction) to Camden County (Attraction)W2GLD2012-04-24 14:55:21
Added Subcategory: Camden County Historical SocietyW2GLD2012-04-24 14:53:21
Added Subcategory: The Walt Whitman Arts CenterW2GLD2012-04-24 14:52:02
Added category (Camden City Downtown 99)W2GLD2012-04-24 14:51:52
Changed Subcategory Details For: Susquehanna Bank CenterW2GLD2012-04-24 14:50:33
Added Subcategory: Susquehanna Bank CenterW2GLD2012-04-24 14:50:25
Changed Subcategory Details For: U.S.S. Battleship New JerseyW2GLD2012-04-24 14:49:16
Added Subcategory: Adventure AquariumW2GLD2012-04-24 14:49:04
Agency: Camden City changed from Camden City Waterfront (Attraction) to Camden City (Attraction)W2GLD2012-04-24 14:47:10
Sort order changed to from 0 for subcat: U.S.S. Battleship New JerseyW2GLD2012-04-24 14:46:20
Added Frequency 451.8500 (Operations)W2GLD2012-04-24 14:46:18
Added Subcategory: U.S.S. Battleship New JerseyW2GLD2012-04-24 14:45:22
Changed category from (U.S.S. Battleship New Jersey 99) to (Camden City Waterfront 99)W2GLD2012-04-24 14:45:03
Added category (U.S.S. Battleship New Jersey 99)W2GLD2012-04-24 14:44:42
Agency: Camden City Waterfront changed from Clementon Park Splash World (Clementon Borough) (Attraction) to Camden City WaterfroW2GLD2012-04-24 14:44:17
Agency: Clementon Park Splash World (Clementon Borough) changed from Clementon Amusement Park (Attraction) to Clementon Park SplW2GLD2012-04-24 14:40:40
Agency: Clementon Amusement Park changed from Attractions (Attraction) to Clementon Amusement Park (Attraction)W2GLD2012-04-24 14:25:21