Flagler County Airport (KFIN) (Flagler County)

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Agency: Flagler County Airport (KFIN) changed from Flagler County Airport (KXFL) (Aircraft / Airport) to Flagler County Airport itinkham2015-09-09 05:52:33
Changed category from (Flagler County Airport (KXFL) 99) to (Flagler County Airport (KFIN) 99)itinkham2015-09-09 05:51:58
Added Frequency 123.0 (Unicom)wise8712011-02-05 10:01:42
Added Frequency 128.325 (ATIS)wise8712011-02-05 10:01:18
Added Frequency 121.75 (Ground / Clearance Delivery)wise8712011-02-05 10:00:50
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 1, Deleted 0) for Air Traffic Controlwise8712011-02-05 09:59:55
Added Frequency 118.95 (Tower)wise8712011-02-05 09:59:48
Category (Air Traffic Control Sort: 99) changed to (Flagler County Airport (KXFL) Sort: 99)wise8712011-02-05 09:58:25
Sub-category (New SubCategory - CHANGE THIS NAME Sort 99) changed to (Air Traffic Control Sort: 99)wise8712011-02-05 09:57:27
Category (Air Traffic Control) addedwise8712011-02-05 09:57:05