Washoe County Search & Rescue (Washoe County)

Last Updated: June 22, 2008, 10:31 pm
Responsibility for search and rescue operations in the State of Nevada is the duty of the Sheriff of the county of jurisdiction. The Washoe County Sheriff utilizes teams of citizen volunteers, as auxiliary deputies, to conduct SAR missions. See www.washoesar.com for further information. Not active daily. But when SAR teams are activated its really interesting. Unit Designators 1R?? Hasty Team 2R?? WCSAR 3R?? SVU (Special Vehicles Unit) 4R?? Air Units 5R?? Comm. Unit (Mobile Command Center) 6R?? Command and Operations Staff


Search & Rescue

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.205 RM 107.2 PL Red VP Site 1 - Virginia Peak Repeater FM Aircraft
155.205 RM 107.2 PL Red SL Site 2 - Slide Mtn. Repeater FM Emergency Ops
155.205 RM 107.2 PL Red FX Site 3 - Fox Mtn. 1 Repeater FM Emergency Ops
154.725 RM CSQ Gold Site 4 - Fox Mtn. 2 Repeater FM Emergency Ops
166.375 RM CSQ BLMF Site 5 - BLM Fox Mtn. FM Emergency Ops
155.160 RM 107.2 PL ORRP Site 6 - Portable Repeater FM Emergency Ops
155.205 M 107.2 PL Red1 SAR Primary (SAR1 Mobile and Base) FM Emergency Ops
150.805 M 136.5 PL Red2 Sar Secondary (SAR2 Car to Car) FM Emergency Ops
155.160 M CSQ Orange Nat'l SAR/WOOF1 (Canine Team) FM Emergency Ops
151.625 M CSQ Woof2 WOOF2 (Canine Team) FM Emergency Ops
154.950 M 107.2 PL Black Optional Secondary FM Emergency Ops
123.100 M CSQ AirOpsPrimry Air Ops Primary AM Aircraft
122.650 M CSQ Air Ops 2ndy Air Ops Secondary AM Aircraft
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
166.375 CSQ BLMS BLM Susanville FM Interop
171.675 CSQ BLM BLM Scene of Action FM Interop
156.075 M CSQ CORD CA Coordination FM Interop
154.920 M CSQ CLE1 CA LAW Mutual Aid 1 FM Law Talk
154.935 M CSQ CLE2 CA LAW Mutual Aid 2 FM Law Talk
154.160 M CSQ OES1 CA E-Services 1 FM Interop
154.220 M CSQ OES2 CA E-Services 2 FM Interop
155.265 M CSQ CRDA CA Rescue Dog Association FM Interop
155.970 151.4 PL CRSN Carson Sheriffs Office FM Law Dispatch
155.625 131.8 PL HUMB Humboldt Sheriffs Office FM Law Dispatch
154.770 CSQ LYN1 Lyon Sheriffs 1 FM Law Dispatch
159.210 CSQ LYN2 Lyon Sheriffs 2 FM Law Tac
155.475 M CSQ NALE Nat'l Law Mutual Aid FM Law Talk
158.895 CSQ NDF NV Div. of Forestry - Scene of Action FM Interop
154.235 CSQ NLTF No. Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District FM Fire-Talk
154.695 CSQ PERS Pershing Sheriffs Office FM Law Dispatch
155.070 100.0 PL STRY Storey Sheriffs Office FM Law Dispatch
155.655 M CSQ STMA State Mutual Aid FM Interop
158.745 CSQ TMLO Truckee Meadows Local FM Fire Dispatch
169.875 CSQ USFS USFS Scene of Action FM Fire-Tac