Severe Weather (Wisconsin)

Last Updated: March 19, 2020, 9:21 am


Amateur Radio Storm Chasers

Amateur Radio Storm Chasers

Note: The use of a CTCSS (PL) tone is designed to help eliminate any bleedover from paging systems and intermod in metropolitan areas.
If possible, leave your CTCSS (PL) decoder in open receive mode.

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
146.550  M 114.8 PL StormChase VHF1 Storm Chaser VHF Primary FM Ham
146.460  M 114.8 PL StormChase VHF2 Storm Chaser VHF Secondary FM Ham
223.520  M 114.8 PL StormChase 220 Storm Chaser 220 Primary FM Ham
446.075  M 114.8 PL StormChase UHF1 Storm Chaser UHF Primary FM Ham
446.100  M 114.8 PL StormChase UHF2 Storm Chaser UHF Secondary FM Ham
1,294.550  M 114.8 PL StormChase 1.2G Storm Chaser 1.2Ghz Primary FM Ham
451.275456.275 WQEU980 RM 351 DPL StormChase SSTRC Midwest Severe Storms Tracking Research Center Madison FMN Business
146.760146.160 WX9GRB RM 100.0 PL NWS Green Bay National Weather Service Green Bay Skywarn FM Ham