Federal (Missouri)

Category Report
Category Subcategory Lat Lon Range
FederalMissouri National Guard38.482-92.397232
Federal US Army Corps of Engineers (Kansas City)38.482-92.397232
FederalUS Army Corps of Engineers (Clearwater Lake-Piedmont)37.15449-90.695671
FederalUS Army Corps of Engineers (Mark Twain Lake)39.57385-91.6292850
FederalUS Army Corps of Engineers (Wappapello Lake)38.482-92.397232
FederalFederal Protective Service38.482-92.397232
FederalNational Weather Service38.482-92.397232
FederalNational Park Service - Ozark National Scenic Riverways36.787-91.14728.35
Department of AgricultureMark Twain National Forest38.72188-92.50445240
Military - OtherWhiteman Air Force Base38.75029-93.800225
US Army - Fort Leonard WoodPublic Safety37.77072-92.125858
US Army - Fort Leonard WoodOperations37.77072-92.125858
US Army - Fort Leonard WoodForney Field / Waynesville Regional Airport37.77072-92.125858