Boerne Stage Airport (5C1) (Bexar County)

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Frequencies Updated (Updated: 0, Deleted 1) for Boerne Stage Airportblantonl2022-08-23 07:51:42
Changed Subcategory Details For: Air Trafficblantonl2022-08-23 07:51:34
Added Frequency 125.1 (San Antonio Approach/Departure)rattlerbb012022-02-15 01:45:52
Added Frequency 123.0 (CTAF/Unicom)rattlerbb012022-02-15 01:45:11
Added Subcategory: Air Trafficrattlerbb012022-02-15 01:44:36
Added category (Boerne Stage Airport 99)rattlerbb012022-02-15 01:43:38
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