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Canada > British Columbia > Multiple Counties > WTS NXDN Multi-Site UHF


System Name:WTS NXDN Multi-Site UHF
Location:Multiple, BC
County:5 counties
System Type:NXDN NEXEDGE 9600
System Voice:NXDN Digital
Last Updated:November 5, 2019, 8:03 pm (Added Talkgroup 129 The Vancouver Trolley Company(Greater Vancouver Business ))

System ID List

System ID  

Latest News Update Posted on 2018-08-06 20:18:02

Site 25 at Metrotown (6240 McKay Ave, Burnaby) now online. Notes from ISED license as follows;

WTS is assigned 8 UHF channels for use with the Kiewit Ledcor TMEP Partnership (KLTP) project for the period of
September 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020. Once the project is completed the 8 channels will be returned back to ISED.

metrotown pipeline coverage
KLTP Metrotown relocate

420.63750 MHz
420.64375 MHz
420.65000 MHz
420.65625 MHz
422.81250 MHz
422.81875 MHz
422.82500 MHz
422.83125 MHz

Misc System Information

This system is the Canadian leg of system 2029. System ID 2029 is also used in Washington state by Wiztronics Inc. Both WTS and Wiztronics have inter-networked their infrastructure which ultimately allows each companies customer base to seamlessly roam into each others coverage areas. 

More information is available here:



System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): RR Locations

SiteNameCounty Freqs      
001 (1) Mount SeymourGreater Vancouver 410.765625c 411.090625 410.415625 410.090625 411.134375 411.534375 411.909375
      412.284375 412.290625 412.484375 412.490625 412.884375 422.2562 422.2687
002 (2) SumasFraser Valley 410.75625 410.08125 410.409375c 411.08125 412.9094 413.1375  
009 (9) Surrey Memorial HospitalGreater Vancouver 412.91563a 411.91562c 412.56563a        
011 (B) Mount BensonNanaimo 413.29063 412.55938 412.89063c        
012 (C) Black TuskSquamish-Lillooet 422.65625c 422.25625 422.45625        
015 (F) Vancouver General HospitalGreater Vancouver 412.91563 411.91563 412.56563c        
016 (10) VictoriaCapital 410.0875 410.4125 410.7625c 411.0875      
017 (11) Mt HelmckenCapital 411.5375c            
018 (12) Mount BruceCapital 412.91563 411.91563          
021 (15) Watts PointSquamish-Lillooet 410.0875 411.0875          
024 (18) Thacker MountainFraser Valley 422.2562c 422.6562          
025 (19) Kinder Morgan (KLTP Site)Greater Vancouver 420.6375 420.64375 420.650 420.65625 422.8125 422.81875c 422.825

System Talkgroups
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Wide Area Business Talkgroups Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
212 DE PRINCEOFWHALES Prince of Whales Whale Watching  Business 
238 DE PWWA Pacific Whale Watching Association  Business 
291 D QUICKSHUTTLE Quick Coach Lines Ltd  Business 
10027 D SPRINGTIDE SpringTide Whale Watching  Business 
10029 D ORCASPIRIT Orca Spirit Whale Watching  Business 

Greater Vancouver Business Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1 D WTS OPS Wireless Technical Services Operations  Business 
3 D CLOVERTOWING Clover Towing  Business 
21 D MUNDIES Mundies Towing  Business 
61 D MRTOWING Maple Ridge Towing  Business 
71 D WESCAN Wescan Disposal Ltd  Business 
129 D VTC The Vancouver Trolley Company  Business 
307 D COQTOWING Coquitlam Towing  Business 
399 D WASTE CTL SVCS Waste Control Services Ltd  Business 

Greater Vancouver Healthcare Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
31 D CHWKHOSPSEC Paladin Security Link to Chilliwack General Hospital  Security 
32 D MISSIONSEC Paladin Security Link to Mission Memorial Hospital  Security 
33 D RIDGEHOSP Paladin Security Link to Ridge Meadows Hospital  Security 
34 D LANGLEYSEC Paladin Security Link to Langley Memorial Hospital  Security 
35 D PORTMOODYSEC Paladin Security Link to Eagle Ridge Hospital  Security 
36 D PEACEARCHSEC Paladin Security Link to Peace Arch Hospital  Security 
37 D ROYALCOLSEC Paladin Security Link to Royal Columbian Hospital  Security 
38 D NWCARESEC Paladin Security Link to New Westminster Residential Care  Security 
39 D DELTASEC Paladin Security Link to Delta Hospital  Security 
40 D SHHC SEC Paladin Security Link to Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children  Security 
41 D BURNABYSEC Paladin Security Link to Burnaby Hospital  Security 
45 D CHILDWOMSEC Paladin Security Link to Children and Womens Hospital  Security 
48 D BC CANCER Paladin Security Link to BC Cancer Agency (UNID LOC)  Security 
82 D PAL HOSP DISP Paladin Healthcare Main Dispatch  Security 
231 D JPOSC_SEC Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre Security  Security 
245 D SMH_SEC Surrey Memorial Hospital Security Main  Security 
246 D SMH_SEC2 Surrey Memorial Hospital Security 2  Security 
273 D SMH_FMO Surrey Memorial Hospital Facilities Management Operations  Hospital 
278 D SMH_FMO Surrey Memorial Hospital Facilities Management  Hospital 

Greater Victoria Business Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10001 D YYJSHUTTLE YYJ Airport Shuttle  Transportation 
10012 D ELLIS DISPOSAL Ellis Disposal  Business 
10013 D TRIO Trio Ready-Mix  Business 

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