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Last Updated: July 1, 2021, 3:56 am
US > New York > New York City (County) > New York City DoITT (UHF)

New York City DoITT (UHF)

This system is deprecated, and may no longer be in use or is superseded by another system.

System Name:New York City DoITT (UHF)
Location:New York City, NY
County:New York City
System Type:Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice:Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Last Updated:July 1, 2021, 3:56 am (Deleted Talkgroup Category: Dept of Correction)

Custom Frequency Tables

Base   Spacing   Offset  
482.00000   6.25   380  

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
HEX: C820   138.46

Misc System Information

System was taken offline on June 30th, 2021

"The UHF DARS and 800 MHz trunked radio systems have reached end of life, and will going offline starting today, June 30th. Ch 6A FD Admin, 6B FD Ops, and 6C FD Communication will no longer be available on apparatus and vehicle mobile radios. The new 7x communications network is replacing the 800 MHz system. The new 7x channels designated as Fire Ops, HazMat Ops, and Marine Ops are only available on the APX portable HT's in Zone C. The apparatus and vehicle mobile radios will be upgraded with these new channels in the near future."

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

001 (1) Simulcast482.28125 482.29375 482.30625 482.33125 482.99375 483.04375 483.50625a 483.51875c

System Talkgroups
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DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  Group
1840 073 A NYCEM Executive Executive  Emergency Ops  Emergency Management 
1856 074 A NYCEM Ops C Operations C  Emergency Ops  Emergency Management 
1872 075 A NYCEM Ops D Operations D  Emergency Ops  Emergency Management 
1888 076 A NYCEM Alert Alert  Emergency Ops  Emergency Management 
2016 07e A HHC Brooklyn Brooklyn Base  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2032 07f A HHC Emergncy Emergency Management  Emergency Ops  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2048 080 A HHC Security Security  Security  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2096 083 A HHC C Bklyn Central Brooklyn  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2112 084 A HHC Gen NM Gen NM  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2128 085 A HHC N Bronx North Bronx  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2144 086 A HHC Queens Queens  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2160 087 A HHC S Manh South Manhattan  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2176 088 A HHC S BK/SI South Brooklyn/S.I.  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2192 089 A HHC N Bklyn North Brooklyn  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
2208 08a A HHC Alert ALERT Ch. 1 Citywide  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
4496 119 A FDNY Div 1 Division 1  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4512 11a A FDNY Div 3 Division 3  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4528 11b A FDNY Div 6 Division 6  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4544 11c A FDNY Div 7 Division 7  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4560 11d A FDNY Div 8 Division 8  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4576 11e A FDNY Div 11 Division 11  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4592 11f A FDNY Div 13 Division 13  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4608 120 A FDNY Div 14 Division 14  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4624 121 A FDNY Div 15 Division 15  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4640 122 A FDNY SOC 1 Special Operations Command 1  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
4656 123 A FDNY SOC 2 Special Operations Command 2  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
4672 124 A FDNY SOC 3 Special Operations Command 3  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
4688 125 A FDNY IMT 1 Incident Management Team 1  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
4704 126 A FDNY IMT 2 Incident Management Team 2  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
4720 127 A FDNY IMT 3 Incident Management Team 3  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
4736 128 A EMS Radio Mech EMS Field Radio Mechanic  Public Works  FDNY 
4816 12d A FDNY SP Event 1 Special Events 1  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4832 12e A FDNY SP Event 2 Special Events 2  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4848 12f A FDNY SP Event 3 Special Events 3  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4864 130 A FDNY SP Event 4 Special Events 4  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4880 131 A FDNY DC Patch 5 DC Patch 5  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4896 132 A FDNY DC Patch 6 DC Patch 6  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
4944 135 A FDNY FleetTrnspr Fleet Transport  Public Works  FDNY 
4960 136 A EMS Telem 11 EMS ALS EKG Telemetry Ch. 11  Data  FDNY 
4976 137 A EMS Telem 12 EMS ALS EKG Telemetry Ch. 12  Data  FDNY 
4992 138 A EMS Telem 13 EMS ALS EKG Telemetry Ch. 13  Data  FDNY 
5072 13d A FDNY HazTac 1 EMS HazTac 1  EMS-Tac  FDNY 
5088 13e A FDNY HazTac 2 EMS HazTac 2  EMS-Tac  FDNY 
5248 148 A FDNY Comms Elec Communications Electrician  Public Works  FDNY 
5344 14e A FDNY BTDS Bureau of Technology Development and Systems  Public Works  FDNY 
5360 14f A EMS Hospital EMS Hospital Notification  Hospital  FDNY 
5376 150 A FDNY SOC TF SOC Task Force  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5392 151 A FDNY Cmd Relay Command Channel Relay  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5408 152 A FDNY Academy Academy  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
5440 154 A FDNY MARS Mutual Aid/REMSCO/Vol Amb.  EMS Dispatch  FDNY 
5456 155 A FDNY RRV 1 Rapid Response Vehicle 1  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5472 156 A FDNY RRV 2 Rapid Response Vehicle 2  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5488 157 A FDNY RRV 3 Rapid Response Vehicle 3  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5504 158 A FDNY RRV 4 Rapid Response Vehicle 4  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5520 159 A FDNY RRV 5 Rapid Response Vehicle 5  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5536 15a A FDNY RRV 6 Rapid Response Vehicle 6  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5600 15e A FDNY 6A Admin 6A Administration  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
5616 15f A FDNY 6B Ops 6B Operations  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
5632 160 A FDNY 6C Comms 1 6C Communications 1  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
5648 161 A FDNY 6D Comms 2 6D Communications 2  Fire-Tac  FDNY 
6320 18b A CommissionrALERT Commissioner ALERT  Public Works  Dept of Information Technology and Telecommunications 
6384 18f A Hunts Point PS Hunts Point Public Safety  Law Dispatch  Hunts Point 
6480 195 A DHS Randalls Randalls Island  Public Works  Dept of Homeless Services 
6640 19f A GNYHA Greater New York Hospital Association  Hospital  Health and Hospitals Corp 
6752 1a6 A DOE Commish Commissioner   Public Works  Dept of Education 
9568 256 D DoITT Techs Radio Techs  Public Works  Dept of Information Technology and Telecommunications 
25248 62a D Surveillance Surveillance  Law Tac  Law Enforcement Misc 
40688 9ef D DoITT Repair Radio Repair  Public Works  Dept of Information Technology and Telecommunications 
40752 9f3 De FDNY SOC 4 Special Operations Command 4  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
40768 9f4 De FDNY SOC 5 Special Operations Command 5  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
40784 9f5 De FDNY SOC 6 Special Operations Command 6  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
40800 9f6 De FDNY IMT 4 Incident Management Team 4  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
40816 9f7 De FDNY IMT 5 Incident Management Team 5  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
40832 9f8 De FDNY IMT 6 Incident Management Team 6  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
40864 9fa De Fire Marshal Fire Marshal  Fire-Talk  FDNY 
41184 a0e D EMS M/A CW South EMS Mutual Aid Citywide South  EMS Dispatch  FDNY 
41216 a10 D EMS M/A CW North EMS Mutual Aid Citywide North  EMS Dispatch  FDNY 
41456 a1f De FDNY CW 3 Citywide 3  Fire Dispatch  FDNY 
41472 a20 De FDNY CW 4 Citywide 4  Fire Dispatch  FDNY 
48576 bdc D Surveillance Surveillance  Law Tac  Law Enforcement Misc 

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