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US > North Carolina > Johnston (County) > Johnston County (EDACS)

Johnston County (EDACS) - Downloads and Reports

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Pre-Defined Report Downloads

Download CSV File of All Sites and Frequencies for Trunked System: Johnston County (EDACS)
Download CSV File of All Talkgroups for Trunked System: Johnston County (EDACS)
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Johnston County (EDACS)
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Johnston County (EDACS) (All talkgroups sorted)

Other Reports

Talkgroup Category Location Data Report
Site Location Data Report

Change History for Johnston County (EDACS) system (Last 30)

Changed Admin Date Changed
Updated General Trunked System InformationKE4ZNR2017-01-27 18:25:21
Updated General Trunked System InformationPJH2017-01-11 15:00:47
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)ericcarlson2016-08-04 19:24:17
Changed Talkgroup Category: Johnston County Sheriff to Johnston County Sheriffericcarlson2016-08-04 19:23:26
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)ericcarlson2016-08-04 19:23:17
Added Talkgroup 10-062 Narcoticsericcarlson2016-08-04 19:23:09
Added Talkgroup 1100 Wilsons Mills FDtrumpetman2016-07-04 06:26:54
Deleted 1 talkgroup(s)trumpetman2016-07-04 06:26:07
Added Talkgroup 08-094 Wilsons Mills FDtrumpetman2016-07-04 06:25:41
Updated SitesKE4ZNR2016-06-27 12:36:17
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)RMPDCOP2016-05-17 08:19:27
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)ericcarlson2016-05-11 19:23:51
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)ericcarlson2016-05-11 19:23:15
Added Talkgroup 1090 Kenly Fire Privateericcarlson2016-05-11 19:23:10
Added Talkgroup 1096 Smithfield Fire Department Privateericcarlson2016-05-10 20:33:41
Added Talkgroup 1087 Four Oaks FDtrumpetman2016-03-15 19:08:37
Added Talkgroup 1267 Fire Marshalltrumpetman2016-03-15 19:04:09
Added Talkgroup 1320 Tac 2trumpetman2016-02-14 19:33:04
Added Talkgroup 1077 Archers Lodge FD Privatetrumpetman2016-01-23 10:52:02
Added Talkgroup 1094 Princeton FD Privatetrumpetman2016-01-23 10:51:27
Added Talkgroup 1621 Investigationstrumpetman2016-01-08 18:57:49
Added Talkgroup 1086 Elevation FD Privatetrumpetman2016-01-02 14:05:38
Added Talkgroup 1089 50-210 FD Privatetrumpetman2016-01-02 14:05:18
Added Talkgroup 1084 Cleveland FD Privatetrumpetman2016-01-02 14:04:28
Added Talkgroup 1083 Clayton FD Privatetrumpetman2016-01-02 14:02:39
Added Talkgroup 1078 Benson FD Privatetrumpetman2016-01-02 14:02:09
Added Talkgroup 1079 Bentonville FD PrivateKE4ZNR2015-12-22 08:34:05
Deleted 1 talkgroup(s)KE4ZNR2015-12-12 18:47:38
Updated 14 Talkgroup CategoriesKE4ZNR2015-12-12 18:46:50
Updated Function Tag assignments for 1 talkgroupsKE4ZNR2015-12-12 18:13:48

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