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Cecil County - Downloads and Reports

You can download information directly into your radio by using a scanner programming software application that supports the RadioReference.com Web Service Direct Download feature. Please see the following page for information on how to get started using this feature:

Programming Your Scanner with the RadioReference Web Service

Pre-Defined Report Downloads

Download CSV File of All Sites and Frequencies for Trunked System: Cecil County
Download CSV File of All Talkgroups for Trunked System: Cecil County
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Cecil County
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Cecil County (All talkgroups sorted)

Other Reports

Talkgroup Category Location Data Report
Site Location Data Report

Change History for Cecil County system (Last 30)

Changed Admin Date Changed
Updated General Trunked System Informationdtscho2020-08-15 11:55:22
(1) Talkgroups Updated (Other)dtscho2017-03-01 07:01:03
Added Talkgroup 8323 Cecil County Collegedtscho2017-03-01 07:00:25
Changed Talkgroup Category: Other to Other(Other)dtscho2017-03-01 07:00:02
Added Talkgroup Category: Otherdtscho2017-03-01 06:59:58
Updated 7 Talkgroup Categoriesdtscho2017-03-01 06:59:49
Added Talkgroup 8321 Schoolsdtscho2017-03-01 06:58:38
Changed Talkgroup Category: Schools to Schools(Schools)dtscho2017-03-01 06:58:18
Added Talkgroup Category: Schoolsdtscho2017-03-01 06:58:14
Updated 6 Talkgroup Categoriesdtscho2017-03-01 06:58:05
Added Talkgroup 4495 Animal Controldtscho2017-03-01 06:57:41
Updated 6 Talkgroup Categoriesdtscho2016-02-27 14:33:52
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)dtscho2016-02-08 06:42:45
Added Talkgroup 8580 Roadsdtscho2016-01-23 14:13:13
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)dtscho2016-01-22 19:07:21
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)dtscho2016-01-22 19:05:51
Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated)dtscho2016-01-22 19:03:56
Updated Talkgroups (2 Updated)brian862016-01-22 10:01:51
Added Talkgroup 4243 Medics Private 2brian862016-01-22 10:00:25
Added Talkgroup 4241 Medics Private 1brian862016-01-22 09:59:47
Added Talkgroup 8582 Landfill/Sold Wastedtscho2016-01-20 06:41:52
Added Talkgroup 8579 Roadsdtscho2016-01-18 10:50:39
Added Talkgroup 8577 Roadsdtscho2016-01-18 10:50:25
Added Talkgroup 4740 Ops/Special Eventsdtscho2016-01-15 06:52:11
Added Talkgroup 4741 Tac (Investigations)dtscho2016-01-15 06:51:24
Added Talkgroup 4739 Tacdtscho2016-01-15 06:50:55
Updated Talkgroups (2 Updated)dtscho2015-12-28 15:17:58
Added Talkgroup 8453 Road Maintenancedtscho2015-12-28 15:17:14
Added Talkgroup 22 Patchdtscho2015-12-26 14:44:21
Added Talkgroup 21 Patchdtscho2015-12-26 14:44:10

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