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US > California > Multiple Counties > Nextel (Santiago)

Nextel (Santiago)

System Name:Nextel (Santiago)
Location:Corona, CA
County:3 counties
System Type:LTR Standard
System Voice:Analog
Last Updated:September 13, 2013, 6:13 pm (Updated Talkgroups (1 Updated))

Misc System Information

Republic Waste Services in Anaheim uses this system. To listen to both sides of a conversation, you must listen to both the base and mobile channel pair. All the companies under RWS of Socal use the same facilities and fleet services based out of the Anaheim Waste Facility (NE of the 91 & 57 freeways). The radios/channels are leased to this address. The route supervisors for all the areas are on their own channel pair as is Fleet Services and LIPU. Yorba Linda Disposal, Villa Park Disposal, Placentia Disposal & Brea Disposal share the same radio channel pair.

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

001 (1) Confirmed LCNsLos Angeles 01 508.000 02 508.0125 03 508.025 04 N/A 05 507.400 06 N/A 
      07 507.625 08 N/A 09 507.975 10 N/A 11 508.3625 12 N/A 
      13 508.8375 14 N/A 15 N/A 16 N/A 17 N/A 18 508.0625 
      19 507.7875 20 N/A        

System Talkgroups
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Republic Waste Services Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
0-11-010 A RWS Ch1 Base RWS Admin Ch1 - Base  Business 
0-11-011 A RWS Ch1 Mobi RWS Admin Ch1 - Mobile  Business 
0-11-015 A RWS Ch2 Base RWS Admin Ch2 - Base  Business 
0-11-016 A RWS Ch2 Mobi RWS Admin Ch2 - Mobile  Business 
0-11-020 A RWS Ch3 Base Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Placentia & Brea Disposal - Base  Business 
0-11-021 A RWS Ch3 Mobi Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Placentia & Brea Disposal - Mobile  Business 
0-11-025 A RWS Ch4 Base Garden Grove Disposal - Base  Business 
0-11-026 A RWS Ch4 Mobi Garden Grove Disposal - Mobile  Business 
0-11-030 A RWS Ch5 Base Anaheim Disposal - Base  Business 
0-11-031 A RWS Ch5 Mobi Anaheim Disposal - Mobile  Business 
0-11-035 A RWS Ch6 Base Large Item Pick-Up (RWS Disposal) - Base  Business 
0-11-036 A RWS Ch6 Mobi Large Item Pick-Up (RWS Disposal) - Mobile  Business 
0-11-040 A RWS Ch7 Base Fleet Services (RWS Disposal) - Base  Business 
0-11-041 A RWS Ch7 Mobi Fleet Services (RWS Disposal) - Mobile  Business 
0-11-045 A RWS Ch8 Base Route Supervisors (RWS Disposal) - Base  Business 
0-11-046 A RWS Ch8 Mobi Route Supervisors (RWS Disposal) - Mobile  Business 
0-11-065 A RWS Ch9 Base Chino Hills Disposal - Base  Business 
0-11-066 A RWS Ch9 Mobi Chino Hills Disposal - Mobile  Business 

Construction Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
0-01-026 A Construct Co Construction Company  Business 
0-01-183 A Cement 183 Cement trucks  Business 
0-02-105 A FreewayConst Freeway Construction Company  Business 
0-03-007 A Construct Co Construction Company  Business 
0-03-088 A Cement Trk Cement Trucks  Business 
0-03-225 A Cement Trk Cement Trucks  Business 
0-05-008 A Construct Co Construction Equipment Rental  Business 
0-05-026 A CementTrk-An Cement Trucks (Anaheim)  Business 
0-07-005 A Concrete OC Concrete Company (Orange County area)  Business 
0-07-080 A Contractor Building Contractor  Business 

Towing Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
0-01-025 A Towing Towing  Business 
0-01-032 A Tow 032 Towing - OC  Business 
0-01-055 A Tow-LA Towing (LA area)  Business 
0-01-065 A Tow-OC Towing (Orange County area)  Business 
0-01-070 A Towing Towing  Business 
0-01-196 A Tow 196 Towing - Costa Mesa area  Business 
0-02-049 A John's Tow John's Towing  Business 
0-02-072 A John's Tow John's Towing - Santa Ana area  Business 
0-02-112 A Best Tow Best Towing  Business 
0-03-003 A Grahms Tow Graham's Towing (La Habra)  Business 
0-03-233 A BenWarnerTow Ben Warner Towing (Santa Ana)  Business 
0-05-044 A Towing Towing - Huntington Beach area  Business 
0-07-139 A Towing Towing  Business 

Other Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
0-01-007 A DisposalCo Disposal Company  Business 
0-01-071 A Data Data  Data 
0-01-110 A AmbSvc 01110 Ambulance, transport type, Orange County  Business 
0-01-173 A Buses Buses  Transportation 
0-01-206 A SecurityCo Security Company  Security 
0-01-223 A Security Co Security Company  Security 
0-02-125 A TruckingCo Trucking Company  Business 
0-03-054 A Truck Svc Truck Service / Repair  Business 
0-03-065 A Disposal-B Disposal Co. (Chino Hills area) (with 0-03-066) - Base  Business 
0-03-066 A Disposal-M Disposal Co. (Chino Hills area) (with 0-03-065) - Mobile  Business 
0-03-070 A Lock/ATM B Locksmith or ATM repair? (Orange County) (with 0-03-071) - Base  Business 
0-03-071 A Lock/ATM M Locksmith or ATM repair? (Orange County) (with 0-03-070) - Mobile  Business 
0-03-080 A PYLUSD Emrg Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District Emergency Radio Network  Schools 
0-03-100 A Disposal 100 Disposal Company - Irvine area  Business 
0-03-107 A Bus 107 School Bus - Orange County  Transportation 
0-03-161 A Gates Gate Installation / Repairs  Business 
0-03-162 A Plumbng KimB Plumbing Co - "Kim Base" (LA Co & Orange Co)  Business 
0-03-221 A Data Data  Data 
0-05-020 A Plumbng OC1 Plumbing (Orange County)  Business 
0-05-040 A Plumbng OC2 Plumbing (Orange County)  Business 
0-05-190 A Disposal 190 Disposal Company - Santa Ana area.  Business 
0-05-198 A Security Security - Pomoma area  Security 
0-05-210 A Plumbng OC3 Plumbing (Orange County)  Business 
0-07-050 A Plumbing Plumbing Company  Business 

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