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US > North Carolina > Forsyth (County) > Winston-Salem / Forsyth County

Winston-Salem / Forsyth County

System Name:Winston-Salem / Forsyth County
Location:Winston-Salem, NC
System Type:Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice:Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Last Updated:January 12, 2019, 6:22 pm (Updated Function Tag assignments for 3 talkgroups(Winston-Salem Services))

Important Rebanded Note

One or more sites for this trunking system have gone through the 800 MHz rebanding process. Your scanner may be incompatible, require a firmware update or require special programming to track these sites. Please visit the RR Wiki Rebanding page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
HEX: 941F   90.00

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

001 (1) Simulcast851.2125 851.425 851.6625 851.7125 851.925 852.175 852.275 852.425
    852.825 852.675 853.075 853.200a 853.5625a 853.275a 853.675c  

System Talkgroups
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Systemwide Shared Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
304 013 A SYS EV2 Systemwide Special Events 2  Interop 
39728 9b3 D CTY LINK City Link  Multi-Talk 
41072 a07 D CITY WD 2 Winston-Salem City Wide  Interop 
41104 a09 D CITY WD 3 Winston-Salem City Wide  Interop 
41136 a0b D CITY WD 4 Winston-Salem City Wide  Interop 
41168 a0d D CITY WD 5 Winston-Salem City Wide  Interop 
41520 a23 D SYS EV1 Systemwide Special Events 1  Interop 
41552 a25 D SYS EV3 Systemwide Special Events 3  Interop 
41584 a27 D SYS EV4 Systemwide Special Events 4  Interop 
41616 a29 D SYS EV5 Systemwide Special Events 5  Interop 
41648 a2b D SYS EV6 Systemwide Special Events 6  Interop 
41680 a2d D SYS EV7 Systemwide Special Events 7  Interop 
41712 a2f D SYS EV8 Systemwide Special Events 8  Interop 
41744 a31 D SYS EV9 Systemwide Special Events 9  Interop 
41776 a33 D SYS EV10 Systemwide Special Events 10  Interop 

Public Safety Shared Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
36208 8d7 D CNTYWD 1 Countywide 1  Interop 
36240 8d9 D CNTYWD 2 Countywide 2  Interop 
36272 8db D CNTYWD 3 Countywide 3  Interop 
36304 8dd D CNTYWD 4 Countywide 4  Interop 
36336 8df D CNTYWD 5 Countywide 5  Interop 
41200 a0f D WSFC PS1 Public Safety Joint Operations 1  Interop 
41232 a11 D WSFC PS2 Public Safety Joint Operations 2  Interop 
41264 a13 D WSFC PS3 Public Safety Joint Operations 3  Interop 
41296 a15 D WSFC PS4 Public Safety Joint Operations 4  Interop 
41328 a17 D WSFC PS5 Public Safety Joint Operations 5  Interop 
41840 a37 D NCSHP North Carolina Highway Patrol  Law Tac 

Special Events Shared Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
33776 83f D LJVM ANX Annex Building  Business 
34064 851 D CONVCNTR Benton Convention Center  Business 
34128 855 D BOWMAN G Bowman Gray Stadium  Business 
42896 a79 D STADIUM PRKG Bowman Gray Stadium Parking  Business 
33712 83b D LJVM COL Coliseum  Business 
34384 865 D Coliseum Annex Coliseum Annex Operations  Business 
42832 a75 D LJVM ColPark Coliseum Events Parking  Business 
33840 843 D FAIRGRND OPS Fairground Operations  Business 
43696 aab D PROBBALL North Carolina Pro-Am Basketball  Business 
34096 853 D T WOOD Tanglewood Park  Business 
34032 84f D WFUBBALL Wake Forest University Basketball  Business 
34000 84d D WFUFBALL Wake Forest University Football  Business 

Forsyth County Public Safety Shared Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
35920 8c5 D FC PSOP1 Public Safety Operations 1  Interop 
35952 8c7 D FC PSOP2 Public Safety Operations 2  Interop 
35984 8c9 D FC PSOP3 Public Safety Operations 3  Interop 
36016 8cb D FC PSOP4 Public Safety Operations 4  Interop 
36048 8cd D FC PSOP5 Public Safety Operations 5  Interop 
39760 9b5 D EM OPS 1 Forsyth Emergency Management Ops  Emergency Ops 

Forsyth County Fire Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
176 00b A FCFD C9 Ch. C9 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
208 00d A FC COMM County Fire - Communications (911)  Fire Dispatch 
32784 801 D FCFD F1 Ch. F1 Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
32816 803 D FCFD C2 Ch. C2 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
32848 805 D FCFD C3 Ch. C3 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
32880 807 D FCFD C4 Ch. C4 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
32912 809 D FCFD C5 Ch. C5 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
32944 80b D FCFD C6 Ch. C6 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
32976 80d D FCFD C7 Ch. C7 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
33008 80f D FCFD C8 Ch. C8 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
33072 813 D FCFD TR1 Training 1  Fire-Talk 
33104 815 D FCFD TR2 Training 2  Fire-Talk 
33136 817 D FCFD OP1 Operations 1 (Non-Emergency)  Interop 
33168 819 D FCFD OP2 Operations 2 (Non-Emergency)  Interop 
33200 81b D FCFD OP3 Operations 3 (Non-Emergency)  Interop 
33232 81d D FCFD OP4 Operations 4 (Non-Emergency)  Interop 
33264 81f D FCFD FPV Fire Prevention (Fire Marshal)  Fire-Talk 
33296 821 D FCFD AP1 Airport Incidents-Smith Reynolds Airport  Fire-Tac 
33328 823 D FCFD ADM1 County Fire Administration 1  Fire-Talk 
33392 827 D FC HELP Emergency Talkgroup (Emergency Button)  Emergency Ops 
36784 8fb D FCFD OP5 Operations 5 (Non-Emergency)  Interop 

Forsyth County EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
144 009 A FC HELO Helicopter Operations  EMS-Talk 
400 019 D FC-EMS-ALERT Forsyth County EMS Alert  EMS Dispatch 
592 025 A MED TAC4 Tactical  EMS-Tac 
624 027 A STAGING Staging  EMS-Talk 
656 029 A TRIAGE Triage  EMS-Talk 
688 02b A TREAT Treatment  EMS-Talk 
720 02d A X-PORT Transport  EMS-Talk 
33648 837 D FCEMS E1 Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
33680 839 D FCEMS ADM Administration  EMS-Talk 
33904 847 D MED TAC1 Forsyth County Medical Control  Hospital 
33936 849 D MED TAC2 Tactical  EMS-Tac 
33968 84b D MED TAC3 Tactical  EMS-Tac 
41872 a39 D NUCARE NuCare EMS (Private BLS Provider)  EMS Dispatch 
41904 a3b D LIFESTAR Life Star EMS (Private BLS Provider)  EMS Dispatch 

Forsyth County Hospitals Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
496 01f A FMC CALL Ambulance to Forsyth Medical Center  Hospital 
528 021 A BAPTCALL Ambulance to North Carolina Baptist Hospital  Hospital 
560 023 A BAPTPEDS Ambulance to North Carolina Baptist Hospital - Pediatrics  Hospital 
33744 83d A FMC MD Ambulance to Forsyth Medical Center - ALS  Hospital 
33808 841 A BAPT MD Ambulance to North Carolina Baptist Hospital - ALS  Hospital 
33872 845 A PEDS MD Ambulance to North Carolina Baptist Hospital - Pediatrics ALS  Hospital 
43536 aa1 D KMC CALL Ambulance to Kernersville Medical Center  Hospital 
43568 aa3 D CMC CALL Ambulance to Clemmons Medical Center  Hospital 

Forsyth County Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
240 00f A FCSOTAC4A Tactical 4  Law Talk 
272 011 A FCSO HAILING Sheriff Hailing Talkgroup  Law Tac 
25408 634 D FCSOTAC2 Tactical 2  Law Talk 
25440 636 D FCSOTAC3 Tactical 3  Law Talk 
33360 825 D FCSO TrainingCtr Joint Training Center  Fire-Talk 
34832 881 D FCSO 1 Ch. 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
34864 883 D FCSO 2 Ch. 2 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
34896 885 D FCSO ADM 1 Admin 1  Law Talk 
34960 889 D FCSO 3 Ch. 3  Law Talk 
34992 88b D FCSO 4 Channel 4  Law Talk 
35024 88d D FCSO 6 Channel 6  Law Talk 
35056 88f D FCSO 5 Channel 5  Law Talk 
35088 891 D FCSO 8 Channel 8  Law Talk 
35120 893 D FCSO SCHOOL SRO Schools  Schools 
35152 895 D COURT Courtrooms  Corrections 
35184 897 D JAIL 1 Jail 1  Corrections 
35216 899 D JAIL 2 Jail 2  Corrections 
35248 89b D JAIL 3 Jail 3  Corrections 
35280 89d D JAIL 4 Jail 4  Corrections 
35312 89f DE NARC Narcotics  Law Talk 
35376 8a3 D FCSOTAC1 Tactical 1  Law Talk 
35408 8a5 D FCSOTAC2D Sheriff TAC 2 Digital  Law Tac 
35440 8a7 D FCSOTAC3D Sheriff TAC 3 Digital  Law Tac 
35472 8a9 D SO HELP Emergency (Emergency Button)  Law Tac 

Forsyth County Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
33424 829 D AC1 Animal Control 1  Public Works 
33456 82b D AC2 Animal Control 2  Public Works 
34160 857 D FC BLDG SEC County Building Security  Security 
34192 859 D BLDG MAINT Building Maintenance  Public Works 
34224 85b D BLDG MAINT2 County Building Maintenance 2  Public Works 
34256 85d D BLDG CUSTODL County Building Custodial Services  Public Works 
34352 863 D GS AUTO General Services Automotive Division  Public Works 
34512 86d D HEALTH Health Department  Public Works 
34608 873 D FS Gen Svcs IT General Services IT  Public Works 
34768 87d D TRIAD PARK Triad Park Ops  Public Works 
34800 87f D FC P County Parks Maintenance  Public Works 
35536 8ad D Tanglewood Ops 1 Tangelwood Operations 1  Public Works 
35568 8af D Tanglewood Ops 2 Tanglewood Operations 2  Public Works 
35600 8b1 D FC FUT 01 Forsyth County Future TG  Multi-Tac 
35632 8b3 D FC FUT 02 Forsyth County Future TG  Multi-Tac 
35664 8b5 D FC FUT 03 Forsyth County Future TG  Multi-Tac 
35696 8b7 D FC FUT 04 Forsyth County Future TG  Multi-Tac 
35728 8b9 D FC FUT 05 Forsyth County Future TG  Multi-Tac 
42256 a51 D FTC Forsyth Technical Community College  Schools 
42288 a53 D IMAP Forsyth County IMAP  Public Works 
42416 a5b D HANESMALL Hanes Mall Security  Security 

Winston-Salem Public Safety Shared Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
38000 947 D W-S COMM Winston-Salem Pub Safety Comm Center Hailing  Multi-Talk 
38576 96b D WPD/WFD EMER Emergency (Fire and Police Emergency Button)  Emergency Ops 
40336 9d9 D WS PS MUTAID Winston-Salem Public Safety Mutual Aid  Interop 
40720 9f1 D WS PS OPS 1 Winston-Salem Public Safety Ops  Interop 
40752 9f3 D WS PS OPS 2 Winston-Salem Public Safety Ops  Interop 
40784 9f5 D WS PS OPS 3 Winston-Salem Public Safety Ops  Interop 
40816 9f7 D WS PS OPS 4 Winston-Salem Public Safety Ops  Interop 
40848 9f9 D WS PS OPS 5 Winston-Salem Public Safety Ops  Interop 

Winston-Salem Fire Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
48 003 A WSFD FRAP WSFD Alerting Data  Data 
36496 8e9 D WFDDISP1 Dispatch 1  Fire Dispatch 
36528 8eb D WFDDISP2 Dispatch 2 (Future Use)  Fire Dispatch 
36560 8ed D WFDADMIN1 Administration 1  Fire-Talk 
36592 8ef D WFD ADM2 Administration 2  Fire-Talk 
36624 8f1 D WFD Bat Chf Battalion Chief  Fire-Talk 
36656 8f3 D WFD Cluster3 Cluster 3  Fire-Tac 
36688 8f5 D WFD Cluster4 Cluster 4  Fire-Tac 
36720 8f7 D WFD Cluster5 Cluster 5  Fire-Tac 
36752 8f9 D WFD Cluster6 Cluster 6  Fire-Tac 
36880 901 D WFD TAC4 Tactical 4 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
36912 903 D WFD TAC5 Tactical 5 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
36944 905 D WFD TAC6 Tactical 6 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
36976 907 D WFD TAC7 Tactical 7 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
37008 909 D WFD TAC8 Tactical 8 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
37040 90b D WFD TAC9 Tactical 9 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
37072 90d D WFDTAC10 Tactical 10 Fireground/Combat  Fire-Tac 
37104 90f D WFDTAC11 Tactical 11  Fire-Tac 
37136 911 D WFDTAC12 Tactical 12  Fire-Tac 
37168 913 D WFDTAC13 Tactical 13  Fire-Tac 
37200 915 D WFDTAC14 Tactical 14  Fire-Tac 
37232 917 D WFDTAC15 Tactical 15  Fire-Tac 
37264 919 D WFDTAC16 Tactical 16  Fire-Tac 
37296 91b D WFDTAC17 Tactical 17  Fire-Tac 
37392 921 D WFD Admin 3 Administration 3  Fire-Talk 
37424 923 D WFD Spec Ops Special Operations  Fire-Tac 
37456 925 D WFDSTATN Winston-Salem FD Station Talkaround  Fire-Talk 
37488 927 D WFD HAZMAT WFD Haz-Mat Private  Fire-Tac 
37520 929 D WFD Hazmat 2 Hazmat 2  Fire-Tac 
37584 92d D WFD TNG1 Training 1  Fire-Talk 
37616 92f D WFD TNG2 Training 2  Fire-Talk 
37648 931 D WFD TNG3 Training 3  Fire-Talk 

Winston-Salem Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
37744 937 D WPDDISP1 Ch. 1 District 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
37776 939 D WPDDISP2 Ch. 2 District 2 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
37808 93b D WPDDISP3 Ch. 3 District 3 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
37840 93d D WPD D1 Ch. 7 District 1 Car-to-Car  Law Tac 
37872 93f D WPD D2 Ch. 8 District 2 Car-to-Car  Law Tac 
37904 941 D WPD D3 Ch. 9 District 3 Car-to-Car  Law Tac 
37936 943 D WPD SOD 2 Winston-Salem PD Special Ops Division  Law Tac 
37968 945 D WPD INFO Ch. 5 Information  Law Tac 
38032 949 D WPD TAC1 City Police -TAC1 (Ch.11)  Law Tac 
38064 94b D WPD TAC2 City Police - TAC2  Law Tac 
38096 94d D WPD TAC3 City Police - TAC3  Law Tac 
38128 94f D WPD TAC4 City Police - TAC4  Law Tac 
38160 951 D WPD TAC5 City Police - TAC5  Law Tac 
38192 953 D WPD TAC6 City Police - TAC6  Law Tac 
38224 955 D WPD CID 1 Winston-Salem PD Criminal Investigation Division  Law Tac 
38256 957 D WPD SID1 City Police Special Investigations Division   Law Tac 
38288 959 D WPD SID2 City Police Special Investigations Division 2  Law Tac 
38320 95b DE WPD SID 3 Winston-Salem PD Special Investigation Division  Law Tac 
38352 95d D WPD DISP 4 Winston-Salem PD Dispatch 4 (Future Use)  Law Tac 
38384 95f D WPD TRAINING Training  Law Tac 
38416 961 D WPD TRN 2 Winston-Salem PD Training  Law Tac 
38448 963 D WPD CONF Ch. 6 Conference  Law Tac 
38480 965 D WPD SET 2 Winston-Salem PD Special Enforcement Team  Law Tac 
38512 967 D WPD SOD 1 Winston-Salem PD Special Ops Division  Law Tac 
38544 969 D WPD SET 1 Winston-Salem PD Special Enforcement Team  Law Tac 
38608 96d D WPD CID2 Ch. 8 Criminal Investigation Division 2  Law Tac 

Winston-Salem Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
36368 8e1 D WSDOT BASE Winston-Salem DOT Dispatch  Public Works 
36432 8e5 D SignalRepair Winston-Salem DOT Traffic Signal Repair  Public Works 
36464 8e7 D Sign Shop Winston-Salem DOT Street Sign Shop  Public Works 
38640 96f D WS Bldg Svcs Building Services  Public Works 
38832 97b D WS Parks Lakes Parks and Recreation - Lakes  Public Works 
39088 98b D WS Storm Cleanup Storm Clean-up  Public Works 
39248 995 D SANIT CALL Sanitation Call In  Public Works 
39280 997 D WS BRUSH Winston-Salem Brush Pickup  Public Works 
39312 999 D SANITATION Sanitation  Public Works 
39344 99b D WS Yard Waste Yard Waste Pick-up  Public Works 
39376 99d D St Dept Disp Winston-Salem Street Dept Dispatch  Public Works 
39408 99f D WS STRT SNOW Winston-Salem Street Dept Snow Removal  Public Works 
39440 9a1 D W-S STREETS Streets Dept Ops  Public Works 
39472 9a3 D WS Street Cut Street Cut  Public Works 
39504 9a5 D WS STREETS Street Dept Ops  Public Works 
39536 9a7 D WS STREETS Street Dept Ops  Public Works 
39600 9ab D WS STREETS Street Dept Ops  Public Works 
39632 9ad D WS STREETS Street Dept Ops  Public Works 
40240 9d3 D WS SD Flagging Street Department - Flagging  Public Works 
40400 9dd D WS FUT 01 Winston-Salem Future Use  Public Works 
40432 9df D WS FUT 02 Winston-Salem Future Use  Public Works 
40464 9e1 D WS FUT 03 Winston-Salem Future Use  Public Works 
40496 9e3 D WS FUT 04 Winston-Salem Future Use  Public Works 
40528 9e5 D WS FUT 05 Winston-Salem Future Use  Public Works 
41040 a05 D CITYWD 1 Joint Operations (all city services)  Public Works 
41936 a3d D ABC 1 Alcohol Beverage Control??  Public Works 
41968 a3f D ABC 2 Alcohol Beverage Control??  Public Works 
42064 a45 D W-S TRANSIT Winston-Salem Transit Authority  Transportation 
42800 a73 D FAIR EVE Fairground Events  Business 
42928 a7b D Fairgrounds Mnt Fairgrounds Maintenance  Public Works 
42960 a7d D SCH EMER W-S/FC Schools??  Schools 

Winston-Salem / Forsyth County Shared Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
39952 9c1 D FC UTIL CONN Forsyth County Utilities Connect/Disconnect  Utilities 
39984 9c3 D UTL DIS Utilities Dispatch (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)  Public Works 
40144 9cd D HANESLANDFIL Hanes Landfill  Public Works 
40208 9d1 D Utilities 1 Utilities 1  Utilities 
42160 a4b D WSFCSOP2 W-S/FC Schools Ops 2  Schools 
42672 a6b D WSFS Interagency Interagency Communications  Interop 
43152 a89 D WSFC SCHL MX School Maintenance  Schools 
43504 a9f D TRN EMER Uknown  Other 

Winston Salem State University Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
39696 9b1 D WSSU CH.02 Winston Salem State University Security Channel 2  Security 
42224 a4f D WSSU CH.01 Winston Salem State University Security Channel 1  Security 

Wake Forest University Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
37328 91d D WFSUSECURITY Wake Forest University Security  Security 
42192 a4d D WFU 3 WFU 3 - EMS  EMS-Tac 

University of North Carolina Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
42000 a41 D NCSASecurity UNC School of the Arts (NCSA) - Security  Schools 
42032 a43 D NCSA 2 NC School of the Arts Police 2  Law Tac 

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