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US > Mississippi > Lauderdale (County) > Naval Air Station Meridian/McCain Field (KNMM)

Naval Air Station Meridian/McCain Field (KNMM)

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Meridian NAS/McCain Field (NMM)
Military Ops

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
142.02500    BM 047 DPL NMM Security Meridian NAS Base Security  FM  Military 
282.52500    BM NMM PMSV NAS Meridian Pilot to Metro Service  AM  Military 
352.20000    BM NMM Base Ops NAS Meridian Base Ops  AM  Military 

Military - Air Traffic Control

Also see Meridian/Key Field (MEI)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
119.20000    BM NMM Aprch EV McCain Approach East VHF  AM  Aircraft 
120.50000    BM NMM Aprch SV McCain Approach South VHF  AM  Aircraft 
120.95000    BM NMM Aprch WV McCain Approach West VHF  AM  Aircraft 
124.80000    BM NMM Depart S McCain Departure South  AM  Aircraft 
126.20000    BM NMM Tower V McCain Tower VHF (1L/19L/28)  AM  Aircraft 
269.60000    BM NMM Aprch SU McCain Approach South UHF  AM  Aircraft 
290.52500    BM NMM ATIS McCain ATIS  AM  Aircraft 
301.00000    BM NMM Clearanc McCain Clearance / Delivery  AM  Aircraft 
336.40000    BM NMM Ground McCain Ground Control  AM  Aircraft 
340.20000    BM NMM Tower U McCain Tower UHF 1 (1L/19L/28)  AM  Aircraft 
343.70000    BM NMM Depart E McCain Departure East  AM  Aircraft 
348.70000    BM NMM Aprch EU McCain Approach East UHF  AM  Aircraft 
360.20000    BM NMM Tower U2 McCain Tower UHF 2 (1R/19R/10)  AM  Aircraft 
379.27500    BM NMM Aprch NU McCain Approach North UHF  AM  Aircraft 

Naval Air Station Meridian Training Operations

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
289.10000    M AREA 1 Area 1  AM  Military 
285.20000    M AREA 2/3 Area 2/3  AM  Military 
282.10000    M AREA 4 Area 4  AM  Military 
342.60000    BM EAGLE BASE Eagle Base  AM  Military 
308.20000    BM TIGER BASE Tiger Base  AM  Military 
265.90000    M TS9-TAC17 Training Squadron 9 TAC 17   AM  Military 
261.35000    M TS9-TAC18 Training Squadron 9 TAC 18   AM  Military 
264.35000    M TS9-TAC19 Training Squadron 9 TAC 19  AM  Military 
271.70000    M TS9-TAC20 Training Squadron 9 TAC 20   AM  Military 
225.80000    M TS9-TAC21 Training Squadron 9 TAC 21  AM  Military 
345.25000    M TS7-TAC22 Training Squadron 7 TAC 22   AM  Military 
371.75000    M TS7-TAC23 Training Squadron 7 TAC 23   AM  Military 
279.45000    M TS7-TAC24 Training Squadron 7 TAC 24   AM  Military 
299.25000    M TS7-TAC25 Training Squadron 7 TAC 25   AM  Military 
316.40000    M TS7-TAC26 Training Squadron 7 TAC 26  AM  Military 

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