About Us

RadioReference.com is the world's largest radio communications data management and media provider

428K+ community discussions
71K+ premium subscribers

The most complete database of radio communications data

Since 1998, our database administration team has processed over 261K+ submissions of user data and curated the largest, most complete authoritative data source of radio communications and trunked radio systems in the world.

Our community of professionals, enthusiasts, experts, and volunteers makes RadioReference the premier source for everything radio.

Our team
Picture of Lindsay Blanton
Founder / CEO

Lindsay C. Blanton III

Lindsay is responsible for development of the business, implementation of the site's technology and platform, and partner relationship management.

Picture of Bob Burns
Wiki Manager

Bob Burns

Bob leads all efforts around our open information sharing and collaboration platform, the RadioReference Wiki.

Picture of Steve Jones
Community Manager

Steve Jones

Steve leads and manages our community discussion forums and our volunteer team of moderation staff.

Picture of Tom Swisher
Lead Database Administrator

Tom Swisher

Tom Swisher leads our radioreference database administration team and data management policies and procedures.