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Action Communications

System Name:Action Communications
Location:Various, OK KS
County:8 counties
System Type:NXDN NEXEDGE 9600
System Voice:NXDN Digital
Last Updated:April 6, 2018, 5:34 pm (Changed Site # 008 (Broken Arrow) to 008 (Broken Arrow))

System ID List

System ID  

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

SiteNameCounty Freqs      
001 (1) Bartlesville VHFWashington, OK 151.6025 151.8425 152.8775        
002 (2) KetchumCraig, OK 151.5575 151.955 152.8775        
003 (3) SumnerNoble, OK 151.5875 153.0275          
005 (5) CoffeyvilleMontgomery, KS 464.300c 460.350c 463.125c 460.100c      
007 (7) Bartlesville UHFWashington, OK 461.675 461.900          
008 (8) Broken ArrowTulsa, OK 451.0625c            
009 (9) New PrueOsage, OK 461.600            
013 (D) IndependenceMontgomery, KS 453.200 460.575 453.600 463.950      
014 (E) CaneyMontgomery, KS 453.200c 453.600c 460.575c        
015 (F) NowataNowata, OK 460.550            
016 (10) CherryvaleMontgomery, KS 453.300 453.675 460.625 463.300 453.9875 451.800 463.750

System Talkgroups
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Montgomery County Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40008 D Montgomery Co SO Sheriff Dispatch -- Ops 6  Law Dispatch 
40006 D MontgomeryCo Law County Wide Law -- Ops 4  Law Tac 
40003 D MontgomeryCoOps1 Sheriff Private -- Ops 1  Law Tac 
40004 DE MontgomeryCoOps2 Sheriff Encrypted -- Ops 2  Law Tac 
40005 D MontgomeryCoOps3 Interop -- Ops 3  Interop 
40041 D MontgomeryCoFire Countywide Fire  Fire-Tac 
40031 D MontgomeryCoFD N Fire North  Fire Dispatch 
40032 D MontgomeryCoFD S Fire South  Fire Dispatch 
40033 D MontgmryCoFDAdmn Fire Administration  Fire-Tac 
40034 D Independence FD Independence Fire  Fire-Tac 
40035 D Cherryvale Fire Cherryvale Fire  Fire-Tac 
40036 D Sycamore Fire Sycamore Fire  Fire-Tac 
40037 D Havana Fire Havana Fire  Fire-Tac 
40038 D Liberty Fire Liberty Fire  Fire-Tac 
40039 D Dearing Fire Dearing Fire  Fire-Tac 
40040 D Tryo Fire Tyro Fire  Fire-Tac 
40042 D MontgomeryCoEMS Countywide EMS  EMS-Tac 
40018 D MontgomeryCo EM Emergency Management -- Ops 9  Emergency Ops 
40007 D MontgomeryCoOps5 Weather Watch -- Ops 5  Emergency Ops 
40020 D MontgomryCoOps10 Disaster -- Ops 10  Emergency Ops 

Nowata County Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40009 D Nowata Co SO Sheriff Dispatch (patched to 154.81500)  Law Dispatch 

Coffeyville Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40001 D Coffeyville PD Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
40002 D Coffeyville PD 2 Poice Dispatch Alternate  Law Tac 
40010 DE CoffeyvilPD SWAT Police Special Operations Team -- Ops 8  Law Tac 
40050 D KHP Troopers Kansas Highway Patrol Troop H (Troopers channel to talk to Coffeyville dispatch. Not tied into KSCIS.)  Law Tac 
40011 D Coffeyville Fire Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
40012 D Coffeyville FD 2 Fire Dispatch Alternate  Fire-Tac 
40013 D Coffeyville EMS EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
40014 D Coffeyville EMS2 EMS Dispatch Alternate  EMS-Tac 
40016 D Coffeyville EM Emergency Management Dispatch  Emergency Ops 
40017 D Coffeyville EM 2 Emergency Management Alternate  Emergency Ops 
40019 D Coffeyvile EM IC Emergency Management Incident Command  Emergency Ops 
40015 D Coffeyville Admn City Administration  Public Works 

Bartlesville Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7024 D Bartlesville PD Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
601 D BartlesvilleSchl Public School Buses  Schools 

Caney Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40025 D Caney Police Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
40024 D Caney Fire Fire Dispatch (patched to 151.460)  Fire Dispatch 

Cherryvale Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40021 D CherryvalePolice Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
40022 D Cheryvale PD 2 Police Dispatch Alternate  Law Tac 
40023 D Cherryvale Fire Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 

Nowata Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40043 D Nowata Police Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

South Coffeyville Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40026 D S Coffeyville PD Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
40027 D S CoffeyvillePD2 Police Dispatch Alternate  Law Tac 
40028 DE S CoffeyvillePD3 Police Encrypted  Law Tac 
40029 D S Coffeyville FD Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
40030 D S CoffeyvilleFD2 Fire Dispatch Alternate  Fire-Tac 

Osage Nation Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7015 D Osage Nation EM Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 

Mercy EMS Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
26 D Mercy EMS Owasso Owasso Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
28 D MercyEMS CraigCo Craig County Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
29 D MercyEMSClevland Cleveland Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
25 D MercyEMS AllCall All Call  EMS Dispatch 
24 D Mercy EMS Admin Adminstration  EMS-Talk 

Business Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
56 D OsageLandfillAdm Osage Landfill Administration  Business 
57 D OsageLandfillTrk Osage Landfill Trucks  Business 
703 D O'ReilyAutoParts O'Riellys Store 149  Business 
7011 D ActionCommunicat Action Communications  Business 

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