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Sheboygan County

System Name:Sheboygan County
Location:Various, WI
System Type:Project 25 Phase I
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:October 6, 2018, 4:16 pm ((1) Talkgroups Updated (Sheboygan County-Wide))

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
873   BEE00  

Misc System Information

This system went live for general use on November 29, 2016. It replaces the Motorola Type II analog system previously used.

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameFreqs       
1 (1) 001 (1) Site 1851.3125 851.6125 852.125 852.150 852.625 853.075 853.3125a 853.5125a
      853.625c 853.725a            

System Talkgroups
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Local Agencies Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60000 ea60 D SBAAFD Ada Fire  Fire-Talk 
60001 ea61 D SBADFDWKG Ada Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60002 ea62 D SBAAFDCMD Ada Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60003 ea63 D SBAAFDWR Ada Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60010 ea6a D SBADFD Adell Fire  Fire-Talk 
60011 ea6b D SAADFR Adell First Responders  EMS-Talk 
60012 ea6c D SBADFDWKG Adell Fire Working  Fire-Tac 
60013 ea6d D SBADFDMCD Adell Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60014 ea6e D SBADFDWTR Adell Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60016 ea70 D SBADDWP Adell DPW  Public Works 
60020 ea74 D SBBAFD Batavia Fire  Fire-Talk 
60021 ea75 D SBBAFR Batavia First Responders  EMS-Talk 
60022 ea76 D SBBAFDWKG Batavia Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60023 ea77 D SBBAFDCMD Batavia Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60024 ea78 D SBBAFDWTR Batavia Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60026 ea7a D SBBAFDTRN Batavia Fire Training  Public Works 
60030 ea7e D SBBEFD Beechwood Fire  Fire-Talk 
60031 ea7f D SBBEFDWKG Beechwood Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60032 ea80 D SBBEFDCMD Beechwood Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60033 ea81 D SBBEFDWTR Beechwood Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60040 ea88 D SBCAFD Cascade Fire  Fire-Talk 
60041 ea89 D SBCAFR Cascade First Responders  EMS-Talk 
60042 ea8a D SBCAPD Cascade PD  Public Works 
60043 ea8b D SBCAFDWKG Cascade Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60044 ea8c D SBCAFDCMD Cascade Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60045 ea8d D SBCAFDWTR Cascade Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60050 ea92 D SBCGFD Cedar Grove Fire  Fire-Talk 
60051 ea93 D SBCGFR Cedar Grove First Responders  EMS-Talk 
60052 ea94 D SBCGFDWKG Cedar Grove Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60053 ea95 D SBCGFDCMD Cedar Grove Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60054 ea96 D SBCGFDWTR Cedar Grove Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60060 ea9c D SBELFD Elkhart Lake Fire  Fire-Talk 
60061 ea9d D SBELFR Elkhart Lake First Responders  Public Works 
60062 ea9e De SBELPD Elkhart Lake Police  Public Works 
60063 ea9f D SBELDPW Elkhart Lake DPW  Public Works 
60065 eaa1 D SBELFD Elkhart Lake Fire  Fire-Talk 
60066 eaa2 D SBELFD Elkhart Lake Fire  Fire-Talk 
60070 eaa6 D SBFRFD Franklin Fire  Fire-Talk 
60071 eaa7 D SBFRFDWKG Franklin Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60074 eaaa D SBFRFDCMD Franklin Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60075 eaab D SBFRFDWTR Franklin Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60080 eab0 D SBGLFD Glenbeulah Fire  Fire-Talk 
60081 eab1 D SBGLFR Glenbeulah First Responders  EMS-Talk 
60082 eab2 D SBGLFDWKG Glenbeulah Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60083 eab3 D SBGLFDCMD Glenbeulah Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60084 eab4 D SBGLFDWTR Glenbeulah Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60090 eaba D SBGRFD Greenbush Fire  Fire-Talk 
60091 eabb D SBGRFD Greenbush Fire Working  Fire-Tac 
60092 eabc D SBGRFD Greenbush Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60093 eabd D SBGRFD Greenbush Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60100 eac4 D SBHAFD Haven Fire  Fire-Talk 
60101 eac5 D SBHAFD WKG Haven Fire Working  Fire-Tac 
60102 eac6 D SBHAFDCMD Haven Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60103 eac7 D SBHAFDWTR Haven Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60110 eace D SBHGFD Howards Grove Fire  Fire-Talk 
60111 eacf D SBHGEMS Howards Grove First Responders  EMS-Talk 
60113 ead1 D SBHGDPW Howards Grove DPW  Public Works 
60114 ead2 D SBHGFDWKG Howards Grove Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60115 ead3 D SBHGFDCMD Howards Grove Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60120 ead8 D SBJOFD Johnsonville Fire  Fire-Talk 
60121 ead9 D SBJOFD Johnsonville Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60122 eada D SBJOFDCMD Johnsonville Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60123 eadb D SBJOFDWTR Johnsonville Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60130 eae2 D SBTL Town of Lyndon  Fire-Talk 
60140 eaec D SBKOFD Kohler Fire - Group 1  Fire-Tac 
60141 eaed De SBKOPD Kohler Police  Law Talk 
60142 eaee D SBKOPD Kohler Police  Law Talk 
60143 eaef D SBKODPW Kohler DPW  Public Works 
60145 eaf1 D SBKOFDWKG Kohler Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60146 eaf2 D SBKOFDCMD Kohler Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60150 eaf6 D SBLIPD Town of Lima Constables  Multi-Talk 
60160 eb00 D SBOOFD Oostburg Fire  Fire-Talk 
60161 eb01 D SBOOEMS Oostburg EMS  Public Works 
60162 eb02 D SBOODPW Oostburg DPW  Public Works 
60164 eb04 D SBOOWKG Oostburg Fire Working  Public Works 
60165 eb05 D SBOOCMD Oostburg Fire Command  Public Works 
60166 eb06 D SBOOWTR Oostburg Fire Water  Public Works 
60167 eb07 D SBOOFDTRN Oostburg Fire Training  Fire-Talk 
60170 eb0a D SBOCEMS Orange Cross Ambulance Primary  EMS Dispatch 
60171 eb0b D SBOCEMS2 Orange Cross Ambulance Secondary  EMS-Talk 
60180 eb14 D SBPLFD Plymouth Fire  Fire-Talk 
60181 eb15 De SBPLPD1 Plymouth Police  Law Talk 
60182 eb16 De SBPLPD2 Plymouth Police Secondary  Law Talk 
60183 eb17 D SBPLDPW Plymouth DPW  Public Works 
60184 eb18 D SBPLDPW2 Plymouth DPW 2  Public Works 
60185 eb19 D SBPLUTIL1 Plymouth Utilities 1  Utilities 
60186 eb1a D SBPLUTIL2 Plymouth Utilities 2  Utilities 
60187 eb1b D SBPLUTIL3 Plymouth Utilities 3  Utilities 
60188 eb1c D SBPLUTIL4 Plymouth Utiltiies 4  Utilities 
60189 eb1d D SBPLEVT Plymouth Event  Multi-Talk 
60190 eb1e D SBPLEMS Plymouth Fire EMS  Fire-Talk 
60191 eb1f D SBPLFDWKG Plymouth Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60192 eb20 D SBPLFDCMD Plymouth Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60193 eb21 D SBPLFDWTR Plymouth Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60200 eb28 D SBRLFD Random Lake Fire  Fire-Talk 
60201 eb29 D SBRLEMS Random Lake EMS  EMS-Talk 
60202 eb2a D SBRLDPW Random Lake DPW  Public Works 
60204 eb2c D SBRLFD Random Lake Fire  Fire-Talk 
60210 eb32 D SBSFFD Sheboygan Falls Fire  Fire-Talk 
60213 eb35 De SBSFPD Sheboygan Falls Police  Law Talk 
60214 eb36 D SBSFPD2 Sheboygan Falls Police Secondary  Law Talk 
60215 eb37 D SBSBCITYWIDE Sheboygan Falls Citywide  Multi-Talk 
60216 eb38 D SBSFDPW Sheboygan Falls DPW  Public Works 
60217 eb39 D SBSFUT Sheboygan Falls Utility  Public Works 
60218 eb3a D SBSFFDWRK Sheboygan Falls Fire Working  Fire-Tac 
60219 eb3b D SBSFFDCMD Sheboygan Falls Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60220 eb3c D SBSFFDWTR Sheboygan Falls Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60231 eb47 D SBSCDPW Town of Scott DPW  Public Works 
60232 eb48 D SBSC Town of Scott  Public Works 
60240 eb50 D SBTFFD Town of Sheboygan Falls Fire  Fire-Talk 
60241 eb51 D SBTSFFRU Town of Sheboygan Falls First Responders  EMS-Talk 
60242 eb52 D SBTFFDWKG Town of Sheboygan Falls Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60243 eb53 D SBTFFDCMD Town of Sheboygan Falls Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60244 eb54 D SBTFFDWTR Town of Sheboygan Falls Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60245 eb55 D SBTWNSBFLS Town of Sheboygan Falls  Public Works 
60250 eb5a D SBTSDPW Town of Sheboygan DPW  Public Works 
60251 eb5b D SBTS Town of Sheboygan  Multi-Talk 
60252 eb5c D SBTSFD Town of Sheboygan Fire  Fire-Talk 
60254 eb5e D SBTSFR Town of Sheboygan First Responders  Public Works 
60255 eb5f D SBTSFDWRK Town of Sheboygan Fire Working  Fire-Talk 
60256 eb60 D SBTSFDCMD Town of Sheboygan Fire Command  Public Works 
60257 eb61 D SBTSFDWTR Town of Sheboygan Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60258 eb62 D SBTSFD Town of Sheboygan Fire  Public Works 
60260 eb64 D SBSCFD Silver Creek Fire  Fire-Talk 
60261 eb65 D SBSCFDWKG Silver Creek Fire Working  Fire-Tac 
60262 eb66 D SBSCFDCMD Silver Creek Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60263 eb67 D SBSCFDWTR Silver Creek Fire Water  Fire-Tac 
60270 eb6e D SBWAFD Waldo Fire  Fire-Talk 
60271 eb6f D SBWAFDWKG Waldo Fire Working  Fire-Tac 
60272 eb70 D SBWAFDCMD Waldo Fire Command  Fire-Talk 
60273 eb71 D SBWAFDWTR Waldo Fire Water  Fire-Talk 
60280 eb78 D SBWIFD Town of Wilson Fire  Fire-Talk 
60281 eb79 D SBWIFR Town of Wilson First Responders  Law Talk 
60289 eb81 D SBWI Town of Wilson  Public Works 

Sheboygan, City of Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60290 eb82 D SBSBFIR1 Fire/EMS Primary  Fire Dispatch 
60291 eb83 D SBSBFIR2 Fire/EMS Secondary  Fire-Talk 
60292 eb84 D SBSBFD Fire Training  Fire-Talk 
60293 eb85 D SBSBFDINSP Fire Inspectors  Fire-Talk 
60295 eb87 DE SBSBPD1 Police Primary  Law Dispatch 
60296 eb88 De SBSBPD2 Police Secondary  Law Talk 
60297 eb89 DE SBSBPDTAC1 Police Tac 1  Law Talk 
60298 eb8a DE SBSBPDTAC2 Police Tac 2  Law Talk 
60299 eb8b D SBSBDPW1 Sheboygan DPW 1 Motor Vehicle  Public Works 
60300 eb8c D SBSBDPW2 Sheboygan DPW 2  Public Works 
60301 eb8d D SBSBDPW3 Sheboygan DPW 3 Survey  Public Works 
60302 eb8e D SBSBENG Sheboygan Engineering  Public Works 
60303 eb8f D SBSBST Sheboygan Streets  Multi-Talk 
60305 eb91 D SBSBFRST Sheboygan Forestry  Public Works 
60306 eb92 D SBSBPARK Sheboygan Parks  Public Works 
60307 eb93 D SBSBDPWELEC Traffc/Street Light Maintenance  Public Works 
60308 eb94 D SBSBDPWSWR Sewer Inspection/Cleaning  Public Works 
60309 eb95 D SBSBWSTWTR Wastewater Treatment Plant  Public Works 
60310 eb96 D SBSBINSP Building Inspectors  Public Works 
60311 eb97 D SBSB Sheboygan  Public Works 
60312 eb98 D SBSMBUS Shorelilne Metro Transit Operations  Transportation 
60313 eb99 D SBSMBUS Shoreline Metro Transit  Transportation 
60314 eb9a D SBSMBUS Shoreline Metro Transit Paratransit  Transportation 
60315 eb9b D SBSMBUS Shoreline Metro Transit  Transportation 
60316 eb9c D SBSMBUS Shoreline Metro Transit Dispatch  Transportation 
60317 eb9d D SBSMBUS Shoreline Metro Transit Maintenance  Transportation 
60318 eb9e D SBSBWTR1 Sheboygan Water Utility 1  Public Works 
60319 eb9f D SBSBWTR2 Sheboygan Water Utility 2  Public Works 
60320 eba0 D SBSBWTR3 Sheboygan Water Utility 3  Public Works 
60321 eba1 D SBSBWTR4 Sheboygan Water Utility 4  Public Works 
60322 eba2 D SBSB Sheboygan  Public Works 
60323 eba3 D SBSBPDEMG Police Emergency  Law Tac 
60324 eba4 D SBSB Sheboygan  Public Works 
60328 eba8 D SBSBFLEET Sheboygan Fleet Watch  Public Works 

Sheboygan County Fire/EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60330 ebaa D SBFIR1 County Fire/EMS Primary  Fire Dispatch 
60331 ebab D SBFIR2 County Fire/EMS Secondary  Fire-Tac 
60332 ebac D SBFIRG1WKG County Fire Group 1 Working  Fire-Talk 
60333 ebad D SBFIRG1CMD County Fire Group 1 Command  Fire-Talk 
60334 ebae D SBFIRG1WTR County Fire Group 1 Water  Fire-Talk 
60335 ebaf D SBFIRG2WKG County Fire Group 2 Working  Fire-Talk 
60336 ebb0 D SBFIRG2CMD County Fire Group 2 Command  Fire-Talk 
60337 ebb1 D SBFIRG2WTR County Fire Group 2 Water  Fire-Talk 
60338 ebb2 D SBFIRG3WKG County Fire Group 3 Working  Fire-Talk 
60339 ebb3 D SBFIRG3CMD County Fire Group 3 Command  Fire-Talk 
60340 ebb4 D SBFIRG3WTR County Fire Group 3 Water  Fire-Talk 
60341 ebb5 D SBFIRG4WKG County Fire Group 4 Working  Fire-Talk 
60342 ebb6 D SBFIRG4CMD County Fire Group 4 Command  Fire-Talk 
60343 ebb7 D SBFIRG4WTR County Fire Group 4 Water  Fire-Talk 
60344 ebb8 D SBFIRG5WKG County Fire Group 5 Working  Fire-Talk 
60345 ebb9 D SBFIRG5CMD County Fire Group 5 Command  Fire-Talk 
60346 ebba D SBFIRG5WTR County Fire Group 5 Water  Fire-Talk 
60347 ebbb D SBFIRG6WKG County Fire Group 6 Working  Fire-Talk 
60348 ebbc D SBFIRG6CMD County Fire Group 6 Command  Fire-Talk 
60349 ebbd D SBFIRG6WTR County Fire Group 6 Water  Fire-Talk 
60350 ebbe D SBFIRG7WKG County Fire Group 7 Working  Fire-Talk 
60351 ebbf D SBFIRG7CMD County Fire Group 7 Command  Fire-Talk 
60352 ebc0 D SBFIRG7WTR County Fire Group 7 Water  Fire-Talk 
60353 ebc1 D SBFIRG8WKG County Fire Group 8 Working  Fire-Talk 
60354 ebc2 D SBFIRG8CMD County Fire Group 8 Command  Fire-Talk 
60355 ebc3 D SBFIRG8WTR County Fire Group 8 Water  Fire-Talk 
60356 ebc4 D SBFIRG9WKG County Fire Group 9 Working  Fire-Talk 
60357 ebc5 D SBFIRG9CMD County Fire Group 9 Command  Fire-Talk 
60358 ebc6 D SBFIRG9WTR County Fire Group 9 Water  Fire-Talk 
60359 ebc7 D SBFIRG10WKG County Fire Group 10 Working  Fire-Talk 
60360 ebc8 D SBFIRG10CMD County Fire Group 10 Command  Fire-Tac 
60361 ebc9 D SBFIRG10WTR County Fire Group 10 Water  Fire-Tac 
60362 ebca D SBFIRG11WKG County Fire Group 11 Working  Fire-Talk 
60363 ebcb D SBFIRG11CMD County Fire Group 11 Command  Fire-Talk 
60364 ebcc D SBFIRG11WTR County Fire Group 11 Water  Fire-Talk 
60365 ebcd D SBFIRG12WKG County Fire Group 12 Working  Fire-Talk 
60366 ebce D SBFIRG12CMD County Fire Group 12 Command  Fire-Talk 
60367 ebcf D SBFIRG12WTR County Fire Group 12 Water  Fire-Talk 
60370 ebd2 D SBFIRTR14WKG County Fire Training Group 14 Working  Fire-Talk 
60371 ebd3 D SBFIRTR14CMD County Fire Training Group 14 Command  Fire-Talk 
60372 ebd4 D SBFIRTR14WTR County Fire Training Group 14 Water  Fire-Talk 
60373 ebd5 D SBFIRTREMS County Fire Training EMS  EMS-Talk 
60374 ebd6 D SBFIRTR15WKG County Fire Training Group 15 Working  Fire-Talk 
60375 ebd7 D SBFIRTR15CMD County Fire Training Group 15 Command  Fire-Talk 
60376 ebd8 D SBFIRTR15WTR County Fire Training Group 15 Water  Fire-Talk 
60377 ebd9 D SBFDTRAIN County Fire Training  Fire-Tac 
60380 ebdc D SBIFERN IFERN Patch  Interop 
60381 ebdd D SBIFERN2 IFERN2 Patch  Interop 
60390 ebe6 D SBDIVECMD Dive Team Command  Multi-Talk 
60391 ebe7 D SBDIVEOPS Dive Team Operations  Multi-Talk 
60392 ebe8 D SBDIVEBOAT Dive Team Boat Ice  Multi-Talk 
60400 ebf0 D SBRTFCMD Rescue Task Force Command  Multi-Talk 
60401 ebf1 D SBRTF1 Rescue Task Force 1  Multi-Talk 
60402 ebf2 D SBRTF2 Rescue Task Force 2  Multi-Talk 
60410 ebfa D SBEMSSec County EMS Secondary  EMS-Talk 
60411 ebfb D SBEMS 1 EMS 1  EMS-Talk 
60412 ebfc D SBEMS 2 EMS 2  EMS-Talk 
60413 ebfd D SBEMS 3 EMS 3  EMS-Talk 
60414 ebfe D SBEMS 4 EMS 4  EMS-Talk 
60415 ebff D SBEMS 5 EMS 5  EMS-Talk 
60416 ec00 D SBEMS 6 EMS 6  EMS-Talk 
60417 ec01 D SBEMS 7 EMS 7  EMS-Talk 
60418 ec02 D SBEMS 8 EMS 8  EMS-Talk 
60419 ec03 D SBEMS 9 EMS 9  EMS-Talk 
60420 ec04 D SBEMS 10 EMS 10  EMS-Talk 
60421 ec05 D SBEMS 11 EMS 11  EMS-Talk 
60422 ec06 D SBEMS 12 EMS 12  EMS-Talk 
60423 ec07 D Flight4Life Flight for Life  EMS-Talk 
60424 ec08 D SBAIRMED Air Medical  EMS-Talk 
60430 ec0e D SBMMC Memorial Medical Center  Hospital 
60431 ec0f D SBSNH Saint Nicholas Hospital  Hospital 

Sheboygan County Law Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60440 ec18 D SBSO Sheriff  Multi-Talk 
60441 ec19 De SBSO1 Sheriff Main  Law Dispatch 
60442 ec1a De SBSO2 Sheriff Secondary  Law Talk 
60443 ec1b D SBSO3 Sheriff Bailiff  Law Talk 
60444 ec1c D SBSO4 Sheriff Jail  Corrections 
60445 ec1d DE SBMEG1 MEG1  Law Talk 
60446 ec1e DE SBMEG2 MEG2  Law Talk 
60447 ec1f DE SBSOSWAT Sheriff SWAT  Law Talk 
60448 ec20 De SBLAW1 LAW1  Law Talk 
60449 ec21 De SBLAW2 LAW2  Law Talk 
60450 ec22 De SBLAW3 LAW3  Law Talk 
60451 ec23 De SBLAW4 LAW4  Law Talk 
60452 ec24 D SBSOEMG Sheriff Emergency  Law Talk 
60453 ec25 D SBSO8 Sheriff Civil Process  Law Talk 
60454 ec26 D SBSO9 Sheriff 9  Law Talk 
60455 ec27 D SBSOMNT Sheriff Maintenance  Multi-Talk 
60456 ec28 DE SBSO10 Sheriff 10  Law Talk 
60457 ec29 D SBSO Sheriff  Law Tac 
60458 ec2a D SBSODC Sheriff Detention Center 1 Link  Law Talk 
60459 ec2b D SBSOCG Sheriff to Coast Guard  Law Talk 
60460 ec2c D POINT POINT  Multi-Talk 

County Highway Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60466 ec32 D SBHWY County Highway - Main  Public Works 
60467 ec33 D SBPWNET County Highway - Public Works Net  Public Works 
60468 ec34 D SBHWYSHF County Highway - Sheriff  Public Works 
60469 ec35 D SBHWYFLAG1 County Highway - Flagger 1  Public Works 
60470 ec36 D SBHWYSOUTH County Highway - South Shed  Public Works 
60471 ec37 D SBHWYFLAG2 County Highway - Flagger 2  Public Works 
60472 ec38 D SBHWYCASC County Highway - Cascade Shed  Public Works 
60473 ec39 D SBHWYPLYM County Highway - Plymouth Shed  Public Works 
60474 ec3a D SBHWYNORTH County Highway - North Shed  Public Works 
60475 ec3b D SBHWYENG County Highway - Engineering/Survey  Public Works 
60476 ec3c D SBHWYCRUSHER County Highway - Crusher  Public Works 
60477 ec3d D SBHWYBTPLANT County Highway - Blacktop Plant  Public Works 
60478 ec3e D SBHWYSTATERD County HIghway - State Roads  Public Works 
60479 ec3f D SBHWYFLAG3 County Highway - Flagger 3  Public Works 
60480 ec40 D SBAIRPORT1 Airport 1 Maintenance  Public Works 
60481 ec41 D SBAIRPORT2 Airport 2  Public Works 
60482 ec42 D SBAIRPORT3 Airport 3  Public Works 

Sheboygan County-Wide Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60490 ec4a D SBEVENT1 Event 1  Multi-Talk 
60491 ec4b D SBEVENT2 Event 2  Multi-Talk 
60492 ec4c D SBEVENT3 Event 3  Multi-Talk 
60493 ec4d D SBEVENT4 Event 4  Multi-Talk 
60494 ec4e D SBEVENT5 Event 5  Multi-Talk 
60495 ec4f D SBEVENT6 Event 6  Multi-Talk 
60500 ec54 De SBME Medical Examiner  Multi-Talk 
60505 ec59 D SBMT County Maintenance  Multi-Talk 
60506 ec5a D County 506 County 506  Multi-Talk 
60507 ec5b D SBPCD County Planning/Conservation Dept  Multi-Talk 
60510 ec5e D SBHZMTCMD Haz-Mat Command  Fire-Talk 
60511 ec5f D SBHZMTWRK1 Haz-Mat Working 1  Fire-Tac 
60512 ec60 D SBHZMTWRK2 Haz-Mat Working 2  Fire-Tac 
60520 ec68 D Testing 520 Testing 520  Multi-Talk 
60521 ec69 D Testing 521 Testing 521  Multi-Talk 

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