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US > Wisconsin > Multiple Counties > Organization of Affiliated Secure Interoperable RF Subsystems (OASIS)

Organization of Affiliated Secure Interoperable RF Subsystems (OASIS)

System Name:Organization of Affiliated Secure Interoperable RF Subsystems (OASIS)
Location:Milwaukee & Waukesha, WI
County:2 counties
System Type:Project 25 Phase I
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:December 3, 2018, 9:02 pm (Added Talkgroup 2637 VA Medical Center Police Tac(Milwaukee County))

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
692   BEE00  

Misc System Information

Waukesha County Communications (WCC) Countywide Law Dispatch Areas:
WKLEDISP1 - TG 58914 - City of Brookfield PD, Town of Brookfield PD
WKLEDISP2 - TG 58915 - New Berlin PD
WKLEDISP3 - TG 58916 - Lac la Belle PD, Oconomowoc Lake PD, Delafield PD, Chenequa PD, Hartland PD, Summit PD, Village of Pewaukee PD
WKLEDISP4 - TG 58917 - WKSO, WKSO Contract units (Town of Waukesha, Town of Delafield, Merton, Sussex, Lisbon, City of Pewaukee), Big Bend PD, Eagle PD, North Prairie PD, Nashotah PD, Lannon PD
WKLEDISP5 - TG 59818 - Menomonee Falls PD, Butler PD
WKLEDISP6 - TG 58919 - Future Use

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameCounty Freqs      
1 (1) 001 (1) Waukesha SimulcastWaukesha 851.125 851.2125 851.750 852.1125 852.2625 852.350 852.5125
        852.5375 852.6125 852.800 852.825 853.100 853.1375a 853.350a
        853.6875a 853.7125c          
1 (1) 002 (2) Milwaukee SimulcastMilwaukee 851.0875 851.150 851.175 851.2375 851.5375 851.5625 851.5875
        851.650 852.0375 852.0625 852.850 853.0625 853.1625a 853.2125
        853.2375 853.525c 853.6125a 853.6375a      

System Talkgroups
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Systemwide Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1301 515 D OAGTAC1 OAGTAC1 (Incident Stabilization)  Interop 
1303 517 D OAGTAC2 OAGTAC2  Interop 
1305 519 D OAGTAC3 OAGTAC3  Interop 
1307 51b D OAGTAC4 OAGTAC4  Interop 
1365 555 D OAAIRMD1 OAAIRMD1 Air Medical 1  EMS-Talk 
1367 557 D OAAIRMD2 OAAIRMD2 Air Medical 2  EMS-Talk 
1371 55b D OAIFERN2 OAIFERN2  Fire Dispatch 
1403 57b D OALAWCALL OALAWCALL  Interop 
2059 80b D OAIFERN OAIFERN  Fire Dispatch 
5000 1388 D OACHASE OACHASE  Interop 
5005 138d D OAGTAC5 OAGTAC5  Interop 
5006 138e D OAGTAC6 OAGTAC6  Interop 
5007 138f D OAGTAC7 OAGTAC7  Interop 
5008 1390 D OAGTAC8 OAGTAC8  Interop 
5009 1391 D OAGTAC9 OAGTAC9  Interop 
5010 1392 D OAGTAC10 OAGTAC10  Interop 
5011 1393 D OAGTAC11 OAGTAC11  Interop 
5012 1394 D OAGTAC12 OAGTAC12  Interop 

Milwaukee County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3 003 D MCTRAN3 Bus Operations - Freeway Fliers  Transportation 
5 005 D MCTRAN5 Bus Operations 5  Transportation 
7 007 D MCTRANS 1 Bus Operations 1  Transportation 
9 009 D MCTRANS 2 Bus Operations 2  Transportation 
11 00b D MCTRAN11 Bus Operations 11  Transportation 
13 00d D MCTRAN13 Transit  Transportation 
19 013 D MCTRANSUP Transit Supervisors  Transportation 
23 017 D MCTRANSEC Transit Security  Security 
51 033 D MCTRAN Transit  Transportation 
119 077 D MCCJF2 CJF Jail 2  Corrections 
181 0b5 D MCEMSTAC EMS Tac  EMS-Tac 
183 0b7 D MCMEDCTL1 EMS Medical Control 1  EMS-Talk 
185 0b9 D MCMEDCTL2 EMS Medical Control 2  EMS-Talk 
187 0bb D MCMEDDIR EMS Medical Director  EMS-Talk 
207 0cf D MCDPWGW Department of Public Works - Grounds West  Public Works 
213 0d5 D MCMHC Mental Health Complex 1 Security/Maintenance  Public Works 
217 0d9 D MCDPWFMW Department of Public Works - Facilities Management West  Public Works 
225 0e1 D MCCHSSEC2 Courthouse Security 2  Security 
227 0e3 D MCDPW Dept of Public Works - HVAC/Plumbing  Public Works 
229 0e5 D MCDPW Dept of Public Works  Public Works 
301 12d D MCDPWFME Dept of Public Works Facilities Management East  Public Works 
303 12f D MCCHSEC Courthouse Security 1  Security 
307 133 D MCCTMAINT Courthouse Maintenance  Public Works 
309 135 D MCDPW Dept of Public Works  Public Works 
319 13f D MCDPW Dept of Public Works  Public Works 
323 143 D MCDPW Dept of Public Works  Public Works 
333 14d D MCCO county  Public Works 
401 191 D MCIMSD County IMSD  Public Works 
501 1f5 D MCEMRSD Radio System Maintenance  Public Works 
805 325 D MCCCCSEC Children's Court Center Security  Security 
807 327 D Demo Demo radios  Public Works 
903 387 D MCHOC House of Corrections  Corrections 
1227 4cb D MCMWPD Milwaukee PD Patch  Law Talk 
1229 4cd D MCLAW1 MCLAW1  Interop 
1231 4cf D MCLAW2 MCLAW2  Interop 
1233 4d1 D MCLAW3 MCLAW3  Interop 
1235 4d3 D MCLAW4 MCLAW4  Interop 
1237 4d5 DE MCLAW5e MCLAW5  Interop 
1311 51f D MCSWAT1 MCSWAT1  Law Tac 
1313 521 D MCSWAT2 MCSWAT2  Law Tac 
1315 523 DE MCSWAT3e MCSWAT3e  Law Tac 
1317 525 DE MCSWAT4e MCSWAT4e  Law Tac 
1351 547 D MCFIREAG County Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
1353 549 D MCFDPAGA County Fire Page Area A  Fire Dispatch 
1355 54b D MCFDPAGB County Fire Page Area B  Fire Dispatch 
1357 54d D MCFDPAGC County Fire Page Area C  Fire Dispatch 
1359 54f D MCFDPAGD County Fire Page Area D  Fire Dispatch 
1361 551 D MCFDPAGE County Fire Page Area E  Fire Dispatch 
1363 553 D MCFDPAGALL County Fire Page All  Fire Dispatch 
1701 6a5 D MCHWY1 Highway 1  Public Works 
1703 6a7 D MCHWY2 Highway 2  Public Works 
1705 6a9 D MCHWY3 Highway 3  Public Works 
1707 6ab D MCHWY4 Highway 4  Public Works 
1709 6ad D MCHWY5 Highway 5  Public Works 
1711 6af D MCHWY6 Highway 6  Public Works 
1713 6b1 D MCHWY7 Highway 7  Public Works 
1715 6b3 D MCHWY8 Highway 8  Public Works 
1717 6b5 D MCHWY9 Highway 9  Public Works 
1719 6b7 D MCHWY10 Highway 10  Public Works 
1727 6bf D MCHWY14 Highway 14  Public Works 
1753 6d9 D MCEMGENR Emergency Management General  Emergency Ops 
1755 6db D MCEMGRDN Emergency Management Ground  Emergency Ops 
1757 6dd D MCEMPOST Emergency Management Command Post  Emergency Ops 
1759 6df D MCEMMISC Emergency Management Miscellaneous  Emergency Ops 
1761 6e1 D MCEMINCD Emergency Management Incident  Emergency Ops 
1763 6e3 D MCEMCORD Emergency Management Coordinator  Emergency Ops 
1765 6e5 D MCEMSUPV Emergency Management Supervisors  Emergency Ops 
1767 6e7 D MCEMSPCH Emergency Management State Patch  Emergency Ops 
1769 6e9 D MCEMFPCH Emergency Management Firecom Patch  Fire-Talk 
1771 6eb D MCEMAG Emergency Management Announcement  Emergency Ops 
1773 6ed D MCARESCOM1 Amatuer Radio Emergency Services 1  Emergency Ops 
1775 6ef D MCARESCOM2 Amatuer Radio Emergency Services 2  Emergency Ops 
1777 6f1 D MCARESCOM3 Amatuer Radio Emergency Services 3  Emergency Ops 
1793 701 D MCDA1 District Attorney 1 Investigators  Law Dispatch 
1795 703 D MCDA2 District Attorney 2  Law Talk 
1865 749 D USM US Marshals Service  Law Talk 
1869 74d D HIDTA HIDTA  Law Talk 
1871 74f DE HIDTA HIDTA  Law Talk 
1875 753 D HIDTA HIDTA  Law Talk 
1881 759 De HIDTA HIDTA  Law Talk 
1951 79f D MCPKRGR County Park Rangers  Law Talk 
2007 7d7 D MCMDTAC1 EMS Communications 1  EMS-Talk 
2009 7d9 D MCMDTAC2 EMS Communications 2  EMS-Talk 
2011 7db D MCMDTAC3 EMS Communications 3  EMS-Talk 
2013 7dd D MCMDTAC4 EMS Communications 4  EMS-Talk 
2015 7df D MCMDTAC5 EMS Communications 5  EMS-Talk 
2017 7e1 D MCMDTAC6 EMS Communications 6  EMS-Talk 
2019 7e3 D MCMDTAC7 EMS Communications 7  EMS-Talk 
2021 7e5 D MCMDTAC8 EMS Communications 8  EMS Dispatch 
2023 7e7 D MCEMSCOM EMS Communications Dispatch  EMS-Talk 
2025 7e9 D MCEMSCAL EMS Communications Call  EMS-Talk 
2027 7eb D MCMDADMN EMS Administration  EMS-Talk 
2029 7ed D MCMDAG EMS Announcement  EMS Dispatch 
2051 803 D MCFIRECALL County Fire Calling  Interop 
2053 805 D MCFIRE1B County Fire 1 Bravo  Interop 
2055 807 D MCFIRE2B County Fire 2 Bravo  Fire-Tac 
2057 809 D MCFIRE3B County Fire 3 Bravo  Fire-Tac 
2181 885 D MCFIRE4B County Fire 4 Bravo  Fire-Tac 
2183 887 D MCFIRE5B County Fire 5 Bravo  Fire-Tac 
2185 889 D MCFBCOM1 Milwaukee Firebell Club 1  Fire-Talk 
2187 88b D MCFBCOM2 Milwaukee Firebell Club 2  Fire-Talk 
2189 88d D MCFBAG Milwaukee Firebell Club Announcement  Fire-Talk 
2191 88f D MCFBTAC1 Milwaukee Firebell Club Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
2193 891 D MCFBTAC2 Milwaukee Firebell Club Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2633 a49 D VAPDCOM1 VA Medical Center Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
2637 a4d D VAPDCOM VA Medical Center Police Tac  Law Tac 

Milwaukee Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1401 579 D MCSODISP1 Sheriff Dispatch 1 Patrol  Law Dispatch 
1405 57d D MCSODISP3 Sheriff Dispatch 3  Law Talk 
1407 57f D MCSOCRTS Sheriff Courts  Law Talk 
1409 581 D MCSOCID1 Sheriff CID 1  Law Talk 
1411 583 D MCSOCID2 Sheriff CID 2  Law Talk 
1413 585 D MCSODISP2 Sheriff Dispatch 2 Non LE Calling  Multi-Talk 
1415 587 D MCSOTEU Sheriff 8 Tactical Enforcement Unit  Law Talk 
1417 589 D MCSODET9 Sheriff 9 Detective  Law Talk 
1419 58b D MCSOJJC Sheriff 6 Juvenile Justice Center Security  Law Talk 
1421 58d D MCSOSPCL Sheriff Special  Law Talk 
1423 58f D MCSOTRN1 Sheriff Training 1  Law Talk 
1425 591 D MCSOTRN2 Sheriff Training 2  Law Talk 
1427 593 D MCSOGMIA Sheriff Airport Division  Law Talk 
1429 595 D MCSOADMN Sheriff Administration  Law Talk 
1431 597 D MCSOINST Sheriff Institutions  Law Dispatch 
1433 599 D MCSOCID4 Sheriff CID 4  Law Talk 
1435 59b D MCSOSTAD Sheriff  Law Talk 
1437 59d D MCSOEVN1 Sheriff Events 1  Law Talk 
1439 59f D MCSOEVN2 Sheriff Events 2  Law Talk 
1441 5a1 D MCSOEVN3 Sheriff Events 3  Law Talk 
1443 5a3 D MCSOEVN4 Sheriff Events 4  Law Talk 
1445 5a5 D MCSOAG Sheriff Announcement  Law Dispatch 
1469 5bd D MCSOSHF Sheriff  Law Talk 
1497 5d9 DE MCSOSW1e Sheriff SWAT 1  Law Tac 
1499 5db DE MCSOSW2e Sheriff SWAT 2  Law Tac 
1601 641 D MCSODEU Sheriff Drug Enforcement Unit  Law Talk 

Airport Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2071 817 D MCAPFD1 County Airport Fire 1  Fire-Tac 
2073 819 D MCAPFD2 County Airport Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
2075 81b D MCAPFD3 County Airport Fire 3  Fire-Tac 
2077 81d D MCAPFD4 County Airport Fire 4  Fire-Tac 
2079 81f D MCAPFDAG County Airport Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
2577 a11 D MCAPCALL Mitchell International Airport 1 Primary  Public Works 
2579 a13 D MCAPTAC2 Mitchell International Airport 2 Incident  Public Works 
2581 a15 D MCAPTAC3 Mitchell International Airport 3 Maintenance 1  Public Works 
2583 a17 D MCAPTAC4 Mitchell International Airport 4 Maintenance 2  Public Works 
2585 a19 D MCAPTAC5 Mitchell International Airport 5 Ramp Snow  Public Works 
2587 a1b D MCAPTAC6 Mitchell International Airport 6 Landside Snow  Public Works 
2589 a1d D MCAPTAC7 Mitchell International Airport 7 Electrical  Public Works 
2591 a1f D MCAPTAC8 Mitchell International Airport 8 IT/Electrical  Public Works 
2593 a21 D MCAPTAC9 Mitchell International Airport 9 HVAC/Plumbing  Public Works 
2595 a23 D MCAPTAC10 Mitchell International Airport 10 Security  Security 
2597 a25 D MCAPTAC11 Mitchell International Airport 11 Landside Ops  Public Works 
2599 a27 D MCAPTAC12 Mitchell International Airport 12 PR/Info  Public Works 
2601 a29 D MCAPTAC13 Mitchell International Airport 13 Engineering/Projects  Public Works 
2603 a2b D MCAPTAC14 Mitchell International Airport 14 Housekeeping  Public Works 
2605 a2d D MCAPTAC15 Timmerman Airport  Public Works 
2607 a2f D MCAPTAC16 Mitchell International Airport 16 Spare/Fleet  Public Works 
2609 a31 D MCAPTAC17 Mitchell International Airport 17 Spare  Public Works 
2611 a33 D MCAPTAC18 Mitchell International Airport 18 Spare  Public Works 
2613 a35 D MCAPTAC19 Mitchell International Airport 19 Spare  Public Works 
2615 a37 D MCAPAG Mitchell International Airport Announcement  Public Works 
2617 a39 D 128AFRW1 128th Air Refueling Wing 1  Federal 
2619 a3b D 128AFRW2 128th Air Refueling Wing 2  Federal 

Cudahy Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1149 47d D MCCUPDDISP Cudahy Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1151 47f D MCCUPDTAC1 Cudahy Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
1153 481 D MCCUPDTAC2 Cudahy Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
1159 487 D MCCUPDAG Cudahy Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
1161 489 D MCCUCU1 Cudahy Citywide  Multi-Talk 
2061 80d D MCCUFDDISP Cudahy Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2063 80f D MCCUFD2 Cudahy Fire 2  Fire-Tac 

Franklin Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1033 409 D MCFRPDDISP Franklin Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1035 40b D MCFRPDTAC1 Franklin Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
1037 40d D MCFRPDTAC2 Franklin Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
1039 40f D MCFRPDTAC3 Franklin Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
1041 411 D MCFRPDTAC4 Franklin Police Tac 4  Law Tac 
1043 413 D MCFRFR1 Franklin Citywide  Multi-Talk 
1045 415 D MCFRPDAG Franklin Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
1477 5c5 D MCFRPDTAC5 Franklin Police Tac 5  Law Tac 
2091 82b D MCFRFDDISP Franklin Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2093 82d D MCFRFDTAC1 Franklin Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
2095 82f D MCFRFDTAC2 Franklin Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2097 831 D MCFRFDTAC4 Franklin Fire Tac 4  Fire-Tac 
2099 833 D MCFRFDAG Franklin Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
2201 899 D MCFRFDTAC3 Franklin Fire Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
2203 89b D MCFRFDTAC5 Franklin Fire Tac 5  Fire-Tac 

Greendale/Hales Corners Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2037 7f5 D MCGDHCPD1 Greendale / Hales Corners PD 1  Law Dispatch 
2039 7f7 D MCGDHCPD2 Greendale / Hales Corners PD 2  Law Talk 
2043 7fb D MCHCPD4 Hales Corners PD 4  Law Talk 
2045 7fd D MCHCPDAG Hales Corners Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
2047 7ff D MCHCHC1 Hales Corners Citywide  Multi-Talk 
2101 835 D MCGDFDDISP Greendale Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2103 837 D MCGDFDTAC1 Greendale Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
2105 839 D MCGDFDTAC3 Greendale Fire Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
2107 83b D MCGDFDTAC2 Greendale Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2109 83d D MCGDFDAG Greendale Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
2121 849 D MCGDHCFD Greendale / Hales Corners FD  Fire Dispatch 
2123 84b D MCHCFDTAC1 Hales Corners Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
2125 84d D MCHCFDTAC2 Hales Corners Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2127 84f D MCHCFDTAC3 Hales Corners Fire Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
2129 851 D MCHCFDAG Hales Corners Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
2397 95d D MCGDPD Greendale PD  Law Dispatch 
2399 95f D MCGDPDTAC1 Greendale Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
2401 961 D MCGDPDTAC2 Greendale Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
2403 963 D MCGDPDTAC3 Greendale Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
2405 965 D MCGDPDAG Greendale Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
2423 977 D MCGDGD1 Greendale Citywide  Multi-Talk 
2567 a07 D MCHCDPW Hales Corners DPW  Public Works 

Greenfield Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1007 3ef D MCGFPDDISP Greenfield Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1481 5c9 D MCGFPDAG Greenfield Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
1483 5cb D MCGFPDTAC1 Greenfield Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
1485 5cd D MCGFPDTAC2 Greenfield Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
1487 5cf DE MCGFPDTAC3e Greenfield Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
1489 5d1 DE MCGFPDTAC4e Greenfield Police Tac 4  Law Tac 
2111 83f D MCGFFDDISP Greenfield Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2113 841 D MCGFFDTAC1 Greenfield Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
2115 843 D MCGFFDTAC2 Greenfield Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2117 845 D MCGFGF1 Greenfield Citywide  Multi-Talk 
2119 847 D MCGFFDAG Greenfield Fire Announcement  Fire-Tac 

Milwaukee Fire Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3393 d41 D MWFDDISP MWFDDISP MFD Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
3395 d43 D MWFDP1T2FG MWFDP1T2 Profile 1 TG 2 Fireground  Fire-Tac 
3397 d45 D MWFDP2T2FG MWFDP2T2 Profile 2 TG 2 Fireground  Fire-Tac 
3399 d47 D MWFDP3T2FG MWFDP3T2 Profile 3 TG 2 Fireground  Fire-Tac 
3401 d49 D MWFDP4T2FG MWFDP4T2 Profile 4 TG 2 Fireground  Fire-Tac 
3403 d4b D MWFD13T2FG MWFD13T2 Profile 13 TG 2 Fireground  Fire-Tac 
3405 d4d D MWFD13T3RIT MWFD13T3 Profile 13 TG 3 RIT  Fire-Tac 
3407 d4f D MWFD13T4EMS MWFD13T4 Profile 13 TG 4 EMS  Fire-Tac 
3409 d51 D MWFD13T5STG MWFD13T5 Profile 13 TG 5 Staging  Fire-Tac 
3411 d53 D MWFD13T6RHB MWFD13T6 Profile 13 TG 6 Rehab  Fire-Tac 

North Shore Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1013 3f5 D MCNSPDN1 North Shore Police - North 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1015 3f7 D MCNSPDN2 North Shore Police - North 2 Traffic  Law Talk 
1017 3f9 D MCNSPDCARN North Shore Police Car to Car North  Law Tac 
1019 3fb D MCNSPDTAC4 North Shore Police - North 4 Tactical  Law Tac 
1023 3ff D MCNSPDTAC3 North Shore Police Tac 3 (North)  Law Tac 
2081 821 D MCNSFDDISP1 North Shore Fire 1 Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2083 823 D MCNSFDTAC2 North Shore Fire Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 
2085 825 D MCNSFDTAC3 North Shore Fire Tactical 3  Fire-Tac 
2087 827 D MCNSFDTAC4 North Shore Fire Tactical 4  Fire-Tac 
2089 829 D MCNSFDAG North Shore Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
2199 897 D MCNSFDTAC5 North Shore Fire Tactical 5  Fire-Tac 
2271 8df D MCNSPDS1 North Shore Police - South 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
2273 8e1 D MCNSPDS2 North Shore Police - South 2 Traffic  Law Tac 
2275 8e3 D MCNSPDS3 North Shore Police - South 3 Car to Car  Law Tac 
2277 8e5 D MCNSPDS4 North Shore Police - South 4 Tactical  Law Talk 
2281 8e9 D MCNSPDLAW2 North Shore Police Law 2 - North Events  Law Tac 
2283 8eb D MCNSPDTAC8 North Shore Police Tac 8  Law Tac 
2285 8ed D MCNSPDTAC9 North Shore Police Tac 9  Law Tac 
2287 8ef D MCNSPDLAW1 North Shore Police Law 1  Law Tac 
2291 8f3 D MCNSPDSPLN North Shore Police Special Events North  Law Talk 
2301 8fd D MCNSPDLAW3 North Shore Citywide 1  Law Talk 
2303 8ff D MCNSPDCAL1 North Shore Law Tac A  Law Tac 
2305 901 D MCNSPDCAL2 North Shore Law Tac B  Law Tac 
2533 9e5 D MCNSPDTAC1 North Shore Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
2535 9e7 D MCNSPDLAW5e North Shore Law 5  Law Tac 

Oak Creek/St Francis Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1053 41d D MCOCPDDISP Oak Creek Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1055 41f D MCOCPDTAC1 Oak Creek Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
1057 421 D MCOCPDTAC2 Oak Creek Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
1059 423 D MCOCPDTAC3 Oak Creek Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
1061 425 D MCOCPDTAC4 Oak Creek Police Tac 4  Law Tac 
1063 427 D MCOCOC1 Oak Creek Citywide  Multi-Talk 
1065 429 D MCOCPDAG Oak Creek Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
1167 48f D MCSFPDDISP St Francis Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1169 491 D MCSFPDTAC1 St Francis Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
1171 493 D MCSFPDTAC2 St Francis Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
1173 495 D MCSFPDTAC3 St Francis Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
1175 497 D MCSFPDTAC4 St Francis Police Tac 4  Law Tac 
1177 499 D MCSFPDAG St Francis Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
1179 49b D MCSFSF1 St Francis Citywide  Multi-Talk 
1181 49d D MCSFPDTAC5 St Francis Police Tac 5  Law Tac 
2131 853 D MCOCFDDISP1 Oak Creek / St Francis Fire Dispatch 1  Fire Dispatch 
2133 855 D MCOCFDDISP2 Oak Creek Fire Dispatch 2  Fire Dispatch 
2135 857 D MCOCFDTAC1 Oak Creek Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
2137 859 D MCOCFDTAC2 Oak Creek Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2139 85b D MCOCFDAG Oak Creek Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
2151 867 D MCOCPAGE Oak Creek / St Francis Fire Page  Fire Dispatch 
2153 869 D MCSFFDTAC1 St Francis Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
2155 86b D MCSFFDTAC2 St Francis Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2157 86d D MCSFFDTAC3 St Francis Fire Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
2159 86f D MCSFFDAG St Francis Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 

South Milwaukee Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1129 469 D MCSMPDDISP South Milwaukee Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1131 46b D MCSMPDTAC1 South Milwaukee Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
1133 46d D MCSMPDTAC2 South Milwaukee Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
1135 46f D MCSMPDTAC3 South Milwaukee Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
1137 471 D MCSMPDTAC4 South Milwaukee Police Tac 4  Law Tac 
1139 473 D MCSMPDTAC5 South Milwaukee Police Tac 5  Law Tac 
1143 477 D MCSMPDAG South Milwaukee Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
2141 85d D MCSMFDDISP South Milwaukee Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2143 85f D MCSMFDTAC1 South Milwaukee Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
2145 861 D MCSMFDTAC2 South Milwaukee Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2147 863 D MCSMFDTAC3 South Milwaukee Fire Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
2149 865 D MCSMFDAG South Milwaukee Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 

Wauwatosa Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1073 431 D MCWUPDDISP Wauwatosa Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1075 433 D MCWUPDTAC1 Wauwatosa Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
1077 435 D MCWUPDTAC2 Wauwatosa Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
1079 437 D MCWUPDTAC3 Wauwatosa Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
1081 439 D MCWUPDTAC4 Wauwatosa Police Tac 4  Law Tac 
1083 43b D MCWUPDTAC5 Wauwatosa Police Tac 5  Law Tac 
1085 43d D MCWUPDTAC6 Wauwatosa Police Tac 6  Law Tac 
1087 43f D MCWUPDAG Wauwatosa Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
1089 441 D MCWUPDTAC7 Wauwatosa Police Tac 7  Law Tac 
1111 457 D MCWUWU1 Wauwatosa Citywide  Public Works 
2161 871 D MCWUFDDISP Wauwatosa Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2163 873 D MCWUFDTAC1 Wauwatosa Fire Tac 1 Station Alerting  Fire Dispatch 
2165 875 D MCWUFDTAC2 Wauwatosa Fire Tac 2 Officers/Inspectors  Fire-Talk 
2167 877 D MCWUFDTAC3 Wauwatosa Fire Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
2169 879 D MCWUFDAG Wauwatosa Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
2317 90d D Mayfair1 Mayfair Mall Security 1  Security 
2319 90f D Mayfair2 Mayfair Mall Security 2  Security 

West Allis Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2171 87b D MCWAFDDISP West Allis Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2173 87d D MCWAFDTAC West Allis Fire Tac 2  Fire-Talk 
2175 87f D MCWAFDTAC2 West Allis Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
2177 881 D MCWAFDTAC3 West Allis Fire Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
2179 883 D MCWAFDAG West Allis Fire Announcement  Fire Dispatch 
2325 915 D MCWAPDDISP West Allis Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
2327 917 D MCWAPDTAC2 West Allis Police Tac 2  Law Talk 
2329 919 D MCWAPDTAC3 West Allis Police Tac 3  Law Talk 
2331 91b D MCWAPDTAC4 West Allis Police Tac 4 Investigations  Law Talk 
2333 91d DE MCWAPDTAC5e West Allis Police Tac 5  Law Talk 
2335 91f D MCWAPDTAC6 West Allis Police Tac 6  Law Tac 
2337 921 D MCWAPDTAC7 West Allis Police Tac 7  Law Tac 
2339 923 D MCWAPDTAC8 West Allis Police Tac 8  Law Tac 
2341 925 D MCWAPDTAC9 West Allis Police Tac 9  Law Tac 
2343 927 D MCWAPDTAC10 West Allis Police Tac 10  Law Tac 
2345 929 D MCWAPDTACA West Allis Police Tac A  Law Tac 
2347 92b D MCWAPDAG West Allis Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
2349 92d D MCWAPDTACB West Allis Police Tac B  Law Tac 
2385 951 D MCWAWA1 West Allis Citywide 1  Multi-Talk 
2387 953 D MCWAWA2 West Allis Citywide 2  Multi-Talk 

West Milwaukee Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1975 7b7 D MCWMPDDISP West Milwaukee Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1977 7b9 D MCWMPDTAC1 West Milwaukee Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
1979 7bb D MCWMPDTAC2 West Milwaukee Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
1983 7bf D MCWMPDAG West Milwaukee Police Announcement  Law Dispatch 
1991 7c7 D MCWMWM1 West Milwaukee Citywide  Multi-Talk 

Waukesha County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
58000 e290 DE WKRSCOM1 County Radio Services Ops 1  Public Works 
58002 e292 D WKEMOPS1 County Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
58003 e293 D WKHHSOPS County Health/Human Services Ops  Public Works 
58004 e294 D WKHHSCOM County Human Services  Public Works 
58005 e295 D WKPHOPS1 County Public Health Operations  Public Works 
58006 e296 D WKPHTAC1 County Public Health 1  Public Works 
58007 e297 D WKPHTAC2 County Public Health 2  Public Works 
58008 e298 D WKPHTAC3 County Public Health 3  Public Works 
58009 e299 D WKPHTAC4 County Public Health 4  Public Works 
58010 e29a D WKPHTAC5 County Public Health 5  Public Works 
58011 e29b D WKPHHOSP County Public Health Hospitals  Hospital 
58013 e29d D WKSOCRTS Sheriff Court Services  Law Talk 
58014 e29e DE WKSOTAC1e Sheriff Tac 1  Law Tac 
58015 e29f DE WKSOTAC2e Sheriff Tac 2  Law Tac 
58016 e2a0 DE WKSOTAC3e Sheriff Tac 3  Law Tac 
58017 e2a1 DE WKSOTAC4e Sheriff Tac 4  Law Tac 
58018 e2a2 DE WKSOTAC5e Sheriff Tac 5  Law Tac 
58019 e2a3 D WKPWBLDG County Facilities Management  Public Works 
58020 e2a4 D WKPWFLT County Fleet Management  Public Works 
58022 e2a6 D WKPWCOM1 County Highway 1  Public Works 
58023 e2a7 D WKPWENG County Highway Engineering  Public Works 
58024 e2a8 D WKPWHYN County Highway 2 North  Public Works 
58025 e2a9 D WKPWHYS County Highway 3 South  Public Works 
58026 e2aa D WKPWHY94 County Highway 4 I-94  Public Works 
58027 e2ab D WKPKCOM1 Parks Common  Public Works 
58028 e2ac D WKPKGRND Grounds  Public Works 
58029 e2ad D WKPKRETZ Retzer Nature Center  Public Works 
58030 e2ae D WKPKNAGP Nagwaukee Park  Public Works 
58031 e2af D WKPKMUSK Muskego Park  Public Works 
58032 e2b0 D WKPKMUKW Mukwonago Park  Public Works 
58033 e2b1 D WKPKMINO Minooka Park  Public Works 
58034 e2b2 D WKPKMENO Menomonee Park  Public Works 
58035 e2b3 D WKPKNASH Nashotah Park  Public Works 
58036 e2b4 D WKPKFBRO Fox Brook Park  Public Works 
58037 e2b5 D WKPKFRIV Fox River Park  Public Works 
58038 e2b6 D WKPKNAGC Nagwaukee Golf Course  Public Works 
58039 e2b7 D WKPKWAGC Wanaki Golf Course  Public Works 
58040 e2b8 D WKPKEXPO Expo Center  Public Works 
58041 e2b9 D WKPKENV1 Environmental  Public Works 
58042 e2ba D WKPKRNGR Park Rangers / Snow Control  Public Works 
58130 e312 D WKDCADOPS1 City of Delafield Administration  Public Works 
58131 e313 D WKDCPDTAC1 City of Delafield Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58132 e314 D WKDCPDTAC2 City of Delafield Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58133 e315 D WKDCPDTAC2 City of Delafield Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
58134 e316 D WKDCPWOPS1 City of Delafield DPW 1  Public Works 
58135 e317 D WKDCPWSTR1 City of Delafield Streets 1  Public Works 
58150 e326 D WKMGPDTAC1 Muskego Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58151 e327 D WKMG Muskego  Public Works 
58152 e328 D WKMGFDDISPA Muskego Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58153 e329 D WKMGPDTAC2 Muskego Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58154 e32a D WKMGPWOPS1 Muskego DPW  Public Works 
58155 e32b D WKMGPDDISP1 Muskego Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58165 e335 D WKTCFDTAC1 Tess Corners Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58166 e336 D WKTCFDTAC2 Tess Corners Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58201 e359 D WKOWEMOPS1 City of Oconomowoc Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
58203 e35b D WKOW City of Oconomowoc  Public Works 
58206 e35e D WKOWPKOPS1 City of Oconomowoc Parks  Public Works 
58208 e360 D WKOWPDDISP1 Oconomowoc Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58209 e361 D WKOWPDTAC1 City of Oconomowoc Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58210 e362 D WKOWPDTAC2 City of Oconomowoc Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58211 e363 D WKOWPDTAC3 City of Oconomowoc Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
58217 e369 D WKOW City of Oconomowoc  Public Works 
58219 e36b D WKOW City of Oconomowoc  Public Works 
58220 e36c D WKOW City of Oconomowoc  Public Works 
58240 e380 D WKPCADOPS1 City of Pewaukee Administration  Public Works 
58241 e381 D WKPCPKOPS1 City of Pewaukee Parks  Public Works 
58242 e382 D WKPCPWHWY1 City of Pewaukee DPW 1  Public Works 
58243 e383 D WKPCPWHWY2 City of Pewaukee DPW 2  Public Works 
58244 e384 D WKPCPWWTR1 City of Pewaukee Water  Public Works 
58250 e38a D WKPEFDTAC1 Pewaukee Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58251 e38b D WKPEFDTAC2 Pewaukee Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58252 e38c D WKPEFDDISP1 Pewaukee Fire Self Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58271 e39f D WKCWPDTAC7e Waukesha Police Tac 7  Law Tac 
58300 e3bc D WKBBFDTAC1 Big Bend Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58301 e3bd D WKBBFDTAC2 Big Bend Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58302 e3be D WKBBPDTAC1 Big Bend Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58303 e3bf D WKBBPWOPS1 Big Bend DPW  Public Works 
58322 e3d2 D WKBUFDTAC1 Butler Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58323 e3d3 D WKBUFDTAC2 Butler Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58324 e3d4 D WKBUPDTAC1 Butler Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58325 e3d5 DE WKBUPDTAC2e Bulter Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58340 e3e4 D WKCQPDTAC1 Chenequa Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58341 e3e5 D WKCQPWOPS1 Chenequa DPW  Public Works 
58350 e3ee D WKLCFDTAC1 Lake Country Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58351 e3ef D WKLCFDTAC2 Lake County Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58360 e3f8 D WKWEFDTAC1 Western Lakes Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58361 e3f9 D WKWEFDTAC2 Western Lakes Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58362 e3fa D WKWWEFDDISP1 Western Lakes Fire Self Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58363 e3fb D WKWEFDTAC3 Western Lakes Fire Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
58364 e3fc D WKWEFDTAC4 Western Lakes Fire Tac 4  Fire-Tac 
58380 e40c D WKEVADOPS1 Village of Eagle Administration  Public Works 
58381 e40d D WKEVEMOPS1 Village of Eagle Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
58382 e40e D WKEVPDTAC1 Village of Eagle Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58383 e40f D WKEVPDTAX2 Village of Eagle Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58384 e410 D WKEVPWOPS1 Eagle Village/Town DPW  Public Works 
58387 e413 D WKEAFDTAC1 Eagle Fire Tac 1  Public Works 
58388 e414 D WKEAFDTAC2 Eagle Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58401 e421 D WKEGPWDISP1 Elm Grove DPW / Fire Paging  Multi-Dispatch 
58402 e422 D WKEGFDDISPA Elm Grove Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58403 e423 D WKEGFDTAC1 Elm Grove Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58404 e424 D WKEGFDTAC2 Elm Grove Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58405 e425 D WKEGPDDISP1 Elm Grove Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58406 e426 D WKEGPDTAC1 Elm Grove Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58407 e427 D WKEGPWOPS1 Elm Grove DPW  Public Works 
58420 e434 D WKHLADOPS1 Hartland Administration  Public Works 
58421 e435 D WKHLFDTAC1 Hartland Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58422 e436 D WKHLFDTAC2 Hartland Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58423 e437 D WKHLPDTAC1 Hartland Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58424 e438 D WKHLPWOPS1 Hartland DPW 1  Public Works 
58425 e439 D WKHLPWOPS2 Hartland DPW 2  Public Works 
58440 e448 D WKLLPDTAC1 Lac La Belle Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58460 e45c D WKLAPDTAC1 Lannon Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58510 e48e D WKMEFDTAC1 Merton Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58511 e48f D WKMEFDTAC2 Merton Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58522 e49a D WKMUEMOPS1 Mukwonago Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
58523 e49b D WKMUFDDISPA Mukwonago Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58524 e49c D WKMUFDTAC1 Mukwonago Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58525 e49d D WKMUFDTAC2 Mukwonago Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58526 e49e D WKMUPDDISP1 Mukwonago Police Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
58527 e49f D WKMUPDDISP2 Mukwonago Police Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
58528 e4a0 D WKMUPDTAC1 Mukwonago Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58529 e4a1 D WKMUPDTAC2 Mukwonago Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58530 e4a2 D WKMU Mukwonago  Public Works 
58560 e4c0 D WKNPFDTAC1 North Prairie Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58561 e4c1 D WKNPFDTAC2 North Prairie Fire Tac 2  Public Works 
58562 e4c2 D WKNPPDTAC1 North Prairie Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58563 e4c3 D WKNP North Prairie  Public Works 
58564 e4c4 D WKNPPDADMN North Prairie Police Administration  Law Talk 
58580 e4d4 D WKOLPDADM Oconomowoc Lake Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58581 e4d5 D WKOLPWOPS1 Oconomowoc Lake DPW  Public Works 
58600 e4e8 D WKPVEMOPS1 Village of Pewaukee Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
58601 e4e9 D WKPVPDDISP1 Village of Pewaukee Police Self Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58602 e4ea D WKPVPDTAC1 Village of Pewaukee Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58603 e4eb DE WKPVPDTAC2e Village of Pewaukee Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58604 e4ec D WKPVPWOPS1 Village of Pewaukee Public Works Ops 1  Public Works 
58605 e4ed D WKPVPWOPS2 Village of Pewaukee Public Works Ops 2  Public Works 
58620 e4fc D WKSXADOPS1 Sussex Administration  Public Works 
58621 e4fd D WKSXEMOPS1 Sussex Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
58622 e4fe D WKSXFDTAC1 Sussex Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58623 e4ff D WKSXFDTAC2 Sussex Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58625 e501 D WKSXPWOPS1 Sussex DPW  Public Works 
58626 e502 D WKSX Sussex  Public Works 
58650 e51a D WKWGFDTAC1 Wales Genesee Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58651 e51b D WKWGFDTAC2 Wales Genesee Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58660 e524 D WKBTADOPS1 Town of Brookfield Administration  Public Works 
58661 e525 D WKBTFDTAC1 Town of Brookfield Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58662 e526 D WKBTFDTAC2 Town of Brookfield Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58663 e527 D WKBT Town of Brookfield  Public Works 
58664 e528 D WKBTPDTAC1 Town of Brookfield Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58665 e529 DE WKBTPDTAC2e Town of Brookfield Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58666 e52a D WKBTPWOPS1 Town of Brookfield DPW 1  Public Works 
58667 e52b D WKBT Town of Brookfield  Public Works 
58680 e538 D WKDTEMOPS1 Town of Delafield Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
58681 e539 D WKTDFDTAC1 Town of Delafield Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58682 e53a D WKDTFDTAC2 Town of Delafield Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58730 e56a D WKSBFDTAC1 Stone Bank Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58731 e56b D WKSBFDTAC2 Stone Bank Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58740 e574 D WKLIFDTAC1 Lisbon Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58741 e575 D WKLIFDTAC2 Lisbon Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58742 e576 D WKLIFDDISP1 Lisbon Fire Self Dispatch  Public Works 
58743 e577 D WKLIFDBRE1 Lisbon Fire Bark River Emergency Services 1  Emergency Ops 
58744 e578 D WKLIFDBRE2 Lisbon Fire Bark River Emergency Services 2  Emergency Ops 
58745 e579 D WKLIFDBRE3 Lisbon Fire Bark River Emergency Services 3  Emergency Ops 
58760 e588 D WKMRPWHWY1 Town of Merton DPW  Public Works 
58800 e5b0 D WKOTADOPS1 Town of Oconomowoc Admin  Public Works 
58801 e5b1 D WKOTPDTAC1 Town of Oconomowoc Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58802 e5b2 D WKOTPDTAC2 Town of Oconomowoc Police Tac 2  Law Tac 
58803 e5b3 D WKOTPWHWY1 Town of Oconomowoc DPW 1  Public Works 
58804 e5b4 D WKOTPDHWY2 Town of Oconomowoc DPW 2  Public Works 
58830 e5ce D WKOKFDTAC1 Okauchee Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58831 e5cf D WKOKFDTAC2 Okauchee Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58840 e5d8 D WKSUPDTAC1 Summit Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58841 e5d9 D WKSUPDLCLE Summit Police Lake Country Law Enforcement Tac 1  Law Tac 
58865 e5f1 D WKVEPWHWY Vernon DPW  Public Works 
58866 e5f2 D WKVEFDTAC1 Vernon Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58867 e5f3 D WKVEFDTAC2 Vernon Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58880 e600 D WKWTFDTAC1 Town of Waukesha Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58881 e601 D WKWTFDTAC2 Town of Waukesha Fire Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
58900 e614 D WKATG Waukesha County Announcement  Multi-Dispatch 
58901 e615 D WKMAMCS Aurora Medical Center, Summit  Hospital 
58902 e616 D WKMDDNG D N Greenwald Center, Mukwonago  Hospital 
58903 e617 D WKMDEMH Elm Brook Memorial Hospital  Hospital 
58904 e618 D WKTRAIN1 Training 1  Multi-Talk 
58905 e619 D WKTRAIN2 Training 2  Multi-Talk 
58906 e61a D WKTRAIN3 Training 3  Multi-Talk 
58907 e61b D WKTRAIN4 Training 4  Multi-Talk 
58908 e61c D WKMDOMH Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital  Hospital 
58909 e61d D WKFDPAGE County Fire Page/Alert  Fire Dispatch 
58910 e61e D WKFDDISPA County Fire Dispatch A  Fire Dispatch 
58911 e61f D WKFDDISPB County Fire Dispatch B  Fire Dispatch 
58912 e620 D WKFDDISPC County Fire Dispatch C  Fire Dispatch 
58913 e621 D WKFDWWR Western Waukesha RIT  Fire-Tac 
58914 e622 D WKLEDISP1 County Area 1 Law Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58915 e623 D WKLEDISP2 County Area 2 Law Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58916 e624 D WKLEDISP3 County Area 3 Law Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58917 e625 D WKLEDISP4 County Area 4 Law Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58918 e626 D WKLEDISP5 County Area 5 Law Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58919 e627 D WKLEDISP6 County Area 6 Law Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
58920 e628 D WKLEOPS1 County Area 1 Law Ops  Law Talk 
58921 e629 D WKLEOPS2 County Area 2 Law Ops  Law Talk 
58922 e62a D WKLEOPS3 County Area 3 Law Ops  Law Talk 
58923 e62b D WKLEOPS4 County Area 4 Law Ops  Law Talk 
58924 e62c D WKLEOPS5 County Area 5 Law Ops  Law Talk 
58925 e62d D WKLEOPS6 County Area 6 Law Ops  Law Talk 
58927 e62f D WKMDWMH Waukesha Memorial Hospital  Hospital 
58928 e630 D WKFIRE1A County Fire 1  Fire-Tac 
58929 e631 D WKFIRE2A County Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
58930 e632 D WKFIRE3A County Fire 3  Fire-Tac 
58931 e633 D WKFIRE4A County Fire 4  Fire-Tac 
58932 e634 D WKFIRE5A County Fire 5  Fire-Tac 
58933 e635 D WKFIRECALL County Fire Call  Fire Dispatch 
58934 e636 D WKLAW1 County Law Enforcement Tac 1  Law Talk 
58935 e637 D WKLAW2 County Law Enforcement Tac 2  Law Talk 
58936 e638 D WKLAW3 County Law Enforcement Tac 3  Law Talk 
58937 e639 D WKLAW4 County Law Enforcement Tac 4  Law Talk 
58938 e63a DE WKLAW5e County Law Enforcement Tac 5  Law Talk 
58939 e63b D WKSWAT1 County Law Enforcement SWAT 1  Law Talk 
58940 e63c D WKSWAT2 County Law Enforcement SWAT 2  Law Talk 
58941 e63d DE WKSWAT3e County Law Enforcement SWAT 3  Law Talk 
58942 e63e D WKFLTCOM Flight Comms  EMS Dispatch 
58943 e63f D WKDPWCOM Countywide DPW Common  Public Works 
58944 e640 D WKMDMRED Moorland Reserve Emergency Dept  Hospital 
58945 e641 D WKMDCMH Community Memorial Hospital, Menominee Falls  Hospital 
58946 e642 DE WKSWAT4e County Law Enforcement SWAT 4  Law Talk 

Brookfield, City of Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
58101 e2f5 D WKBCPWWW1 Brookfield Wastewater 1  Public Works 
58102 e2f6 D WKBCPWWTR1 Brookfield Water 1  Public Works 
58103 e2f7 D WKBCEMOPS1 Brookfield Emergency Management 1  Emergency Ops 
58104 e2f8 D WKBCEMOPS2 Brookfield Emergency Management 2  Emergency Ops 
58105 e2f9 D WKBCFDTAC1 Brookfield Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58106 e2fa D WKBC Brookfield  Public Works 
58107 e2fb D WKBCPKOPS1 Brookfield Park and Rec 1  Public Works 
58108 e2fc D WKBC Brookfield   Public Works 
58109 e2fd D WKBCPDTAC1 Brookfield Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58110 e2fe D WKBC Brookfield  Public Works 
58111 e2ff D WKBCPWHWY1 Brookfield Highway 1  Public Works 
58112 e300 D WKBCPDTAC2e Brookfield Police Tac 2  Law Tac 

Menomonee Falls Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
58480 e470 D WKMFGTAC1 Menomonee Falls Village Wide  Multi-Talk 
58482 e472 D WKMFFDDISPA Menomonee Falls Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58483 e473 D WKMFFDTAC1 Menomonee Falls Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58484 e474 D WKMF Menomonee Falls  Public Works 
58485 e475 D WKMF Menomonee Falls  Public Works 
58486 e476 D WKMFPDTAC1 Menomonee Falls Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58487 e477 D WKMFPDTAC2 Menomonee Falls Police Tac 2  Law Tac 

New Berlin Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
58170 e33a D WKNBPWSTR1 New Berlin DPW Streets 1  Public Works 
58171 e33b D WKNBPWSTR2 New Berlin DPW Streets 2  Public Works 
58172 e33c D WKNBEMOPS1 New Berlin Emergency Management 1  Emergency Ops 
58173 e33d D WKNBEMOPS2 New Berlin Emergency Management 2  Emergency Ops 
58174 e33e D WKNBFDTAC1 New Berlin Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58175 e33f D WKNBFDDISP1 New Berlin Fire Self Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58176 e340 D WKNBPKOPS1 New Berlin Parks & Rec  Public Works 
58177 e341 D WKNBPKOPS2 New Berlin Parks Management  Public Works 
58178 e342 D WKNBPDTAC1 New Berlin Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
58179 e343 D WKNBPWWTR1 New Berlin Water 1  Public Works 
58180 e344 D WKNBPWWTR2 New Berlin Water 2  Public Works 

Waukesha, City of Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
58261 e395 D WKCWEMOPS1 Waukesha Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
58262 e396 D WKCWFDDISPA Waukesha Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58263 e397 D WKCWFDTAC1 Waukesha Fire Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
58265 e399 D WKCWPDDISP1 Waukesha Police Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
58266 e39a D WKCWPDDISP2 Waukesha Police Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
58267 e39b D WKCWPDTAC3 Waukesha Police Tac 3  Law Tac 
58268 e39c D WKCWPDTAC4 Waukesha Police Tac 4  Law Tac 
58269 e39d D WKCWPDTAC5 Waukesha Police Tac 5  Law Tac 
58270 e39e D WKCWPDTAC6 Waukesha Police Tac 6  Law Tac 
58279 e3a7 D WKCWFDPAGE Waukesha Fire Page  Fire Dispatch 

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