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US > Texas > Midland (County) > Midland (P25)

Midland (P25)

System Name:Midland (P25)
Location:Midland, TX
System Type:Project 25 Phase II
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:October 19, 2016, 5:29 pm ((2) Talkgroups Updated (Midland Fire))

Important Note

Some talkgroups on this system are using Project 25 Phase II TDMA modulation which can ONLY be monitored using a P25 Phase II compatible scanner.

Please visit the RR Wiki Project 25 page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
00A   92037  

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameFreqs       
10 (A) 010 (A) Site 10855.4625a 856.2625 856.4625 856.7125a 857.2625c 857.4625 857.7125 858.2625a
      858.4625 858.7125 859.4625          

System Talkgroups
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Interoperability Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40789 9f55 D PS MutualAid Public Safety Mutual Aid (Fire, Police and City Services)  Interop 
40795 9f5b D Metro 1 Metro 1 (Police and Fire/VFD with Odessa)  Interop 
40796 9f5c D Metro 2 Metro 2 (Police and Fire/VFD with Odessa)  Interop 
65138 fe72 D Temp Patch Temporary Patch  Interop 

Midland Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40294 9d66 D MPD Admin Administration  Law Talk 
40280 9d58 D MPD Chief Chief  Law Talk 
40296 9d68 D MPD COP Citizens on Patrol  Law Talk 
40278 9d56 D MPD Command1 Command 1  Law Talk 
40290 9d62 D MPD Command2 Command 2  Law Talk 
40282 9d5a D MPD DEA DEA  Law Tac 
40289 9d61 D MPD Detectiv Detective  Law Tac 
40273 9d51 T MPD Disp 1 Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
40274 9d52 T MPD Disp 2 Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
40292 9d64 D MPD Intellig Intelligence  Law Tac 
40291 9d63 DE MPD Narc Narcotics  Law Tac 
40281 9d59 D MPD PtrlTalk Patrol Talk  Law Talk 
40279 9d57 T MPD Supervis Supervisors  Law Talk 
40283 9d5b DE MPD SWAT SWAT  Law Tac 
40277 9d55 DE MPD Tactical Tactical  Law Tac 
40275 9d53 D MPD T/NCIC TCIC/NCIC  Law Tac 
40276 9d54 D MPD Traffic Traffic  Law Tac 
40339 9d93 D MPD Training Training  Law Talk 
40297 9d69 D MPD Warrants Warrants  Law Tac 

Midland Fire Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40310 9d76 D MFD Admin Administratoin  Fire-Talk 
40298 9d6a D MFD Citizens Citizens  Fire-Talk 
40315 9d7b D MFD CntyFire County Fire  Fire-Tac 
40305 9d71 T MFD Dispatch Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
40300 9d6c D MFD EMC 1 EMC 1  Fire-Tac 
40301 9d6d D MFD EMC 2 EMC 2  Fire-Tac 
40307 9d73 D MFD EMS Talk EMS Talk  EMS-Talk 
40306 9d72 D MFD EMS-ER EMS to ER  Hospital 
40318 9d7e D MFD GVFD GVFD  Fire-Tac 
65187 fea3 D MFD GWVFD GWVFD Testing  Interop 
40316 9d7c D MFD NEVFD NEVFD  Fire-Tac 
65188 fea4 D MFD NEVFD NEVFD Testing  Interop 
40312 9d78 D MFD Prevent Prevention  Fire-Tac 
40308 9d74 D MFD Tac 1 Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
40309 9d75 D MFD Tac 4 Tactical 4  Fire-Tac 
40313 9d79 D MFD Tac 5 Tactical 5  Fire-Tac 
40314 9d7a D MFD Tac 6 Tactical 6  Fire-Tac 
40303 9d6f D MFD T Siren Tornado Siren  Fire-Tac 
40311 9d77 D MFD Training Training  Fire-Talk 

Midland Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40787 9f53 D City AllDept All Departments  Public Works 
40529 9e51 D Animal Ctrl Animal Control  Public Works 
40785 9f51 D Citywide M/A Citywide Mutual Aid  Public Works 
40786 9f52 D CitywideSupv Citywide Supervisors  Public Works 
40613 9ea5 D Codes Codes  Public Works 
40657 9ed1 D Eng Ispect Engineering Inspection  Public Works 
40561 9e71 D Fleet Svcs Fleet Services  Public Works 
40548 9e64 D Health Dept Health Department  Public Works 
40345 9d99 D Info Systems Information Systems  Public Works 
40596 9e94 D Landfill Landfill  Public Works 
40737 9f21 D Midland Ctr Midland Center  Public Works 
40675 9ee3 D Parks Dept Parks Department  Public Works 
40676 9ee4 D Parks Suprvs Parks Supervisors  Public Works 
40341 9d95 D Radio Shop Radio Shop  Public Works 
40593 9e91 D Solid Waste Solid Waste  Public Works 
40594 9e92 D SolidWaste 2 Solid Waste 2  Public Works 
40578 9e82 D Street Dept Streets Department  Public Works 
40577 9e81 D Streets40577 Streets Pain  Public Works 
40579 9e83 D Streets40579 Streets Pain  Public Works 
40580 9e84 D Streets Traf Streets Traffic  Public Works 
40705 9f01 D Traffic Eng Traffic Engineering  Public Works 
40641 9ec1 D Wastewater Wastewater  Utilities 
40642 9ec2 D Wstwtr Supv Wastewater Supervisors  Utilities 
40629 9eb5 D W&WW Water and Wastewater  Utilities 
40721 9f11 D Water Meters Water Meters  Utilities 
40626 9eb2 D WtrPlnt Supv Water Plant Supervisors  Utilities 
40625 9eb1 D Water Purify Water Purification  Utilities 

Midland International Airport Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40327 9d87 D MAF Common Common  Public Works 
40326 9d86 D MAF Fire Fire  Fire Dispatch 
40322 9d82 D MAF Maint Maintenance  Public Works 
40328 9d88 D MAF Net Net  Public Works 
40321 9d81 D MAF Ops Operations  Public Works 
40329 9d89 D MAF Ops Supv Operations Supervisor  Public Works 
40325 9d85 D MAF Police Police  Law Dispatch 
40323 9d83 D MAF Tactical Tactical  Public Works 

Midland Independent School District Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40791 9f57 D MISD Police Police  Law Dispatch 
40418 9de2 D MISD Police2 Police 2  Law Tac 

Midland College Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40434 9df2 D MCC Police Police  Law Dispatch 
40433 9df1 D MCC PD NCIC Police NCIC  Law Tac 

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