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US > New Jersey > Middlesex (County) > Middlesex County

Middlesex County

System Name:Middlesex County
Location:Middlesex County, NJ
System Type:Project 25 Phase II
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:November 26, 2018, 7:17 pm ((1) Talkgroups Updated (County ))

Important Note

Some talkgroups on this system are using Project 25 Phase II TDMA modulation which can ONLY be monitored using a P25 Phase II compatible scanner.

Please visit the RR Wiki Project 25 page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
00A   92731  

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameFreqs       
10 (A) 010 (A) Simulcast769.54375c 770.08125c 770.59375c 771.15625c 771.79375c 772.19375c 772.69375c 774.46875c
      851.175c 851.425c 851.925c 853.1125c 853.3875c 853.7125c 856.6875c 857.5625c

System Talkgroups
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County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
31 01f T Co Hot Line County Hot Line  Law Talk 
41 029 T Co OEM/HZMT OEM/HazMat VHF Paging  Emergency Ops 
61 03d T Co Fire Countywide Fire  Fire-Tac 
351 15f T Co Wide PS Countywide Public Safety  Interop 
401 191 T OEM Disp Emergency Management Dispatch  Emergency Ops 
405 195 TE MCFM Ops County Fire Marshals  Fire-Talk 
461 1cd T OEM Ops Emergency Management - Operations (EMRAD)  Emergency Ops 
471 1d7 T MST D1 Metro Strike Team D1  EMS-Tac 
473 1d9 T MST D2 Metro Strike Team D2  EMS-Tac 
481 1e1 T OEM Fire Emergency Management - Fire Bureau  Emergency Ops 
491 1eb T OEM EMS Emergency Management - EMS Bureau  Emergency Ops 
501 1f5 T Hazmat Disp HazMat Dispatch  Emergency Ops 
801 321 T Co Wide County Wide  Multi-Tac 

Law Enforcement Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
101 065 TE Pros Disp Prosecutor Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
102 066 TE Pros 102 Prosecutor assigned  Law Tac 
121 079 TE Pros Tac1 Prosecutor Tactical 1  Law Tac 
125 07d TE Pros Tac2 Prosecutor Tactical 2  Law Tac 
161 0a1 TE Pros 161 Prosecutor assigned  Law Tac 
181 0b5 TE Pros 181 Prosecutor assigned  Law Tac 
183 0b7 TE Pros 183 Prosecutor assigned  Law Tac 
191 0bf TE Pros 191 Prosecutor assigned  Law Tac 
193 0c1 TE Pros 193 Prosecutor assigned  Law Tac 
201 0c9 T Sheriff Disp Sheriff Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
205 0cd T Sheriff Crt Sheriff Court  Law Tac 
211 0d3 TE Sheriff Sec Sheriff Security  Law Tac 
221 0dd T Sheriff Tac1 Sheriff Tac 1  Law Tac 
225 0e1 T Sheriff Tac2 Sheriff Tac 2  Law Tac 
231 0e7 T Sheriff CP Sheriff Civil Process  Law Tac 
235 0eb T Sheriff Tran Sheriff Transportation  Law Tac 
241 0f1 T Sheriff Inv Sheriff Investigators  Law Tac 
281 119 T Fam Court Family Courthouse  Law Tac 
285 11d T Crim Court Criminal Courthouse  Law Tac 
301 12d TE SORT 1 SORT 1 (SWAT Team)  Law Tac 
303 12f TE SORT 2 SORT 2 (SWAT Team)  Law Tac 
321 141 T Police MA 1 Police Mutual Aid 1  Interop 
323 143 T Police MA 2 Police Mutual Aid 2  Interop 
325 145 T Police MA 3 Police Mutual Aid 3  Interop 
327 147 T Police MA 4 Police Mutual Aid 4  Interop 
329 149 T Police MA 5 Police Mutual Aid 5  Interop 
331 14b T Police MA 6 Police Mutual Aid 6  Interop 
333 14d T Police MA 7 Police Mutual Aid 7  Interop 
335 14f T Police MA 8 Police Mutual Aid 8  Interop 
361 169 T MCDOC Adult Adult Corrections Dispatch  Corrections 
363 16b T MCDOC Youth Youth Detention Center  Corrections 
701 2bd T Rangers Disp County Park Rangers - Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
703 2bf T Rangers Tac1 County Park Rangers - Tac 1  Law Tac 
705 2c1 T Rangers Tac2 County Park Rangers - Tac 2  Law Tac 
709 2c5 T Rangers Spec County Park Rangers - Special Events  Law Talk 
721 2d1 TE MCC PD 1 Middlesex County College Police 1  Law Tac 
723 2d3 TE MCC PD 2 Middlesex County College Police 2  Law Tac 
725 2d5 TE MCC PD 3 Middlesex County College Police 3  Law Tac 
727 2d7 TE MCC PD 4 Middlesex County College Police 4  Law Tac 
2101 835 T CranburyPD Cranbury Twp Police - Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
7101 1bbd TE HPPD 1 Highland Park Police - Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
7121 1bd1 TE HPPD 7121 Highland Park Police - Tactical  Law Tac 
7125 1bd5 TE HPPD 7125 Highland Park Police - Tactical  Law Tac 
7141 1be5 TE HPPD 7141 Highland Park Police - Tactical  Law Tac 
7145 1be9 TE HPPD 7145 Highland Park Police - Tactical  Law Tac 
8101 1fa5 T JamesburgPD Jamesburg Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
8141 1fcd T JamesburgPD2 Jamesburg Police 2  Law Tac 
8145 1fd1 T JamesburgPD3 Jamesburg Police 3  Law Tac 
10101 2775 TE Middlesex PD Middlesex Boro Police 1  Law Dispatch 
11101 2b5d T Mil PD Milltown Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
11121 2b71 T Mil PD Tac Milltown Police Tactical  Law Tac 
16101 3ee5 TE P. Amboy PD Perth Amboy Police Dispatch (future)  Law Dispatch 
18101 46b5 TE PlainBro PD Plainsboro Police - Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
18191 470f T WestWindsr PD West Windsor Police Dispatch Multicast  Law Dispatch 
19101 4a9d TE SayrevillePD Sayreville Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
19121 4ab1 TE SayrevillePD T1 Sayreville Police - Tactical 1  Law Tac 
20101 4e85 TE S.Amboy PD South Amboy Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
20105 4e89 TE S.Amboy PD South Amboy Police Tactical  Law Tac 
21101 526d T S Brnswk PD South Brunswick Police Dispatch (Patch)  Law Dispatch 
22101 5655 TE SPPD Disp South Plainfield Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
22102 5656 TE SPPD Tac South Plainfield Police - Tactical  Law Tac 
22105 5659 TE SPPD Tac South Plainfield Police - Tactical  Law Tac 

Fire and EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
81 051 T MCER 1 Mercer County East Response 1 Multicast  Fire-Tac 
601 259 T Fire MA 1 Fire Mutual Aid 1  Fire-Tac 
603 25b T Fire MA 2 Fire Mutual Aid 2  Fire-Tac 
605 25d T Fire MA 3 Fire Mutual Aid 3  Fire-Tac 
607 25f T Fire MA 4 Fire Mutual Aid 4  Fire-Tac 
609 261 T Fire MA 5 Fire Mutual Aid 5  Fire-Tac 
611 263 T Fire MA 6 Fire Mutual Aid 6  Fire-Tac 
613 265 T Fire MA 7 Fire Mutual Aid 7  Fire-Tac 
615 267 T Fire MA 8 Fire Mutual Aid 8  Fire-Tac 
631 277 T EMS MA 1 EMS Mutual Aid 1  EMS-Tac 
633 279 T EMS MA 2 EMS Mutual Aid 2  EMS-Tac 
635 27b T EMS MA 3 EMS Mutual Aid 3  EMS-Tac 
637 27d T EMS MA 4 EMS Mutual Aid 4  EMS-Tac 
639 27f T EMS MA 5 EMS Mutual Aid 5  EMS-Tac 
641 281 T EMS MA 6 EMS Mutual Aid 6  EMS-Tac 
643 283 T EMS MA 7 EMS Mutual Aid 7  EMS-Tac 
645 285 T EMS MA 8 EMS Mutual Aid 8  EMS-Tac 
8201 2009 T Jamesburg FD1 Jamesburg Fire 1  Fire Dispatch 
8202 200a T Jamesburg FD2 Jamesburg Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
8203 200b T Jamesburg FD3 Jamesburg Fire 3  Fire-Tac 
8301 206d T Jamesburg EMS Jamesburg EMS 1  EMS Dispatch 
8401 20d1 T Jamesburg BW Jamesburg Boro-Wide  Multi-Tac 
10201 27d9 T Middlesex FD1 Middlesex Boro Fire - Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
10202 27da T Middlesex FD2 Middlesex Boro Fire - Operations 2  Fire-Tac 
10221 27ed T Middlesex FC1 Middlesex Boro Fire - Company 1 Ops  Fire-Tac 
10222 27ee T Middlesex FC2 Middlesex Boro Fire - Company 2 Ops  Fire-Tac 
10223 27ef T Middlesex FC3 Middlesex Boro Fire - Company 3 Ops  Fire-Tac 
10224 27f0 T Middlesex FC4 Middlesex Boro Fire - Company 4 Ops  Fire-Tac 
10301 283d T Middlesex EMS1 Middlesex Boro EMS 1  EMS Dispatch 
10302 283e T Middlesex EMS2 Middlesex Boro EMS 2  EMS-Tac 
10303 283f T Middlesex EMS3 Middlesex Boro EMS 3  EMS-Tac 
11201 2bc1 T Milltown FD1 Milltown Fire 1  Fire Dispatch 
11205 2bc5 T Milltown FD2 Milltown Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
11221 2bd5 T Milltown FD3 Milltown Fire 3  Fire-Tac 
11225 2bd9 T Milltown FD4 Milltown Fire 4  Fire-Tac 
11241 2be9 T Milltown FD5 Milltown Fire 5  Fire-Tac 
11245 2bed T Milltown FD6 Milltown Fire 6  Fire-Tac 
11301 2c25 T MT EMS Disp Milltown EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
11305 2c29 T MT EMS RSQ Milltown EMS Rescue Ops  EMS-Talk 
13201 3391 T NewBrnswk FD New Brunswick Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
18301 477d T Plnsbro EMS Plainsboro EMS Dispatch Multicast  EMS Dispatch 
19201 4b01 T SayrevilleFD Sayreville Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
19301 4b65 TE SayrevileEMS Sayreville EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
20201 4ee9 T S.Amboy FD1 South Amboy Fire 1  Fire Dispatch 
20202 4eea T S.Amboy FD2 South Amboy Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
20204 4eec T S.Amboy FD3 South Amboy Fire 3  Fire-Tac 
20301 4f4d T S.Amboy EMS South Amboy EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
22201 56b9 T S Plnfld FD1 South Plainfield Fire 1  Fire Dispatch 
22205 56bd T S Plnfld FD2 South Plainfield Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
22211 56c3 T S Plnfld FD3 South Plainfield Fire 3  Fire-Tac 
22215 56c7 T S Plnfld FD4 South Plainfield Fire 4  Fire-Tac 
22301 571d T SPlnfld EMS1 South Plainfield EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
22305 5721 T SPlnfld EMS2 South Plainfield EMS Ops  EMS-Tac 

Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
811 32b T Co Road Dept County Roads - Dispatch  Public Works 
817 331 T Co Rd Admin County Roads - Administration  Public Works 
821 335 T Co Rd Snow County Roads - Snow Removal  Public Works 
823 337 T Co Rd Snow 1 County Roads - Snow Ch. 1  Public Works 
825 339 T Co Rd Snow 2 County Roads - Snow Ch. 2  Public Works 
827 33b T Co Rd Snow 3 County Roads - Snow Ch. 3  Public Works 
829 33d T Co Rd Snow 4 County Roads - Snow Ch. 4  Public Works 
831 33f T Co Rd Snow 5 County Roads - Snow Ch. 5  Public Works 
841 349 T CV Trouble Central Vehicle - Trouble  Public Works 
871 367 T MC Parks County Parks - Dispatch  Public Works 
872 368 T MC Park Thtr County Parks - Theater  Public Works 
873 369 T MC Park Adm County Parks - Administration  Public Works 
874 36a T MC Park A1 County Parks - Area 1  Public Works 
875 36b T MC Park A2 County Parks - Area 2  Public Works 
876 36c T MC Park A3 County Parks - Area 3  Public Works 
877 36d T MC park A4 County Parks - Area 4  Public Works 
878 36e T MC Park A5 County Parks - Area 5  Public Works 
879 36f T MC Park A6 County Parks - Area 6  Public Works 
891 37b T MCAT Disp Senior Citizen Transportation Dispatch (MCAT)  Transportation 
893 37d T MCAT Admin Senior Citizen Transportation Administration (MCAT)  Transportation 
951 3b7 T MC Golf 1 County Golf Course 1  Public Works 
952 3b8 T MC Golf 2 County Golf Course 2  Public Works 
953 3b9 T MC Golf 3 County Golf Course 3  Public Works 
954 3ba T MC Golf 4 County Golf Course 4  Public Works 
955 3bb T MC Golf 5 County Golf Course 5  Public Works 
956 3bc T MC Golf 6 County Golf Course 6  Public Works 
965 3c5 T MCOCH Ops Office of Culture & Heritage  Public Works 
9951 26df T RadioRepair1 Radio Repair Techs 1  Public Works 
9952 26e0 T RadioRepair2 Radio Repair Techs 2  Public Works 
20501 5015 T S.Amboy DPW1 South Amboy DPW 1  Public Works 
20505 5019 T S.Amboy DPW2 South Amboy DPW 2  Public Works 
22700 58ac T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22701 58ad T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22703 58af T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22705 58b1 T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22707 58b3 T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22709 58b5 T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22711 58b7 T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22713 58b9 T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22721 58c1 T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22741 58d5 T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22761 58e9 T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 
22783 58ff T S Plnfld BOE South Plainfield BOE Use  Schools 

Emergency Managment (OEM) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7401 1ce9 T HP BW Highland Park Boro-Wide  Emergency Ops 
7421 1cfd T HP OEM Highland Park OEM  Emergency Ops 
10211 27e3 T Middlesex FD-PD Middlesex Boro FD-PD Link  Interop 
10311 2847 T Middlesex EMS-PD Middlesex Boro EMS-PD Link  Interop 
10401 28a1 T Middlesex BW Middlesex Boro-Wide  Emergency Ops 
10421 28b5 T Middlesex OEM Middlesex Boro OEM  Emergency Ops 
11401 2c89 T Milltown BW Milltown Boro-Wide  Emergency Ops 
20401 4fb1 T S.Amboy CW South Amboy City-Wide  Emergency Ops 
20421 4fc5 T S.Amboy OEM1 South Amboy OEM 1  Emergency Ops 
22401 5781 T SP BW South Plainfield Boro-Wide  Emergency Ops 
22421 5795 T SP OEM South Plainfield OEM  Emergency Ops 

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