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US > Missouri > Pulaski (County) > US Army Fort Leonard Wood

US Army Fort Leonard Wood

System Name:US Army Fort Leonard Wood
Location:Fort Leonard Wood, MO
System Type:Project 25 Phase I
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:October 17, 2015, 5:55 pm (Changed Site # 003 (Front Gate (3-01)) to 003 (Front Gate (3-01)))

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
028   4BD75  

Latest News Update Posted on 2006-08-27 20:45:12

From a contributor: I can pick the system up as far west (off I44) as Conway, and as far east as Rolla, actually I think It may reach as far as the Phelps/Crawford County Line.

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Misc System Information

Talkgroups with "X" mean partial encryption
unidentified Talkgroups  

60414 - heard Mar 2013

DEC  HEX  Mode   Alpha Tag Description Tag  
59014   e686   D     unid  Military 
60002   ea62   X     unid  Military 
60018   ea72   D     (heard No Cold Air Room 331, extension cord) possibly some sort of Maintenace Hotel or something  Military 
60029   ea7d   D     unid  Military 
60033   ea81   D     unid  Military 
60044   ea8c   D     unid  Military 
60050   ea92   D     unid  Military 
60069   eaa5   D     unid  Military 
60072   eaa8   D     unid  Military 
60091   eabb   D     unid  Military 
60098   eac2   D     unid  Military 
60112   ead0   D     unid  Military 
60114   ead2   D     unid  Military 
60119   ead7   D     unid  Military 
60126   eade   X     unid  Military 
60131   eae3   D     unid  Military 
60153   eaf9   D     unid  Military 
60159   eaff   D     unid  Military 
60169   eb09   D     unid  Military 
60171   eb0b   D     unid  Military 
60172   eb0c   D     unid  Military 
60173   eb0d   X     unid  Military 
60174   eb0e   D     unid  Military 
60215   eb37   D     unid  Military 
60227   eb43   D     unid - heard "pickup 1 for 5083" (shuttle bus?)  Military 
60228   eb44   D     unid  Military 
60232   eb48   D     unid  Military 
60233   eb49   D     unid  Military 
60236   eb4c   X     unid  Military 
60237   eb4d   D     unid - heard "route 34 closed, 54 open"  Military 
60238   eb4e   D     unid  Military 
60321   eba1   D     unid  Military 
60382   ebde   D     unid  Military 
60463   ec2f   D     unid  Military 
60467   ec33   D     unid  Military 
60486   ec46   X     unid  Military 
60491   ec4b   D     unid  Military 
60521   ec69   D     unid  Military 
60533   ec75   D     unid  Military 
60560   ec90   D     unid  Military 
60633   ecd9   D     unid  Military 
60635   ecdb   D     unid  Military 
60685   ed0d   D     unid  Military 
60749   ed4d   D     unid  Military 
60824   ed98   D     unid  Military 
60934   ee06   D     unid  Military 
60935   ee07   D     unid  Military 
60936   ee08   D     unid  Military 
60945   ee11   D     unid  Military 

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameFreqs       
1 (1) 001 (1) Site 1-01406.1625a 406.5625c 406.9625a 407.3625a 407.8125c 408.1625a 408.5625a 408.9625a
      410.1625a 410.5625a            
2 (2) 002 (2) Site 2-02406.3625a 406.7625c 407.1625a 407.5625a 407.9625a 408.3625c 409.5625a 409.9625a
3 (3) 003 (3) Front Gate (3-01)408.0875 408.425c 409.1125c 409.3625c 409.7625 410.325 410.7625  

System Talkgroups
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Airfield Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60119 ead7 D Maint 60119 Airport/Airfield Maintenance   Military 
60160 eb00 D MP Car-2-Car Military Police - Car-to-Car  Law Tac 

Field Training Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60039 ea87 AE Field Train Field Training/Excercise  Military 
60619 eccb D Train 60619 Training/Exercise  Military 
60621 eccd D Train 60621 Training/Exercise  Military 
60622 ecce D Train 60622 Training/Exercise  Military 
60635 ecdb D Train 60635 Field Training/Excercise  Military 
60638 ecde D Train 60638 Field Training/Excercise  Military 
60639 ecdf AE Train 60639 Field Training  Military 
60646 ece6 AE Train 60646 Field Training  Military 
60656 ecf0 D Train 60656 Training/Exercise  Military 
60657 ecf1 D Train 60657 Training/Exercise  Military 
60659 ecf3 D Train 60659 Training/Exercise  Military 
60660 ecf4 D Train 60660 Training/Exercise  Military 
60704 ed20 D Train 60705 Training/Exercise  Military 

Fire/EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60043 ea8b D Fire Fire  Fire Dispatch 
60049 ea91 D Ambulance Ambulance  EMS Dispatch 
60051 ea93 D Amb to Hosp Ambulance to Hospital Reports  Hospital 

Military Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60095 eabf AE RangeControl Range Control  Law Tac 
60157 eafd AE MP Primary Military Police - Primary  Law Dispatch 
60164 eb04 D MOLEEN*P Patch to Law Mutual Aid (155.475)  Law Talk 
60167 eb07 AE MP-Gate Military Police (Gate Traffic)  Law Tac 
60214 eb36 AE Mil Police Military Police  Law Tac 
60963 ee23 D S/W P2P*P Patch to Statewide Police Point to Point (155.37)  Law Talk 

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