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US > Alabama > Multiple Counties > United States Air Force (BC31)

United States Air Force (BC31)

System Name:United States Air Force (BC31)
Location:Various, AL
County:2 counties
System Type:Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:April 5, 2017, 4:42 pm (Updated General Trunked System Information)

Custom Frequency Tables

Base   Spacing   Offset  
406.15000   12.5   380  
406.10000   12.5   380  
406.11250   12.5   380  

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
bc31   105.88

Misc System Information

San Antonio military installations moved to system 3D6. 

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

SiteNameCounty Freqs    
001 (1) Maxwell AFBMontgomery 406.1625 407.9625 408.7625 409.7125 410.7625c
002 (2) Gunter AnnexMontgomery 406.1125c 406.3625c 407.2875 410.3625  

System Talkgroups
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Maxwell Air Force Base Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
32320 7e4 D MAFB Command Commander's Net  Military 
32880 807 D MAFB SE 1 Special Events?  Military 
32912 809 D MAFB Service Services  Military 
33072 813 D MAFB FireNet Fire Dispatch Net  Fire Dispatch 
33104 815 D MAFB Crash Fire Crash Net  Fire-Tac 
33232 81d D MAFBFireTac1 Fire Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
33264 81f D MAFBFireTac2 Fire Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 
33488 82d D MAFB PD 1 Security Police  Law Dispatch 
33584 833 D MAFB PD 2 Security Ch.2  Law Tac 
33808 841 D MAFB BaseOps Base Operations  Military 
33872 845 D MAFB Fuels Aircraft Refueling  Military 
34000 84d D MAFB CE 1 Civil Engineers Ch. 1  Military 
34032 84f D MAFB CE 2 Civil Engineers Ch. 2  Military 
34064 851 D MAFB CE 3 Civil Engineers Ch. 3  Military 
34096 853 D MAFB CE 4 Civil Engineers Ch. 4  Military 
34128 855 D MAFB CE 5 Civil Engineers Ch. 5  Military 
34160 857 D MAFB CE 6 Civil Engineers Ch. 6  Military 
34192 859 D MAFB CE 7 Civil Engineers Ch. 7  Military 
34384 865 D MAFB SE 2 Special Events?  Military 
34448 869 D MAFB SE 3 Special Events?  Military 
34512 86d D MAFB SE 4 Special Events?  Military 
34544 86f D MAFB Comm Communications  Military 
34608 873 D MAFBBldgMtce Building Maintenance  Military 
34704 879 D MAFB Trans Base Transportaion  Military 
34832 881 D 908th ARW 1 908th ARW  Military 
35088 891 D MAFB UCC UCC  Military 
37072 90d D MAFB CP 1 Command Post  Military 
37104 90f D MAFB CP 2 Command Post?  Military 
37136 911 D 908th AirOps 908th ARW Aircraft Operations  Military 
37264 919 D 908th ARW 2 908th ARW  Military 
37296 91b D 908th Mtce 908th ARW Maintenance  Military 
37552 92b D MAFBRadiMtce Radio Maintenance  Military 
37776 939 D MAFB OTS 1 Officer Training School  Military 
37808 93b D MAFB Logist Logistics Flight  Military 
38096 94d D MAFB TV Ctrl TV/Audio Control  Military 
38416 961 D MAFB OTS 2 Officer Training School  Military 

Randolph Air Force Base Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
57168 df5 D RAFB MX57168 Aircraft Maintenance Operations  Deprecated 
57216 df8 D RAFB Field Airfield Operations Primary  Deprecated 
57328 dff D RAFB Airshow Airshow Logistics  Deprecated 
57232 df9 D RAFB Alarm Alarm Testing  Deprecated 
56816 ddf DE RAFB 56816 Base Operations  Deprecated 
57392 e03 D RAFB Conting Contingency Operations  Deprecated 
56880 de3 D RAFB FD Tac1 Fire Tactical 1  Deprecated 
56896 de4 D RAFB FD Tac2 Fire Tactical 2  Deprecated 
56864 de2 D RAFB Fire 1 Fire/Crash CH-1  Deprecated 
57344 e00 D RAFB Safety Flight Safety  Deprecated 
57104 df1 D RAFB Fuel Fuel Operations  Deprecated 
57008 deb D RAFB GrndCtl Ground Control  Deprecated 
56992 dea D RAFB Comm LMR / Communications Support  Deprecated 
57088 df0 D RAFB Maint Maintenance  Deprecated 
57040 ded D RAFB MOC Maintenance Operations Center (MOC)  Deprecated 
57056 dee D RAFB MOC FT Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) Flight Testing  Deprecated 
56912 de5 D RAFB Med Trn Medical Training Net  Deprecated 
48544 bda A RAFB Munitio Munitions  Deprecated 
57248 dfa D RAFB PBX/Ene PBX/Energy System  Deprecated 
56928 de6 D RAFB Phoenix Phoenix Control  Deprecated 
57264 dfb D RAFB Ramp Ramp Operations  Deprecated 
57280 dfc D RAFB Ramp Ramp Operations  Deprecated 
57312 dfe D RAFB Ramp Ramp Operations  Deprecated 
57296 dfd D RAFB Ramp T Ramp Transportation  Deprecated 
56832 de0 DE RAFB Sec 1 Security Forces CH-1 (Dispatch in clear, units encrypted)  Deprecated 
56848 de1 DE RAFB Sec 2 Security Forces CH-2  Deprecated 
57072 def D RAFBT1T6MOC1 T-1/T-6 Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) Ch. 1  Deprecated 
57024 dec D RAFB T38MOC1 T-38 Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) Ch. 1  Deprecated 
57136 df3 D RAFB Transpo Transportation Busses  Deprecated 

San Antonio VA Hospital Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
32368 7e7 D VA Hosp PD Non-Networked TG - Wilford Hall Security (on Site-1), and VA Police Post (Site-7)  Deprecated 
32176 7db D VA Pat Tran Patient Transport  Deprecated 
32560 7f3 D VA Hosp Mnt Hospital Maintenance  Deprecated 
32576 7f4 D VA Hosp Mnt Maintenance  Deprecated 

Camp Bullis Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
16528 409 D CB RngCtrl 1 Bulis Range Control CH-1  Deprecated 
16560 40b D CB RngCtrl 2 Bulis Range Control CH-2  Deprecated 
16976 425 D CB Fire Fire Department  Deprecated 
19024 4a5 D CB OPS Base Operations  Deprecated 
19056 4a7 D CB Ops 2 Base Operations Ch. 2  Deprecated 
19216 4b1 D CB Ops 6 Base Operations Ch. 6  Deprecated 
19376 4bb D CB MedicPtrl Medic Patrol (training)  Deprecated 
19408 4bd D CB EOD Trng EOD Training  Deprecated 
27344 6ad D CB Training Training Net  Deprecated 
49328 c0b D CB Sec Trng Security Training  Deprecated 
49984 c34 D CB Conv Trng Convoy Deployment Training  Deprecated 

Fort Sam Houston Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
80 005 D SAMC ER Staf SAMMC Emergency Room Staff  Deprecated 
128 008 D SAMC RmMaint SAMMC Room Cleaning (contracted to J&J Maintenance Co.)  Deprecated 
240 00f D SAMC HospOps SAMMC Hospital Operations  Deprecated 
752 02f D SAMC Safety SAMMC Safety Department  Deprecated 
816 033 D SAMC Police SAMMC DOD Police and Military Police  Deprecated 
976 03d A FSH Transpor Transportation/Buses  Deprecated 
1456 05b D SAMC Shuttle SAMMC (Fort Sam Houston) Shuttle Service   Deprecated 
1488 05d D SAMC Maint1 SAMMC Maintenance Ch. 1  Deprecated 
1648 067 D SAMC Maint2 SAMMC Maintenance Ch. 2 Plumbing  Deprecated 
2192 089 D FSH CE EMCS Civil Engineers - Energy Management   Deprecated 
2208 08a D FSH Fuel Ops Fuel Operations  Deprecated 
2240 08c D SAMC ER Ops SAMMC Emergency Room Operations  Deprecated 
16272 3f9 D FSH Patrols Post Patrols CH-14  Deprecated 
16336 3fd D FSH Patrols Post Patrols  Deprecated 
16816 41b D FSH FIRE-1 FIRE CENTRAL CH-1 DISP  Deprecated 
16848 41d D FSH FIRE-2 FIRE CENTRAL CH-2  Deprecated 
16880 41f D FSH FIRE-3 FIRE CENTRAL CH-3  Deprecated 
17200 433 D Housing 1 repair crews 1 base housing  Deprecated 
17232 435 D Housing 2 repair crews 2 base housing  Deprecated 
17616 44d D Alarms Alarm Testing  Deprecated 
17840 45b D Maint Maintenance  Deprecated 
18320 479 D FSH PD 2 Dis Fort Sam Houston Military Police Tac-2 Dispatch  Deprecated 
18352 47b D FSH PD 3 TAC Fort Sam Houston Military Police Tac-3 Open  Deprecated 
18992 4a3 D FSH PD Tac10 Fort Sam Houston Military Police Tac-10 Open  Deprecated 
19312 4b7 D FSH PD Ops Fort Sam Houston Military Police Operations  Deprecated 
19344 4b9 D SAMC Gates SAMMC (Fort Sam Houston) Gate Guard  Deprecated 
24208 5e9 D FSH VIP VIP Channel - Unid  Deprecated 

Lackland Air Force Base/Kelly Field Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
32080 7d5 D LAFB PBXEnrg PBX/Energy Systems  Deprecated 
32112 7d7 D LAFB MaintOp Maintenance Operations  Deprecated 
32368 7e7 D WH Sec/VA PD Non-Networked TG - Wilford Hall Security (on Site-1), and VA Police Post (Site-7)  Deprecated 
40144 9cd D KFA F/C 1 Kelly Fire/Crash CH-1  Deprecated 
40224 9d2 D KFA Police 1 Kelly Police CH-1  Deprecated 
40240 9d3 D KFA Police 3 Kelly Police CH-3 Talk  Deprecated 
40256 9d4 D KFA GrndCntr Kelly Ground Control CH-1  Deprecated 
40320 9d8 D KFA Police Kelly Police Patrol  Deprecated 
40384 9dc D Flight Med 1 Flight Med 1  Deprecated 
40464 9e1 D KFA BaseOps Kelly Field Annex Base Ops  Deprecated 
40480 9e2 D Fueling Ops1 Aircraft Fueling Operations  Deprecated 
40640 9ec D LAFB ATOC ATOC (Air Terminal Ops Center)  Deprecated 
40736 9f2 D LAFB PIO? PIO- Public Information Officer?  Deprecated 
40752 9f3 D KFA Repair 1 Kelly Field Annex Aircraft Repair (Alamo)  Deprecated 
40768 9f4 D KFA Repair 2 Kelly Field Annex Aircraft Repair (Alamo)  Deprecated 
40944 9ff D LAFB Cargo Lackland Cargo Ops  Deprecated 
40960 a00 D Fueling Ops2 Aircraft Fueling Operations  Deprecated 
41136 a0b D Trnsprtn Dis Transportation Dispatch  Deprecated 
41520 a23 D Flghtlne Ops Flightline/Maintenance Operations  Deprecated 
48032 bba D LAFB Maint 1 Maintenace/Trash CH-1  Deprecated 
48048 bbb D LAFB Maint 2 Maintenace/Trash CH-2  Deprecated 
48080 bbd D LAFB F/C 1 Lackland AFB Fire/Crash CH-1  Deprecated 
48096 bbe D LAFB F/C 2 Lackland AFB Fire/Crash CH-2 Exercies  Deprecated 
48272 bc9 D DEFCON Trng DEFCON Training Net  Deprecated 
48288 bca DE LAFB PD 1 Lackland Police Ch. 1 (Eagle) (some encryption used)  Deprecated 
48304 bcb D LAFB EMS Exe EMS Exercises  Deprecated 
48336 bcd D LAFB Shuttle Shuttle Service  Deprecated 
48368 bcf D LAFB EMS 1 Lackland EMS Dispatch-1  Deprecated 
48416 bd2 D MA PD? Medina Annex Police?  Deprecated 
48464 bd5 D LAFB PD 2 Lackland Police CH-2  Deprecated 
48560 bdb D LAFB EOD Lackland EOD Dispatch  Deprecated 
48816 beb D LAFB PD Lackland Police Patrols  Deprecated 
48832 bec D LAFB PD Ops Lackland Police Ops  Deprecated 
48896 bf0 D Trng Net A Security Training Net "Alpha"  Deprecated 
48912 bf1 D Trng Net W Security Training Net "Whiskey"  Deprecated 
48928 bf2 D LAFB TrngNet Lackland Security Training Net  Deprecated 
48992 bf6 D Airlife Ops Airlife Operations  Deprecated 
49056 bfa D Troop Sqdrn Squadron Ops (Troops)  Deprecated 
56080 db1 D LAFB DSgts Lackland Drill SGTs  Deprecated 

Sheppard Air Force Base Talkgroups Sheppard has moved to the national USAF trunked system.
DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
50128 c3d D SAFB 80thFTW 80th FTW Command  Deprecated 
49936 c31 DE SAFB 82ndTRW 82nd TRW Command  Deprecated 
51136 c7c D SAFB FuelNet Aircraft Fueling Net  Deprecated 
51056 c77 D SAFB Munitns Aircraft Munitions Net  Deprecated 
51264 c84 D SAFB AlarmMt Alarm Maintenance  Deprecated 
50256 c45 D SAFB BaseOps Base Operations  Deprecated 
51120 c7b D SAFB Supply Base Supply  Deprecated 
50704 c61 D SAFB BEE Bioenvironmental Engineers  Deprecated 
51248 c83 D SAFB CE EMCS Civil Engineers - Energy Management and Control Systems  Deprecated 
51280 c85 D SAFB CE FM1 Civil Engineers - Facilities Maintenance 1  Deprecated 
51344 c89 D SAFB CE FM2 Civil Engineers - Facilities Maintenance 2  Deprecated 
51328 c88 D SAFB CE FM3 Civil Engineers - Facilities Maintenance 3  Deprecated 
51296 c86 D SAFB CE HVAC Civil Engineers - HVAC Maintenance  Deprecated 
51312 c87 D SAFB CE Plg Civil Engineers - Plumbing Maintenance  Deprecated 
50928 c6f D SAFB UCC Civil Engineers UCC Net  Deprecated 
50944 c70 D SAFB UCC Trn Civil Engineers UCC Training Net  Deprecated 
50464 c52 D SAFB CrashNt Crash Net Fire/EMS Dispatch  Deprecated 
51360 c8a D SAFB EOC 1 Emergency Management/EOC 1  Deprecated 
51376 c8b D SAFB EOC 2 Emergency Management/EOC 2  Deprecated 
51392 c8c D SAFB EOC 3 Emergency Management/EOC 3? Training  Deprecated 
51408 c8d D SAFB EOC 4 Emergency Management/EOC 4? Training  Deprecated 
50608 c5b D SAFB EOD 1 EOD Range 1  Deprecated 
51600 c99 D SAFB EOD 2 EOD Range 2  Deprecated 
50000 c35 D SAFB EET Exercise Evaluation Team  Deprecated 
50496 c54 D SAFB FD Str1 Fire Dept. Structure 1 (Tactical)  Deprecated 
50512 c55 D SAFB FD Trn Fire Dept. training  Deprecated 
50800 c67 D SAFB IT Mant IT Maintenance  Deprecated 
50192 c41 D SAFB MOC3 Maintenance Operations Center - T38 Talon Net  Deprecated 
50176 c40 D SAFB MOC2 T6 Maintenance Operations Center - T6 Texan Net  Deprecated 
50160 c3f D SAFB MOC1 Maintenance Operations Center 1  Deprecated 
50208 c42 D SAFB MOC4 Maintenance Operations Center 4  Deprecated 
50672 c5f D SAFB Med Medical Training Net  Deprecated 
50848 c6a D SAFB RadioMt Radio Maintenance  Deprecated 
50240 c44 D SAFB RampNet Ramp Net/Ground Control  Deprecated 
51472 c91 D SAFB ROM Route of March  Deprecated 
50368 c4c D SAFB SF EVNT Security Forces Events  Deprecated 
50320 c49 D SAFB SF Tac1 Security Forces Tac 1 Dispatch  Deprecated 
50336 c4a D SAFB SF Tac2 Security Forces Tac 2 NCIC/Info  Deprecated 
50032 c37 D SAFB SpEvnt1 Special Events 1  Deprecated 
50048 c38 D SAFB SpEvnt2 Special Events 2  Deprecated 
50880 c6c D SAFB Telecom Telecom Maintenance  Deprecated 
51104 c7a D SAFB BusTaxi Transportation Net (Bus/Taxi)  Deprecated 

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