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Last Updated: June 6, 2017, 1:47 am
US > Texas > Multiple Counties > Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN) Motorola

Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN) Motorola

This system is deprecated, and may no longer be in use or is superseded by another system.

System Name:Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN) Motorola
Location:Metro Houston area, TX
County:9 counties
System Type:Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice:Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Last Updated:June 6, 2017, 1:47 am (Updated General Trunked System Information)

Important Rebanded Note

One or more sites for this trunking system have gone through the 800 MHz rebanding process. Your scanner may be incompatible, require a firmware update or require special programming to track these sites. Please visit the RR Wiki Rebanding page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
2318   83.72

Latest News Update Posted on 2013-05-12 10:45:49

Addressing the information about the P25 system that everyone is migrating to and the TDMA layer now active and operating for the City of Houston on that system, Harris County ITC placed the following information on their web site recently:

Since these features are now active, it is mandatory that all new radios include RADIO AUTHENTICATION and PHASE II TDMA
Due to end of life for existing analog radio system hardware and pending changes to Federal Communication Commission (FCC) requirements , Harris County will be migrating to a pure digital Project 25 radio system by December 31, 2015. STARTING 2016, ANALOG RADIOS WILL NO LONGER WORK ON OUR RADIO SYSTEM.

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System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

SiteNameCounty Freqs      
004 (4) ClodineFort Bend 851.4875 852.9625a 851.050 851.850 852.075 852.450 852.550
      853.325 853.925c          
009 (9) AnahuacChambers 851.200 851.750 852.0375 852.4375 852.7875a 853.425c 853.550
010 (A) RichmondFort Bend 851.3125 851.200 852.700 851.7625 852.2375 852.7625 853.2625a
      853.7375 853.825c          
011 (B) AngletonBrazoria 851.7875 852.2875a 852.8125 853.2875 853.5625c 853.525 853.900
013 (D) BrazoriaBrazoria 851.475 852.725c 852.975 853.075 853.475a 853.9625  
014 (E) HumbleHarris 851.225a 852.2125 852.425 852.475 852.625 853.625c  
015 (F) Missouri CityFort Bend 851.0875 851.7375 853.5125 853.7875 857.9625a 860.9625c 852.675
      853.175 853.450 853.875        
016 (10) HempsteadWaller 852.6625 852.750 852.900 853.0875 853.375 853.600a 853.750
      854.2625 859.4625c          
017 (11) AmesLiberty 851.4875 851.850 851.050a 851.075 852.450 852.550 852.9625
      853.325 853.925c          
018 (12) Texas CityGalveston 851.0625 851.125 851.3375 851.4125 851.5875 851.8125 852.0875
      852.3375 852.5625 853.0625 853.300 853.3375 853.5875a 853.800c
019 (13) GalvestonGalveston 851.1625 851.4375 851.800 851.8375 851.875 851.9625 852.3125
      852.7125 852.8375 853.2125 853.3125 853.4625 853.600 853.6625a
023 (17) PasadenaHarris 851.1125 851.6125 851.8625 852.1125 852.3625 852.6125 853.1125
024 (18) FreeportBrazoria 851.5375c 851.900a 851.9875 852.125 853.500 853.550 853.8125
025 (19) High IslandGalveston 852.575c 852.650 854.0625c 854.2375 854.4125    
026 (1A) 6900 North GessnerHarris 851.1375 851.4625 852.6375 852.9125 853.1375 853.8875a 853.6375
      856.7125 859.2125c          
027 (1B) 14350 Wallisville RoadHarris 852.0625 852.5375 852.8875 853.2375a 857.7125 858.2375 858.7125
      860.2125c 860.4875          
028 (1C) Downtown HoustonHarris 851.075 851.2375 851.425 852.9125 853.3875a 856.7125 858.2375
      860.2375c 860.4875          
029 (1D) Texas Medical CenterHarris 851.1375 852.0625 852.3875 852.6375 852.9375 853.4875a 857.2375
      858.7125 859.2375c          

System Talkgroups
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Air Medical Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
58384 e41 A Hlth1RTC Air HealthOne Regional Transfer Center Air  Deprecated 
208 00d A Lifeflt Ctrl Hermann Life Flight Control  EMS-Talk 
21904 559 A Lifeflt Disp Hermann Life Flight Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
17696 452 A PHI Med 9 PHI Med 9 Dispatch (Oak Bend Medical Center)  EMS Dispatch 

Harris County Mutual Aid Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
19168 4ae A COML Communications Unit Leader (COML)  Interop 
10960 2ad A HarrisCo EMS Countywide EMS, used by Baytown EMS to San Jac Methodist Hospital ER  Interop 
10992 2af A HarrisCoFire Countywide Fire  Interop 
80 005 A CMOC 1 Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 1  Interop 
176 00b A CMOC 2 Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 2  Interop 
240 00f A CMOC 3 Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 3  Interop 
272 011 A CMOC 4 Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 4  Interop 
304 013 A CMOC 5 Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 5  Interop 
336 015 A CMOC 6 Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 6  Interop 
19200 4b0 A CMOC Command Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) Command  Interop 
8560 217 A Mutual Aid 1 Mutual Aid 1 (Law Enforcement)  Interop 
58080 e2e A MutualAid 10 Mutual Aid 10  Interop 
8592 219 A Mutual Aid 2 Mutual Aid 2 (Non-Law Enforcement)  Interop 
14224 379 A Mutual Aid 3 Mutual Aid 3  Interop 
18544 487 A Mutual Aid 4 Mutual Aid 4  Interop 
18576 489 A Mutual Aid 5 Mutual Aid 5  Interop 
18608 48b A Mutual Aid 6 Mutual Aid 6  Interop 
57984 e28 A Mutual Aid 7 Mutual Aid 7  Interop 
58016 e2a A Mutual Aid 8 Mutual Aid 8  Interop 
58048 e2c A Mutual Aid 9 Mutual Aid 9  Interop 
18528 486 A MA Air 1 Mutual Aid Air 1  Interop 
18560 488 A MA Air 2 Mutual Aid Air 2  Interop 
19360 4ba A MA Ham Mutual Aid Amateur Radio  Interop 
18592 48a A MA Dispatch Mutual Aid Dispatch  Interop 
19328 4b8 A MA Disp Ctr Mutual Aid Dispatch Centers  Interop 
19040 4a6 A MA EOC 1 Mutual Aid Emergency Operations Centers 1  Interop 
19072 4a8 A MA EOC 2 Mutual Aid Emergency Operations Centers 2  Interop 
19456 4c0 A MA EOC 3 Mutual Aid Emergency Operations Centers 3  Interop 
58112 e30 A MA Event 1 Mutual Aid Event 1 (Radio Cache)  Interop 
58144 e32 A MA Event 2 Mutual Aid Event 2 (Radio Cache)  Interop 
58176 e34 A MA Event 3 Mutual Aid Event 3 (Radio Cache)  Interop 
58208 e36 A MA Event 4 Mutual Aid Event 4 (Radio Cache)  Interop 
19104 4aa A MA IC 1 Mutual Aid Incident Command 1  Interop 
19136 4ac A MA IC 2 Mutual Aid Incident Command 2  Interop 
18624 48c A MA ISD Mutual Aid Independent School Districts  Interop 
19008 4a4 A MA Law Mutual Aid Law Enforcement  Interop 
16352 3fe A MA Law 1 Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 1  Interop 
16384 400 A MA Law 2 Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 2  Interop 
16448 404 A MA Law 3 Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 3  Interop 
16480 406 A MA Law 4 Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 4  Interop 
16544 40a A MA Law 5 Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 5  Interop 
18752 494 A MA NE 1 Mutual Aid Northeast 1  Interop 
18784 496 A MA NE 2 Mutual Aid Northeast 2  Interop 
18688 490 A MA NW 1 Mutual Aid Northwest 1  Interop 
18720 492 A MA NW 2 Mutual Aid Northwest 2  Interop 
48 003 A MA PubHealth Mutual Aid Public Health  Interop 
18656 48e A MA PubWorks Mutual Aid Public Works  Interop 
18880 49c A MA SE 1 Mutual Aid Southeast 1  Interop 
18912 49e A MA SE 2 Mutual Aid Southeast 2  Interop 
18816 498 A MA SW 1 Mutual Aid Southwest 1  Interop 
18848 49a A MA SW 2 Mutual Aid Southwest 2  Interop 
19264 4b4 A MA State EMS Mutual Aid State EMS  Interop 
19232 4b2 A MA StateFire Mutual Aid State Fire  Interop 
19296 4b6 A MA State Law Mutual Aid State Law Enforcement  Interop 
18384 47d A Pursuit 1 Pursuit 1 (used by Houston Police Department Narcotics)  Interop 
18416 47f A Pursuit 2 PURSUIT 2  Interop 

Harris County Sheriff - High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13168 337 A HCSO HIDTA 1 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 1  Law Tac 
17776 457 A HCSO HIDTA 2 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 2  Law Tac 
17808 459 A HCSO HIDTA 3 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 3  Law Tac 
17840 45b A HCSO HIDTA 4 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 4  Law Tac 
17872 45d A HCSO HIDTA 5 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 5  Law Tac 
17904 45f A HCSO HIDTA 6 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 6  Law Tac 
17968 463 A HCSOHIDTA T1 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Tactical 1  Law Tac 
9552 255 A HIDTA TF 1 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Task Force 1  Law Tac 

Harris County Sheriff's Office Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
6096 17d A HCSO Academy Academy Staff  Deprecated 
9488 251 A HCSO Admin Administration  Deprecated 
12944 329 A HCSO AdmSupv Administration Supervisors  Deprecated 
9712 25f A HCSO Auto Auto Theft  Deprecated 
19088 4a9 A HCSO K-9 Canine Division (K-9)  Deprecated 
20336 4f7 A HCSO Courts1 Courts 1  Deprecated 
20368 4f9 A HCSO Courts2 Courts 2  Deprecated 
20400 4fb A HCSO CrtSupv Courts Supervisors  Deprecated 
32944 80b A HCSO CSU Crime Scene Unit (CSU)  Deprecated 
9232 241 A HCSO CJ 7 Criminal Justice 7  Deprecated 
9104 239 A HCSO DetInv5 Detectives Investigators 5  Deprecated 
12912 327 A HCSO DetSupv Detectives Supervisors  Deprecated 
5520 159 A HCSO D1 Disp Dispatch 1 - District 1 (North)  Law Dispatch 
8496 213 A HCSO D2 Disp Dispatch 2 - District 2 (East)  Law Dispatch 
8976 231 A HCSO D3 Disp Dispatch 3 - District 3 (South)  Law Dispatch 
9008 233 A HCSO D4 Disp Dispatch 4 - District 4 (West)  Law Dispatch 
18480 483 A HCSO D5 Disp Dispatch 5 - District 5 (Northwest)  Law Dispatch 
19120 4ab A HCSO D6 Disp Dispatch 6 - District 6  Law Dispatch 
10896 2a9 A HCSO EDC Ops Emergency Dispatch Center - Operations  Deprecated 
9392 24b A HCSO ERT Cmd Emergency Response Team - Command  Deprecated 
9424 24d A HCSO ERT Ops Emergency Response Team - Operations  Deprecated 
18448 481 A HCSO ERT Sup Emergency Response Team - Supervisors  Deprecated 
9136 23b A GCVOTF Prim Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force - Primary  Deprecated 
13264 33d A GCVOTF Tac Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force - Tactical  Deprecated 
9968 26f A HCSO HotSpot Hot Spot  Deprecated 
9360 249 A HCSO Info 10 Information 10  Deprecated 
13008 32d A HCSO Int Aff Internal Affairs  Deprecated 
1968 07b A HCSOISU 1968 Investigative Support Unit (ISU)  Deprecated 
16576 40c A HCSOISU16576 Investigative Support Unit (ISU)  Deprecated 
23760 5cd A HCSO MV 1 Major Violators 1  Deprecated 
6416 191 A HCSO MV 2 Major Violators 2  Deprecated 
8656 21d A HCSO MAP Van Motorist Assistance Patrol (MAP)  Deprecated 
16608 40e A HCSO Narc Narcotics  Deprecated 
12304 301 A HCSO OCD 1 Organized Crime 1 Dispatch  Deprecated 
9328 247 A HCSO Pat Sup Patrol Supervisors 9  Deprecated 
17648 44f A HCSO Reserve Reserve Division  Deprecated 
12656 317 A HCSO Tac 1 Tactical 1  Deprecated 
12688 319 A HCSO Tac 2 Tactical 2  Deprecated 
12816 321 A HCSO Tac 3 Tactical 3  Deprecated 
12848 323 A HCSO Tac 4 Tactical 4  Deprecated 
18512 485 A HCSO Tac 5 Tactical 5  Deprecated 
19184 4af A HCSO Tac 6 Tactical 6  Deprecated 
14896 3a3 A HCSO Cntrl A Tactical CENTRAL-A  Deprecated 
14800 39d A HCSO East A Tactical EAST-A  Deprecated 
14768 39b A HCSO North A Tactical NORTH-A  Deprecated 
18800 497 A HCSO NWest A Tactical NWEST-A  Deprecated 
14832 39f A HCSO South A Tactical SOUTH-A  Deprecated 
19152 4ad A HCSO SWest A Tactical SWEST-A  Deprecated 
14864 3a1 A HCSO West A Tactical WEST-A  Deprecated 
11728 2dd A HCSO Traffic Traffic  Deprecated 
16640 410 A HCSO Vice Vice  Deprecated 
10256 281 A HCSO VicNarc Vice/Narcotics 8  Deprecated 
10096 277 A HCSO War6Pri Warrants 6 Primary  Deprecated 
19216 4b1 A HCSO WarrTac Warrants Tactical  Deprecated 

Harris County Constable Offices Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
944 03b A HCCO1 Admin Precinct 1 - Administration  Deprecated 
144 009 A HCCO1 Announ Precinct 1 - Announcement  Deprecated 
11184 2bb A HCCO1 Civil Precinct 1 - Civil  Deprecated 
11152 2b9 A HCCO1 Disp 1 Precinct 1 - Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
42512 a61 A HCCO1 Envir1 Precinct 1 - Environmental 1  Deprecated 
20304 4f5 A HCCO1 Envir2 Precinct 1 - Environmental 2  Deprecated 
1168 049 A HCCO1 Mental Precinct 1 - Mental  Deprecated 
11120 2b7 A HCCO1 Temp Precinct 1 - Special Project Temporary (obsolete?)  Deprecated 
16496 407 A HCCO1 Superv Precinct 1 - Supervisors  Deprecated 
11216 2bd A HCCO1 Warrnt Precinct 1 - Warrants  Deprecated 
16528 409 A HCCO1 Writs Precinct 1 - Writs  Deprecated 
976 03d A HCCO2 Admin Precinct 2 - Administration  Deprecated 
11280 2c1 A HCCO2 Civil Precinct 2 - Civil  Deprecated 
11248 2bf A HCCO2 Disp1 Precinct 2 - Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
11312 2c3 A HCCO2 Superv Precinct 2 - Supervisors  Deprecated 
1008 03f A HCCO3 Admin Precinct 3 - Administration  Deprecated 
18640 48d A HCCO3 Civil Precinct 3 - Civil  Deprecated 
11344 2c5 A HCCO3 Disp 1 Precinct 3 - Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
13424 347 A HCCO3 Superv Precinct 3 - Supervisors  Deprecated 
11376 2c7 A HCCO4 Disp 1 Precinct 4 - Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
11408 2c9 A HCCO4 Disp 2 Precinct 4 - Dispatch 2 East  Deprecated 
18496 484 A HCCO4 Disp 3 Precinct 4 - Dispatch 3  Deprecated 
11440 2cb A HCCO4 East Precinct 4 - East  Deprecated 
1680 069 A HCCO4 Superv Precinct 4 - Supervisors  Deprecated 
11472 2cd A HCCO4 Warrnt Precinct 4 - Warrants  Deprecated 
9808 265 A HCCO4 West Precinct 4 - West  Deprecated 
16752 417 A HCCO5 Civil Precinct 5 - Civil  Deprecated 
11536 2d1 A HCCO5 Crminl Precinct 5 - Criminal  Deprecated 
11504 2cf A HCCO5 Disp 1 Precinct 5 - Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
16720 415 A HCCO5 Disp 2 Precinct 5 - Dispatch 2  Deprecated 
10000 271 A HCCO5 Disp 3 Precinct 5 - Dispatch 3  Deprecated 
1808 071 A HCCO5 Superv Precinct 5 - Supervisors  Deprecated 
1200 04b A HCCO6 Admin Precinct 6 - Ch. B Administration  Deprecated 
13104 333 A HCCO6 Civil Precinct 6 - Civil  Deprecated 
11568 2d3 A HCCO6 Disp 1 Precinct 6 - Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
1904 077 A HCCO6 Superv Precinct 6 - Supervisors  Deprecated 
1232 04d A HCCO7 Admin Precinct 7 - Administration  Deprecated 
528 021 A HCCO7 Announ Precinct 7 - Announcement  Deprecated 
11632 2d7 A HCCO7 Civil Precinct 7 - Civil  Deprecated 
11600 2d5 A HCCO7 Disp 1 Precinct 7 - Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
10032 273 A HCCO7 Superv Precinct 7 - Supervisors  Deprecated 
1264 04f A HCCO8 Admin Precinct 8 - Administration  Deprecated 
11696 2db A HCCO8 Civil Precinct 8 - Civil  Deprecated 
11664 2d9 A HCCO8 Disp 1 Precinct 8 - Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
10064 275 A HCCO8 Superv Precinct 8 - Supervisors  Deprecated 

Harris County Toll Road Authority Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10352 287 A HCTRA Law 2 Toll Road Law Enforcement Ch. 2 Supervisors  Law Talk 
35232 89a A HCTRA Law 3 Toll Road Law Enforcement Ch. 3  Law Talk 
10416 28b A HCTRA Law Toll Road Law Enforcement Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10384 289 A HCTRA MAINT Toll Road Maintenance  Public Works 
10224 27f A HCTRA Ops E Toll Road Operations East (includes Toll Bridge)  Public Works 
8848 229 A HCTRA Ops N Toll Road Operations North (includes Hardy Toll Road and Airport Connector)  Public Works 
10320 285 A HCTRA Ops W Toll Road Operations West (includes Central and South)  Public Works 

Harris County Other Public Safety Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
8336 209 A HarrisCo EM1 Emergency Management 1  Emergency Ops 
18736 493 A HarrisCo EM2 Emergency Management 2  Emergency Ops 
18768 495 A HarrisCo EM3 Emergency Management 3  Emergency Ops 
6512 197 A HC FM 1 Fire Marshal 1  Fire-Tac 
16656 411 A HC FM 2 Fire Marshal 2  Fire-Tac 
18832 499 A HC FM 3 Fire Marshal 3  Fire-Tac 
20112 4e9 A HC FM 4 HM Fire Marshal 4 Hazmat "HM 4"  Fire-Tac 
20144 4eb A HC FM 5 HM Fire Marshal 5 Hazmat "HM 5"  Fire-Tac 

Harris County Central Technology Center Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60000 ea6 D HCCTCDigital Digital  Public Works 
20560 505 A HCCTC Field Field  Public Works 
21584 545 A HCCTCLoaner1 Loaner 1  Public Works 
10192 27d A HCCTC Netwrk Networking  Public Works 
12560 311 A HCCTCOperatr Operator  Public Works 
21424 53b A HCCTC QA Quality Assurance  Public Works 
5648 161 A HCCTC Radio Radio Shop  Public Works 
42960 a7d A HCCTC Secrty Security  Security 
1296 051 A HCCTC SysMnt System Maintenance  Public Works 
19952 4df A HCCTCSysTst1 System Test 1  Public Works 
19984 4e1 A HCCTCSysTst2 System Test 2  Public Works 
5488 157 A HCCTCTechSys Technical Systems  Public Works 
5680 163 A HCCTCTelephn Telephone Systems  Public Works 
1456 05b A HCCTC Test 1 Test 1  Public Works 
2000 07d A HCCTC Test 2 Test 2  Public Works 
17744 455 A HCCTC Test 3 Test 3  Public Works 

Harris County Community Supervision & Corrections Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2224 08b A HC CSC Disp2 Ch. B Dispatch 2  Corrections 
10160 27b A HC CSCComSvc Ch. D Community Service  Corrections 
2064 081 A HC CSC Disp1 Dispatch 1  Corrections 
1488 05d A HC Probation Probation Officers ?  Corrections 
10128 279 A HC CSC Resid Residential Probation  Corrections 
2096 083 A HC CSC Supv Supervisors  Corrections 

Harris County Juvenile Probation & Detention Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10448 28d A HC JPD BBHS Burnett Bayland Home and School  Corrections 
9776 263 A HC JPDFldSvc Ch. A Field Services  Corrections 
10480 28f A HC JPDBootCa Ch. C Boot Camp  Corrections 
9584 257 A HC JPDVillag Ch. D Youth Village  Corrections 
13296 33f A HC JPDDetDis Ch. E Detention Dispatch  Corrections 
16848 41d A HC JPD BBRC Ch. H Burnett Bayland Reception Center  Corrections 
13456 349 A HC JPDDetPri Detention Primary  Corrections 

Harris County Commissioner Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
8720 221 A HC Pct1 Disp Commissioner Precinct 1 - Dispatch  Public Works 
12112 2f5 A HC Pct1 Park Commissioner Precinct 1 - Parks  Public Works 
8400 20d A HC Pct1 SpOl Commissioner Precinct 1 - Special Olympics (temporary use once per year)  Public Works 
13200 339 A HC Pct1 Supv Commissioner Precinct 1 - Supervisors  Public Works 
8752 223 A HC Pct2 Disp Commissioner Precinct 2 - Dispatch  Public Works 
17664 450 A HC Pct2 Road Commissioner Precinct 2 - Road and Bridge  Public Works 
13328 341 A HC Pct2 Supv Commissioner Precinct 2 - Supervisors  Public Works 
13344 342 A HC Pct2 Tnnl Commissioner Precinct 2 - Tunnel Lights  Public Works 
8784 225 A HC Pct3 Disp Commissioner Precinct 3 - Dispatch  Public Works 
13136 335 A HC Pct3 Road Commissioner Precinct 3 - Road Crews  Public Works 
13360 343 A HC Pct3 Supv Commissioner Precinct 3 - Supervisors  Public Works 
16944 423 A HC Pct4 Burr Commissioner Precinct 4 - Burroughs Park  Public Works 
8816 227 A HC Pct4 Disp Commissioner Precinct 4 - Dispatch  Public Works 
16880 41f A HC Pct4 Park Commissioner Precinct 4 - Parks  Public Works 
13392 345 A HC Pct4 Supv Commissioner Precinct 4 - Supervisors  Public Works 

Harris County District Attorney Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
15024 3ab A HCDA 1 Disp District Attorney - Ch. 1 Dispatch  Law Tac 
23920 5d7 A HCDA 10 TT District Attorney - Ch. 10 TT  Law Tac 
32784 801 A HCDA 11 District Attorney - Ch. 11  Law Tac 
32816 803 A HCDA 12 S District Attorney - Ch. 12 S  Law Tac 
32848 805 A HCDA 13 Red District Attorney - Ch. 13 Red  Law Tac 
15056 3ad A HCDA 3 Supv District Attorney - Ch. 3 Supervisors  Law Talk 
15088 3af A HCDA 4 SpCri District Attorney - Ch. 4 Special Crimes  Law Tac 
15120 3b1 A HCDA 5 Inves District Attorney - Ch. 5 Investigators  Law Tac 
15152 3b3 A HCDA 6 BurCh District Attorney - Ch. 6 Bureau Chief  Law Tac 
15184 3b5 A HCDA7 1stADA District Attorney - Ch. 7 First Assistant District Attorney  Law Tac 
23856 5d3 A HCDA 8 DA District Attorney - Ch. 8 District Attorney  Law Tac 
23888 5d5 A HCDA 9 TT District Attorney - Ch. 9 TT  Law Tac 
8464 211 A HCDA Intake District Attorney - Intake  Law Tac 

Harris County District Attorney (New) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
60272 eb7 A HCDA 1 District Attorney - Ch. 1  Law Tac 
60416 ec0 A HCDA 10 TT District Attorney - Ch. 10 TT   Law Tac 
60432 ec1 A HCDA 11 District Attorney - Ch. 11   Law Tac 
60448 ec2 A HCDA 12 S District Attorney - Ch. 12 S   Law Tac 
60464 ec3 A HCDA 13 District Attorney - Ch. 13  Law Tac 
60160 eb0 A HCDA 2 District Attorney - Ch. 2  Law Tac 
60304 eb9 A HCDA 3 District Attorney - Ch. 3  Law Tac 
60320 eba A HCDA 4 SpCri District Attorney - Ch. 4 Special Crimes   Law Tac 
60336 ebb A HCDA 5 PG District Attorney - Ch. 5 PG  Law Tac 
60352 ebc A HCDA 6 BurCh District Attorney - Ch. 6 Bureau Chief   Law Tac 
60368 ebd A HCDA 7 District Attorney - Ch. 7  Law Tac 
60384 ebe A HCDA 8 DA District Attorney - Ch. 8 District Attorney   Law Tac 
60400 ebf A HCDA 9 TT District Attorney - Ch. 9 TT   Law Tac 

Harris County Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
112 007 A HC Appr Dist Appraisal District Dispatch  Public Works 
13968 369 A HC ChildProt Child Protective Services  Public Works 
9744 261 A HC CommuSvcs Community Services Department - Dispatch 1  Public Works 
14736 399 A HCCommuSvcIR Community Services Department - Information Resources  Public Works 
12048 2f1 A HC AttnyDisp County Attorney - Dispatch 1  Public Works 
13040 32f A HC AttnySupv County Attorney - Supervisors  Public Works 
9872 269 A HC CntyClerk County Clerk Dispatch 1  Public Works 
15984 3e7 A HC CntyJudge County Judge  Public Works 
5424 153 A HCCntyJdgDis County Judge Dispatch 1  Public Works 
19024 4a5 A HC CrtAdmOfc Court Administrative Office Dispatch  Public Works 
20720 50f A HCDeptEductn Department of Education  Schools 
21872 557 A HCDE ISD MA Department of Education - Independent School District Mutual Aid  Interop 
14000 36b A HC DC PubSvc District Clerk - Public Service  Public Works 
11984 2ed A HC DC System District Clerk - Systems  Public Works 
6000 177 A HC DuessnPrk Duessen Park  Public Works 
6160 181 A HC Election Election Services Dispatch 1  Public Works 
5840 16d A HC FPM Disp Facilities and Property Management - Dispatch  Public Works 
5456 155 A HC FPM Sec Facilities and Property Management - Security  Security 
14192 377 A HC FPM Supv Facilities and Property Management - Supervisors  Public Works 
42544 a63 A HC FPM Temp1 Facilities and Property Management - Temporary 1 (Hurricane Rita)  Public Works 
42576 a65 A HC FPM Temp2 Facilities and Property Management - Temporary 2 (Hurricane Rita)  Public Works 
42608 a67 A HC FPM Temp3 Facilities and Property Management - Temporary 3 (Hurricane Rita)  Public Works 
42640 a69 A HC FPM Temp4 Facilities and Property Management - Temporary 4 (Hurricane Rita)  Public Works 
9840 267 A HC FleetSvcs Fleet Services Dispatch 1  Public Works 
6192 183 A HC FCD Admin Flood Control District - Administration  Public Works 
6224 185 A HC FCD BC126 Flood Control District - Base Camps 1/2/6  Public Works 
6256 187 A HC FCD BC35 Flood Control District - Base Camps 3/5  Public Works 
8432 20f A HC HD Disp 1 Hospital District - Security Dispatch 1  Security 
8688 21f A HC HD Disp 2 Hospital District - Security Dispatch 2  Security 
8624 21b A HC HD Superv Hospital District - Security Supervisors  Security 
14128 373 A HC HD Transp Hospital District - Transportation  Transportation 
20208 4ef A HC HRRM Disp Human Resources and Risk Management Dispatch  Public Works 
12144 2f7 A HC JIMS Disp Justice Information Management System (JIMS) Dispatch  Public Works 
10288 283 A HC ME Backup Medical Examiner - Back-up  Public Works 
8528 215 A HC ME Disp 1 Medical Examiner - Dispatch 1  Public Works 
9040 235 A HCMosqCtlAnn Mosquito Control - Announcement  Public Works 
9072 237 A HCMosqCtlDis Mosquito Control - Dispatch  Public Works 
1936 079 A HC AnimlCtl1 Public Health and Environmental Services - Animal Control Dispatch 1  Public Works 
18992 4a3 A HC AnimlCtl2 Public Health and Environmental Services - Animal Control Dispatch 2  Public Works 
20496 501 A HC PHES 1 Public Health and Environmental Services 1  Public Works 
19424 4be A HC PHES 2 Public Health and Environmental Services 2  Public Works 
35072 890 A HC PI Constr Public Infrastructure - Construction  Public Works 
5392 151 A HC PI Disp 1 Public Infrastructure - Dispatch 1  Public Works 
35104 892 A HC PI Exec Public Infrastructure - Executive  Public Works 
13072 331 A HC PI Permit Public Infrastructure - Permits  Public Works 
34944 888 A HCPIP&O Ops1 Public Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Operations 1  Public Works 
34976 88a A HCPIP&O Ops2 Public Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Operations 2  Public Works 
35008 88c A HCPIP&O Ops3 Public Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Operations 3  Public Works 
34912 886 A HCPIP&O Plan Public Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Planning  Public Works 
35040 88e A HCPI P&O WPG Public Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Watershed Protection Group  Public Works 
10512 291 A HC PI Traffc Public Infrastructure - Traffic  Public Works 
432 01b A HC PurchDisp Purchasing Department - Dispatch 1  Public Works 
464 01d A HC PurchSupv Purchasing Department - Supervisors  Public Works 

Harris County - Baytown Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
16208 3f5 A Baytown PD 1 Ch. A1 Police 1 Primary  Deprecated 
16240 3f7 A Baytown PD 2 Ch. A2 Police 2 Secondary  Deprecated 
16272 3f9 A BaytownPDCID Ch. A3 Police Detectives  Deprecated 
16304 3fb A BaytownPDAdm Ch. A4 Police Administration  Deprecated 
16336 3fd A BaytownCity4 Ch. A6 City 4  Deprecated 
16368 3ff A BaytownFDAdm Ch. A14 Fire Administration  Deprecated 
16400 401 A BaytownCity3 Ch. C6 City 3  Deprecated 
16432 403 A Baytown FD 1 Ch. A16 Fire 1 Primary  Deprecated 
16464 405 A Baytown FD 2 Ch. A15 Fire 2 Secondary  Deprecated 
16560 40b A BaytwnPDTac1 Ch. A7 Police Operations Tactical 1  Deprecated 
16592 40d A BaytwnPDTac2 Ch. A8 Police Operations Tactical 2  Deprecated 
16624 40f A BaytwnPDTac3 Ch. A9 Police Operations Tactical 3  Deprecated 
16688 413 A BaytwnPDTac4 Ch. A10 Police Operations Tactical 4  Deprecated 
16784 419 A BaytwnPDTac5 Ch. A11 Police Operations Tactical 5  Deprecated 
16912 421 A BaytwnPDTac6 Ch. A12 Police Operations Tactical 6  Deprecated 
20624 509 A BaytownCity1 City 1  Deprecated 
20656 50b A BaytownCity2 City 2  Deprecated 

Harris County - Deer Park Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
31312 7a5 A DP Admin Deer Park Administration  Deprecated 
31248 7a1 A DP Animal 1A Deer Park Animal Shelter 1A  Deprecated 
31344 7a7 A DP Animal 1B Deer Park Animal Shelter 1B  Deprecated 
31280 7a3 A DP Citywide Deer Park Citywide  Deprecated 
30896 78b A DeerPk EMS 1 Deer Park EMS 1  Deprecated 
30928 78d A DeerPk EMS 2 Deer Park EMS 2  Deprecated 
30960 78f A DeerPk EMS 3 Deer Park EMS 3  Deprecated 
31408 7ab A DP Engineer Deer Park Engineering  Deprecated 
30544 775 A DPPD EXEC 1 Deer Park EXEC 1  Deprecated 
30576 777 A DPPD EXEC 2 Deer Park EXEC 2  Deprecated 
30608 779 A DPPD EXEC 3 Deer Park EXEC 3  Deprecated 
30800 785 A DeerPk Fire1 Deer Park Fire 1 (simulcast on 154.22 MHz)  Deprecated 
30832 787 A DeerPk Fire2 Deer Park Fire 2  Deprecated 
30864 789 A DeerPk Fire3 Deer Park Fire 3  Deprecated 
31920 7cb A DPFD Arson 3 Deer Park Fire Arson 3  Deprecated 
31696 7bd A DPFD CIMA 1 Deer Park Fire CIMA 1 Patch  Deprecated 
31728 7bf A DPFD CIMA 2 Deer Park Fire CIMA 2 Patch  Deprecated 
31056 795 A DPFD Civ Def Deer Park Fire Civil Defense  Deprecated 
30992 791 A DPFD FM 1 Deer Park Fire Marshal 1  Deprecated 
31024 793 A DPFD FM 2 Deer Park Fire Marshal 2  Deprecated 
31440 7ad A DP Inspect Deer Park Inspections  Deprecated 
31184 79d A DeerPk PRAll Deer Park Parks and Recreation - All  Deprecated 
31568 7b5 A DP Park Ops Deer Park Parks and Recreation - Park Operations  Deprecated 
31600 7b7 A DP Rec/Bldg Deer Park Parks and Recreation - Recreation/Building  Deprecated 
30320 767 A DPPD Admin Deer Park Police Administration  Deprecated 
30480 771 A DPPD CNT 1 Deer Park Police Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) 1  Deprecated 
30512 773 A DPPD CNT 2 Deer Park Police Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) 2  Deprecated 
30224 761 A DPPD Detect1 Deer Park Police Detectives 1  Deprecated 
30256 763 A DPPD Detect2 Deer Park Police Detectives 2  Deprecated 
30288 765 A DPPD Detect3 Deer Park Police Detectives 3  Deprecated 
30096 759 A DPPD Patrol1 Deer Park Police Patrol 1 (mobiles simulcast on 154.7925 MHz)  Deprecated 
30128 75b A DPPD Patrol2 Deer Park Police Patrol 2  Deprecated 
30160 75d A DPPD Patrol3 Deer Park Police Patrol 3  Deprecated 
30192 75f A DPPD Patrol4 Deer Park Police Patrol 4  Deprecated 
30352 769 A DPPD Support Deer Park Police Support  Deprecated 
30384 76b A DPPD SWAT 1 Deer Park Police SWAT 1 (surveillance)  Deprecated 
30416 76d A DPPD SWAT 2 Deer Park Police SWAT 2  Deprecated 
30448 76f A DPPD Tac Deer Park Police Tactical  Deprecated 
31792 7c3 A DPPD Tac 7 Deer Park Police Tactical 7  Deprecated 
31376 7a9 A DP PWS/WWTP Deer Park Public Works Shop/Wastewater Treatment Plant  Deprecated 
31504 7b1 A DPSanitation Deer Park Sanitation  Deprecated 
31216 79f A DP Streets Deer Park Streets  Deprecated 
31472 7af A DP Traffic Deer Park Traffic  Deprecated 
31152 79b A DP Utilities Deer Park Utilities  Deprecated 
31632 7b9 A DP Water Deer Park Water  Deprecated 
31664 7bb A DP WTP Deer Park Water Treatment Plant  Deprecated 

Harris County - Galena Park Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
9296 245 A GalPrkCommon Galena Park Common  Interop 
9200 23f A GalPrk Fire1 Galena Park Fire 1  Fire Dispatch 
9264 243 A GalPrk Fire2 Galena Park Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
8912 22d A GalPrkPD1Dis Galena Park Police 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
8944 22f A GalPrk PD 2 Galena Park Police 2  Law Tac 
9168 23d A GalPrkPDSupv Galena Park Police Supervisors  Law Tac 

Harris County - Humble Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
21808 553 A HumbCitywide Humble Citywide  Deprecated 
10736 29f A HumbF/EDisp1 Humble Fire/EMS Dispatch 1 (Linked with 154.415 MHz)  Deprecated 
10768 2a1 A HumbF/EDisp2 Humble Fire/EMS Dispatch 2  Deprecated 
10800 2a3 A HumbF/E Supv Humble Fire/EMS Supervisors  Deprecated 
21840 555 A HumbFiregrnd Humble Fireground  Deprecated 
10576 295 A HumbPD Disp1 Humble Police Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
10608 297 A HumbPD Disp2 Humble Police Dispatch 2  Deprecated 
10672 29b A Humb PD Supv Humble Police Supervisors  Deprecated 
10704 29d A Humb PD Tac Humble Police Tactical  Deprecated 
10832 2a5 A Humb PubWrk1 Humble Public Works Dispatch 1  Deprecated 
10864 2a7 A Humb PubWrk2 Humble Public Works Dispatch 2  Deprecated 

Harris County - La Porte Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
16160 3f2 A LaPorte PD 1 La Porte Police 1  Deprecated 
16192 3f4 A LaPorte PD 2 La Porte Police 2  Deprecated 
16224 3f6 A LaPortePDSup La Porte Police Supervisors  Deprecated 
16256 3f8 A LaPortPDTac1 La Porte Police Tactical 1  Deprecated 
16288 3fa A LaPortPDTac2 La Porte Police Tactical 2  Deprecated 
23792 5cf A LaPrtPD23792 La Porte Police  Deprecated 
32912 809 A LaPorte FD 1 La Porte Fire 1  Deprecated 

Harris County - Pasadena - Fire/EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7664 1df A PasadFD Amb1 Ambulances Ch. 1 (East Texas Medical Center EMS)  Deprecated 
7696 1e1 A PasadFD Amb2 Ambulances Ch. 2 (East Texas Medical Center EMS)  Deprecated 
7728 1e3 A PasadFD Amb3 Ambulances Ch. 3  Deprecated 
7760 1e5 A PasadFD Amb4 Ambulances Ch. 4  Deprecated 
7568 1d9 A PasadFDAdmin Fire Administration  Deprecated 
7376 1cd A PasadFDArsn1 Fire Arson 1 (Fire Marshal)  Deprecated 
7408 1cf A PasadFDArsn2 Fire Arson 2 (Fire Marshal)  Deprecated 
7120 1bd A PasadFD1Disp Fire Ch. 1 Dispatch  Deprecated 
7312 1c9 A PasadFD 2 Fire Ch. 2  Deprecated 
7344 1cb A PasadFD 3 Fire Ch. 3  Deprecated 
31888 7c9 A PasadFD 4 Fire Ch. 4  Deprecated 
7504 1d5 A PasadFD CIMA Fire CIMA Patch  Deprecated 
7440 1d1 A PasadFD Com1 Fire Command 1  Deprecated 
7472 1d3 A PasadFD Com2 Fire Command 2  Deprecated 
7888 1ed A PasadFD MA Fire Mutual Aid (link to 154.28 MHz)  Deprecated 
33744 83d A PasadFDSta10 Fire Station 10  Deprecated 
33488 82d A PasadFD Sta2 Fire Station 2  Deprecated 
33520 82f A PasadFD Sta3 Fire Station 3  Deprecated 
33552 831 A PasadFD Sta4 Fire Station 4  Deprecated 
33584 833 A PasadFD Sta5 Fire Station 5  Deprecated 
33616 835 A PasadFD Sta6 Fire Station 6  Deprecated 
33648 837 A PasadFD Sta7 Fire Station 7  Deprecated 
33680 839 A PasadFD Sta8 Fire Station 8  Deprecated 
33712 83b A PasadFD Sta9 Fire Station 9  Deprecated 
7792 1e7 A PasadFD Supv Fire Supervisors  Deprecated 
33232 81d A PasadFD Tac1 Fire Tactical 1  Deprecated 
33264 81f A PasadFD Tac2 Fire Tactical 2  Deprecated 
33296 821 A PasadFD Tac3 Fire Tactical 3  Deprecated 
33328 823 A PasadFD Tac4 Fire Tactical 4  Deprecated 
33360 825 A PasadFD Tac5 Fire Tactical 5  Deprecated 
33392 827 A PasadFD Tac6 Fire Tactical 6  Deprecated 
33424 829 A PasadFD Trn1 Fire Training 1  Deprecated 
33456 82b A PasadFD Trn2 Fire Training 2  Deprecated 

Harris County - Pasadena - Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
31952 7cd A PasadPD COP Citizens On Patrol  Deprecated 
6704 1a3 A PasadPD Auto Police Auto Theft  Deprecated 
8016 1f5 A PasadPDCtywd Police Citywide  Deprecated 
33200 81b A PasadPD CDU Police Community Defense Unit (CDU)  Deprecated 
7152 1bf A PasadPD CNT Police Crisis Negotiation Team  Deprecated 
6672 1a1 A Pasad PD Det Police Detectives  Deprecated 
27568 6bb A PasadPD DOT Police DOT Enforcement  Deprecated 
33040 811 A PasadPD East Police East Tactical  Deprecated 
30064 757 A PasadEmergRe Police Emergency Revert  Deprecated 
6768 1a7 A PasadPD Gang Police Gang-1  Deprecated 
27600 6bd A PasadPD Jail Police Jail  Deprecated 
7056 1b9 A PasadPD Mot1 Police Motorcycles 1  Deprecated 
33168 819 A PasadPD Mot2 Police Motorcycles 2  Deprecated 
6960 1b3 A PasadPDNarc1 Police Narcotics 1  Deprecated 
6992 1b5 A PasadPDNarc2 Police Narcotics 2  Deprecated 
7024 1b7 A PasadPDNarc3 Police Narcotics 3  Deprecated 
31856 7c7 A PasadPDNarc4 Police Narcotics 4  Deprecated 
7536 1d7 A PasadPDNarcO Police Narcotics Other  Deprecated 
33008 80f A PasadPDNorth Police North Tactical  Deprecated 
6576 19b A PasadPD Pat1 Police Patrol 1 (3xxx units)  Deprecated 
6608 19d A PasadPD Pat2 Police Patrol 2  Deprecated 
6640 19f A PasadPD Pat3 Police Patrol 3  Deprecated 
31760 7c1 A PasadPD Pat4 Police Patrol 4  Deprecated 
33104 815 A PasadPDSouth Police South Tactical  Deprecated 
7984 1f3 A PasadPD SpEv Police Special Events  Deprecated 
7184 1c1 A PasadPD Surv Police Surveillance/DEA  Deprecated 
6864 1ad A PasadPDSWAT1 Police SWAT-1  Deprecated 
6896 1af A PasadPDSWAT2 Police SWAT-2  Deprecated 
6928 1b1 A PasadPDSWAT3 Police SWAT-3  Deprecated 
31824 7c5 A PasadPDSWAT4 Police SWAT-4  Deprecated 
7088 1bb A PasadPD Tac Police Tactical  Deprecated 
6736 1a5 A PasadPD Tac4 Police Tactical 4 Direct Action Response Team (DART)  Deprecated 
6800 1a9 A PasadPD Tac5 Police Tactical 5  Deprecated 
6832 1ab A PasadPD Tac6 Police Tactical 6  Deprecated 
28784 707 A PasadPD Warr Police Warrant Officers  Deprecated 
32976 80d A PasadPD Warr Police Warrants  Deprecated 
33072 813 A PasadPD West Police West Tactical  Deprecated 

Harris County - Pasadena - Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
28720 703 A Pasad ClnStr Clean Streets Task Force  Deprecated 
27472 6b5 A PasadCodeEnf Code Enforcement  Deprecated 
28848 70b A Pasad CommSh Communications Shop  Deprecated 
30768 783 A Pasad ConvCt Convention Center  Deprecated 
7952 1f1 A Pasad EM 1 Emergency Management 1  Deprecated 
7920 1ef A Pasad EM 2 Emergency Management 2  Deprecated 
29456 731 A Pasad EM 3 Emergency Management 3  Deprecated 
28656 6ff A Pasad EmPrep Emergency Preparedness  Deprecated 
27504 6b7 A Pasad Enginr Engineering  Deprecated 
27216 6a5 A Pasad Health Health  Deprecated 
27376 6af A PasadInfoSvc Information Services  Deprecated 
27952 6d3 A Pasad LGBkup Local Government Back-up  Deprecated 
8112 1fb A Pasad Parks Parks Department  Deprecated 
28752 705 A Pasad Animal Pasadena Animal Control, Rescue  Deprecated 
30736 781 A Pasad Permit Permits  Deprecated 
8048 1f7 A Pasadena PW1 Public Works 1  Deprecated 
8080 1f9 A Pasadena PW2 Public Works 2  Deprecated 
28528 6f7 A Pasad Sanit Sanitation  Deprecated 
7280 1c7 A Pasad SCADA SCADA  Deprecated 
28624 6fd A Pasad Buses Senior Citizen Bus Routes  Deprecated 
27344 6ad A Pasad Survey Surveyors  Deprecated 
28560 6f9 A Pasad Signal Traffic Signals  Deprecated 
28592 6fb A Pasad CustSv Utilities Customer Service  Deprecated 
28688 701 A PasadWtrBill Water Billing  Deprecated 

Harris County - Seabrook Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
21552 543 A SeabrkPubWrk Seabrook Citywide Public Works (future use)  Public Works 
21488 53f A Seabrk Fire1 Seabrook Fire - Ch. 1  Fire Dispatch 
21520 541 A Seabrk Fire2 Seabrook Fire - Ch. 2  Fire-Tac 
20752 511 A Seabrk PD 1 Seabrook Police - Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
20784 513 A Seabrk PD 2 Seabrook Police - Ch. 2  Law Tac 
21456 53d A Seabrk PD 3 Seabrook Police - Ch. 3 Secure  Law Tac 
20816 515 A SeabrkPD CID Seabrook Police - CID  Law Tac 
20848 517 A Seabrk PD 5 Seabrook Police - Special Events/Emergency Management  Law Tac 

Harris County - South Houston Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
58192 e35 A SoHou EMS EMS  EMS-Tac 
58064 e2d A SoHouFD1Disp Fire 1 Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58128 e31 A SoHou FD 2 Fire 2  Fire-Talk 
58096 e2f A SoHouFD Tac1 Fire Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
58160 e33 A SoHouFD Tac2 Fire Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 
29104 71b A SoHouPDAnnou Police Announcement  Law Tac 
28880 70d A SoHouPD1Disp Police Ch. 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
28912 70f A SoHouPD2 Sec Police Ch. 2 Secondary  Law Tac 
28944 711 A SoHouPD3 C-C Police Ch. 3 Car-to-Car  Law Talk 
28976 713 A SoHouPD4Gang Police Ch. 4 Gangs (Pasadena Police Gangs 2)  Law Tac 
29008 715 A SoHouPD5Narc Police Ch. 5 Narcotics  Law Tac 
29040 717 A SoHouPD6 Det Police Ch. 6 Detectives  Law Tac 
29072 719 A SoHouPD7Supv Police Ch. 7 Supervisors  Law Talk 
29136 71d A SoHouPD Gang Police Gang  Law Tac 

Harris County - Tomball Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17856 45c A Tomball CW 1 Tomball Citywide 1  Deprecated 
17792 458 A Tomball CW 2 Tomball Citywide 2/EMS to Tomball Regional Hospital  Deprecated 
17824 45a A Tomball Fire Tomball Fire  Deprecated 
17728 454 A Tomball PD 1 Tomball Police Dispatch  Deprecated 
17760 456 A TomballPDTac Tomball Police Tactical  Deprecated 
57792 e1c A TomballPDWar Tomball Police Warrants  Deprecated 
17888 45e A Tomball PW Tomball Public Works  Deprecated 

Harris County - Webster Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13872 363 A WbstrPD Prim Webster Police Primary (includes Nassau Bay Police, 73xx units)  Deprecated 
14352 381 A WbstrPD Tac2 Webster Police Tactical 2  Deprecated 
14384 383 A WbstrPD Tac3 Webster Police Tactical 3  Deprecated 
14416 385 A WbstrPD Tac4 Webster Police Tactical 4  Deprecated 
14448 387 A Wbstr FD/EMS Webster Fire/EMS Dispatch (includes Nassau Bay VFD)  Deprecated 
14480 389 A Wbstr FD FG Webster Fire Tactical/Fireground  Deprecated 
14512 38b A Wbstr PubWrk Webster Public Works  Deprecated 
14544 38d A WbstrPD Secr Webster Police Secure  Deprecated 
14576 38f A Wbstr Citywd Webster Citywide  Deprecated 

Harris County - West University Place Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
14928 3a5 A WUPlc PD 1 West University Place Police Ch. 1  Deprecated 
16016 3e9 A WUPlc PD 2 West University Place Police Ch. 2  Deprecated 
16048 3eb A WUPlc Fire 1 West University Place Fire/EMS Ch. 1  Deprecated 
16080 3ed A WUPlc Fire 2 West University Place Fire/EMS Ch. 2  Deprecated 
16112 3ef A WUPlcPD Supv West University Place Police Supervisors  Deprecated 
16144 3f1 A WUPlc PubWrk West University Place Public Works  Deprecated 
16176 3f3 A WUPlc Inspec West University Place Inspections  Deprecated 
16816 41b A WUPlc Fire 3 West University Place Fire/EMS Ch. 3  Deprecated 

Harris County - Other Communities Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17712 453 A Bellaire FD Bellaire Fire (primary operations on 460 MHz)  Deprecated 
17008 427 A Bellaire PD Bellaire Police (primary operations on 460 MHz)  Deprecated 
17136 42f A JV Fire Jersey Village Fire  Fire-Tac 
8368 20b A JV PD/FD Pri Jersey Village Police/Fire Primary  Multi-Dispatch 
17168 431 A JV PD/FD Sec Jersey Village Police/Fire Secondary  Multi-Tac 
38560 96a A Lakeview PD Lakeview Police (El Lago and Taylor Lake Village)  Law Dispatch 
19248 4b3 A MemVill PD 1 Memorial Villages Police 1  Deprecated 
19280 4b5 A MemVill PD 2 Memorial Villages Police 2  Deprecated 
19312 4b7 A MemVillPD AW Memorial Villages Police Areawide  Deprecated 
32880 807 A NassauBay PW Nassau Bay Public Works  Public Works 
17536 448 A ShoreacresPD Shoreacres Police  Law Dispatch 
17568 44a A ShoracrPDTac Shoreacres Police Tactical  Law Tac 
23632 5c5 A SoSiPlace PD Southside Place Police  Deprecated 
23696 5c9 A SoSiPl PDTac Southside Place Police Tactical  Deprecated 
23664 5c7 A SoSiPlaceVFD Southside Place Volunteer Fire Department  Deprecated 

Harris County Volunteer Fire/EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11856 2e5 A Alief VFD 1 Alief Community VFD 1  Fire Dispatch 
11888 2e7 A Alief VFD 2 Alief Community VFD 2  Fire-Tac 
11920 2e9 A AliefFD Tac1 Alief Community VFD Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
11952 2eb A AliefFD Tac2 Alief Community VFD Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 
21136 529 A CLEMC Admin Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps Administration  EMS-Talk 
21072 525 A CLEMC Disp 1 Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps Dispatch 1 (also covers Kemah in Galveston County)  EMS Dispatch 
21104 527 A CLEMC Disp 2 Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps Dispatch 2  EMS-Tac 
35312 89f A Cy-FairVFD35 Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department (primary operations on 450 MHz)  Fire-Tac 
37856 93e A Cy-FairVFD37 Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department (primary operations on 450 MHz)  Fire-Talk 
16976 425 A FrstBndFDTac Forest Bend Volunteer Fire Department - Tactical (dispatched by Webster)  Fire-Tac 
14608 391 A NassBayFDTac Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department - Tactical (dispatched by Webster)  Fire-Tac 
57824 e1e A NW Rural EMS Northwest Rural EMS  EMS-Tac 
57776 e1b A SoutheastVFD Southeast VFD  Fire Dispatch 
57808 e1d A SEVFD Tac 1 Southeast VFD Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 

Cypress Creek Communications Center Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
37008 909 A CloverleafFD Cloverleaf Volunteer Fire Department  Deprecated 
16672 412 A Cy Creek EMS Cypress Creek EMS (primary operations on 450 MHz)  Deprecated 
37120 910 A NoChannelEMS North Channel EMS Dispatch  Deprecated 
15792 3db A WestHC EMS 1 West Harris County EMS 1 - Dispatch (Districts 4/5, North of Katy Freeway) (obsolete, now dispatched by Cypress Creek Communicat  Deprecated 
15824 3dd A WestHC EMS 2 West Harris County EMS 2 - Dispatch (Districts 1/2/3, South of Katy Freeway) (obsolete, now dispatched by Cypress Creek Communic  Deprecated 
15856 3df A WestHC EMS 3 West Harris County EMS 3 (obsolete, now dispatched by Cypress Creek Communications Center)  Deprecated 
15728 3d7 A WestI10 Ch 1 West I-10 VFD 1 Dispatch (obsolete, now dispatched by Cypress Creek Communications Center)  Deprecated 
15760 3d9 A WestI10 Ch 2 West I-10 VFD 2 Supervisors (obsolete, now dispatched by Cypress Creek Communications Center)  Deprecated 

Harris County Emergency Communications Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
21008 521 A AtascVFD EMS Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department EMS  EMS-Tac 
20976 51f A AtascVFDFire Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department Fire 1  Fire-Tac 
20944 51d A AtascVFDDisp Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department Fire/EMS Dispatch (linked to 155.1375 MHz)  Fire Dispatch 
21040 523 A AtascVFDSupv Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department Supervisors  Fire-Talk 
36992 908 A ChannelvwVFD Channelview Volunteer Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 
37104 90f A Crosby VFD Crosby Volunteer Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 
37024 90a A HC ESD 5 EMS Harris County Emergency Service District #5 EMS (patched to HCEC Fire 10)  EMS Dispatch 
37136 911 A HC Fire Tac2 Harris County Fire Tactical 2  Fire Dispatch 
37040 90b A HighlandsVFD Highlands Volunteer Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 
37056 90c A Huffman VFD Huffman Volunteer Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 
37088 90e A Sheldon CFR Sheldon Community Fire and Rescue Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
19856 4d9 A SLakeHouEMS1 South Lake Houston EMS 1  EMS Dispatch 
19888 4db A SLakeHouEMS2 South Lake Houston EMS 2  EMS-Tac 

Fort Bend County Sheriff Talkgroups

Patrol 1 dispatches the unincorporated areas around Katy, Sugar Land and Richmond.  Patrol 2 dispatches (in addition to Sheriff) Constables, Needville Police and Meadows Police after hours.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
45808 b2f A FBSO Academy FBSO Academy  Law Talk 
2608 0a3 A FBSO Admin FBSO Administration  Law Talk 
46288 b4d A FBSO Arson FBSO Arson Investigations  Law Tac 
2704 0a9 A FBSO BldgMnt FBSO Building Maintenance  Public Works 
2352 093 A FBSO Car-Car FBSO Car-to-Car  Law Talk 
46384 b53 A FBSO FairSec FBSO County Fair Security  Security 
2544 09f A FBSO CID FBSO Criminal Investigation Division (CID)  Law Tac 
2288 08f A FBSO Emrgncy FBSO Emergency Buttons  Law Tac 
2576 0a1 A FBSO Fug/War FBSO Fugitives/Warrants  Law Tac 
2640 0a5 A FBSO Jail 1 FBSO Jail 1  Corrections 
2672 0a7 A FBSO Jail 2 FBSO Jail 2  Corrections 
2800 0af A FBSO Narc 1 FBSO Narcotics 1  Law Tac 
45776 b2d A FBSO Narc 2 FBSO Narcotics 2  Law Tac 
2256 08d A FBSO Patrol1 FBSO Patrol 1 West Side Dispatch (Districts 2, 3)  Law Dispatch 
2384 095 A FBSO Patrol2 FBSO Patrol 2 East Side Dispatch (Districts 1, 5, 7, 8, 9)  Law Dispatch 
3888 0f3 A FBSO Patrol3 FBSO Patrol 3 (Districts 4, 6)  Law Dispatch 
45744 b2b A FBSO PatTac FBSO Patrol Tactical  Law Talk 
2768 0ad A FBSO Sp Ops FBSO Special Operations  Law Tac 
5296 14b A FBSO SuppSvc FBSO Support Services  Law Talk 
2480 09b A FBSO Tac 1 FBSO Tactical 1  Law Tac 
2320 091 A FBSO Wrecker FBSO Wrecker Call  Law Tac 
5152 142 A FBSO MC 1 Motorcycle 1  Law Tac 

Fort Bend County EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2864 0b3 A FB EMS1 Disp Fort Bend County EMS Ch. 1 Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
3216 0c9 A FB EMS2 SLSL Fort Bend County EMS Ch. 2 to St. Lukes Sugar Land Hospital  Hospital 
3248 0cb A FB EMS3 Tac1 Fort Bend County EMS Ch. 3 Tactical 1  EMS-Tac 
3280 0cd A FB EMS4 Tac2 Fort Bend County EMS Ch. 4 Tactical 2  EMS-Tac 
3344 0d1 A FB EMS5 C-H Fort Bend County EMS Ch. 5 C-HERN  EMS-Tac 
3696 0e7 A FB EMS-OkBnd Fort Bend County EMS to Oak Bend Medical Center  Hospital 
3728 0e9 A FB EMS-FBHsp Fort Bend County EMS to Fort Bend Hospital  Hospital 
3760 0eb A FB EMS-MetSL Fort Bend County EMS to Methodist Sugar Land Hospital  Hospital 
5184 144 A FB EMS-OBWW Fort Bend County EMS to OakBend Williams Way Medical Center  Public Works 
46032 b3d A FB EMS-MHKty Fort Bend County EMS to Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital  Hospital 

Fort Bend County Other Public Safety Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3056 0bf A FB ConstPct1 Constable Precinct 1  Law Tac 
3088 0c1 A FB ConstPct2 Constable Precinct 2  Law Tac 
3120 0c3 A FB ConstPct3 Constable Precinct 3  Law Tac 
3152 0c5 A FB ConstPct4 Constable Precinct 4  Law Tac 
3312 0cf A FB DA Inv District Attorney Investigations  Law Tac 
4016 0fb A FB OEM EOC Emergency Operations Center (EOC)  Emergency Ops 
3984 0f9 A FB Fire Disp Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
3024 0bd A FBFireMrshl1 Fire Marshal 1  Fire-Tac 
3792 0ed A FBFireMrshl2 Fire Marshal 2  Fire-Tac 
4784 12b A FB Fire MAid Fire Mutual Aid  Fire-Tac 
3920 0f5 A FB Firegrnd1 Fireground 1  Fire-Tac 
3952 0f7 A FB Firegrnd2 Fireground 2  Fire-Tac 
45040 aff A 1stClnyMgmt1 First Colony Management District - Wackenhut Security Ch. 1  Security 
45072 b01 A 1stClnyMgmt2 First Colony Management District - Wackenhut Security Ch. 2  Security 
45136 b05 A Wackenhut MC First Colony Management District - Wackenhut Security Missouri City  Security 
45104 b03 A Wackenhut SL First Colony Management District - Wackenhut Security Sugar Land  Security 
44976 afb A FB ECnty FG1 Fort Bend East County Fireground 1  Fire-Tac 
45008 afd A FB ECnty FG2 Fort Bend East County Fireground 2  Fire-Tac 

Fort Bend County Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
5328 14d A FB Back-up 1 Fort Bend County Back-up 1  Public Works 
5360 14f A FB Back-up 2 Fort Bend County Back-up 2  Public Works 
5552 15b A FB Back-up 3 Fort Bend County Back-up 3  Public Works 
5584 15d A FB Back-up 4 Fort Bend County Back-up 4  Public Works 
5616 15f A FB Back-up 5 Fort Bend County Back-up 5  Public Works 
45840 b31 A FB Court Sec Fort Bend County Court Security  Security 
46320 b4f A FB Court Mnt Fort Bend County Courthouse Maintenance  Public Works 
46096 b41 A FB Health Fort Bend County Health and Human Services  Public Works 
46128 b43 A FB HospAdmin Fort Bend County Hospital Administration  Public Works 
5168 143 A FB HAStLukes Fort Bend County Hospital Administration - St. Luke's Sugar Land Hospital  Public Works 
46352 b51 A FB Juv Deten Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention  Corrections 
3184 0c7 A FB Juv Proba Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation  Corrections 
3856 0f1 A FB Rd/Bridge Fort Bend County Road and Bridge  Public Works 
65520 fff D FBSystemwide Fort Bend County Systemwide  Interop 

Fort Bend County - Fresno Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
44720 aeb A Fresno Fire1 Fresno Fire 1  Fire-Tac 
44752 aed A Fresno Fire2 Fresno Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
44784 aef A Fresno Fire3 Fresno Fire 3  Fire-Tac 

Fort Bend County - Katy Talkgroups

Katy is divided into Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller Counties.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
9456 24f A Katy PD 1 Katy Police 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
9520 253 A Katy PD 2 Katy Police 2  Law Talk 
21776 551 A Katy Fire 1 Katy Volunteer Fire Department (simulcast with 151.115 MHz)  Fire Dispatch 
23536 5bf A Katy PD 3 Katy Police 3 Talk  Law Talk 

Fort Bend County - Missouri City Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
43088 a85 A MC Det Missouri City Detectives  Law Talk 
43120 a87 A MC Common Missouri City Common  Interop 
43152 a89 A MC EOC Missouri City EOC  Emergency Ops 
43184 a8b A MC FD Disp Missouri City FD Disptach  Fire Dispatch 
43216 a8d A MC FD Tac 1 Missouri City FD Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
43248 a8f A MC FD Tac 2 Missouri City FD Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
43280 a91 A MC FD Cmn Missouri City FD Common  Fire-Talk 
43344 a95 A MC PD 1 Disp Missouri City PD 1 Primary  Law Dispatch 
43376 a97 A MC PD 2 Missouri City PD 2  Law Talk 
43408 a99 A MC PD 3 Missouri City PD 3  Law Talk 
43440 a9b AE MC PD 4 Missouri City PD 4 Secure  Law Talk 
43472 a9d A MC PD 5 Missouri City PD 5  Law Talk 
43504 a9f A MC PD Sprvs Missouri City PD Supervisor  Law Talk 
43536 aa1 A MC PD Tac 1 Missouri City PD Tac 1  Law Tac 
43568 aa3 A MC ParksDept Missouri City Parks Dept  Public Works 
43600 aa5 A MC PlansDept Missouri City Planning Dept  Public Works 
43632 aa7 A MC Pub Wrks Missouri City Public Works  Public Works 
44624 ae5 A MC/Staf SWAT Missouri City/Stafford SWAT  Law Tac 
44656 ae7 A MC Streets Missouri City Streets  Public Works 
44688 ae9 A MC Garage Missouri City Garage  Public Works 
44944 af9 A MC FD Tac 3 Missouri City FD Tac 3  Fire-Tac 

Fort Bend County - Richmond Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2896 0b5 A Rchmd PD 1 Richmond Police 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
2960 0b9 A Rchmd PD C-C Richmond Police Car-to-Car  Law Talk 
3568 0df A RchmdFD Tac2 Richmond Fire Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 
4656 123 A Rchmd PD SID Richmond Police SID  Law Tac 
4688 125 A Rchmd PD CID Richmond Police CID  Law Tac 
4816 12d A Rchmd FD 1 Richmond Fire 1 Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
4848 12f A RchmdPubWrks Richmond Public Works  Public Works 
4880 131 A Rchmd PD 2 Richmond Police 2  Law Tac 
5200 145 A Rchmd PD Adm Richmond Police Administration  Law Talk 
5232 147 A Rchmd PD SRG Richmond Police SRG  Law Tac 
5264 149 A Rchmd PD Tac Richmond Police Tactical  Law Tac 

Fort Bend County - Rosenberg Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2928 0b7 A RsnbgPD1Disp Rosenberg Police Ch. 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
4144 103 A Rsnbg PD 2 Rosenberg Police Ch. 2  Law Talk 
4176 105 A RsnbgPD3 C-C Rosenberg Police Ch. 3 Car-to-Car  Law Talk 
4208 107 A Rsnbg PD CID Rosenberg Police CID  Law Tac 
4240 109 A RsnbgPD4Supv Rosenberg Police (Ch. 4?) Supervisors  Law Talk 
4304 10d A RsnbgFD Disp Rosenberg Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
4336 10f A RsnbgFD Tac1 Rosenberg Fire Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
4368 111 A RsnbgFD Tac2 Rosenberg Fire Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 
4400 113 A RsnbgFD Tac3 Rosenberg Fire Tactical 3  Fire-Tac 
4464 117 A RsnbgPubWrk1 Rosenberg Public Works 1 Water Department  Public Works 
4496 119 A RsnbgPubWrk2 Rosenberg Public Works 2  Public Works 
4624 121 A RsnbgPubWrk3 Rosenberg Public Works 3 Supervisors  Public Works 

Fort Bend County - Stafford Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
44144 ac7 A Stfrd FD1Dsp Stafford FD 1  Fire Dispatch 
44176 ac9 A Stfrd FD2 Stafford FD 2  Fire-Talk 
44208 acb A Stfrd FD3 Stafford FD 3  Fire-Talk 
44240 acd A Stfrd FDSprv Stafford FD Supervisor  Fire-Talk 
44272 acf A Stfrd FDTac1 Stafford FD Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
44304 ad1 A Stfrd CtyCmn Stafford City Common  Interop 
44336 ad3 A Stfrd PD1Dsp Stafford PD 1  Law Dispatch 
44368 ad5 A Stfrd PD5 Stafford PD 5  Law Talk 
44400 ad7 A Stfrd PD3 Stafford PD 3  Law Talk 
44432 ad9 AE Stfrd PD4 Stafford PD 4 Secure  Law Talk 
44496 add A Stfrd PD CID Stafford PD CID  Law Talk 
44528 adf A Stfrd PDSprv Stafford PD Supervisors  Law Talk 
44560 ae1 A Stfrd PDTac1 Stafford PD Tac 1  Law Tac 
45296 b0f A Stfrd PubWrk Stafford Public Works  Public Works 

Fort Bend County - Sugar Land Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
27488 6b6 A SGR Maint Airport Maintenance  Public Works 
28032 6d8 A SGR Ops Airport Operations  Public Works 
45376 b14 A SgrLdAnmlCtl Animal Control  Public Works 
44592 ae3 A SgrLndCommon City Common  Interop 
45552 b1f A SgrLnd EOC Emergency Operations Center (EOC)  Emergency Ops 
43664 aa9 A SgrLndFD1Dis Fire 1 Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
43696 aab A SgrLnd FD 2 Fire 2  Fire-Talk 
43728 aad A SgrLnd FD 3 Fire 3  Fire-Talk 
43760 aaf A SgrLndFDSupv Fire Supervisors  Fire-Talk 
43792 ab1 A SgrLndFDTac1 Fire Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
43824 ab3 A SgrLnd PD 1 Police 1  Law Dispatch 
43856 ab5 A SgrLnd PD 2 Police 2  Law Talk 
43888 ab7 A SgrLnd PD 3 Police 3  Law Talk 
43920 ab9 AE SgrLnd PD 4 Police 4 Secure  Law Talk 
43952 abb A SgrLnd PD 5 Police 5  Law Talk 
43984 abd A SgrLnd PDCID Police CID  Law Talk 
44016 abf A SgrLnd PDSup Police Supervisors  Law Talk 
44080 ac3 A SgrLndPDSWAT Police SWAT  Law Tac 
44048 ac1 A SgrLndPDTac1 Police Tactical 1  Law Tac 
43680 aaa A SgrLndPD Trn Police Training  Law Talk 
45328 b11 A SgrLdPW45328 Public Works  Public Works 
45360 b13 A SgrLdPW45360 Public Works  Public Works 
45344 b12 A SgrLd Engnrg Public Works - Engineering  Public Works 
45424 b17 A SgrLdTraffic Public Works - Traffic Control/Signals  Public Works 
45392 b15 A SgrLnd Water Public Works - Water Department  Utilities 

Fort Bend County - Other Communities Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3824 0ef A Arcola PD1 Arcola Police Primary  Law Dispatch 
45904 b35 A Beasley Fire Beasley Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
45680 b27 A Beasley PD Beasley Police  Law Tac 
45872 b33 A Fairchild FD Fairchild VFD  Fire Dispatch 
4720 127 A Fulshear FD Fulshear Fire  Fire Dispatch 
4752 129 A Fulshear FD2 Fulshear Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
5072 13d A FlshrPD 5072 Fulshear Police  Law Dispatch 
46160 b45 A FlshrPD46160 Fulshear Police  Law Tac 
3600 0e1 A Kendleton PD Kendleton PD  Law Dispatch 
2992 0bb A Meadows PD1 Meadows PD 1  Law Dispatch 
3376 0d3 A Meadows PD2 Meadows PD 2  Law Talk 
3408 0d5 A Meadows PD3 Meadows PD 3  Law Talk 
45616 b23 A Needville FD Needville Fire  Fire Dispatch 
3504 0db A Needville PD Needville PD  Law Dispatch 
45712 b29 A NEFBCo VFD2 North East Fort Bend County Volunteer Fire Department - Ch. 2  Fire-Talk 
45648 b25 A NEFBCo VFD1 North East Fort Bend County Volunteer Fire Department - Primary  Fire Dispatch 
45936 b37 A Orchard VFD Orchard Volunteer Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 
3632 0e3 A PcnGrove FD Pecan Grove Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
3664 0e5 A PcnGr1FDTac1 Pecan Grove Fire Tactical 1  Fire-Talk 
4080 0ff A Pleak VFD Pleak VFD  Fire Dispatch 
46192 b47 A WllwfkFDDisp Willowfork VFD Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
46224 b49 A WllwfkFDTac1 Willowfork VFD Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 

Chambers County Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
46416 b55 A CCSO LE1Disp CCSO Law Enforcement 1 (Dispatch)  Deprecated 
46448 b57 A CCSO LE2 CCSO Law Enforcement 2  Deprecated 
46480 b59 A CCSO 1 CCSO 1  Deprecated 
46512 b5b A CCSO Supervi CCSO Supervisors  Deprecated 
46640 b63 A CCSO 2 CCSO 2  Deprecated 
46672 b65 A Cha/Lib Narc Chambers/Liberty Narcotics Task Force  Deprecated 
46800 b6d A CCSO Tac 1 CCSO Tac 1  Deprecated 

Chambers County Other Public Safety Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
46608 b61 A CC Constable Constables' Office  Deprecated 
46768 b6b A CC Fire Disp Fire/EMS Dispatch  Deprecated 
46880 b72 A CC Fire 1 Fire/EMS Shared - Emergency Services 1  Deprecated 
46896 b73 A CC Fire 2 Fire/EMS Shared - Emergency Services 2  Deprecated 
46912 b74 A CC Fire 3 Fire/EMS Shared - Emergency Services 3  Deprecated 
46928 b75 A CC Fire 4 Fire/EMS Shared - Emergency Services 4  Deprecated 
46944 b76 A CC Fire 5 Fire/EMS Shared - Emergency Services 5  Deprecated 
48176 bc3 A CC OEM 1 Office of Emergency Management 1  Deprecated 
48368 bcf A CC Sp Event Special Events - Used for major incident coordination  Deprecated 
48432 bd3 A CC OEM 2 Office of Emergency Management 2  Deprecated 

Chambers County Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
48016 bb9 A CC Pub Wks 1 Chambers County Public Works 1  Deprecated 
48048 bbb A CC Mosq Ctrl Chambers County Mosquito Control  Deprecated 
48080 bbd A CC Roads Chambers County Roads & Bridges  Deprecated 
48112 bbf A CC Parks Chambers County Parks Dept.  Deprecated 
48144 bc1 A CC Solid Wst Chambers County Solid Waste  Deprecated 
48208 bc5 A CC Airport Chambers County Airport  Deprecated 
48240 bc7 A CC CJ Center Chambers County Criminal Justice Center  Deprecated 
48272 bc9 A CC Maint Chambers County Maintenance  Deprecated 
48304 bcb A CC Envi Hlth Chambers County Dept. of Enviormental Health  Deprecated 
48336 bcd A CC Pub Wks 2 Chambers County Public Works 2  Deprecated 
48400 bd1 A CC Pub Wks 3 Chambers County Public Works 3  Deprecated 

Chambers County Communities Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
48496 bd7 A MtBelv F/E Mont Belvieu Fire/EMS  Deprecated 
48464 bd5 A MtBelv PD 1 Mont Belvieu Police 1  Deprecated 
46736 b69 A MtBelv PD 2 Mont Belvieu Police 2  Deprecated 
46832 b6f A MtBelvPDTac1 Mont Belvieu Police Tactical 1  Deprecated 
16512 408 A MtBelvPubWrk Mont Belvieu Public Works  Deprecated 

Galveston County - Countywide Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
34576 871 A LC BA Tac 1 Bay Area Tactical 1  Interop 
34608 873 A LC BA Tac 2 Bay Area Tactical 2  Interop 
34640 875 A LC BA Tac 3 Bay Area Tactical 3  Interop 
34672 877 A LC BA Tac 4 Bay Area Tactical 4  Interop 
34704 879 A LC BA Tac 5 Bay Area Tactical 5  Interop 
34736 87b A LC BA Tac 6 Bay Area Tactical 6  Interop 
34192 859 A LC CLMA 1 Clear Lake Mutual Aid 1  Interop 
34224 85b A LC CLMA 2 Clear Lake Mutual Aid 2  Interop 
34256 85d A LC CLMA 3 Clear Lake Mutual Aid 3  Interop 
34288 85f A LC CLMA 4 Clear Lake Mutual Aid 4  Interop 
55920 da7 A GC CW All Countywide All  Interop 
55952 da9 A GC CW EMS Countywide EMS  Interop 
55888 da5 A GC CW Fire Countywide Fire Departments  Interop 
55296 d80 A GC CW ISD Countywide Independent School Districts  Interop 
55856 da3 A GC CW Law Countywide Law Enforcement  Interop 
56336 dc1 A GC Emergency Emergency Revert  Interop 
55984 dab A GC Event A Event A  Interop 
56016 dad A GC Event B Event B  Interop 
56048 daf A GC Event C Event C  Interop 
56080 db1 A GC Event D Event D  Interop 
56112 db3 A GC Event E Event E  Interop 
56176 db7 A GC Event F Event F  Interop 
56208 db9 A GC Event G Event G  Interop 
56240 dbb A GC Event H Event H  Interop 
56272 dbd A GC Event I Event I  Interop 
56304 dbf A GC Event J Event J Emergency Revert  Interop 
55408 d87 A IMAS FG 1 Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Industrial Fireground 1  Interop 
55440 d89 A IMAS FG 2 Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Industrial Fireground 2  Interop 
55376 d85 A IMAS Mut Aid Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Mutual Aid  Interop 
54064 d33 A GC LifeFlght Life Flight Ground Contact  Interop 
56144 db5 A GC Public Public  Interop 

Galveston County Health District Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
51008 c74 A GCHD 1 Galveston County Health District 1  Public Works 
51040 c76 A GCHDAnmlCtrl Galveston County Health District Animal Control & Texas City Shelter  Public Works 
51104 c7a A GCHD Admin Galveston County Health District Administration  Public Works 
51472 c91 A GCHDEMS1Disp Galveston County Health District EMS Ch. 1 Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
51504 c93 A GCHDEMS2Talk Galveston County Health District EMS Ch. 2 Talk  EMS-Talk 
51536 c95 A GCHDEMS3GMT1 Galveston County Health District EMS Ch. 3 "GMT 1"  EMS-Tac 
51568 c97 A GCHDEMS4GMT2 Galveston County Health District EMS Ch. 4 "GMT 2"  EMS-Tac 
51600 c99 A GCHDEMSGMTAd Galveston County Health District EMS GMT Administration  EMS-Tac 
54480 d4d A GCHDEMS-UTMB Galveston County Health District EMS Patient Reports to UTMB John Sealy Hospital in Galveston  Hospital 
55504 d8d A GCHDEMS-MMC Galveston County Health District EMS Patient Reports to Mainland Medical Center in Texas City  Hospital 

Galveston County Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
50032 c37 A GCSO1 Disp Galveston SO 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
50064 c39 A GCSO2 Alt Galveston SO 2 Alternate  Law Dispatch 
50096 c3b A GCSO3 C-C Galveston SO 3 Car-to-Car  Law Talk 
50128 c3d A GCSO4Intrcty Galveston SO 4 Intercity  Law Tac 
50160 c3f A GCSO5 Patrol Galveston SO 5 Patrol  Law Tac 
50192 c41 A GCSO Supv 1 Galveston SO Patrol Supervisors 1  Law Talk 
50224 c43 A GCSOBailMain Bailiffs 1 Main  Law Tac 
50256 c45 A GCSO BailTac Bailiffs 2 Tactical  Law Tac 
50288 c47 A GCSO CID 1 CID 1 (Investigations Main)  Law Tac 
50320 c49 A GCSO CID A CID A  Law Tac 
50352 c4b A GCSO Surv 1 Surveillance 1  Law Tac 
50416 c4f A GCSO Communi Communications  Law Tac 
50448 c51 A GCSOJailPrim Jail Primary  Corrections 
50480 c53 A GCSO JailSec Jail Secondary  Corrections 
50512 c55 A GCSO JailMed Jail Medical Staff  Corrections 
50544 c57 A GCSOJailSORT Jail Special Operation React Team (SORT)  Corrections 
50576 c59 A GCSOJailSupv Jail Supervisors  Corrections 
50608 c5b A GCSO Identif Identification  Law Tac 
50704 c61 A GCSO ACTF Auto Crimes Task Force (ACTF)  Law Tac 
50736 c63 A GCSO NTF 1 Narcotics Task Force 1  Law Tac 
50768 c65 A GCSO Warrnt1 Warrants Ch. 1  Law Tac 
50800 c67 A GCSO Warrnt2 Warrants Ch. 2  Law Tac 
50832 c69 A GCSO Admin Administration (Adam units?)  Law Talk 
50864 c6b A GCSO Marine1 Marine 1  Law Tac 
50896 c6d A GCSO Marine2 Marine 2  Law Tac 
50928 c6f A GCSODiveTeam Dive Team  Law Tac 
51056 c77 A GCSOReserve1 Reserve 1  Law Tac 
51792 ca5 A GCSO Command Command  Law Talk 
52800 ce4 A GCSO CID 2 CID 2  Law Tac 
52832 ce6 A GCSO CID 3 CID 3  Law Tac 
52864 ce8 A GCSO ACTF 2 Auto Crimes Task Force (ACTF) 2  Law Tac 
52896 cea A GCSO NTF 2 Narcotics Task Force 2  Law Tac 
52928 cec A GCSO Surv 3 Surveillance 3  Law Tac 
52960 cee A GCSO Surv 4 Surveillance 4  Law Tac 
54624 d56 A GCSO Search Search  Law Tac 
55360 d84 A GCSO Supv 2 Galveston SO Patrol Supervisors 2  Law Talk 
55584 d92 A GCSO JTTF Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)  Law Tac 
62512 f43 A GCSO NTF2New Narcotics Task Force 2 (new)  Law Tac 

Galveston County Constable Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
34032 84f A GCConst Pct8 Precinct 8  Law Tac 
51120 c7b A GCConst 1 A Ch. 1 Galveston A  Law Dispatch 
51152 c7d A GCConst 2 B Ch. 2 Galveston B  Law Dispatch 
51184 c7f A GCConst 3 LM Ch. 3 LaMarque  Law Tac 
51216 c81 A GCConst 4 SF Ch. 4 Santa Fe  Law Tac 
51248 c83 A GCConst 5 TC Ch. 5 Texas City  Law Tac 
51280 c85 A GCConst 6 Ch. 6  Law Tac 
51312 c87 A GCConst 7 Ba Ch. 7 Bacliff  Law Tac 
51344 c89 A GCConst 8 Fr Ch. 8 Friendswood  Law Tac 
51376 c8b A GCConst 9 Ch. 9  Law Tac 
51440 c8f A GCConst Pct9 Precinct 9  Law Tac 
55776 d9e A GCConst Pct7 Precinct 7  Law Tac 

Galveston County Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54816 d62 A GCAmRedCros1 American Red Cross - Galveston County 1  Emergency Ops 
54848 d64 A GCAmRedCros2 American Red Cross - Galveston County 2  Emergency Ops 
54080 d34 A GC AdltProb1 Galveston County Adult Probation 1  Corrections 
54112 d36 A GC AdProbSup Galveston County Adult Probation Supervisors?  Corrections 
51264 c84 A GC BM 1 Galveston County BM 1  Public Works 
51296 c86 A GC BM 2 Galveston County BM 2  Public Works 
50272 c46 A GC Cnty Comm Galveston County Commissioners  Public Works 
52016 cb3 A GC DistAtny1 Galveston County District Attorney 1  Law Tac 
52048 cb5 A GC DistAtny2 Galveston County District Attorney 2  Law Tac 
53264 d01 A GCEmergComm1 Galveston County Emergency Communications District Ch. 1  Public Works 
53296 d03 A GCEmergComm2 Galveston County Emergency Communications District Ch. 2  Public Works 
49632 c1e A GC ECD CTech Galveston County Emergency Communications District CTECH  Public Works 
54784 d60 A GC ECD Disp Galveston County Emergency Communications District Dispatch  Public Works 
56528 dcd A GC ECD E911 Galveston County Emergency Communications District E-911  Public Works 
53360 d07 A GCECD NetClk Galveston County Emergency Communications District Net Clock  Data 
54976 d6c A GC ECD Test Galveston County Emergency Communications District Test  Public Works 
51984 cb1 A GC Govt Galveston County Government  Public Works 
51168 c7e A GC JuvJusCtr Galveston County Juvenile Justice Center  Corrections 
51136 c7c A GC JuvJusOps Galveston County Juvenile Justice Department Operations  Corrections 
51232 c82 A GC JuvJusSup Galveston County Juvenile Justice Department Supervisors  Law Tac 
51200 c80 A GC JuvProbat Galveston County Juvenile Probation Officers  Corrections 
51328 c88 A GC Mosquito1 Galveston County Mosquito Control District 1  Public Works 
51360 c8a A GC Mosquito2 Galveston County Mosquito Control District 2  Public Works 
51728 ca1 A GC OEM Dis1 Galveston County Office of Emergency Management - Disaster Ch. 1  Emergency Ops 
51760 ca3 A GC OEM Dis2 Galveston County Office of Emergency Management - Disaster Ch. 2  Emergency Ops 
51696 c9f A GC OEM 1 Galveston County Office of Emergency Management 1  Emergency Ops 
51888 cab A GC OEM 2 Galveston County Office of Emergency Management 2  Emergency Ops 
51920 cad A GC OEM 3 Galveston County Office of Emergency Management 3  Emergency Ops 
51952 caf A GC OEM Admin Galveston County Office of Emergency Management Administration  Emergency Ops 
50944 c70 A GC Parks Ops Galveston County Parks and Senior Services Department Operations  Public Works 
50976 c72 A GC Parks TRD Galveston County Parks TRD  Public Works 
50816 c68 A GC RB East Galveston County Road and Bridge Department - East  Public Works 
50784 c66 A GC RB NE Galveston County Road and Bridge Department - Northeast  Public Works 
52992 cf0 A GC RBSeawall Galveston County Road and Bridge Department - Seawall  Public Works 
50848 c6a A GC RB SW Galveston County Road and Bridge Department - Southwest  Public Works 
50752 c64 A GC RB 1 Galveston County Road and Bridge Department 1  Public Works 
50912 c6e A GC RB Supvsr Galveston County Road and Bridge Department Supervisors  Public Works 
51072 c78 A GC Santittn Galveston County Sanitation  Public Works 
51824 ca7 A GC Site 1 Galveston County Site 1  Public Works 
51856 ca9 A GC Site 2 Galveston County Site 2  Public Works 
56000 dac A GC Tax Galveston County Tax  Public Works 
57136 df3 A GCWCID 1 CN Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 CN  Public Works 
52080 cb7 A GCWCID 1 Ops Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 General Operations  Public Works 
57168 df5 A GCWCID 1 II Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 II  Public Works 
52112 cb9 A GCWID1 Maint Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 Maintenance  Public Works 
52144 cbb A GCWID1 Meter Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 Meter Technicians  Public Works 
57200 df7 A GCWCID 1 MG Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 MG  Public Works 
57104 df1 A GCWCID 1 PM Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 PM  Public Works 
51392 c8c A GCWCID 8 A Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #8 Ch. A  Public Works 
50368 c4c A GCWCID 8 B Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #8 Ch. B  Public Works 
50640 c5d A GCC MHMR Gulf Coast Center Mental Health and Mental Retardation  Public Works 

Galveston County - Dickinson Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
49952 c32 A Dknsn Bldg 1 Dickinson Building Inspection? 1  Public Works 
49984 c34 A DknsnBldgAdm Dickinson Building Inspection? Administration  Public Works 
54688 d5a A Dknsn Court Dickinson Court  Public Works 
49904 c2f A Dknsn OEM Dickinson Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
53312 d04 A DknsnFDMrshl Dickinson Fire Marshals  Fire-Tac 
49968 c33 A Dknsn FD T1 Dickinson Fire Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
50000 c35 A Dknsn FD T2 Dickinson Fire Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 
49936 c31 A Dknsn FD/EMS Dickinson Fire/EMS Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
55168 d78 A DknsnFDAdmin Dickinson Fire? Administration  Fire-Talk 
49712 c23 A Dknsn PD 1 Dickinson Police Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
49744 c25 A Dknsn PD 2 Dickinson Police Ch. 2  Law Tac 
49776 c27 A Dknsn PD 3 Dickinson Police Ch. 3 Administration  Law Talk 
49808 c29 A Dknsn PD 4 Dickinson Police Ch. 4  Law Tac 
49840 c2b A Dknsn PD 5 Dickinson Police Ch. 5 Narcotics  Law Tac 
49872 c2d A Dknsn PD Evt Dickinson Police Special Events  Law Tac 

Galveston County - Friendswood Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
56816 ddf A Frdswd EM Emergency Management  Deprecated 
49856 c2c A Frdswd EMS 2 EMS 2  Deprecated 
49824 c2a A FrdsWdEMS Op EMS Operations  Deprecated 
49728 c24 A FrdswdFD Adm Fire Administration  Deprecated 
57552 e0d A FrdswdFD3 T1 Fire Ch. A3 Tactical 1  Deprecated 
57584 e0f A FrdswdFD4 T2 Fire Ch. A4 Tactical 2  Deprecated 
49760 c26 A FrdsWd FM 1 Fire Marshal 1  Deprecated 
20016 4e3 A FrdswdFDDisp Fire/EMS Dispatch (includes Forest Bend VFD; dispatch simulcast on 159.225 MHz; most voice traffic on VHF only)  Deprecated 
49696 c22 A FrdswdFD FG2 Fireground 2  Deprecated 
23728 5cb A FrdswdPD1Pri Police Ch. 1 Primary  Deprecated 
57424 e05 A FrdsWdPD2Inf Police Ch. 2 Information  Deprecated 
57488 e09 A Frdswd PD 4 Police Ch. 4 Patrol  Deprecated 
57520 e0b A FrdswdPD6 CI Police Ch. 6 Critical Incident  Deprecated 
49792 c28 A FrdsWd PD 8 Police Ch. 8 City Event/Fire Marshal 2  Deprecated 
57456 e07 A FrdsWdPD CID Police CID  Deprecated 
56784 ddd A FrdswdPDPtrl Police Patrol  Deprecated 
56096 db2 A FrdsWdPDSurv Police Surveillance  Deprecated 

Galveston County - Galveston - Fire Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
52656 cdb A GalvFireDisp Fire Dispatch (simulcast on 154.37 MHz [136.5 PL])  Fire Dispatch 
52720 cdf A GalvFiregnd1 Fireground 1  Fire-Tac 
52752 ce1 A GalvFiregnd2 Fireground 2  Fire-Tac 
52848 ce7 A GalvFireMars Fire Marshal  Fire-Tac 
55680 d98 A GalvFireAdmn Fire Administration/Fire Marshals  Fire-Tac 

Galveston County - Galveston - Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
50960 c71 A Galv Beach 1 Beach Patrol Ch. 1  Law Tac 
50992 c73 A Galv Beach 2 Beach Patrol Ch. 2  Law Tac 
51024 c75 A GalvBeachRes Beach Patrol Rescue/Supervisor  Law Tac 
52784 ce3 A GalvPD Admin Police Administration  Law Talk 
52208 cbf A Galv PD1Disp Police Ch. 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
52240 cc1 A Galv PD2 Alt Police Ch. 2 Alternate  Law Tac 
52272 cc3 A Galv PD3 C-C Police Ch. 3 Car-to-Car  Law Talk 
52304 cc5 A Galv PD4Tac1 Police Ch. 4 Tactical 1  Law Tac 
52336 cc7 A Galv PD5Tac2 Police Ch. 5 Tactical 2  Law Tac 
52368 cc9 A Galv PD 6 PS Police Ch. 6 Public Safety  Law Tac 
52464 ccf A Galv PD7SWAT Police Ch. 7 SWAT Team  Law Tac 
52400 ccb A Galv PD 8 Ev Police Ch. 8 Special Events  Law Tac 
52496 cd1 A Galv PD9Dive Police Ch. 9 Dive Team  Law Tac 
52592 cd7 A Galv PD CID Police Criminal Investigation Division (CID)  Law Tac 
52560 cd5 A GalvPDEscort Police Escort Operations  Law Tac 
52528 cd3 A Galv PD Host Police Hostage Negotiation  Law Tac 
52624 cd9 A Galv PD Narc Police Narcotics  Law Tac 

Galveston County - Galveston - Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
51584 c98 A Galv Admin 1 Galveston Administration 1  Public Works 
51616 c9a A Galv Admin 2 Galveston Administration 2  Public Works 
51648 c9c A Galv Admin 3 Galveston Administration 3  Public Works 
54496 d4e A GalvAnmlCtrl Galveston Animal Control  Public Works 
54304 d42 A GalvBldgIns1 Galveston Building Inspectors 1 / Permits  Public Works 
54464 d4c A GalvBldgIns2 Galveston Building Inspectors 2  Public Works 
54144 d38 A Galv CM Galveston CM  Public Works 
54176 d3a A Galv CM Admn Galveston CM Administration  Public Works 
53408 d0a A GalvCol53408 Galveston Collections  Public Works 
53440 d0c A GalvCol53440 Galveston Collections  Public Works 
54208 d3c A Galv Compl 1 Galveston Compliance Division 1  Public Works 
54240 d3e A Galv Compl 2 Galveston Compliance Division 2  Public Works 
54336 d44 A Galv Compl A Galveston Compliance Division A  Public Works 
50336 c4a A Galv EOC Adm Galveston Emergency Operations Administration  Emergency Ops 
52880 ce9 A Galv EOC 1 Galveston Emergency Operations Center 1  Emergency Ops 
56560 dcf A Galv EOC 2 Galveston Emergency Operations Center 2  Emergency Ops 
56592 dd1 A Galv EOC 3 Galveston Emergency Operations Center 3  Emergency Ops 
54528 d50 A Galv Garage1 Galveston Garage 1  Public Works 
54560 d52 A Galv Garage2 Galveston Garage 2  Public Works 
53856 d26 A GalvIslBuses Galveston Island Transit Buses  Utilities 
52576 cd6 A Galv Mayor Galveston Mayor  Public Works 
55392 d86 A Galv Parks 1 Galveston Park Board of Trustees Ch. 1  Public Works 
55424 d88 A Galv Parks 2 Galveston Park Board of Trustees Ch. 2  Public Works 
55456 d8a A Galv Parks 3 Galveston Park Board of Trustees Ch. 3  Public Works 
53504 d10 A Galv Prk/Rec Galveston Parks and Recreation  Public Works 
55488 d8c A Galv Parks Galveston Parks Department  Public Works 
54272 d40 A Galv Plan 1 Galveston Planning 1  Public Works 
54432 d4a A Galv Plan 2 Galveston Planning 2  Public Works 
54368 d46 A Galv PlanAdm Galveston Planning Administration  Public Works 
51552 c96 A Galv PubWrks Galveston Public Works  Public Works 
53600 d16 A GalvPWTraffc Galveston Public Works - Traffic Division  Public Works 
53792 d22 A GalvRecycle1 Galveston Recycling 1  Public Works 
51680 c9e A Galv Sewer 1 Galveston Sewer 1  Utilities 
53376 d08 A Galv Sewer 2 Galveston Sewer 2  Utilities 
53664 d1a A GalvStreets1 Galveston Street Department 1  Public Works 
53696 d1c A GalvStreets2 Galveston Street Department 2  Public Works 
53728 d1e A GalvStreets3 Galveston Street Department 3  Public Works 
53536 d12 A GalvTraffic1 Galveston Traffic 1  Public Works 
53568 d14 A GalvTraffic2 Galveston Traffic 2  Public Works 
53824 d24 A Galv Trash Galveston Trash/Refuse Department  Public Works 
53760 d20 A Galv Util Galveston Utilities  Utilities 
53472 d0e A GalvUtBil472 Galveston Utility Billing  Utilities 
53888 d28 A GalvUtBil888 Galveston Utility Billling  Utilities 
51424 c8e A Galv Water 1 Galveston Water 1  Utilities 
51456 c90 A Galv Water 2 Galveston Water 2  Utilities 
51488 c92 A Galv Water 3 Galveston Water 3  Utilities 
51520 c94 A GalvWtrSewer Galveston Water and Sewer  Utilities 

Galveston County - Hitchcock Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
51840 ca8 A Htchk City 1 Hitchcock City 1  Public Works 
51872 caa A Htchk City 2 Hitchcock City 2  Public Works 
53520 d11 A Htchk PD Adm Hitchcock Police Administration  Law Talk 
53456 d0d A Htchk PD 1 Hitchcock Police Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
53488 d0f A Htchk PD 2 Hitchcock Police Ch. 2  Law Tac 
53552 d13 A Htchk PD CID Hitchcock Police CID  Law Tac 
60720 ed3 A HtchkFD60720 Hitchcock Volunteer Fire Department  Fire-Tac 
51904 cac A HtchkFD Disp Hitchcock Volunteer Fire Department Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
51936 cae A HtchkFD Tac1 Hitchcock Volunteer Fire Department Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
51968 cb0 A HtchkFD Tac2 Hitchcock Volunteer Fire Department Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 

Galveston County - Jamaica Beach Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
56880 de3 A JamBch Admin Jamaica Beach Administration  Public Works 
52096 cb8 A JamBch FD 1 Jamaica Beach Fire 1  Fire Dispatch 
52128 cba A JamBch FD 2 Jamaica Beach Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
52032 cb4 A JamBch PD 1 Jamaica Beach Police Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
52000 cb2 A JamBch PD 2 Jamaica Beach Police Ch. 2  Law Tac 

Galveston County - Kemah Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
55520 d8e A Kemah EOC Kemah Emergency Operations Center  Emergency Ops 
53712 d1d A Kemah FD 2 Kemah Fire Ch. 2  Fire-Tac 
53680 d1b A KemahFD Disp Kemah Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
62992 f61 A Kemah OEM Kemah Office of Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
53280 d02 A Kemah PD Adm Kemah Police Administration  Law Talk 
53584 d15 A Kemah PD2 Kemah Police Ch. 2  Law Tac 
53248 d00 A Kemah PD CID Kemah Police CID  Law Tac 
53616 d17 A Kemah PD1 Dp Kemah Police Dispatch (2xx units)  Law Dispatch 
53216 cfe A Kemah PD Tac Kemah Police Tactical  Law Tac 
53632 d18 A KemhVFD53632 Kemah Volunteer Fire Department  Law Talk 

Galveston County - La Marque Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
52256 cc2 A LaMrq Admin La Marque Administration  Public Works 
58000 e29 A LaMrq CtyH La Marque City Hall  Public Works 
57072 def A LaMrq CtyWd La Marque Citywide  Interop 
50016 c36 A LaMrq CTSP La Marque CTSP  Public Works 
53904 d29 A LaMrq FD 1 La Marque Fire - Ch. 1 (simulcast on 154.19 MHz [732 DPL])  Fire Dispatch 
53968 d2d A LaMrq FD 2 La Marque Fire - Ch. 2  Fire-Tac 
50240 c44 A LaMrq FD A1 La Marque Fire A1  Fire-Talk 
53936 d2b A LaMrq FD FG La Marque Fireground  Fire-Tac 
53872 d27 A LaMrq PD Adm La Marque Police Administration  Law Talk 
53840 d25 A LaMrq PD CID La Marque Police CID  Law Tac 
53776 d21 A LaMrq PD 1 La Marque Police Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
50176 c40 A LaMrq PD 2 La Marque Police Dispatch 2  Law Tac 
53808 d23 A LaMrq PDPtl1 La Marque Police Patrol 1  Law Talk 
50208 c42 A LaMrq PD Sup La Marque Police Supervisors  Law Talk 
61008 ee5 A LaMrq PubWrk La Marque Public Works  Public Works 
50144 c3e A LaMrq Roads1 La Marque Roads 1  Public Works 
52192 cbe A LaMrq Sewer La Marque Sewer Department  Utilities 
50048 c38 A LaMrq Util 1 La Marque Utilities 1  Utilities 
50080 c3a A LaMrq Util 2 La Marque Utilities 2  Utilities 
50112 c3c A LaMrqUtilAdm La Marque Utilities Administration  Law Talk 
52224 cc0 A LaMrq Water La Marque Water Department  Utilities 

Galveston County - League City Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
33776 83f A LC AnmCtrl 1 League City Animal Control Ch. 1  Public Works 
33808 841 A LC AnmCtrl 2 League City Animal Control Ch. 2  Public Works 
41616 a29 A LC BldgInsp1 League City Building Inspectors 1  Public Works 
41648 a2b A LC BldgInsp2 League City Building Inspectors 2  Public Works 
42032 a43 A LC EM Ops 1 League City Emergency Management Operations 1  Emergency Ops 
42064 a45 A LC EM Ops 2 League City Emergency Management Operations 2  Emergency Ops 
34768 87d A LC EMS Admin League City EMS Administration  EMS-Talk 
34800 87f A LC EMS Disp League City EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
34832 881 A LC EMS Tac1 League City EMS Tactical 1  EMS-Tac 
34864 883 A LC EMS Tac2 League City EMS Tactical 2  EMS-Tac 
41680 a2d A LC Engineer1 League City Engineering 1  Public Works 
41712 a2f A LC Engineer2 League City Engineering 2  Public Works 
34320 861 A LC FireAdmin League City Fire Administration  Fire-Talk 
34352 863 A LC Fire Disp League City Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
34384 865 A LC FireMrsh1 League City Fire Marshal 1  Fire-Talk 
34416 867 A LC FireMrsh2 League City Fire Marshal 2  Fire-Talk 
34448 869 A LC Fire Tac1 League City Fire Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
34480 86b A LC Fire Tac2 League City Fire Tactical 2  Fire-Tac 
34512 86d A LC Fire Tac3 League City Fire Tactical 3  Fire-Tac 
34544 86f A LC Fire Tac4 League City Fire Tactical 4  Fire-Tac 
42288 a53 A LC FW EMS League City Friendswood EMS  EMS-Talk 
42320 a55 A LC FWPD 1 League City Friendswood Police 1  Law Tac 
42352 a57 A LC FWPD 2 League City Friendswood Police 2  Law Tac 
42384 a59 A LC FWPD 3 League City Friendswood Police 3  Law Tac 
42416 a5b A LC FWPD 4 League City Friendswood Police 4  Law Tac 
42224 a4f A LC FW CID 1 League City Friendswood Police CID 1  Law Tac 
42256 a51 A LC FW CID 2 League City Friendswood Police CID 2  Law Tac 
41744 a31 A LC Parks 1 League City Parks and Recreation 1  Public Works 
41776 a33 A LC Parks 2 League City Parks and Recreation 2  Public Works 
33840 843 A LCPD Admin League City Police - Administration  Public Works 
33872 845 A LCPD BldgEnt League City Police - Building Entry  Law Tac 
33968 84b A LCPD CID League City Police - CID  Law Talk 
33904 847 A LCPD CART League City Police - Combined Agency Response Team (CART; joint SWAT with Pearland and Alvin)  Law Tac 
34000 84d A LCPD Cmd League City Police - Command  Law Tac 
34096 853 A LCPD Disp1 League City Police - Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
34128 855 A LCPD Disp2 League City Police - Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
34064 851 A LCPD Motor League City Police - Motor  Law Tac 
34160 857 A LCPD SpEvnt League City Police - Special Events  Law Tac 
35024 88d A LC SCADA League City SCADA  Data 
41808 a35 A LC Streets 1 League City Street Department 1  Public Works 
41840 a37 A LC Streets 2 League City Street Department 2  Public Works 
41936 a3d A LC VehMaint1 League City Vehicle Maintenance 1  Public Works 
41968 a3f A LC VehMaint2 League City Vehicle Maintenance 2  Public Works 
34896 885 A LC WtrCusSv1 League City Water Customer Service 1  Utilities 
34928 887 A LC WtrCusSv2 League City Water Customer Service 2  Utilities 
34960 889 A LC LineRepr1 League City Water Line Repair 1  Utilities 
34992 88b A LC LineRepr2 League City Water Line Repair 2  Utilities 
35088 891 A LC WaterWks1 League City Water Works 1  Utilities 
35184 897 A LC WaterWks2 League City Water Works 2  Utilities 

Galveston County - Santa Fe Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54544 d51 A SF EMS Santa Fe EMS  EMS Dispatch 
54576 d53 A SF Fire Disp Santa Fe Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
54608 d55 A SF Fire Tac1 Santa Fe Fire Tactical 1  Fire-Tac 
54672 d59 A SF FireAdmin Santa Fe Fire Administration  Fire-Tac 
54704 d5b A SF PD 1 Santa Fe Police - Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
54736 d5d A SF PD 2 Santa Fe Police - Ch. 2  Law Tac 
54768 d5f A SF PD Admn Santa Fe Police - Administration  Law Talk 
54800 d61 A SF PD CID Santa Fe Police - CID  Law Talk 
54832 d63 A SF PD Tac Santa Fe Police - Tactical  Law Tac 

Galveston County - Texas City Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
55328 d82 A TxC AnmlCtrl Texas City Animal Control  Public Works 
52608 cd8 A TxC BldgInsp Texas City Building Inspectors  Public Works 
56624 dd3 A TxC Comm Dev Texas City Community Development  Public Works 
55152 d77 A TxC EOC 1 Texas City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 1  Emergency Ops 
56720 dd9 A TxC EOC 2 Texas City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 2  Emergency Ops 
55216 d7b A TxC EMS Dsp Texas City EMS  EMS Dispatch 
55184 d79 A TxC FD 1 Texas City Fire  Fire Dispatch 
55248 d7d A TxC FD 3 Adm Texas City Fire 3? Administration  Fire-Talk 
55056 d71 A TxC FD Chief Texas City Fire Chief  Fire-Talk 
53024 cf2 A TxC FD Data Texas City Fire Data  Data 
55280 d7f A TxC FD FG1 Texas City Fireground 1  Fire-Tac 
55312 d81 A TxC FD FG2 Texas City Fireground 2  Fire-Tac 
55344 d83 A TxC FD FG3 Texas City Fireground 3  Fire-Tac 
52544 cd4 A TxC Golf Texas City Golf Course  Public Works 
55120 d75 A TxC Info Sys Texas City Information Systems and Communications  Public Works 
52480 cd0 A TxC Maint Texas City Maintenance  Public Works 
54896 d67 A TxC PD 1 Texas City Police 1  Law Dispatch 
54928 d69 A TxC PD 2 Texas City Police 2  Law Talk 
54960 d6b A TxC PD CID Texas City Police CID  Law Tac 
55024 d6f A TxC PD ID Texas City Police Identification  Law Talk 
56400 dc5 A TxC PD InAff Texas City Police Internal Affairs  Law Tac 
55088 d73 A TxC PD Jail Texas City Police Jail  Corrections 
56752 ddb A TxC PD Jail2 Texas City Police Jail 2  Corrections 
56656 dd5 A TxC PD Narc1 Texas City Police Narcotics 1  Law Tac 
56688 dd7 A TxC PD Narc2 Texas City Police Narcotics 2  Law Tac 
54992 d6d A TxC PD Suprv Texas City Police Supervisors  Law Talk 
55008 d6e A TxC PD SWAT1 Texas City Police SWAT 1  Law Tac 
55040 d70 A TxC PD SWAT2 Texas City Police SWAT 2  Law Tac 
55840 da2 A TxC PD Tac 1 Texas City Police Tactical 1  Law Tac 
55872 da4 A TxC PD Tac 2 Texas City Police Tactical 2  Law Tac 
57392 e03 A TxC PumpSta Texas City Pump Stations  Public Works 
52416 ccc A TxC RecTour1 Texas City Recreation and Tourism 1  Public Works 
52448 cce A TxC RecTour2 Texas City Recreation and Tourism 2  Public Works 
56464 dc9 A TxC Siren 1 Texas City Siren 1  Data 
56448 dc8 A TxC Siren 2 Texas City Siren 2  Data 
52512 cd2 A TxC Wastewtr Texas City Wastewater  Utilities 

Galveston County - Other Communities Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
56160 db6 A BclifFD56160 Bacliff Volunter Fire Department  Fire-Tac 
59216 e75 A BclifFD59216 Bacliff Volunter Fire Department  Fire-Tac 
50400 c4e A BcliffFD Tlk Bacliff Volunter Fire Department 1 "back channel"  Fire-Talk 
50496 c54 A BclifSLFDDis Bacliff/San Leon Fire Dispatch ("Bay Fire")  Fire Dispatch 
50432 c50 A BclifSLFDFG1 Bacliff/San Leon Fireground 1  Fire-Tac 
50464 c52 A BclifSLFDFG2 Bacliff/San Leon Fireground 2  Fire-Tac 
50560 c58 A BayouVistaPD Bayou Vista Police  Law Dispatch 
50592 c5a A BayouVistaFD Bayou Vista Volunteer Fire Department  Fire-Tac 
54752 d5e A ClrLkShrs PD Clear Lake Shores Police (5xx units; rarely used; dispatched by Kemah Police)  Law Tac 
49616 c1d A ClrLkShrsPD2 Clear Lake Shores Police Ch. 2  Law Tac 
49648 c1f A ClrLkShrs PW Clear Lake Shores Public Works  Public Works 
49680 c21 A CrystalBchFD Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department  Fire-Tac 
59312 e7b A GC Bay F/R Galveston County Bay Fire/Rescue  Fire-Tac 
53392 d09 A GilchristVFD Gilchrist Volunteer Fire Department Operations  Deprecated 
51744 ca2 A HighIsndVFD1 High Island Volunteer Fire Department 1  Deprecated 
53424 d0b A HighIsVFDOps High Island Volunteer Fire Department Operations ("B")  Deprecated 
54352 d45 A BolvrFD/EMS1 Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Ch. 1 Dispatch (includes Port Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Gilchrist, High Island)  Fire Dispatch 
54192 d3b A BolvrFD/EMS2 Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Ch. 2  Fire-Talk 
54224 d3d A BolvrFD FG 1 Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Fireground 1  Fire-Tac 
54256 d3f A BolvrFD FG 2 Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Fireground 2  Fire-Tac 
54512 d4f A SnLeonFD Tlk San Leon Volunteer Fire Department "back channel"  Fire-Talk 
52688 cdd A TI Fire2 Ops Tiki Island Fire Ch. 2 Operations  Fire-Tac 
55664 d97 A TI PD Talk Tiki Island Police (back channel; 18xx units; dispatched on GCSO 1)  Law Tac 
52704 cde A TI/BV FD Dis Tiki Island/Bayou Vista Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
52768 ce2 A TI/BV FD FG2 Tiki Island/Bayou Vista Fireground 2  Fire-Tac 

Port of Galveston Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53136 cf9 A PortGal Adm Port of Galveston Administration  Public Works 
53072 cf5 A PortGal2Crui Port of Galveston Ch. 1 Cruise Ship Terminals  Public Works 
53168 cfb A PortGal 1 PD Port of Galveston Ch. 2 Police  Law Dispatch 
53200 cfd A PortGal Cons Port of Galveston Construction  Public Works 
53232 cff A PortGalPiers Port of Galveston Piers  Public Works 
53104 cf7 A PortGalPDAdm Port of Galveston Police Administration  Public Works 

Brazoria County Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
23952 5d9 A BCSO Disp 1 Brazoria County SO Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
23984 5db A BCSO Disp 2 Brazoria County SO Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
24016 5dd A BCSO Ptrl 1 Brazoria County SO Patrol 1  Law Talk 
24048 5df A BCSO Ptrl 2 Brazoria County SO Patrol 2  Law Talk 
24080 5e1 A BCSOIntrcty1 Brazoria County Sheriff Intercity 1  Law Tac 
24112 5e3 A BCSOIntrcty2 Brazoria County Sheriff Intercity 2  Law Tac 
24144 5e5 A BCSO Det 1 Brazoria County Detective 1  Law Talk 
24176 5e7 A BCSO Det 2 Brazoria County Detective 2  Law Talk 
24208 5e9 A BCSO Narc 1 Brazoria County Narcotics Channel 1  Law Talk 
24240 5eb A BCSO Narc 2 Brazoria County Narcotics Channel 2  Law Talk 
24272 5ed A BCSO RAID Brazoria County SO RAID (Combined LE Operations)  Law Tac 
24304 5ef A BCSO Tac 1 Brazoria County SO TAC 1  Law Tac 
24336 5f1 A BCSO Tac 2 Brazoria County SO TAC 2  Law Tac 
24368 5f3 A BCSO Tac 3 Brazoria County SO TAC 3  Law Tac 
24400 5f5 A BCSO Tac 4 Brazoria County SO TAC 4  Law Tac 
24432 5f7 A BCSO Jail 1 Brazoria County SO Jail 1  Law Tac 
24464 5f9 A BCSO Jail 2 Brazoria County SO Jail 2  Law Tac 
24496 5fb A BCSO CAER Brazoria County SO CAER (Community Awareness & Emergency Response)  Law Talk 
25040 61d A BCSO Juvie Brazoira County SO Juvenile Division  Law Talk 
25328 62f A BCSO EmgTraf Brazoria County SO Emergency Traffic Ch.  Law Tac 
26032 65b A BCSO/AgltnMA Sheriff/Angleton Mutual Aid  Interop 
26160 663 A BCSO Narc 3 Brazoria County Narcotics Channel 3  Law Talk 
26224 667 A BCSO N Ch1 Brazoria County SO North Channel 1  Law Talk 
26256 669 A BCSO Det 3 Brazoria County SO Detective 3  Law Talk 
26352 66f A BC Contsbl 1 Brazoria County Constables CH 1  Law Tac 

Brazoria County Other Public Safety Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
25296 62d A BC Fire 1 Brazoria County Fire 1  Fire Dispatch 
26064 65d A BC Fire 2 Brazoria County Fire 2  Fire-Tac 
26096 65f A BC EMS 1 Brazoria County EMS 1  EMS Dispatch 
26128 661 A BC EMS 2 Brazoria County EMS 2  EMS-Tac 

Brazoria County Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
25072 61f A BCRdDp Flgmn Brazoria County Road construction flagmen  Public Works 
25104 621 A BCRdMnt Pct1 Brazoria County Pct 1 Road Maintenance  Public Works 
25136 623 A BCRdMnt Pct2 Brazoria County Pct 2 Road Maintenance  Public Works 
25168 625 A BCRdMnt Pct3 Brazoria County Pct 3 Road Maintenance  Public Works 
25200 627 A BCRdMnt Pct4 Brazoria County Pct 4 Road Maintenance  Public Works 
25232 629 A BC Rd/Brdg 1 Brazoria County County Road & Bridge  Public Works 
25264 62b A BC BldgInsp Brazoria County Building Inspector or health inspectors  Public Works 
25360 631 A BC ArptMaint Brazoria County Airport Maintenance  Public Works 
25392 633 A BC JP Office Brazoria County JP Office  Public Works 
25424 635 A BC Rd/Brdg 2 Brazoria County Road and Bridge  Public Works 
25808 64d A BC MsqutoCtl Brazoria County Mosquito Control  Public Works 
25840 64f A BC PrkMaint Brazoria County Park Maintenance  Public Works 
25936 655 A VelascoDD 36 Velasco Drainage District  Public Works 
25968 657 A VelascoDD 68 Velasco Drainage District  Public Works 

Brazoria County - Alvin Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12208 2fb A Alv Mut Aid Alvin Mutual Aid  Deprecated 
12240 2fd A Alv General Alvin General Operations  Deprecated 
12272 2ff A Alv PD Prim Alvin Police Primary  Deprecated 
12464 30b A Alv PD SpOps Alvin Police Special Operations  Deprecated 
12496 30d A Alv PD Tac Alvin Police Tactical  Deprecated 
12528 30f A Alv PD Supv Alvin Police Supervisors  Deprecated 
12624 315 A Alvin Fire Alvin Fire Primary  Deprecated 
12720 31b A Alvin EMS Alvin EMS Primary  Deprecated 
12752 31d A Alv F/E Ops Alvin Fire/EMS Operations  Deprecated 
12784 31f A Alv Pub Wrks Alvin Public Works  Deprecated 

Brazoria County - Angleton Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
24192 5e8 A AngletonFire Angleton Fire  Fire Dispatch 
24528 5fd A Agltn PD Pri Angleton Police Primary  Law Dispatch 
24560 5ff A AgltnPD Tac1 Angleton Police Tactical 1  Law Tac 
24592 601 A Agltn PD Det Angleton Police Detectives  Law Tac 
24624 603 A AgltnPD Supv Angleton Police Supervisors  Law Talk 
24992 61a A AngletonHosp Angleton Hospital  Hospital 
25744 649 A Angleton EMS Angleton EMS  EMS-Tac 
25872 651 A AgltnPDPtrl1 Angleton Police Patrol 1  Law Talk 
26544 67b A Angleton EMC Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps  EMS Dispatch 

Brazoria County - Clute Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
24000 5dc A CluteEMS Tac Clute EMS  EMS-Tac 
26416 673 A CluteEMS Dis Clute EMS (patched to 155.895 PL 146.2)  EMS Dispatch 
24256 5ec A Clute Fire Clute Fire  Fire Dispatch 
27024 699 A Clute PD 1 Clute Police 1  Law Dispatch 
27056 69b A Clute PD 2 Clute Police 2  Law Tac 
27120 69f A Clute PD Det Clute Police Detectives  Law Tac 
27152 6a1 A ClutePD Narc Clute Police Narcotics  Law Tac 
27088 69d A ClutePD Supv Clute Police Supervisors  Law Talk 

Brazoria County - Freeport Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
24160 5e6 A Freeport EMS Freeport EMS  EMS Dispatch 
24896 614 A Freeport FD Freeport Fire  Fire Dispatch 
26576 67d A Freeport PD1 Freeport Police 1  Law Dispatch 
26608 67f A Freeport PD2 Freeport Police 2  Law Tac 
26640 681 A FreeptPD Det Freeport Police Detectives  Law Tac 
26672 683 A FreeptPDNarc Freeport Police Narcotics  Law Tac 

Brazoria County - Pearland Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
14160 375 A PLndEmergncy Pearland Emergency Announcement  Deprecated 
13936 367 A PLnd EOC 1 Pearland Emergency Operations Center 1  Deprecated 
13840 361 A PLnd EOC 2 Pearland Emergency Operations Center 2  Deprecated 
13808 35f A PLnd EMS 1 Pearland EMS 1  Deprecated 
21360 537 A PLnd EMS 2 Pearland EMS 2  Deprecated 
21328 535 A PLndFireTac1 Pearland Fire Tactical 1  Deprecated 
848 035 A PLndFireTac2 Pearland Fire Tactical 2  Deprecated 
13680 357 A PLndFireDisp Pearland Fire/EMS Dispatch  Deprecated 
13776 35d A PLnd PD CID Pearland Police CID  Deprecated 
21264 531 A PLnd PD Narc Pearland Police Narcotics  Deprecated 
13712 359 A PLnd PD PriE Pearland Police Primary East  Deprecated 
21200 52d A PLnd PD PriW Pearland Police Primary West  Deprecated 
21296 533 A PLnd PD SWAT Pearland Police SWAT  Deprecated 
13744 35b A PLnd PD TacE Pearland Police Tactical East  Deprecated 
21232 52f A PLnd PD TacW Pearland Police Tactical West  Deprecated 
13520 34d A PLnd PubWk1 Pearland Public Works 1  Deprecated 
13552 34f A PLnd PubWk2 Pearland Public Works 2  Deprecated 
13488 34b A PLnd PubWk3 Pearland Public Works 3  Deprecated 

Brazoria County - Sweeny Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
24128 5e4 A Sweeny EMS Sweeny EMS  EMS Dispatch 
25056 61e A Sweeny Hosp Sweeny Hospital  Hospital 
24848 611 A Sweeny PD MA Sweeny Police Mutual Aid  Law Tac 
24720 609 A Sweeny PD/FD Sweeny Police/Fire  Multi-Dispatch 
24752 60b A SweenyPubWrk Sweeny Public Works  Public Works 

Brazoria County - Other Communities Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
25584 63f A Brazoria PD Brazoria Police  Law Dispatch 
24944 617 A Brkside PD Brookside Police  Law Dispatch 
24288 5ee A ColLakes VFD Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 
24320 5f0 A CntyRd143VFD County Road 143 Volunteer Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 
24352 5f2 A Damon Fire Damon Fire  Fire Dispatch 
24032 5de A Danbury EMS Danbury EMS  EMS Dispatch 
24384 5f4 A Danbury Fire Danbury Fire  Fire Dispatch 
25008 61b A Danbury PD Danbury Police  Law Dispatch 
24416 5f6 A Demi-John FD Demi-John Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 
25520 63b A HlcrstVlg PD Hillcrest Village Police  Law Dispatch 
24480 5fa A IowaCol FD Iowa Colony Fire  Fire-Tac 
24512 5fc A JonesCrk FD Jones Creek Fire  Fire Dispatch 
24976 619 A JonesCrk PD Jones Creek Police  Law Dispatch 
24544 5fe A LkJack Fire Lake Jackson Fire  Fire Dispatch 
24656 605 A LkJack PD1 Lake Jackson Police 1  Law Dispatch 
57856 e20 A LkJackPD1033 Lake Jackson Police 10-33  Law Tac 
24688 607 A LkJack PD2 Lake Jackson Police 2  Law Talk 
26736 687 A LkJackPolice Lake Jackson Police Primary?  Law Dispatch 
24576 600 A Liverpool FD Liverpool Fire  Fire Dispatch 
26448 675 A Manvel EMS Manvel EMS  EMS Dispatch 
24608 602 A Manvel Fire Manvel Fire  Fire Dispatch 
24912 615 A Manvel PD Manvel Police  Law Dispatch 
24880 613 A ManvelPubWrk Manvel Public Works  Public Works 
25904 653 A OystrCrk PD Oyster Creek Police Primary  Law Dispatch 
24704 608 A Richwood FD Richwood Fire  Fire Dispatch 
25776 64b A Richwood PD Richwood Police  Law Dispatch 
24736 60a A RiversEnd FD Rivers End Fire  Fire Dispatch 
24768 60c A Rosharon FD Rosharon Fire  Fire Dispatch 
24096 5e2 A Surfside EMS Surfside EMS  EMS Dispatch 
24800 60e A Surfside FD Surfside Fire  Fire Dispatch 
25488 639 A Surfside PD Surfside Police  Law Dispatch 
23968 5da A WColumbiaEMS West Columbia EMS  EMS Dispatch 
24832 610 A WColumbia FD West Columbia Fire  Fire Dispatch 
24784 60d A WColumbia PD West Columbia Police  Law Dispatch 
24864 612 A WildPeach FD Wild Peach Fire Department  Fire Dispatch 

Liberty County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
21744 54f A LibertyCtywd Liberty Citywide  Multi-Tac 
23504 5bd A LibertyCons1 Liberty County Constable Precinct 1  Law Dispatch 
42672 a6b A LibertyCo EM Liberty County Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
22688 58a A LibertyCoSh1 Liberty County Sheriff 1  Law Dispatch 
21648 549 A Liberty Fire Liberty Fire Primary  Fire Dispatch 
21616 547 A Liberty PD Liberty Police Primary  Law Dispatch 
21712 54d A LibertyPDSup Liberty Police Supervisors  Law Talk 
21680 54b A LibertyPubWk Liberty Public Works Primary  Public Works 

Waller County Talkgroups

For Prairie View A&M University Police, see Colleges and Universities below.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
16064 3ec A WALL CO FIRE Waller Co. Fire (tactical use, Tri-County only)  Fire-Tac 
16096 3ee A WALL EMS DSP Waller Co. EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
16128 3f0 A WALL EMS MED Waller Co. EMS Tactical ("MED")  EMS-Tac 
23152 5a7 A WALLER SO-1 Waller Co. Sheriff Dispatch (12XX Units)  Law Dispatch 
23184 5a9 A WALL SO TAC Waller Co. Sheriff Tactical  Law Tac 
23216 5ab A WALLER NTF Waller Co. Narcotics Task Force  Law Tac 
23248 5ad A WallCoShDINV Waller Co. Sheriff Detectives/Investigations  Law Tac 
23280 5af A WC CRIME SCN Waller Co. Sheriff Crime Scene (talkaround use)  Law Tac 
23312 5b1 A MUTUAL AID 1 Waller Co. Law Enforcement Mutual Aid  Law Tac 
23344 5b3 A HEMP PD PRIM Hempstead Police Dispatch (1XX Units)  Law Dispatch 
23376 5b5 A HEMP PD TAC Hempstead Police Tactical  Law Tac 
23408 5b7 A BROOKSHIR PD Brookshire Police Dispatch (7XX Units)  Law Dispatch 
23440 5b9 A WALLER PD Waller Police (2XX Units) - Dispatched on SO-1  Law Tac 

Walker County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
23600 5c3 A WlkrSherPrim Sheriff Primary (back-up, primary operations on STARNET Project 25 system)  Law Dispatch 
57872 e21 A WlkrSherTac1 Sheriff Tactical 1 (back-up, primary operations on STARNET Project 25 system)  Law Tac 
57904 e23 A WlkrSherTac2 Sheriff Tactical 2 (back-up, primary operations on STARNET Project 25 system)  Law Tac 

Montgomery County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
36272 8db A MONTCTYEVT5 Montgomery County Event 5  Interop 

Houston - Police Department Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
6544 199 A HPD Citywide Patch to HPD Citywide (Ch. A5/B5 on 460.425 MHz)  Law Tac 
18864 49b A HPD Fox "Fox" Helicopters (used for ground surveillance; Crime Reduction Unit?)  Law Tac 
20272 4f3 A HPD Int Aff Internal Affairs  Law Tac 

Houston - Aviation Department ("Houston Airport System") Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
23056 5a1 A Alamo/Nation Alamo/National  Deprecated 
22800 591 A EFD 1 EFD 1  Deprecated 
22832 593 A EFD 2 EFD 2  Deprecated 
22768 58f A EFD Ops EFD Operations  Deprecated 
22992 59d A Enterprise Enterprise  Deprecated 
22352 575 A HOU AdminSvc HOU Administrative Services  Deprecated 
22256 56f A HOUGrndTrans HOU Ground Transportation  Deprecated 
22224 56d A HOU IMBE HOU IMBE  Deprecated 
22160 569 A HOU Grounds HOU Maintenance - Airfield and Grounds  Deprecated 
22128 567 A HOU BldgSvcs HOU Maintenance - Building Services (Housekeeping)  Deprecated 
22032 561 A HOU Electric HOU Maintenance - Electrical  Deprecated 
22320 573 A HOU Faciliti HOU Maintenance - Facilities  Deprecated 
22096 565 A HOU PhysPlnt HOU Maintenance - Physical Plant  Deprecated 
22064 563 A HOU Systems HOU Maintenance - Systems  Deprecated 
22960 59b A HOU Tech Sys HOU Maintenance - Technical Systems  Deprecated 
22192 56b A HOU Mgmt HOU Management  Deprecated 
21968 55d A HOU Ops HOU Operations  Deprecated 
22000 55f A HOU 3 Ops FE HOU Operations FE (Ch. 3)  Deprecated 
22288 571 A HOU PubSafty HOU Public Safety  Deprecated 
21936 55b A HOU RACOM HOU RACOM (Airport Fire/EMS Response)  Deprecated 
22928 599 A HOU Security HOU Security  Deprecated 
22448 57b A IAH ABEM 2 IAH ABEM 2  Deprecated 
22896 597 A IAH Rent Car IAH Consolidated Rental Car Facility  Deprecated 
22704 58b A IAH Crash IAH Crash  Deprecated 
22384 577 A IAH FIS IAH Federal Inspection Station (FIS)  Deprecated 
22640 587 A IAH GrdTrans IAH Ground Transportation  Deprecated 
57616 e11 A IAH InfoTech IAH Information Technology  Deprecated 
57680 e15 A IAH Grounds IAH Maintenance - Airfield and Grounds  Deprecated 
22416 579 A IAH BldgSvcs IAH Maintenance - Building Services (Housekeeping)  Deprecated 
57744 e19 A IAH Electric IAH Maintenance - Electrical  Deprecated 
57712 e17 A IAH PhysPlnt IAH Maintenance - Physical Plant  Deprecated 
22480 57d A IAH Systems IAH Maintenance - Systems  Deprecated 
22864 595 A IAH Tech Sys IAH Maintenance - Technical Systems  Deprecated 
22576 583 A IAH 1 Mgmt IAH Management (Ch. 1)  Deprecated 
22512 57f A IAH Ops IAH Operations (Airport Fire/EMS Response)  Deprecated 
22608 585 A IAH Parking IAH Parking  Deprecated 
22736 58d A IAH Security IAH Security  Deprecated 
23024 59f A IAHSingapore IAH Singapore Airlines  Deprecated 
57648 e13 A IAH Surveyor IAH Surveyors (used for aircraft crash drill)  Deprecated 
22672 589 A IAH TechSvcs IAH Technical Services  Deprecated 
21392 539 A IAH TermLink IAH TerminaLink Trains Maintenance (Bombardier Transportation)  Deprecated 
21376 538 A IAHWFS/Qatar IAH Worldwide Flight Services (Qatar Airways)  Deprecated 
22544 581 A HAS Security Security  Deprecated 

Houston - Other Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13584 351 A Houston OEM1 Houston Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 1  Emergency Ops 

College and University Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12176 2f9 A Alvin CC PD Alvin Community College - Police  Law Dispatch 
49888 c2e A ColMnldPDAdm College of the Mainland - Police Administration  Law Talk 
50624 c5c A ColMainldPD1 College of the Mainland - Police Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
50656 c5e A ColMainldPD2 College of the Mainland - Police Ch. 2  Law Tac 
55136 d76 A GalvColl Sec Galveston College - Security  Security 
1520 05f A HCC PD Disp Houston Community College - Police Dispatch  Deprecated 
6064 17b A HCC PD Supv Houston Community College - Police Supervisors  Deprecated 
11024 2b1 A LnStrCol PD1 Lone Star College - Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
23088 5a3 A LnStrCol PD2 Lone Star College - Police Secondary  Law Talk 
23472 5bb A PVAMU Police Prairie View A&M University - Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
15600 3cf A SanJacColPD1 San Jacinto College - Police Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
15632 3d1 A SanJacColPD2 San Jacinto College - Police Ch. 2  Law Tac 
15696 3d5 A SanJColPDSup San Jacinto College - Police Supervisors  Law Talk 
15664 3d3 A SanJColPDTac San Jacinto College - Police Tactical  Law Tac 
56432 dc7 A TAMUG Police Texas A&M University at Galveston - Police  Law Dispatch 
54880 d66 A TAMUGPolice2 Texas A&M University at Galveston - Police 2  Law Tac 
55072 d72 A TAMUG RA Texas A&M University at Galveston RA  Schools 
17072 42b A UHCLPD Admin University of Houston Clear Lake - Police Administration  Law Talk 
17040 429 A UHCL PD Pri University of Houston Clear Lake - Police Primary  Law Dispatch 
17104 42d A UHCL PD Supv University of Houston Clear Lake - Police Supervisors  Law Talk 
9616 259 A UHD PD Disp University of Houston Downtown - Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
9648 25b A UHD PD Supv University of Houston Downtown - Police Supervisors  Law Tac 
11760 2df A UHMainPD1Pri University of Houston Main Campus - Police 1 Primary  Law Dispatch 
11792 2e1 A UHMainPD2Adm University of Houston Main Campus - Police 2 Administration  Law Talk 
11824 2e3 A UHMainPD3Evt University of Houston Main Campus - Police 3 Special Events  Law Tac 
55696 d99 A UTMB PD 2 University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police Ch. 2 (Dispatch for units off the island)  Law Tac 
55728 d9b A UTMB PD 3 University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police Ch. 3  Law Tac 
55760 d9d A UTMB PD4 CID University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police Ch. 4 CID  Law Tac 
56064 db0 A UTMBPD Main2 University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police Main 2  Law Tac 
55792 d9f A UTMB PD VIP University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police VIP  Law Tac 

Houston Independent School District Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2160 087 A HISD PD Ad/W Houston ISD - Police Administration/Warrants  Deprecated 
5808 16b A HISD PD CamE Houston ISD - Police Campus East  Deprecated 
12336 303 A HISD PD CamW Houston ISD - Police Campus West  Deprecated 
18672 48f A HISD PD 1 Houston ISD - Police Ch. 1  Deprecated 
18704 491 A HISD PD 2 Houston ISD - Police Ch. 2  Deprecated 
12368 305 A HISD PD Cmd Houston ISD - Police Command  Deprecated 
1040 041 A HISD PD Det Houston ISD - Police Detectives  Deprecated 
1072 043 A HISD PD Gang Houston ISD - Police Gang Intervention Unit  Deprecated 
1104 045 A HISD PD SRT Houston ISD - Police Special Response Team (SRT)  Deprecated 
1328 053 A HISD PD Supv Houston ISD - Police Supervisors  Deprecated 
880 037 A HISD PD Tac1 Houston ISD - Police Tactical 1  Deprecated 
912 039 A HISD PD Tac2 Houston ISD - Police Tactical 2  Deprecated 

Other School Districts Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
9904 26b A AldISDPDDisp Aldine ISD PD - Primary  Law Dispatch 
9936 26d A AldISDPDTac1 Aldine ISD PD - Tactical 1  Law Tac 
12976 32b A AlvISD PDPri Alvin ISD PD - Primary  Law Dispatch 
13232 33b A AlvISD PDTac Alvin ISD PD - Tactical  Law Tac 
24816 60f A Angleton ISD Angleton ISD  Schools 
26288 66b A Ang ISD PD 1 Angleton ISD - Police 1  Law Dispatch 
26320 66d A Ang ISD PD 2 Angleton ISD - Police 2  Law Tac 
54656 d58 A CCISD Admin Clear Creek ISD - Administration  Schools 
18928 49f A CCISD Buses Clear Creek ISD - Buses  Schools 
20528 503 A CCISDEmrgncy Clear Creek ISD - Emergency  Emergency Ops 
18896 49d A CCISD SLO Clear Creek ISD - School Liasion Officers (SLO)  Law Tac 
14640 393 A CyFairISD PD Cypress-Fairbanks ISD - Police  Law Dispatch 
44816 af1 A FBISD PD 1 Fort Bend ISD - Police 1  Law Dispatch 
44848 af3 A FBISD PD 2 Fort Bend ISD - Police 2 Supervisors  Law Talk 
44880 af5 A FBISD PD 3 Fort Bend ISD - Police 3  Law Tac 
44912 af7 A FBISD PD 4 Fort Bend ISD - Police 4 Secure (Special Events)  Law Tac 
55904 da6 A GalvISD55904 Galveston ISD  Schools 
52944 ced A Galv ISD PD1 Galveston ISD - Police 1  Law Dispatch 
52976 cef A Galv ISD PD2 Galveston ISD - Police 2  Law Tac 
53008 cf1 A Galv ISD Bus Galveston ISD - Transportation/Buses  Schools 
51776 ca4 A HitchckISD 1 Hitchcock ISD 1  Schools 
51808 ca6 A HitchckISD 2 Hitchcock ISD 2  Schools 
54720 d5c A HitchckISDAd Hitchcock ISD Administration  Schools 
12016 2ef A Humble ISDPD Humble ISD PD  Law Dispatch 
12880 325 A Shared ISDPD ISD Police Tactical (Shared)  Law Tac 
1136 047 A Katy ISD PD1 Katy ISD - Police 1 Primary  Law Dispatch 
14704 397 A Katy ISD PD2 Katy ISD - Police 2 Special Events  Law Tac 
1872 075 A Katy ISD PD3 Katy ISD - Police 3 Patrol  Law Tac 
14032 36d A Klein ISD PD Klein ISD PD  Law Dispatch 
54944 d6a A LaMrqISD Adm La Marque ISD - Administration  Schools 
55264 d7e A LaMarqISD AP La Marque ISD - AP  Schools 
55232 d7c A LaMarque HS La Marque ISD - La Marque High School  Schools 
55200 d7a A LaMarque MS La Marque ISD - La Marque Middle School  Schools 
54000 d2f A LaMarqISDPD1 La Marque ISD - Police 1  Law Dispatch 
54032 d31 A LaMarqISDPD2 La Marque ISD - Police 2  Law Tac 
16704 414 A LaPortISDCMT La Porte ISD - Crisis Management Team  Schools 
5008 139 A LamarCISDSec Lamar Consolidated ISD - Security  Security 
10544 293 A NForestISDPD North Forest ISD PD  Law Dispatch 
28144 6df A PasadISD PD1 Pasadena ISD - Police 1  Law Dispatch 
28176 6e1 A PasadISD PD2 Pasadena ISD - Police 2  Law Tac 
28208 6e3 A PasadISD PD3 Pasadena ISD - Police 3  Law Tac 
57008 deb A SanFeISDBus1 Santa Fe ISD - Buses 1  Schools 
57040 ded A SanFeISDBus2 Santa Fe ISD - Buses 2  Schools 
56912 de5 A SanFeISDMnt1 Santa Fe ISD - Maintenance 1  Schools 
56944 de7 A SanFeISDMnt2 Santa Fe ISD - Maintenance 2  Schools 
56976 de9 A SanFeISDMnt3 Santa Fe ISD - Maintenance 3  Schools 
53328 d05 A SanFeISD PD1 Santa Fe ISD - Police 1  Law Dispatch 
53344 d06 A SanFeISD PD2 Santa Fe ISD - Police 2  Law Tac 
2032 07f A Sheld ISD PD Sheldon ISD PD  Law Dispatch 
9680 25d A SprBrchISDPD Spring Branch ISD PD  Law Dispatch 
15952 3e5 A SprISD Crsis Spring ISD - School Crisis  Law Tac 
6320 18b A SpringISDPD1 Spring ISD PD - Primary  Law Dispatch 
6352 18d A SpringISDPD2 Spring ISD PD - Secondary  Law Tac 
45264 b0d A Staff MSD PD Stafford Municipal School District  Law Dispatch 
53184 cfc A TCISD EleSch Texas City ISD - Elementary Schools  Schools 
53120 cf8 A TCISD Maint Texas City ISD - Maintenance  Schools 
53152 cfa A TCISD Transp Texas City ISD - Transportation  Schools 
49920 c30 A TCISD Ch 1 Texas City ISD Ch. 1 - Texas City High School  Schools 
53056 cf4 A TCISD Ch 2 Texas City ISD Ch. 2 - Blocker Middle School and DEAP  Schools 
53088 cf6 A TCISD Ch 3 Texas City ISD Ch. 3 - Levi Fry Intermediate School and Administration  Schools 

Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
15312 3bd A Metro HOV High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) Lanes  Deprecated 
19344 4b9 A MetroLift 1 MetroLift 1  Deprecated 
19632 4cb A MetroLift 10 MetroLift 10  Deprecated 
19376 4bb A MetroLift 2 MetroLift 2  Deprecated 
19408 4bd A MetroLift 3 MetroLift 3  Deprecated 
19440 4bf A MetroLift 4 MetroLift 4  Deprecated 
19472 4c1 A MetroLift 5 MetroLift 5  Deprecated 
19504 4c3 A MetroLift 6 MetroLift 6  Deprecated 
19536 4c5 A MetroLift 7 MetroLift 7  Deprecated 
19568 4c7 A MetroLift 8 MetroLift 8  Deprecated 
19600 4c9 A MetroLift 9 MetroLift 9  Deprecated 
19664 4cd A MetroLiftEvt MetroLift Special Events  Deprecated 
14960 3a7 A MetroPolice1 Police 1  Deprecated 
14992 3a9 A MetroPolice2 Police 2  Deprecated 
15440 3c5 A MetroPDAdmin Police Administration  Deprecated 
15344 3bf A MetroPDSpEvt Police Special Events  Deprecated 
15408 3c3 A MetroPD Supv Police Supervisor  Deprecated 
15216 3b7 A MetroPD Tac1 Police Tactical 1  Deprecated 
15248 3b9 A MetroPD Tac2 Police Tactical 2  Deprecated 
15280 3bb A MetroPD Tac3 Police Tactical 3  Deprecated 
15376 3c1 A MetroPDTranS Police TranStar  Deprecated 
23568 5c1 A MetroSecurty Security (Metro Facilities)  Deprecated 

Port of Houston Authority - Public Safety Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
16800 41a A PHA Fire Fire Dispatch/Operations  Fire Dispatch 
20048 4e5 A PHA PD 1 Dis Police 1 Dispatch (includes fire boats)  Multi-Dispatch 
20080 4e7 A PHA PD 2 Sup Police 2 Supervisors  Law Talk 
17680 451 A PHA PD Tac 1 Police Ch. O Tactical 1  Law Tac 
16736 416 A PHA PD Tac 2 Police Tactical 2  Law Tac 
16768 418 A PHA Security Security  Security 

Port of Houston Authority - Barbours Cut Container Terminal Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17280 438 A PHABCTGenMnt Barbours Cut Container Terminal General Maintenance  Public Works 
17312 43a A PHA BCT Mnt1 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 1  Public Works 
17344 43c A PHA BCT Mnt2 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 2  Public Works 
22496 57e A PHA BCT Mnt3 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 3  Public Works 
22528 580 A PHA BCT Mnt4 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 4  Public Works 
22560 582 A PHA BCT Mnt5 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 5  Public Works 
22592 584 A PHA BCT Mnt6 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 6  Public Works 
22624 586 A PHA BCT Mnt7 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 7  Public Works 
22656 588 A PHA BCT Mnt8 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 8  Public Works 
16832 41c A PHA BCT Ops1 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 1  Public Works 
21696 54c A PHA BCTOps10 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 10  Public Works 
21728 54e A PHA BCTOps11 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 11  Public Works 
21760 550 A PHA BCTOps12 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 12  Public Works 
21792 552 A PHA BCTOps13 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 13  Public Works 
21824 554 A PHA BCTOps14 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 14  Public Works 
21856 556 A PHA BCTOps15 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 15  Public Works 
16864 41e A PHA BCT Ops2 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 2  Public Works 
16896 420 A PHA BCT Ops3 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 3  Public Works 
21504 540 A PHA BCT Ops4 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 4  Public Works 
21536 542 A PHA BCT Ops5 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 5  Public Works 
21568 544 A PHA BCT Ops6 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 6  Public Works 
21600 546 A PHA BCT Ops7 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 7  Public Works 
21632 548 A PHA BCT Ops8 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 8  Public Works 
21664 54a A PHA BCT Ops9 Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 9  Public Works 
22400 578 A PHABCTOutMnt Barbours Cut Container Terminal Outside Maintenance  Public Works 
22464 57c A PHABCT Wharf Barbours Cut Container Terminal Wharf  Public Works 
22432 57a A PHA BCT Yard Barbours Cut Container Terminal Yard  Public Works 

Port of Houston Authority - Bayport Container & Cruise Terminal Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17088 42c A PHA BPGenMnt Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal General Maintenance  Public Works 
17440 442 A PHA BPGenOps Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal General Operations  Public Works 
17120 42e A PHA BP Mnt 1 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 1  Public Works 
17152 430 A PHA BP Mnt 2 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 2  Public Works 
17184 432 A PHA BP Mnt 3 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 3  Public Works 
17216 434 A PHA BP Mnt 4 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 4  Public Works 
17248 436 A PHA BP Mnt 5 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 5  Public Works 
22304 572 A PHA BP Mnt 6 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 6  Public Works 
22336 574 A PHA BP Mnt 7 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 7  Public Works 
22368 576 A PHA BP Mnt 8 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 8  Public Works 
16928 422 A PHA BP Ops 1 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 1  Public Works 
22016 560 A PHA BP Ops10 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 10  Public Works 
22048 562 A PHA BP Ops11 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 11  Public Works 
22080 564 A PHA BP Ops12 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 12  Public Works 
22112 566 A PHA BP Ops13 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 13  Public Works 
22144 568 A PHA BP Ops14 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 14  Public Works 
22176 56a A PHA BP Ops15 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 15  Public Works 
16960 424 A PHA BP Ops 2 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 2  Public Works 
16992 426 A PHA BP Ops 3 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 3  Public Works 
17024 428 A PHA BP Ops 4 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 4  Public Works 
17056 42a A PHA BP Ops 5 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 5  Public Works 
21888 558 A PHA BP Ops 6 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 6  Public Works 
21920 55a A PHA BP Ops 7 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 7  Public Works 
21952 55c A PHA BP Ops 8 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 8  Public Works 
21984 55e A PHA BP Ops 9 Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 9  Public Works 
22208 56c A PHA BPOutMnt Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Outside Maintenance  Public Works 
22272 570 A PHA BP Wharf Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Wharf Bay  Public Works 
22240 56e A PHA BP Yard Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Yard Bay  Public Works 

Port of Houston Authority - Turning Basin Terminal Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17376 43e A PHA TBGenMnt Turning Basin Terminal General Maintenance  Public Works 
17408 440 A PHA TBGenOps Turning Basin Terminal General Operations  Public Works 

Texas Medical Center (Houston) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
18096 46b A TMC A MntDis Ch. A Maintenance Dispatch 1  Public Works 
18192 471 A TMC B Sec 1 Ch. B Security 1  Security 
18160 46f A TMC C PD 1 Ch. C Police 1  Security 
18128 46d A TMC D Sec 2 Ch. D Security 2  Security 
18256 475 A TMC E TchSvc Ch. E Technical Services  Public Works 
18320 479 A TMC F Common Ch. F Member Institution Common/Talk-Around  Emergency Ops 
18288 477 A TMC G Parkng Ch. G Parking  Public Works 
18224 473 A TMC H Maint1 Ch. H Maintenance 1  Public Works 
18352 47b A TMC I Maint2 Ch. I Maintenance 2  Public Works 

Greater Harris County 911 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
19792 4d5 A GHC 911 Ch.1 Greater Harris County 911 Ch. 1  Public Works 
19824 4d7 A GHC 911 Ch.2 Greater Harris County 911 Ch. 2  Public Works 

Railroad Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20592 507 A UP Police Union Pacific Railroad Police  Law Tac 
21168 52b A BNSF Police Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police  Law Tac 
42896 a79 A PTRA Police Port Terminal Railroad Association Police  Law Tac 
42928 a7b A BNSF PD Supv Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police Supervisors  Law Talk 
55536 d8f A BNSF PD Galv Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police Galveston County  Law Tac 

Federal Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
56032 dae A DEA Galv Co Drug Enforcement Agency Galveston County Investigations  Federal 
19392 4bc A DEA SF 1 Drug Enforcement Agency Strike Force 1  Federal 
17936 461 A DEA SF 2 Drug Enforcement Agency Strike Force 2  Federal 
20176 4ed A NASA JSC Sec NASA Johnson Space Center - Security  Federal 
50304 c48 A NWS Galv Co National Weather Service Galveston County  Federal 
51664 c9d A NWS HGX National Weather Service Houston/Galveston Office  Federal 
20240 4f1 A Army75 Train US Army - 75th Division (Training Support)  Military 
18208 472 A Army75 Adm 1 US Army - 75th Division (Training Support) Administration 1  Military 
18240 474 A Army75 Adm 2 US Army - 75th Division (Training Support) Administration 2  Military 
20880 519 A USCG Galv 1 US Coast Guard (Galveston) Ch. 1  Federal 
20912 51b A USCG Galv 2 US Coast Guard (Galveston) Ch. 2  Federal 
17632 44e A USFS US Forest Service  Federal 
11056 2b3 A USMarshalCri US Marshal's Office - Criminal  Federal 
11088 2b5 A USMarshalInv US Marshal's Office - Investigations  Federal 

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
26192 665 A DPS Brazoria Brazoria County "DPS 1"  Deprecated 
46544 b5d A DPS Chambers Chambers County  Deprecated 
46864 b71 A DPSChambers2 Chambers County Ch. 2  Deprecated 
3536 0dd A DPS FortBend Fort Bend County  Deprecated 
55472 d8b A DPS GalvCo Galveston County  Deprecated 
55616 d94 A DPS GalvCo 1 Galveston County 1  Deprecated 
54592 d54 A DPS GalvNarc Galveston County Narcotics  Deprecated 
10928 2ab A DPS Harris 1 Harris County Ch. 1  Deprecated 
18960 4a1 A DPS Harris 2 Harris County Ch. 2  Deprecated 

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
46000 b3b A TABC Ft Bend TABC Fort Bend County  Law Tac 
54864 d65 A TABC Galv Co TABC Galveston County  Law Tac 
1712 06b A TABC Harris TABC Harris County Dispatch 1  Law Tac 

Texas Department of State Health Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
18176 470 A Texas DSHS Texas Department of State Health Services  Public Works 

Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17200 433 A TDOTAlvn/Ang Alvin/Angleton (Brazoria County)  Deprecated 
17232 435 A TDOTGalvestn Galveston (Galveston County, including Bolivar/Galveston Ferry)  Deprecated 
17264 437 A TDOT Conroe Conroe (Montgomery County)  Deprecated 
17296 439 A TDOT Hempstd Hempstead (Waller County)  Deprecated 
17328 43b A TDOT Ft Bend Fort Bend County  Deprecated 
17360 43d A TDOT Humble Humble (Harris County)  Deprecated 
17392 43f A TDOT HarrisE East Harris County  Deprecated 
17424 441 A TDOT HarrisW West Harris County  Deprecated 
17456 443 A TDOT HarrisS South Harris County  Deprecated 
17488 445 A TDOT So Hou South Houston (Harris County)  Deprecated 
17520 447 A TDOT CentHou Central Houston  Deprecated 
17552 449 A TDOTDistrict District  Deprecated 
17584 44b A TDOT Communi Communications  Deprecated 
17616 44d A TDOT Superv Supervisors  Deprecated 

Texas Parks and Wildlife Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20032 4e4 A TPW Bay City TPW Bay City  Deprecated 
46576 b5f A TPW Chambers TPW Chambers County  Deprecated 
55600 d93 A TPW GalvCo1 TPW Galveston County 1  Deprecated 
55632 d95 A TPW GalvCo2 TPW Galveston County 2  Deprecated 
55104 d74 A TPW GalvCo 2 TPW Galveston County Ch. 2 Enforcement  Deprecated 
48560 bdb A TPW HarrisCo TPW Harris County  Deprecated 
48528 bd9 A TPW GameDisp TPW Harris/Chambers/Galveston Game Warden Dispatch  Deprecated 
18464 482 A TPW Houston TPW Houston  Deprecated 

Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
58400 e42 A Health1RTC 1 HealthOne Regional Transfer Center 1  Business 
58416 e43 A Health1RTC 2 HealthOne Regional Transfer Center 2  Business 
54912 d68 A Houston 2Way Houston 2 Way (Galveston County)  Business 
54096 d35 A Motorola GC Motorola (Galveston County)  Business 
54128 d37 A Motorola GC1 Motorola (Galveston County) 1  Business 
54160 d39 A Motorola GC2 Motorola (Galveston County) 2  Business 
13616 353 A Motorola 1 Motorola Ch. 1  Business 
13648 355 A Motorola 2 Motorola Ch. 2  Business 
35328 8a0 A Windsor EMS Windsor EMS  Business 

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