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US > Multiple States > Multiple Counties > United States Air Force (157)

United States Air Force (157)

System Name:United States Air Force (157)
Location:Various, CO CA WY MT NE OK ND FL MA MO GA OH SD
County:24 counties
System Type:Project 25 Phase I
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:March 15, 2018, 4:22 pm ((1) Talkgroups Updated (Tinker Air Force Base))

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
157   BEE00  

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameCounty Freqs      
1 (1) 001 (1) Peterson AFBEl Paso, CO 406.150 407.5625 408.0875 408.1625 408.5625 409.3125a 409.350
1 (1) 002 (2) F.E. Warren AFBLaramie, WY 138.0875 138.1375 138.1625 138.2375c 138.3125 138.3875 138.5375
        138.6125 138.6875a 139.3375        
1 (1) 003 (3) Malmstrom AFBCascade, MT 138.0875 138.1125 138.1625 138.2875 138.3125 138.3875 138.4625
        138.5125 138.5375 138.6125c        
1 (1) 004 (4) Schriever AFBEl Paso, CO 406.5625a 407.8875c 408.3625 409.275 409.9625    
1 (1) 005 (5) Cheyenne Mountain AFSEl Paso, CO 386.275c 386.425a 387.475 387.575 387.700    
1 (1) 006 (6) Vandenberg AFBSanta Barbara, CA 385.2125c 385.3125a 386.0125 386.125 386.225 386.375 386.450
        386.4875 386.5875 386.650 386.700 386.8125 386.850  
1 (1) 007 (7) Los Angeles AFBLos Angeles, CA 386.075 386.1375c 386.225 386.2875a      
1 (1) 009 (9) Patrick AFBBrevard, FL 385.350c 385.8875 386.075 386.2625 386.500 386.650 386.800
1 (1) 010 (A) Grand Forks AFBGrand Forks, ND 406.500c 406.550a 406.775a 407.075a 407.175 407.250 407.350
        407.425 408.050 408.100        
1 (1) 011 (B) Tinker AFBOklahoma, OK 406.7625 407.1625 407.3625 407.7625a 407.9625c 408.1625 408.3625
        408.5625 409.5625 409.7625 409.9625      
1 (1) 012 (C) Air Force AcademyEl Paso, CO 380.075 380.425 380.775 381.1375a 381.425 381.975 385.0125c
1 (1) 013 (D) Buckley AFBArapahoe, CO 380.175c 380.375a 380.525a 380.675a 380.825 380.975 381.1375
        381.2875 381.700 381.875        
1 (1) 014 (E) Minot AFBWard, ND 380.125c 380.300a          
1 (1) 016 (10) Wright-Patterson AFBGreene, OH 408.7625a 408.9625c 409.3625 409.5625 409.9625 410.1625 410.3625
        410.5625 410.7625          
1 (1) 020 (14) F.E. Warren AFB (North)Laramie, WY 138.0375 138.1875 138.3375c 138.6375a 139.1875 173.000  
1 (1) 021 (15) F.E. Warren AFB (Site C)Banner, NE 138.0625c 138.2125a 138.3625 138.5125 138.7375    
1 (1) 022 (16) F.E. Warren AFB (Site G)Cheyenne, NE 138.0875c 138.1625a 138.3125 138.5375 138.6125    
1 (1) 023 (17) F.E. Warren AFB (Site L)Weld, CO 138.1875c 138.3375 138.6375 139.1875      
1 (1) 024 (18) F.E. Warren AFB (Site R)Goshen, WY 138.1125c 138.2625a 138.4125 138.5625 138.7125    
1 (1) 025 (19) F.E. Warren AFB (Site 25)Laramie, WY 138.0875c            
1 (1) 026 (1A) F.E. Warren AFB (Site 26)Laramie, WY 138.2625c            
1 (1) 027 (1B) F.E. Warren AFB (Site 27)Laramie, WY 138.0625c 138.2125a          
1 (1) 030 (1E) Malmstrom AFB (Belgian)Cascade, MT 138.0625 138.1125 138.3375c        
1 (1) 031 (1F) Malmstrom AFB (Teton)Cascade, MT 138.0375 138.0625c 138.1125 138.2125 138.5625 138.7125  
1 (1) 032 (20) Malmstrom AFB (Highwood)Cascade, MT 138.1125c 138.3375 138.6125 138.7375 139.0375    
1 (1) 033 (21) Malmstrom AFB (Cooney)Cascade, MT 138.0875c 138.2375 138.3875        
1 (1) 034 (22) Malmstrom AFB (Judith)Cascade, MT 138.0625c 138.2125 138.3625 138.5625 138.7125    
1 (1) 035 (23) Malmstrom AFB (Sullivan)Cascade, MT 138.0375c 138.1125 138.1875 138.4125 138.5875    
1 (1) 036 (24) Malmstrom AFB (Moccasin)Cascade, MT 138.0475c 138.1125 138.1875        
1 (1) 040 (28) Edwards AFB (Site 40)Kern, CA 407.3625 407.3625 407.475 407.6375 407.9625 408.1625 409.1625a
        409.425 409.5625c 409.700        
1 (1) 041 (29) Edwards AFB (Site 41)Kern, CA 406.1625 406.350 407.1625 407.250 407.5625c 407.7625 409.3625a
1 (1) 042 (2A) Edwards AFB (Site 42)Kern, CA 406.3625 406.9625a 410.7625c 410.900      
1 (1) 043 (2B) Edwards AFB (Site 43)Kern, CA 407.8875a 409.125 409.6875 409.8875c      
1 (1) 060 (3C) Vandenberg AFB (Site 60)Santa Barbara, CA 385.0625c 385.350a 385.625 385.9125 386.1125 386.3125 386.5125
1 (1) 061 (3D) Vandenberg AFB (Site 61)Santa Barbara, CA 385.350a 385.625 385.9125 386.0375c 386.1125 386.250a 386.3125
        386.450 386.5125 386.650 386.7125 386.850    
1 (1) 062 (3E) Vandenberg AFB (Site 62)Santa Barbara, CA 386.050c 386.2625a 386.4625 386.6625      
1 (1) 070 (46) Fort MacArthurLos Angeles, CA 385.0875c 385.325a 385.725 385.875      
1 (1) 071 (47) Eglin AFB (Main Base)Okaloosa, FL 385.0125c 385.900 386.125a 386.225 386.400 386.500 386.650
        386.8125 386.9125 388.000 388.150 388.3875 388.500 388.650
1 (1) 072 (48) Eglin AFB (Hurlburt Field)Okaloosa, FL 385.0625c 385.350 385.8875a 386.1375 386.275 386.4125 386.525
        386.675 386.825 386.9375 388.025 388.175 388.350 388.550
1 (1) 073 (49) Eglin AFB (Floridale)Santa Rosa, FL 386.450c 386.8875a 388.450 388.9625 389.7125    
1 (1) 074 (4A) Eglin AFB (Duke Field)Okaloosa, FL 386.4625c 386.9625a 388.400 388.900 389.4875    
1 (1) 075 (4B) Eglin AFB (Aux Field 2)Okaloosa, FL 386.425c 386.950 388.4375 388.9375 389.4375    
1 (1) 076 (4C) Eglin AFB (Site B12)Santa Rosa, FL 380.275a 380.775c 381.325 381.7875 386.0625    
1 (1) 077 (4D) Eglin AFB (Site C52)Walton, FL 380.075c 380.575a 381.0875 381.425 381.825    
1 (1) 090 (5A) Malabar Tracking AnnexBrevard, FL 385.3125c 385.900 386.200 386.350      
1 (1) 091 (5B) Cape Canaveral AFSBrevard, FL 386.1875 386.375c 386.5125 386.700 386.8875 388.0375 388.3625
        388.5625 388.7375 388.9375        
1 (1) 101 (65) Hanscom AFBMiddlesex, MA 385.8875c 386.1875a 386.4875 386.9625 388.575 389.4875  
2 (2) 004 (4) Ellsworth AFBPennington, SD 138.2375c 138.2625a 138.3375a 138.3625a 138.4125 138.5625 138.6375
        139.1875 139.7625          
2 (2) 040 (28) Whiteman AFBJohnson, MO 405.500 406.1125c 406.150 408.150      
2 (2) 099 (63) Robins AFBHouston, GA 406.3625c 406.7625 407.1625a 407.3625a 407.9625 408.1625 408.7625a
        409.1625 409.3625          

System Talkgroups
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Air Force Academy Talkgroups

The United States Air Force Academy is located northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
52020 cb34 D AFA SF DISP Security Forces Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
52012 cb2c D AFA Base Ops Base Ops  Military 
52033 cb41 D AFA BioHazrd Bio-Hazard Team  Military 
52034 cb42 D AFA CadMedic Cadet Medics  Military 
52057 cb59 D AFA Snowplow Snowplow Operations  Military 
52063 cb5f D AFA Buses Buses  Transportation 
52073 cb69 D AFA 306 FTG 306th Flight Training Group  Military 
52079 cb6f D AFA 94FTS 94th Flight Training Squadron/Gliders  Military 
52082 cb72 D AFA 98FTS 98th Flight Training Squadron/Parachute  Military 
52084 cb74 D AFA 557FTS 557th Flight Training Squadron/Aircraft  Military 
52113 cb91 D AFA EagleClb Eagle's Club Cadets  Military 
52122 cb9a D AFA Training Cadet Training  Military 
52074 cb6a D AFA AirOps 1 Airfield Operations 1  Military 
52080 cb70 D AFA AirOps 2 Airfield Operations 2  Military 
52081 cb71 D AFA AirOps 3 Airfield Operations 3  Military 
52144 cbb0 D AFA AirOps 4 Airfield Operations 4  Military 
52071 cb67 D AFA AF-1 Airfield 1 - Ground Safety  Military 
52072 cb68 D AFA AF-2 Airfield 2 - Skytrain/Glider Operations  Military 

Buckley Air Force Base Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
55003 d6db De BAFB SecForceDis Security Forces Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55011 d6e3 DE BAFB Ops 11 Operations 11  Military 
55042 d702 DE BAFB Ops 42 Operations 42  Military 
55044 d704 DE BAFB Ops 44 Operations 44  Military 
55101 d73d EE BAFB Ops 101 Operations 101  Military 
55103 d73f DE BAFB Ops 103 Operations 103  Military 
55116 d74c DE BAFB Ops 116 Operations 116  Military 

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Talkgroups

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is located in Cape Canaveral Florida and is headquarted at Patrick Air Force Base and operates the launch faciility for the eastern range.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
48331 bccb D CAPE SEC Security Forces Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
48339 bcd3 D CAPE SF A Security Forces Tac-A  Law Tac 
48340 bcd4 D CAPE SF B Security Forces Tac-B  Law Tac 
48341 bcd5 D CAPE SF C Security Forces Tac-C  Law Tac 
48311 bcb7 D CAPE FR1 Fire Rescue - Fire Control  Fire Dispatch 
48316 bcbc D CAPE FR2 Fire Rescue Operations  Fire-Tac 
48317 bcbd D CAPE FR3 Fire Rescue Operations  Fire-Tac 
48301 bcad D CAPE TWR Cape Tower (LMR)  Military 
48351 bcdf D CAPE SFTY1 Safety Net 1  Military 
48352 bce0 D CAPE SFTY2 Safety Net 2  Military 
48412 bd1c D CAPE PHOTO Photo Control  Military 

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station Talkgroups

The Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is located outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
44000 abe0 D CAFS SF DISP Security Forces Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
44001 abe1 D CAFS SF TAC Security Forces Tac  Law Tac 
44022 abf6 D CAFS SF TAC Security Forces Tac  Law Tac 
44010 abea D CAFS FD DISP Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
44011 abeb D CAFS FD TAC Fire Tac  Fire-Tac 
44138 ac6a D CAFS FD TAC Fire Tac  Fire-Tac 
44020 abf4 D CAFS MAINT Alarm Maintenance/Utilities  Military 
44053 ac15 D CAFS EET NET Exercise Evaluation  Military 
44060 ac1c D CAFS COM2 Comm 2  Military 

Duke Field Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
59732 e954 D DUKE Tower Duke Tower (LMR)  Military 

Edwards Air Force Base Talkgroups

 Edwards Air Force Base is located in the Mojave Desert of Southern California, approximately 22 miles northeast of Lancaster, CA.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
50023 c367 D EDW SecForce Security Forces  Law Dispatch 
50010 c35a D EDW Fire Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
50059 c38b D EDW CivilEng Civil Engineering  Public Works 
50048 c380 D EDW Fuel Fuel Trucks  Military 
50049 c381 D EDW Flt Line Flight Line  Military 
50051 c383 D EDW Shadow Shadow Ops  Military 
50053 c385 D EDW Raptor Ground Ops / Raptor Ops  Military 
50061 c38d D EDW Motor Pl Motor Pool  Military 
50067 c393 D EDW Supply Supply  Military 
50078 c39e D EDW Shadow2 Shadow Ops  Military 
50085 c3a5 D EDW Repair Repair 4 / RAMS / Target-93  Military 
50093 c3ad D EDW Tower Edwards Tower (LMR)  Military 
50094 c3ae D EDW Control Control  Military 

Eglin Air Force Base Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
59083 e6cb D Eglin FD Disp Fire Dispatch  Military 
59488 e860 D Eglin Tower Eglin Tower (LMR)  Military 

Ellsworth Air Force Base Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
62020 f244 D EAFB Sec Force 1 Security Forces 1  Military 
62021 f245 D EAFB Sec Force 2 Security Forces 2  Military 
62016 f240 D EAFB Fire Ops Fire Operations  Military 
62017 f241 D EAFB Fire Tac Fire Tac  Military 
62024 f248 D EAFB Transporatn Transportation Dispatch  Military 
62001 f231 D EAFB Engineering Civil Engineering Gen  Military 
62002 f232 D EAFB Work Center Maint Work Centers  Military 
62003 f233 D EAFB Snow Snow Equipment  Military 

FE Warren Air Force Base Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
43000 a7f8 D WAFB Sec 1 Security Forces Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
43003 a7fb D WAFB Sec 2 Security Forces 2  Law Tac 
43004 a7fc D WAFB Sec 3 Security Forces 3  Law Tac 
43005 a7fd D WAFB Sec 4 Security Forces 4  Law Tac 
43012 a804 D WAFB Fire Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
43170 a8a2 D WAFB Flight Flightline Operations  Military 
43022 a80e D WAFB Helipad Helipad Operations  Military 
43002 a7fa D WAFB 99 Base Operations  Military 

Grand Forks Air Force Base Talkgroups

Grand Forks Air Force Base is located west of Grand Forks and is home to the 319th Air Base Wing, part of the Air Mobility Command, 10th Space Warning Squadron, 319th Communication Squadron and the 69th Reconnaissance Group

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
49011 bf73 D GFAFB FIRE Fire/Crash Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 

Hanscom Air Force Base Talkgroups

Hanscom Air Force Base is located in Bedford Massachusetts and is home to the 66th Air Base Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and various commercial and government agencies. Hanscom is building out this system as of Feb 2016

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
57002 deaa D Hanscom FD Fire/Crash Ch. 1  Fire Dispatch 
57006 deae D Hanscom PD Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

Hurlburt Field Talkgroups

Hurlburt Field is home to the Air Force Special Operations Command and the 1st Special Operations Wing.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
61138 eed2 D HFLD FD Disp Fire Dispatch (Crash Net)  Fire Dispatch 
61140 eed4 D HFLD FD Haz Fire Alarm Maint  Fire-Talk 
61143 eed7 D HFLD Tower Hurlburt Tower (LMR)  Military 

Los Angeles Air Force Base - Fort MacArthur Talkgroups

The Los Angeles Air Force Base  is home of the Space and Missile Systems Center - the Air Force's premier space acquisition center, with several space systems directorates. 

Fort MacArthur serves as adminstrative and housing annex of the LAAFB.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
46001 b3b1 D LAAFB SF 1 Security Forces 1  Law Dispatch 
46000 b3b0 D LAAFB SF 2 Security Forces 2  Law Tac 
46003 b3b3 D LAAFB LAAFB  Military 
46010 b3ba DE LAAFB LAAFB  Military 
46016 b3c0 D LAAFB Maintenanc Maintenance  Military 
46017 b3c1 D LAAFB Maintenanc Building Maintenance  Military 
46018 b3c2 D LAAFB LAX LAX Airport - Cargo Transport   Military 
46019 b3c3 D LAAFB LAX LAX Airport - Cargo Security "Thunder"  Military 
46021 b3c5 D LAAFB Tac  Military 

Malmstrom Air Force Base Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
42038 a436 D MAFB SecFor Security Forces - Patrol  Law Dispatch 
42050 a442 D MAFB Hostage Security Forces - Hostage  Law Tac 
42011 a41b D MAFB FD Ops FD Ops  Fire Dispatch 
42013 a41d D MAFBFD Tac 2 FD Tac 2  Fire-Tac 
42014 a41e D MAFBMed Resp Med Resp  Fire-Tac 
42021 a425 D MAFRadiness Readiness  Fire-Tac 
42022 a426 D MAFB Hazmat Hazmat  Fire-Tac 
42023 a427 D MAFB EOD EOD  Fire-Tac 
42032 a430 D MAFB Med BIO Med BIO  EMS-Talk 
42001 a411 D MAFB CE OPS CE OPS  Military 
42002 a412 D MAFBCE MAINT CE MAINT  Military 
42003 a413 D MAFB MSL ENG MSL ENG  Military 
42004 a414 D MAFB Conting Conting  Military 
42005 a415 D MAFB CE 2 CE 2  Military 
42037 a435 D MAFB SFS/LE SFS/LE  Military 
42043 a43b D MAFB WSA Con WSA Con  Military 
42051 a443 D MAFB SF Tac SF Tac  Military 
42056 a448 D MAFB Munit 1 Munit 1  Military 
42058 a44a D MAFB RWYWNG RWYWNG  Military 
42070 a456 D MAFB MOB ADM MOB ADM  Military 
42102 a476 D MAFB SVS Con SVS Con  Military 
42111 a47f D MAFB RHS Ops RHS Ops  Military 
42119 a487 D Malm Cmd Command  Military 
42133 a495 D MAFB A-01 A-01  Military 
42134 a496 D MAFB B-01 B-01  Military 
42135 a497 D MAFB C-01 C-01  Military 
42136 a498 D MAFB D-01 D-01  Military 
42137 a499 D MAFB E-01 E-01  Military 
42142 a49e D MAFB F-01 F-01  Military 
42143 a49f D MAFB G-01 G-01  Military 
42144 a4a0 D MAFB H-01 H-01  Military 
42145 a4a1 D MAFB I-01 I-01  Military 
42146 a4a2 D MAFB J-01 J-01  Military 
42151 a4a7 D MAFB K-01 K-01  Military 
42152 a4a8 D MAFB L-01 L-01  Military 
42153 a4a9 D MAFB M-01 M-01  Military 
42154 a4aa D MAFB N-01 N-01  Military 
42155 a4ab D MAFB O-01 O-01  Military 
42159 a4af D MAFB 564MS 564MS  Military 
42160 a4b0 D MAFBlade Ops Blade Ops  Military 
42167 a4b7 D MAFB Special Special  Military 
42168 a4b8 D MAFB MMOCC MMOCC  Military 

Minot Air Force Base Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
47121 b811 DE MinotAFBGrnd Ground Operations  Military 
47122 b812 D MinotAFBFire Fire  Military 
47123 b813 DE MinotAFBSec1 Security Forces 1  Military 
47124 b814 DE MinotAFBSec2 Security Forces 2  Military 
47125 b815 DE MinotAFBSec3 Security Forces 3  Military 
47126 b816 DE MinotAFBSec4 Security Forces 4  Military 
47127 b817 DE MinotAFBSec5 Security Forces 5  Military 
47147 b82b D MinotAFBFlLn Flight Line 1  Military 

Patrick Air Force Base Talkgroups

Patrick Air Force Base is located near Cape Canaveral and operates the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station along with the 45th Launch Group and suporting units.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
48021 bb95 D PAFB SEC1 Security Police "Control"  Law Dispatch 
48022 bb96 D PAFB SEC2 Security Police Operations  Law Tac 
48054 bbb6 D PAFB SEC3 Security Police Operations  Law Tac 
48011 bb8b D PAFB FR1 Fire Rescue Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
48012 bb8c D PAFB FR2 Fire Rescue Operations  Fire-Tac 
48062 bbbe D PAFB FR3 Fire Rescue - "Fire Control"  Fire-Tac 
48046 bbae D PAFB MOC Mission Operation Center (MOC)  Military 
48055 bbb7 D PAFB OPS Base Operations  Military 
48072 bbc8 D PAFB KDX KDX Units  Military 
48105 bbe9 D PAFB TWR Patrick Tower  Aircraft 

Peterson Air Force Base Talkgroups

Peterson Air Force Base is operated by the 21st Space Wing headquarters is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 21st SW is the Air Force's most geographically-dispersed wing, and the fourth largest wing in the Air Force by number of units

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
40007 9c47 D PAFB SecFor Security Forces  Military 
40001 9c41 DE PAFB SecFor1 Security Forces  Military 
40002 9c42 DE PAFB SecFor2 Security Forces Tactical 2  Military 
40003 9c43 DE PAFB SecFor3 Security Forces Tactical 3  Military 
40004 9c44 DE PAFB SecFor4 Security Forces Tactical 4  Military 
40010 9c4a D PAFB Prevent Prevention  Military 
40082 9c92 D PAFB Gates 1 Gate Units  Military 
40083 9c93 D PAFB Gates 2 Gate Units - Tac 2  Military 
40016 9c50 D PAFB FD Disp Fire Dispatch  Military 
40087 9c97 D PAFB FD Disp Fire Dispatch  Military 
40020 9c54 D PAFB Rescue Rescue Units Dispatch  Military 
40017 9c51 D PAFB CFR Fire Crash  Military 
40051 9c73 D PAFB EMS 1 EMS 1  Military 
40055 9c77 D PAFB EMS 2 EMS 2  Military 
40035 9c63 D PAFB EOC EOC Director  Military 
42020 a424 D PAFB Disastr Disaster Net  Military 
40031 9c5f D PAFB Repair Repair Operations  Military 
40066 9c82 D PAFB Mainten Building Maintenance  Military 
40071 9c87 D PAFB Water Water Department  Military 
40150 9cd6 D PAFB Alarm M Alarm Maintenance  Military 
89 059 D PAFB 302 AMS 302nd AMS Hydraulic Shop  Military 
92 05c D PAFB 302 CP 302 AW Command Post  Military 
99 063 D PAFB Flghtln Flight Line  Military 
40034 9c62 D PAFB Tower Tower  Military 
40104 9ca8 D PAFB Ops Base Ops?  Military 
40132 9cc4 D PAFB Ops Base Ops  Military 
40134 9cc6 D PAFB Fuel Fuels Branch  Military 

Robins Air Force Base Talkgroups

Robins Air Force Base is a major United States Air Force installation located in Houston County, Georgia. Robins AFB is the home of the Air Force Materiel Command's Warner Robins Air Logistics Center which is the worldwide manager for a wide range of aircraft, engines, missiles, software and avionics and accessories components

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
56123 db3b D RAFB Sec Forces Security Forces  Law Dispatch 
56131 db43 D RAFB Sec Forces Security Forces  Law Dispatch 
56132 db44 D RAFB Sec Forces Security Forces  Law Dispatch 
56134 db46 D RAFB Sec Forces Security Forces  Law Dispatch 
56083 db13 D RAFB Maint Con Maintenance Control  Military 
56121 db39 D RAFB Base Ops Base Operations  Military 
56141 db4d DE RAFB Dog House Dog House  Military 
56193 db81 D RAFB Arcrft Mntc Aircraft Maintenance Dispatch  Military 

Schriever Air Force Base Talkgroups

Schriever Air Force Base is located east of Colorado Springs, Colorado and is home to the 50th Space Wing. It is responsible for the operations and support of more than 170 Department of Defense satellites

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
41102 a08e D SAFB Sec Gua Security Forces "Guardian"  Law Dispatch 
41103 a08f D SAFB Sec Exe Security Forces Exercises  Law Tac 
41001 a029 D SAFB Fire Fire  Fire Dispatch 
41002 a02a D SAFB FTAC 2 Fire TAC 2  Fire-Tac 
40999 a027 D SAFB Moto Motorola Maintenance  Public Works 
41026 a042 D SAFB Elec 1 Electrical  Public Works 
41027 a043 D SAFB Elec 2 Electrical 2  Public Works 
41126 a0a6 D SAFB Maint Maintenance  Public Works 
41128 a0a8 D SAFB Misc Radio Maintenance?  Public Works 
41131 a0ab D SAFB Misc2 Radio Maintenance  Public Works 
41077 a075 D SAFB Ops Control  Military 
41153 a0c1 D SAFB Buses Transportation Buses  Military 

Tinker Air Force Base Talkgroups

Tinker Air Force Base is a major U.S. Air Force base, with tenant U.S. Navy and other Department of Defense missions, located in the southeast Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area, directly south of the suburb of Midwest City, Oklahoma

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
51030 c756 D TAFB SF 1 Security Forces 1  Law Dispatch 
51032 c758 D TAFB SF 2 Security Forces 2  Law Dispatch 
51031 c757 D TAFB SF Security  Law Tac 
51020 c74c D TAFB FD 1 Disp Fire 1 Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
51021 c74d D TAFB FD 2 Tac Fire 2 Tac  Fire-Tac 
51022 c74e D TAFB FD 3 Tac Fire 3 Tac  Fire-Tac 
51023 c74f D TAFB FD 4 Twr Fire 4 Tower Link  Fire-Tac 
51024 c750 D TAFB FD Sta 1 Fire Station 1  Fire-Tac 
51025 c751 D TAFB FD Sta 2 Fire Station 2  Fire-Tac 
51026 c752 D TAFB FD Sta 3 Fire Station 3  Fire-Tac 
51028 c754 D TAFB Fire 51028 Fire 51028  Fire-Tac 
51029 c755 D TAFB Fire 51029 Fire 51029  Fire-Tac 
51270 c846 D TAFB Med Contr Medical Control  EMS Dispatch 
51010 c742 D TAFB Command Pst Command Post  Military 
51331 c883 D TAFB Command Net Base Commanders Net  Military 
51007 c73f D TAFB Civil Eng 1 Civil Engineering 1  Public Works 
51008 c740 D TAFB Civil Eng 2 Civil Engineering 2  Public Works 
51120 c7b0 D TAFB Transporta Transportation  Transportation 
51180 c7ec D TAFB Fuels Base Fuels  Military 
51012 c744 D TAFB EOD 1 Explosive Ordinance Disposal 1  Military 
51013 c745 D TAFB EOD 2 Explosive Ordinance Disposal 2  Military 
51101 c79d D TAFB Cargo Air Terminal Operations  Military 
51140 c7c4 D TAFB 507 Maintec 507th ARW Maintenance  Military 
51146 c7ca D TAFB 507 Mainten 507th ARW Maintenance  Military 
51170 c7e2 D TAFB ALC Tanker ALC Tanker Mainenance  Military 
51171 c7e3 D TAFB ALC Bomber ALC Bomber Maintenance  Military 
51172 c7e4 D TAFB ALC Tanker ALC Tanker Maintenance  Military 
51190 c7f6 D TAFB ALC Movers ALC Aircraft Movers  Military 
51200 c800 D TAFB ALC X-Ray ALC NDI X-Ray Technicians  Military 
51220 c814 D TAFB ALC Tugs ALC Tug Drivers  Military 
51280 c850 D TAFB ALC Supervr ALC Engine Repair Supervisors  Military 
51281 c851 D TAFB ALC Movers ALC Engine Parts Movers  Military 
51283 c853 D TAFB ALC Forklft ALC Forklift Drivers  Military 
51310 c86e DE TAFB AWACS Mntce AWACS Maintenance  Military 
51311 c86f D TAFB AWACS Mtce AWACS Maintenance  Military 
51314 c872 D TAFB AWACS Mtnce AWACS Maintenance  Military 

Vandenberg Air Force Base Talkgroups

Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, is headquarters for the 30th Space Wing. The 30th manages Department of Defense space and missile testing, and placing satellites into polar orbit from the West Coast, using expendable boosters (Delta II, Pegasus, Taurus, Minotaur, Atlas V and Delta IV). Wing personnel also support the Service's Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Force Development Evaluation program.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
45014 afd6 D VAFB SF DISP Security Forces Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
45002 afca D VAFB SF OPS Security Forces Operations  Law Tac 
45015 afd7 D VAFB SF TAC1 Security Forces Tac-1  Law Tac 
45016 afd8 D VAFB SF TAC2 Security Forces Tac-2  Law Tac 
45027 afe3 D VAFB FD DISP Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
45030 afe6 D VAFB CRASH Fire Crash  Fire Dispatch 
45028 afe4 D VAFB FD TAC2 Fire Tac-2  Fire-Tac 
45029 afe5 D VAFB FD TAC1 Fire Tac-1 (Launch Ops)  Fire-Tac 
45049 aff9 D VAFB Elec 1 Electrical Systems  Public Works 
45050 affa D VAFB Utility Utility  Public Works 
45051 affb D VAFB Elec 2 Electrical Systems  Public Works 
45081 b019 D VAFB TWR Tower/Ground (LMR)  Military 
45096 b028 D VAFB TRANS 2 Transportation Operations  Transportation 
45115 b03b D VAFB Ranch Ranch (Tracking Station)  Military 
45122 b042 D VAFB AirMnt1 Aircraft Maintenance  Military 
45124 b044 D VAFB AirMnt2 Aircraft Maintenance  Military 
45135 b04f D VAFB LCC Launch Control Center  Military 
45138 b052 D VAFB Video Audio/Video Operations  Military 
45165 b06d D VAFB TRANS 1 Transportation Dispatch  Transportation 
45226 b0aa D VAFB Comm Electronic Communications  Military 

Whiteman Air Force Base Talkgroups

Whiteman Air Force Base is joint service base 70 miles southeast of Kansas City. It is home to the 509th Bomb Wing with the B-2 bombers, as well as other tenant units

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Talkgroups

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located just east of Dayton in Greene and Montgomery counties. It includes both Wright and Patterson Fields. The host unit at Wright-Patterson AFB is the 88th Air Base Wing assigned to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and Air Force Materiel Command. The 88 ABW operates the airfield, maintains all infrastructure and provides security, communications, medical, legal, personnel, contracting, finance, transportation, air traffic control, weather forecasting, public affairs, recreation and chaplain services for more than 60 associate units. The active flying unit is the 445th Air Wing of the Air Force Reserves flying the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.


DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
57021 debd D WPAFB SecForces1 Security Forces 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
57022 debe D WPAFB SecForces2 Security Forces 2  Law Tac 
57131 df2b D WPAFB Fire Disp Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
57133 df2d D WPAFB Fire Ops 1 Fire Ops 1 - Crash/Fire  Fire-Tac 
57124 df24 D WPAFB Fire Ops 2 Fire Ops 2 - Structures  Fire-Tac 
57121 df21 D WPAFB STRUC 1 Fire Structure 1  Fire-Tac 
57127 df27 D WPAFB Med Center Medical Center  Hospital 
57035 decb D WPAFB Civil Eng Civil Engineering (exact use unconfirmed)  Public Works 
57039 decf D WPAFB CE Heat Civil Engineering Heating Plant  Public Works 
57047 ded7 D WPAFB 57047 Civil Engineering (exact use unconfirmed)  Public Works 
57090 df02 D WPAFB Code Blue Code Blue emergency  Fire Dispatch 
57135 df2f D WPAFB Transport Transportation  Public Works 
57170 df52 D WPAFB Museum Air Force Museum  Public Works 
57210 df7a D WPAFB Supply Base Supply  Public Works 
57261 dfad D WPAFB 445 AW A 445th Air Wing Ops A  Military 
57262 dfae D WPAFB 445 AW B 445th Air Wing Ops B - A/C Maintenance  Military 
57263 dfaf D WPAFB 445 AW C 445th Air Wing Ops C  Military 
57270 dfb6 D WPAFB Fleet Fleet Maintenance  Public Works 
57280 dfc0 D WPAFB Ground Patterson Ground  Military 
57281 dfc1 D WPAFB Base Ops Base Operations  Military 
57310 dfde D WPAFB Fuel Farm Fuel Farm operations  Public Works 
57331 dff3 D WPAFB MOC Maintenance Operations Control Center  Public Works 
57918 e23e D WPAFB RadAssess Air Force Radiation Assessment Team  Military 

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