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Last Updated: June 6, 2018, 9:29 am
US > Maryland > Montgomery (County) > Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County, MD - Downloads and Reports

You can download information directly into your radio by using a scanner programming software application that supports the RadioReference.com Web Service Direct Download feature. Please see the following page for information on how to get started using this feature:

Programming Your Scanner with the RadioReference Web Service

Pre-Defined Report Downloads

Download CSV File of All Sites and Frequencies for Trunked System: Montgomery County, MD
Download CSV File of All Talkgroups for Trunked System: Montgomery County, MD
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Montgomery County, MD
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Montgomery County, MD (All talkgroups sorted)

Other Reports

Talkgroup Category Location Data Report
Site Location Data Report

Change History for Montgomery County, MD system (Last 30)

Changed Admin Date Changed
Added Talkgroup 2448 Public Safety Training Academy(Fire/Rescue - Administration)dtscho2018-06-06 09:29:44
Added Talkgroup 8272 Roads Talkaround - Bethesda areadtscho2017-08-11 12:21:37
(2) Talkgroups Updated (Maryland Transportation Authority)dtscho2017-08-05 10:33:33
(1) Talkgroups Updated (Law Enforcement - County Police)dtscho2017-08-03 11:40:15
Added Talkgroup 17072 P8 Talkarounddtscho2017-07-29 18:44:33
Changed Site # 001 (Simulcast) to 001 (Simulcast)dtscho2017-05-22 07:32:08
(1) Talkgroups Updated (Local Government)dtscho2017-02-25 17:05:27
Added Talkgroup 19072 7B5O Battalion 5 Announcementdtscho2017-02-08 11:02:42
Added Talkgroup 2864 7B5K Fire Station 35dtscho2017-02-08 11:02:01
Added Talkgroup 2960 7B5J Fire Station 34dtscho2017-02-08 11:01:22
Added Talkgroup 2880 7B5I Fire Station 29dtscho2017-02-08 11:00:44
Added Talkgroup 2656 7B5H Fire Station 22dtscho2017-02-08 11:00:16
Added Talkgroup 2496 7B5G Fire Station 17dtscho2017-02-08 10:59:46
Added Talkgroup 2400 7B5F Fire Station 14dtscho2017-02-08 10:58:56
Added Talkgroup 2368 7B5E Fire Station 13dtscho2017-02-08 10:58:25
Added Talkgroup 2240 7B5D Fire Station 9dtscho2017-02-08 10:57:56
Added Talkgroup 19056 7B4O Battalion 4 Announcementdtscho2017-02-08 10:56:30
Added Talkgroup 2976 7B4J Fire Station 42dtscho2017-02-08 10:56:00
Added Talkgroup 2832 7B4I Fire Station 40dtscho2017-02-08 10:54:58
Added Talkgroup 2752 7B4H Fire Station 25dtscho2017-02-08 10:54:23
Added Talkgroup 2624 7B4G Fire Station 21dtscho2017-02-08 10:53:53
Added Talkgroup 2528 7B4F Fire Station 18dtscho2017-02-08 10:53:25
Added Talkgroup 2112 7B4E Fire Station 5dtscho2017-02-08 10:52:47
Added Talkgroup 2080 7B4D Fire Station 4dtscho2017-02-08 10:52:02
Added Talkgroup 19040 7B3O Battalion 3 Announcementdtscho2017-01-30 10:34:06
Added Talkgroup 3040 7B3L Fire Station 53dtscho2017-01-30 10:33:18
Added Talkgroup 2944 7B3K Fire Station 33dtscho2017-01-30 10:32:46
Added Talkgroup 2928 7B3J Fire Station 32dtscho2017-01-30 10:31:55
Added Talkgroup 2912 7B3I Fire Station 31dtscho2017-01-30 10:31:00
Added Talkgroup 1971 7B3H Fire Station 28dtscho2017-01-30 10:30:18

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