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Subcategory Location Data Report for La Crosse County

Category Subcategory Sort Lat Lon Range
La Crosse CountyLa Crosse, County of143.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
La Crosse CountyHospitals1143.8905242-91.100132320
La Crosse CountyCampbell, Town of9943.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
La Crosse CountyHolland, Town of9943.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
La Crosse CountyHolmen, City of9943.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
La Crosse CountyLa Crosse Municipal Airport9943.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
La Crosse CountyLa Crosse, City of9943.8905242-91.100132320
La Crosse CountyOnalaska, City of9943.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
La Crosse CountyOnalaska, Town of9943.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
La Crosse County Ham RadioVHF Repeaters9943.8905242-91.100132317
La Crosse CountyWest Salem, City of9943.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
Higher EducationUniversity of Wisconsin - La Crosse9943.8905242 (Inherited)-91.1001323 (Inherited)20 (Inherited)
Higher EducationViterbo University9943.8013556-91.23958078
Higher EducationWestern Technical College9943.8013556-91.23958078

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