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Canada > Nova Scotia > Yarmouth (County)

Yarmouth County Nova Scotia - Downloads and Reports

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Pre-Defined Report Downloads

Download CSV File of All Identified Frequencies in Yarmouth County
Download Printable Yarmouth County Reference PDF File

Online Reports

All Identified Frequencies in Yarmouth County (including individual agencies and trunked systems)
Subcategory Location Data Report

Change History

Changed Admin Date Changed
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 0, Deleted 2) for All frequencieshfxChris2013-06-01 10:26:18
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 19, Deleted 0) for All frequencieshfxChris2013-06-01 10:26:12
General text description updatedhfxChris2013-01-28 18:22:21
Added Frequency 153.41 (Lake and Districts fire department)hfxChris2012-04-06 14:56:19
Tagged 4 Frequencies with (Ham)hfxChris2011-09-21 09:25:16
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 4, Deleted 0) for Amateur RadiohfxChris2011-09-21 09:25:16
Sort order changed to from 3 for subcat: RepeatershfxChris2011-09-21 09:25:16
4 Frequencies importedhfxChris2011-09-21 09:25:11
Changed Subcategory Details For: RepeatershfxChris2011-09-21 09:22:47
Added Subcategory: RepeatershfxChris2011-09-21 09:22:34
Added category (Amateur Radio 99)hfxChris2011-09-21 09:22:26
General text description updatedhfxChris2011-04-27 18:21:34
General text description updatedhfxChris2011-04-17 20:17:48
Sub-category (Yarmouth County Sort 1) changed to (Yarmouth County Sort: 1)hfxChris2010-12-11 12:05:20
Changed a related trunking systemhfxChris2010-12-11 12:05:19
Sub-category (Yarmouth County Sort 1) changed to (Yarmouth County Sort: 1)hfxChris2010-12-11 11:55:15
Added a related trunking systemhfxChris2010-12-11 11:55:13
Subcategory (Yarmouth County) added to (Yarmouth County) CategoryhfxChris2010-12-11 11:55:03
Sub-category (County-wide Sort 1) changed to (County-wide Sort: 2)hfxChris2010-12-11 11:54:57
Sub-category (Yarmouth Sort 99) changed to (Yarmouth (town) Sort: 99)hfxChris2010-10-26 18:48:53
Category (Public Safety - Fire Sort: 99) changed to (Yarmouth County Sort: 99)hfxChris2010-10-26 18:48:40
Agency: (Yarmouth Airport (CYQI)) was updatedhfxChris2010-10-23 21:35:31
Default Location Data Updated to 43.992815 / -65.725708 / 31.064831372848hfxChris2010-10-19 20:36:21
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 0, Deleted 0) for West PubnicohfxChris2010-08-03 20:26:44
Added Frequency 153.425 (West Pubnico fire department (simplex))hfxChris2010-08-03 20:25:56
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 13, Deleted 0) for All frequencieshfxChris2010-08-03 20:24:35
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 13, Deleted 0) for All frequencieshfxChris2010-08-03 20:24:06
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 1, Deleted 0) for All frequencieshfxChris2010-08-03 20:23:29
Added Frequency 151.745 (NS IMRS East Kemptville repeater (available to all stations in Yarmouth County))hfxChris2010-03-21 21:18:33
Added Frequency 153.83 (Province-wide mutual aid frequency)hfxChris2010-03-21 21:18:08
Subcategory (County-wide) added to (Public Safety - Fire) CategoryhfxChris2010-03-21 21:17:51
General text description deletedhfxChris2010-03-21 21:17:39
Added Frequency 154.385 (Quinan fire department)hfxChris2009-08-30 20:14:32
General text description updatedhfxChris2009-08-30 17:35:27
Category (Public Safety Sort: 99) changed to (Public Safety - Fire Sort: 99)hfxChris2009-08-30 15:00:53
TRS Link to 3627 editedhfxChris2009-08-30 14:42:00
Agency: (Yarmouth Airport (CYQI)) was updatedhfxChris2009-08-30 14:40:26
Agency: (Yarmouth Airport (CYQI)) was updatedhfxChris2009-08-30 14:40:00
Agency: (Yarmouth Airport (CYQI)) was updatedhfxChris2009-08-30 14:39:46
Agency Yarmouth Airport (CYQI) addedhfxChris2009-08-30 14:39:29

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