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Canada > Ontario > Niagara (County)

Niagara County Ontario - Downloads and Reports

You can download information directly into your radio by using a scanner programming software application that supports the RadioReference.com Web Service Direct Download feature. Please see the following page for information on how to get started using this feature:

Programming Your Scanner with the RadioReference Web Service

Pre-Defined Report Downloads

Download CSV File of All Identified Frequencies in Niagara County
Download Printable Niagara County Reference PDF File

Online Reports

All Identified Frequencies in Niagara County (including individual agencies and trunked systems)
Subcategory Location Data Report

Change History

Changed Admin Date Changed
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 196 Recycle Bin Trucks(Fonthill))mciupa2018-04-20 19:41:20
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup Category: Bonville)mciupa2018-04-18 21:03:11
OnQue System Updated (Changed Site # 005 (Fonthill) to 005 (Fonthill))mciupa2018-04-18 11:21:58
OnQue System Updated (Deleted 1 talkgroup(s) (Fonthill))mciupa2018-04-16 16:26:12
Added Frequency 152.825 (Snow Plows)mciupa2018-04-14 20:31:50
Changed Subcategory Details For: Lincolnmciupa2018-04-14 20:29:53
OnQue System Updated (General text description updated)mciupa2018-04-02 19:26:07
Tagged 14 Frequencies with (Deprecated)mciupa2018-04-01 09:53:53
Changed Subcategory Details For: Niagara Regional Police Servicemciupa2018-04-01 09:53:06
DMR-MARC Ontario Amateur Repeater Network System Updated (General text description updated)VA3DBJ2018-03-31 20:52:38
Niagara Region System Updated (Updated mode assignments for 1 talkgroups(Regional Police Service))MikeOxlong2018-03-29 22:13:55
OnQue System Updated (Changed Site # 005 (Fonthill) to 005 (Fonthill))mciupa2018-03-26 19:09:10
GOTRBO Network System Updated (General text description deleted)mciupa2018-03-16 06:57:09
Welland Transit System Updated (Added Talkgroup 100 Transit Operators(All))mciupa2018-02-17 20:56:29
Welland Transit System Updated (Changed Talkgroup Category: All to All(All))mciupa2018-02-17 20:55:29
Welland Transit System Updated (Added Talkgroup Category: All)mciupa2018-02-17 20:55:19
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 170 Spectrum Transportation Serevices)mciupa2018-02-02 06:35:50
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 169 Spectrum Transportation Services - Automated Vehicle Locator)mciupa2018-02-02 06:33:15
OnQue System Updated (Deleted 2 talkgroup(s) (Fonthill))mciupa2018-02-02 06:31:32
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 561 Shuttle Bus)mciupa2018-01-30 08:17:32
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 81 Williams Towing (Scarbrough, Toronto, Aurora))mciupa2018-01-21 13:56:24
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 348 Rafat GC (Richmond Hill Plow Contract) (Toronto/Aurora sites))mciupa2018-01-16 08:50:12
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 2030 Taxi (Barrie Area))MikeOxlong2018-01-11 14:17:40
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 1230 Taxi (Midland Area))MikeOxlong2018-01-11 14:17:18
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup Category: Simcoe County)MikeOxlong2018-01-11 14:16:13
Niagara Falls Works Department System Updated (Updated General Trunked System Information)mciupa2018-01-10 08:27:53
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 0, Deleted 1) for Niagara Regionmciupa2018-01-10 08:22:41
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 144 Industrial Property Services - Markham (Toronto, Aurora))mciupa2018-01-08 15:22:37
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 59040 Cornwall Towing)mciupa2018-01-06 15:02:09
Canquest Communications System Updated (General text description updated)mciupa2017-12-31 07:39:56
Canquest Communications System Updated (Changed Site # 004 (Port Colborne) to 004 (Port Colborne))mciupa2017-12-31 07:39:22
Canquest Communications System Updated (Changed Site # 024 (Port Colborne) to 4 (Port Colborne))mciupa2017-12-31 07:38:18
Canquest Communications System Updated (Changed Site # 016 (Fort Erie) to 1 (Fort Erie))mciupa2017-12-31 07:36:41
Canquest Communications System Updated (Changed Zone # 12 (Niagara and Haldimand) to # 13 (Niagara))mciupa2017-12-31 07:35:49
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 39 Snow Clearing)mciupa2017-12-27 18:52:01
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 86 Courier)mciupa2017-12-27 18:51:26
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 266 Snow Clearing)mciupa2017-12-27 18:50:53
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 526 Snow Clearing)mciupa2017-12-27 18:49:54
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 251 Paragon Security)mciupa2017-12-27 18:49:20
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 1098 Fuel Delivery)mciupa2017-12-27 18:48:01

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