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Canada > Ontario > Brant (County)

Brant County Ontario - Downloads and Reports

You can download information directly into your radio by using a scanner programming software application that supports the RadioReference.com Web Service Direct Download feature. Please see the following page for information on how to get started using this feature:

Programming Your Scanner with the RadioReference Web Service

Pre-Defined Report Downloads

Download CSV File of All Identified Frequencies in Brant County
Download Printable Brant County Reference PDF File

Online Reports

All Identified Frequencies in Brant County (including individual agencies and trunked systems)
Subcategory Location Data Report

Change History

Changed Admin Date Changed
Brantford System Updated (General text description updated)mciupa2017-09-18 10:24:45
Brantford System Updated (Deleted Talkgroup Category: System Testing)mciupa2017-09-18 09:55:50
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 641 Enbridge - Integrity (Ottawa, Toronto))mciupa2017-09-15 06:25:40
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 24158 Mount Forest Fire Department)mciupa2017-09-14 15:08:57
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 24157 Arthur Fire Department)mciupa2017-09-14 15:07:10
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 92 Wide Area School Transportation (Toronto, Aurora))mciupa2017-09-06 16:52:10
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 376 Canadian Traffic Network Helicopter)mciupa2017-09-06 15:42:27
OnQue System Updated (Deleted Talkgroup Category: Scarborough)mciupa2017-09-06 12:04:06
OnQue System Updated (Changed Talkgroup Category: Brantford to Brantford(Brantford))mciupa2017-09-04 14:36:30
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 301 407 East Development Group)VA3DBJ2017-09-04 13:00:16
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 199 Tow Truck)mciupa2017-08-29 18:51:49
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 501 Excavation - Vaughan area)mciupa2017-08-26 08:41:09
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup Category: Aurora)mciupa2017-08-26 08:40:09
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 201851 Production Transportation Team (Rental))mciupa2017-08-08 07:05:42
Bell FleetNet - Ontario Provincial Government Zone 1 System Updated (Added Talkgroup 8848 Chatham-Kent Police Service Patch)Forts2017-07-28 06:32:06
FleetConnect System Updated (General text description updated)VA3DBJ2017-07-27 08:57:55
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22209 Delivery Service)VA3DBJ2017-07-26 10:14:26
Bell FleetNet - Ontario Provincial Government Zone 1 System Updated (Added Talkgroup 9968 Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service PatchForts2017-07-24 19:25:20
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 24051 Towing)VA3DBJ2017-07-16 11:16:11
Agency: (Recreation) was updatedmciupa2017-07-06 08:03:47
Agency: (Recreation) was updatedmciupa2017-07-06 08:03:25
FleetConnect System Updated (Updated General Trunked System Information)VA3DBJ2017-06-25 17:35:52
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22232 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 12:14:12
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22226 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 12:11:33
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22231 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 12:06:42
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22234 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 11:54:42
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22229 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 11:47:10
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22240 Pride 2017 - Public Safety Volunteers)mciupa2017-06-25 11:27:11
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22230 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 11:25:48
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22227 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 11:07:15
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22225 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 11:06:34
FleetConnect System Updated (Added Talkgroup 22224 Pride 2017)mciupa2017-06-25 10:50:54
Agency: (Business) was updatedmciupa2017-06-03 21:49:43
Agency: (Business) was updatedmciupa2017-06-03 21:47:52
FleetConnect System Updated (Updated Sites)VA3DBJ2017-05-24 13:27:57
FleetConnect System Updated (Updated Sites)VA3DBJ2017-05-24 13:26:15
FleetConnect System Updated (Updated Sites)VA3DBJ2017-05-24 13:21:43
Bell FleetNet - Ontario Provincial Government Zone 1 System Updated (Added Talkgroup 18304 Illegal Gambling Unit)mciupa2017-05-19 20:47:13
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 1110 Hardtop Paving (Fonthill, Walsh))mciupa2017-05-18 15:50:53
OnQue System Updated (Added Talkgroup 281 Tip Top Towing (Fonthill,Hamilton))mciupa2017-05-18 15:48:12

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