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Last Updated: May 22, 2018, 8:26 pm
US > Texas > Potter (County)

Potter County Texas

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Potter County
Potter County

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.80000  WNMS969  RM 127.3 PL Pott SO Disp Sheriff Dispatch (Amarillo Tower Simulcast)  FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.31750  WQGV794  RM 023 DPL Pott SO Disp Sheriff Dispatch (North PANCOM Tower Simulcast)  FMN  Law Dispatch 
154.05500  WNWC290  RM 054 DPL Pott Co Fire Fire Dispatch Primary / Sheriff Secondary Dispatch  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.20500    BM 114.8 PL EMS Disp EMS Dispatch  FMN  EMS Dispatch 
154.36250    BM 141.3 PL EMS to Hosp EMS to Hospital  FMN  Hospital 
453.60000  WNWW929  RM 103.5 PL SantaFeMaint SantaFe Bldg. Maint.  FMN  Public Works 

Medical Support

NW Regional Medical Center has the only Level III trauma center in the Texas Panhandle. Lifestar EMS Helicopter serves the entire TX Panhandle as well as portions of New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
462.97500  KMK570  RM 136.5 PL EMS Disp EMS Disp/Ops (National MED 10) Local  FMN  EMS Dispatch 
462.95000  KMK570  RM 136.5 PL EMS 2 Hosp EMS/Hosp Comms (National MED 9)  FMN  Hospital 
453.17500  WPCP849  RM 186.2 PL LifeStarDisp NW Regional Med Center - LifeStar Dispatch/Ops  FMN  EMS Dispatch 
163.25000  WPKI983  B 167.9 PL Med Paging NW Regional Med Center - EMS/Medical Paging  FM  Hospital 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.14500  KKH805  RM 203.5 PL Ama PD1 Disp Police Dispatch  FMN  Law Dispatch 
154.86000  KKH805  RM 218.1 PL Ama PD2 N-E Police North & East Dispatch  FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.19000  KKH805  RM 192.8 PL Ama PD3 S-W Police South & West Dispatch  FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.25000  KKH805  RM 241.8 PL Ama PD4 Info Police Information/NCIC  FMN  Law Tac 
154.89000  KKH805  M 250.3 PL Ama PD5 C2C Police Car-to-Car  FMN  Law Talk 
155.59500  WNJW317  RM CSQ Ama PD Encry Police Encrypted Operations (DES)  FMNE  Law Tac 
159.22500  KWO303  RM 156.7 PL Ama PrksDept Parks & Recreation (Also Ama PD Ch 17)  FMN  Multi-Talk 
154.34000  KKJ677  RM 100.0 PL Ama FD Disp1 Fire Dispatch 1  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.31000  KKJ677  RM 123.0 PL Ama FD Disp2 Fire Dispatch 2  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.13000  KKJ677  BM 173.8 PL Ama FD3 FG Fireground  FMN  Fire-Tac 
153.89000  KKJ677  RM 173.8 PL Ama FD4 TAC Fire Ops  FMN  Fire-Tac 
154.07000  KKJ677  BM AmaFireMarsh Fire Marshal  FMN  Fire-Talk 
151.11500  WPPG873  RM 110.9 PL AmaEmgServ1 Emergency Services  FMN  Emergency Ops 
158.86500  WNQV638  RM Ama OEM Emergency Management  FMN  Emergency Ops 
27.23500  KRC578  BM CSQ AmaEmgServ7a Emergency Services  FM  Emergency Ops 
462.70000  KAB9887  RM AmaEmgGMRS Emergency Services  FMN  Emergency Ops 
155.14500  KTH536  B EmgWarning Emergency Warning  FM  Deprecated 
155.05500  KTH441  RM 192.8 PL AmaAnimlCtrl Animal Control  FMN  Public Works 
153.71000  KKU355  RM 136.5 PL Ama Utils 1 City Utilities  FMN  Utilities 
158.19000  WPHN913  RM 136.5 PL Ama Utils 2 City Utilities  FMN  Utilities 
453.92500  WNGP643  RM 123.0 PL Ama Transit Amarillo Transit (Bus Service)  FMN  Transportation 
461.47500  KNCY741  RM 125 DPL Ama ISD Mnt Amarillo ISD (Maintenance?)  FMN  Schools 
152.28500  WQFP552  RM 731 DPL Ama ISD Buse Amarillo ISD School buses (Durham Sch Srvs)  FMN  Schools 
453.05000  KTH441  RM 94.8 PL AmaCivicCent Civic Center Operations  FMN  Public Works 
453.67500  WPDZ648  RM 94.8 PL AmaFacEngr City Facilities Engr  FMN  Public Works 
155.72250  WPLQ775  RM 118.8 PL Ama Landfill City Landfill  FMN  Public Works 
158.74500  KTH441  RM 118.8 PL Ama Sanation Sanitation  FMN  Public Works 
453.40000  KTH441  B AmaCityPager City Pager (Voice and Data)  Telm  Public Works 
854.96250  WNPW375  RM Ama MobilDat Mobile Data Terminals  Telm  Data 

Texas State Local Agencies
Amarillo College

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.58000  WNSA797  RM 179.9 PL AmaCollegePD College Police  FMN  Law Dispatch 

All Trunked Radio Systems in Potter County

System Name Type City
Amarillo Project 25 Phase I Amarillo
Omega Two-Way Radio LTR Standard Amarillo
WT Systems/Panhandle Paging LTR Standard Amarillo
Xcel Energy Project 25 Phase I Various

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