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US > North Dakota > Burleigh (County)

Burleigh County North Dakota

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County Quick Jumps


Input Frequencies:
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Burleigh County
Burleigh County

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.96250  WQCI326  RM 203 NAC BRLH SO BSMK Burleigh So Bismarck Encrypted  P25E  Law Dispatch 
155.88750  WQCI326  RM 203 NAC BRLH SO STL Burleigh So Steele Encrypted  P25E  Law Dispatch 
151.39250  WQCI326  RM 203 NAC BRLH SO WLT Burleigh So Wilton Encrypted  P25E  Law Dispatch 
155.57250  WQCI326  RM 203 NAC BRLH SO WING Burleigh So Wing Encrypted  P25E  Law Dispatch 
154.86000  KO5210  M BRLH SO 6 Sheriff's Dept. Car to Car - Encrypted  P25E  Law Tac 
159.45750  WQCI326  RM 141.3 PL BRLH FIRE EM Rural Fire and EMS Depts. X 4  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.37000  KAH984  BM BRLH PAGE County Fire - EMS Paging  FMN  Multi-Dispatch 
154.87500  WQGV704  RM 100.0 PL BRLH SO DC 1 Detention Center  FMN  Corrections 
154.88250  WQCI326  BM 100.0 PL BRLH SO DC 2 Detention Center Simulcast  FMN  Corrections 
155.14500  WLS37  RM 107.2 PL BRLH ROADS Road Dept  FMN  Multi-Tac 
453.42500  KNBH877  RM BRLH PAGE Paging  FMN  Deprecated 
453.52500  KNBT909  RM BRLH PAGE Paging  FMN  Deprecated 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.07000  KSO549  RM 211 NAC BSMK PD 1 PD Bismarck PD CH 1 - Dispatch Pri. - Encrypted  P25E  Law Dispatch 
155.12250  WPZR394  RM 212 NAC BSMK PD 2 SD Bismarck PD CH 2 - Dispatch Sec. - Encrypted  P25E  Law Dispatch 
159.09000  KSO549  BM 216 NAC BSMK PD 4 Bismarck PD CH 4 - Encrypted  P25E  Law Tac 
154.65000  KSO549  BM 213 NAC BSMK PD 5 SW Bismarck PD CH 5 - SWAT - Bearcat - Encrypted  P25E  Law Tac 
155.67000  KAE780  BM 411 NAC BSMK PD 6 AD Bismarck PD CH 6 - Admin - Encrypted  P25E  Law Tac 
158.87250  WPZR394  BM 725 NAC BSMK NARC 1 Bismarck PD Narco 1 Encrypted  P25E  Law Tac 
159.35250  WPZR394  BM 525 NAC BSMK NARC 2 Bismarck PD Narco 2 Encrypted  P25E  Law Tac 
156.00750  WPZR394  BM 625 NAC BIS MAN TAC2 Bis Man PD Tac 2 Encrypted  P25E  Law Tac 
151.48250  WPWN986  RM 311 NAC BSMK FIRE Fire Dept. Dispatch - Encrypted  P25E  Fire Dispatch 
151.15250  WPWN986  RM 312 NAC BSMK FIRE 2 Bismarck Fire 2 - Encrypted  P25E  Fire-Tac 
151.00250  WPWN986  BM 314 NAC BSMK FGND 1 Bismarck FIRE Ground 1 - Encrypted  P25E  Fire-Tac 
156.17250  WPWN986  BM 315 NAC BSMK FGND 2 Bismarck FIRE Ground 2 - Encrypted  P25E  Fire-Tac 
159.05250  WPWN986  BM 114.8 PL BSMK FGND 3 Bismarck FIRE Ground 3 - Encrypted  FMNE  Fire-Tac 
155.40000  KZE737  BM METRO EMS PG Metro Area Ambulance Service - Paging  FMN  EMS Dispatch 
159.15750  WPZR394  RM 215 NAC METRO EMS Metro Area Ambulance Service - Encrypted  P25E  EMS-Tac 
453.23750  WNGG480  RM 162.2 PL SANFORD LFLT Sanford Lifeflight Ops.  FMN  EMS Dispatch 
155.88000  KJM711  BM 110.9 PL BSMK WORKS Bismarck Public Works - Encrypted  FMNE  Public Works 
152.32250  WQBA569  RM BSMK HEALTH Bismarck Burleigh Public Helath  FMN  Hospital 
151.43000  WNVP859  RM BSMK PARKS Parks - Encrypted  FMNE  Public Works 
155.76000  WQAA900  BM BSMK AIRPORT Airport - Encrypted  FMNE  Public Works 
452.12500  WQAZ987  BM BSMK CLLG 1 Bismarck State College  FMN  Schools 
461.27500  WPGC529  RM BSMK CLLG 2 Bismarck State College  FMN  Schools 
158.82000  WNSM594  RM U TRIBE SEC United Tribes College Security - Encrypted  DMRE  Security 
155.69250  WQKU454  123.0 PL BSMK CIVIC 3 Bismarck Civic Center Ops - Security 3  FMN  Security 
158.80500  WQAA900  RM BSMK CIVIC 1 Civic Center 1  FMN  Public Works 
158.76000  WQAA900  BM CSQ BSMK CIVIC 2 Civic Center Security - Ops - Maint. 2  FMN  Security 

Bismarck Airport

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
116.50000    BM BSMK HIWAS HIWAS  AM  Aircraft 
118.30000    BM BSMK TWR Bismarck Tower  AM  Aircraft 
119.35000    BM BSMK ATIS Bismarck ATIS  AM  Aircraft 
121.90000    BM BSMK GROUND Bismarck Ground  AM  Aircraft 
122.20000    BM BSMK FSS Flight Service Bismarck  AM  Aircraft 
122.95000    BM ALLEGIANT OP Unicom - Allegiant Airlines Ops  AM  Aircraft 
126.30000    BM BSMK A-D Bismarck Approach / Departure  AM  Aircraft 
130.67500    BM BSMK NWA Delta Airlines (NWA) - BIS Ops.  AM  Aircraft 
130.92500    BM BSMK UNITED United/Skywest Airlines - BIS Ops.  AM  Aircraft 
131.60000    BM AM AIR OPS American Airlines - BIS Ops  AM  Aircraft 
134.10000    BM BSMK GUARD National Guard Ops  AM  Aircraft 
172.15000    BM BSMK TSA Transportation Security Admin  P25  Security 
854.01250    RM CSQ BSMK OPS MNT Airport Operations/Maintanance  FM  Public Works 
854.01250    RM 103.5 PL BSMK GND RPT Bismarck Ground Repeat  FM  Public Works 

Bismarck Schools

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.16000  KYY679  BM BSMK SCH OP Bismarck Public Schools  FMN  Schools 
464.65000    BM BSMK SCH OP Bismarck Public Schools  FMN  Schools 
469.71250  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 1 Bismarck School CH 01  FMN  Schools 
464.71250  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 2 Bismarck School CH 02  FMN  Schools 
461.17500  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 3 Bismarck School CH 03  FMN  Schools 
461.47500  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 4 Bismarck School CH 04  FMN  Schools 
463.36250  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 5 Bismarck School CH 05  FMN  Schools 
461.53750  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 6 Bismarck School CH 06  FMN  Schools 
461.73750  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 7 Bismarck School CH 07  FMN  Schools 
462.08750  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 8 Bismarck School CH 08  FMN  Schools 
462.11250  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 9 Bismarck School CH 09  FMN  Schools 
463.48750  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 10 Bismarck School CH 10  FMN  Schools 
463.88750  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 11 Bismarck School CH 11  FMN  Schools 
464.02500  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 12 Bismarck School CH 12  FMN  Schools 
464.83750  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 13 Bismarck School CH 13  FMN  Schools 
464.96250  WQVA703  BM BSMK SCH 14 Bismarck School CH 14  FMN  Schools 

All Trunked Radio Systems in Burleigh County

System Name Type City
Dakota Communication Service, Inc. Motorola Type II Smartnet Bismarck
Basin Electric Power Cooperative MPT-1327 Standard Bismarck

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