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US > North Carolina > Currituck (County)

Currituck County North Carolina

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Currituck County
Currituck County

 Currituck County's 800MHz system is a Motorola ASTRO 25 Scalable K Core Conventional System. 

5 Simulcast sites are High Cotton, Knott's Island, Barco, Fox Knoll, and Corolla
All Sheriff Channels are encrypted, and Fire/EMS are open.
Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
854.13750  WQPW363  RM 233 NAC SO 1 DISP Currituck County Sheriff 1 Dispatch  P25  Law Dispatch 
854.38750  WQPW363  RM 235 NAC SO 2 SEC Currituck County Sheriff 2 Secondary  P25  Law Tac 
769.04375    M 927 NAC SO 3 DIR Curritcuk County Sheriff 3 Direct  P25  Law Tac 
852.51250    M 927 NAC SO 4 DET Currituck County Sheriff 4 Detention  P25  Law Tac 
852.51250    M 627 NAC SO 5 CRT Currituck County Sheriff 5 Court Security  P25  Law Tac 
853.01250    M 527 NAC SO 6 OPS1 Currituck County Sheriff 6 OPS 1  P25  Law Tac 
853.01250    M 627 NAC SO 7 OPS2 Currituck County Sheriff 7 OPS 2  P25  Law Tac 
853.01250    M 727 NAC SO 8 OPS3 Currituck County Sheriff 8 OPS 3  P25  Law Tac 
769.04375    M 527 NAC SO 9 SOPS Currituck County Sheriff 9 Special OPS  P25  Law Tac 
859.16250  WQRB989  RM 237 NAC CURR FD EMS Currituck County Fire/EMS Dispatch  P25  Fire Dispatch 
859.68750  WQRB989  RM 239 NAC FD EMS SEC Currituck County Fire/EMS Secondary  P25  Fire-Tac 
769.00625    M 727 NAC FIRE TAC1 Currituck County Fire TAC 1  P25  Fire-Tac 
769.01875    M 727 NAC FIRE TAC2 Currituck County Fire TAC 2  P25  Fire-Tac 
769.03125    M 727 NAC FIRE TAC 3 Currituck County Fire TAC 3  P25  Fire-Tac 
154.14500  WQDC994  RM 107.2 PL CBVFD Carova Beach Fire Dept  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
155.43000  WQPL685  B CSQ CC-FIRE-PAGE Currituck Fire Paging  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
155.92500  WQVG633  RM 136.5 PL COROLLA RESQ Corolla Ocean Rescue  FMN  EMS-Tac 

All Trunked Radio Systems in Currituck County

System Name Type City
North Carolina VIPER Project 25 Phase I Varies

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