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US > North Carolina > Buncombe (County)

Buncombe County North Carolina

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Input Frequencies:
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Buncombe County
Buncombe EMS

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
460.16250  WPWZ319  RM 103.5 PL BC-EMS-DISP Buncombe EMS Dispatch  FMN  EMS Dispatch 
463.10000  KEG236  RM 107.2 PL BC-EMS-MED5 Buncombe EMS - Patient Reports "MED-5"  FMN  Hospital 
155.34000  KEG236  BM 179.9 PL BC-EMS-340 Buncombe EMS - Patient Reports "340 HEAR"  FMN  Hospital 

Buncombe Fire

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.81500  KDC300  RM 91.5 PL BC-FIR-PAG Buncombe Fire Paging (Also Fire Backup)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
155.61000  KDC300  RM 103.5 PL BC-FIR-COM Buncombe Fire Comm  FMN  Fire-Tac 
158.80500  KDC300  RM 103.5 PL BC-FIR-NET Buncombe Fire Mutual Aid Net  FMN  Fire-Tac 
155.56500  KDC300  M 103.5 PL BC-FG-1 Buncombe Fireground 1  FMN  Fire-Tac 
151.43000  KDC300  M 103.5 PL BC-FG-2 Buncombe Fireground 2  FMN  Fire-Tac 
155.73000  KDC300  M 103.5 PL BC-FG-3 Buncombe Fireground 3  FMN  Fire-Tac 
158.86500  KDC300  M 103.5 PL BC-FG-4 Buncombe Fireground 4  FMN  Fire-Tac 
45.32000  KDK638  B 127.3 PL BC-FIR-DSP Buncombe Fire Dispatch  FM  Fire Dispatch 
154.28000    M CSQ STATE-FIRE State Fire  FMN  Fire-Talk 
155.28000  KEG236  M CSQ STATE-EMS State EMS/Rescue "280"  FMN  EMS-Talk 
155.16000    M CSQ SAR-COMMON SAR Common  FMN  Emergency Ops 
155.56500  WPJT733  BM 167.9 PL SKYLAND-XMTR Buncombe Fire - Skyland Rebroadcast  FMN  Fire Dispatch 

Buncombe Sheriff

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.43000  KDC300  RM 91.5 PL BCSO-1 Buncombe Sheriff 1 - Dispatch  FMN  Deprecated 
154.06250  KDC300  RM 103.5 PL BCSO-2 Buncombe Sheriff 2 - Tactical (Patched to APD-MUT-AID)  FMN  Deprecated 
154.03250  KDC300  RM 103.5 PL BCSO-3 Buncombe Sheriff 3 - Tactical  FMN  Deprecated 
155.69250  WPZZ224  RM 412 DPL BCSO-4 Buncombe Sheriff 4 - Court Security/Detention Center  FMN  Deprecated 
158.80500  KDC300  RM 103.5 PL BCSO-5 Buncombe Sheriff 5 - Emergency Management  FMN  Deprecated 
151.34750  KDC300  RM 103.5 PL BCSO-6 Buncombe Sheriff 6 - ERT (CSQ when encrypted)  FMN  Deprecated 
154.83750  KDC300  M CSQ BCSO-SCN-1 Buncombe Sheriff - Scene 1  FMN  Deprecated 
159.00750  KDC300  M CSQ BCSO-SCN-2 Buncombe Sheriff - Scene 2  FMN  Deprecated 
159.05250  KDC300  M CSQ BCSO-SCN-3 Buncombe Sheriff - Scene 3  FMN  Deprecated 
154.87500  KTR796  M CSQ BCSO-M/A Buncombe Sheriff - Mutual Aid  FMN  Deprecated 
151.19750  KDC300  RM 103.5 PL BCSO Buncombe Sheriff  FMN  Deprecated 
159.15000  KDC300  RM 91.5 PL BCSO Buncombe Sheriff  FMN  Deprecated 
153.80000  KTR796  RM 151.4 PL BCSO-DET-CTR Buncombe Sheriff - Detention Center  FMN  Deprecated 

Volunteer Fire Departments

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.86500  WPMW778  RM 136.5 PL BARN/JUP-VFD Barnardsville/Jupiter Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
151.40750  WQKF270  RM 251 DPL BRD-RVR-VFD Broad River Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
154.14500  WQIA441  RM 167.9 PL ENKA-VFD Enka Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
159.36250  WQCB291  RM 125 DPL FAIRVIEW-VFD Fairview Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
155.00250  WPRF784  RM 85.4 PL FRNCH-BRD-FD French Broad Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
154.38500  WQHC403  RM 464 DPL LEICSTER-VFD Leicester Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
154.32500  WPDP989  RM 136.5 PL REEMS-CRK-VF Reems Creek Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
154.17500  WPQB464  RM 136.5 PL REYNOLDS-VFD Reynolds Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
154.29500  WQBD633  RM 136.5 PL RICEVILLE-VF Riceville Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
154.35500  WPHE287  RM 136.5 PL SKYLAND-VFD Skyland Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
155.86500    BM 151.4 PL SWANNANOA FD Swannanoa Ops  FMN  Fire-Talk 
155.07750  WQJH956  RM 125 DPL UPR-HMNY-VFD Upper Hominy Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
154.79250  KNNN908  RM 516 DPL WEST-BUNC-VF West Buncombe Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
155.40750  WPRG958  RM 136.5 PL WOODFIN-VFD Woodfin Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 

Buncombe Schools

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
45.10000  KJH207  RM 127.3 PL BCS Maint 45 Buncombe Schools - Maintenance  FM  Schools 
46.56000  KJH207  RM 127.3 PL BCS Maint 46 Buncombe Schools - Maintenance  FM  Schools 
458.45000    M ClydeErwin45 Clyde Erwin Middle School  FMN  Schools 
458.85000    M ClydeErwin85 Clyde Erwin Middle School  FMN  Schools 

Buncombe County Services

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.83500  WYB599  BM CSQ ABTC 151.835 Asheville-Buncombe Technical College  FMN  Schools 
158.84000    BM 131.8 PL ABTC PD 2 Asheville-Buncombe Technical College Police Ch. 2  FMN  Law Tac 
159.91500  WPMN371  RM 131.8 PL ABTC Securty Asheville-Buncombe Technical College Security  FMN  Security 
155.89500  WPMZ440  RM 186.2 PL BC-AIR Buncombe Air Quality/Pollution Control  FMN  Public Works 
156.17250  WPYR318  RM BC-LANDFILL Buncombe Landfill  FMN  Public Works 
453.60000  WPPC692  BM WNCNatureCtr Western North Carolina Nature Center  FMN  Public Works 

WNC Agricultural Center

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.04000  WNUS397  RM 263 DPL WNC AgCenter WNC Agricultural Center  FMN  Public Works 
159.49500    CSQ WNCAC 159.49 Fair Security  FM  Security 
159.51000    CSQ WNCAC 159.51 Fair Security  FM  Security 
159.70500    CSQ WNCAC 159.70 Fair Security  FM  Security 
160.00500    CSQ WNCAC 160.00 Fair Security  FM  Security 
160.14750    CSQ WNCAC 160.14 Fair Security  FM  Security 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
158.82000  WPWW256  RM 151.4 PL AFD-DISP Asheville Fire Dispatch (Patched to TRS)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
851.06250    M 67.0 PL AFD-T/A Asheville Fire Talkaround  FMN  Fire-Talk 
460.46250  WPNP645  RM 051 DPL AshevHousing Asheville Housing Authority  FMN  Public Works 
152.40500  WQKI344  BM 411 DPL AVL Schools Asheville Schools  FMN  Schools 

Biltmore Forest

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.88000  KNGB485  RM 107.2 PL BLTFRST-PD1 Biltmore Forest Police 1  FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.94000  KNGB485  RM 151.4 PL BLTFRS-PD2 Biltmore Forest Police 2  FMN  Law Tac 

Black Mountain

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.32500  WPQZ708  RM 203.5 PL BLK-MTN-FD Black Mountain Fire Dispatch  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
156.21000  KTL560  RM 118.8 PL BLK-MTN-PD Black Mountain Police Dispatch  FMN  Law Dispatch 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.92500  WPMD396  RM 136.5 PL WEAVERVL-VFD Weaverville Repeater  FMN  Fire-Talk 
155.77500  WPQG610  RM 167.9 PL WEAVERVL-PD1 Weaverville Police 1  FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.06250  WPQG610  RM WEAVERVL-PD2 Weaverville Police 2  FMN  Law Tac 
453.95000  WPGA889  RM WEAVER-PW-1 Weaverville Public Works 1  FM  Public Works 
453.10000  WPGA889  RM WEAVER-PW-2 Weaverville Public Works 2  FM  Public Works 
453.25000  WPGA889  M WEAVER-PW-3 Weaverville Public Works Radio-to-Radio  FM  Public Works 
467.76250    M ACE HARDWARE Ace Hardware  FM  Business 
151.86500  WNWE384  BM RB MILLER RB Miller Corporation  FM  Business 
154.49000  KWG384  BM ANDERSON/SON Anderson and Son Contruction  FM  Business 
154.57000    M WALMART 2 Weaverville Walmart Ch.02  FM  Business 
154.60000    M WALMART 1 Weaverville Walmart Ch.01  FM  Business 
457.52500  WPSE875  M REEMSCREEK1 Reems Creek Golf Club 1  FM  Business 
457.55000  WPSE875  M REEMSCREEK2 Reems Creek Golf Club 2  FM  Business 
457.57500  WPSE875  M REEMSCREEK3 Reems Creek Golf CLub 3  FM  Business 
457.60000  WPSE875  M REEMSCREEK4 Reems Creek Golf Club 4  FM  Business 
453.60000  WPPC692  BM WNC Nature Western North Carolina Nature Center  FM  Public Works 
464.01250  WQEM712  M WOLFCREEK1 Wolf Creek Market 1  FM  Business 
464.06250  WQEM712  M WOLFCREEK2 Wolf Creek Market 2  FM  Business 
464.11250  WQEM712  M WOLFCREEK3 Wolf Creek Market 3  FM  Business 
464.16250  WQEM712  M WOLFCREEK4 Wolf Creek Market 4  FM  Business 
464.21250  WQEM712  M WOLFCREEK5 Wolf Creek Market 5  FM  Business 
464.26250  WQEM712  M WOLFCREEK6 Wolf Creek Market 6  FM  Business 
464.31250  WQEM712  M WOLFCREEK7 Wolf Creek Market 7  FM  Business 
464.36250  WQEM712  M WOLFCREEK8 Wolf Creek Market 8  FM  Business 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.05500  KFE408  RM 151.4 PL WFINPDTA Woodfin Police Talk Around   FM  Law Tac 
155.52000  WPRR848  RM 115 DPL WOOD PW Public Works  FM  Public Works 

Biltmore Estate/Inn

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
153.35000  WPAM386  RM 271 DPL BILT SEC Estate Security/Ops  FMN  Security 
152.37500  WPTA637  RM 203.5 PL BILT SEC Security  FM  Security 
151.80500  WPAM386  BM 107.2 PL BILT PARK Estate Parking  FM  Transportation 
153.06500  KDF449  RM 114.8 PL BILT SHUTLE Inn Shuttle/Parking  FM  Transportation 
152.33000  WPSJ265  RM 365 DPL INN OPS Inn Ops  FM  Business 
152.45000  WPSJ265  RM 371 DPL INN ENGING Inn Engineering  FM  Business 
151.86500  WPAM386  BM 107.2 PL INN OPSMAINT Ops Maintainance  FM  Business 
154.60000  WPKD747  M WINERYOPS Winery Ops  FM  Business 

Ashville Catholic School
Asheville Catholic School

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.77500    BM 100.0 PL ASHCATHSCH01 Asheville Catholic School Ch 1  FM  Schools 
151.80500    BM 74.4 PL ASHCATHSCH03 Asheville Catholic School Ch 3  FM  Schools 
151.99500    BM 114.8 PL ASHCATHSCH02 Asheville Catholic School Ch 2  FM  Schools 

All Trunked Radio Systems in Buncombe County

System Name Type City
Asheville Communications, Inc. LTR Standard Asheville
Asheville Public Safety Motorola Type II SmartZone Asheville
Asheville Regional Airport NXDN NEXEDGE 4800 Fletcher
Buncombe County Public Safety System Project 25 Phase I Asheville
Communications Service Inc. LTR Passport Asheville
Progress Energy Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink Various
Progress Energy Power Plant (Asheville) Motorola Type II Asheville
VIPER Statewide Project 25 Phase I Varies

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