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US > California > California Multi-Agency Radio System (CMARS)

California Multi-Agency Radio System (CMARS)

Statewide radio system for smaller agencies without own radio networks, or for fill in coverage as appopriate.   

Noted users include:Air Resources Boad, Conservation Corps, Dept of Corrections, Department of Forestry, Youth Authority, Parks & Rec, General Services.

Each agency assigned its own PL.   Frequencies also noted used on standalone basis at individual State facilities.


Input Frequencies:
 Updated in the last 7 days
 Updated in the last 24 hrs

California Multi-Agency Radio System

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
851.53750  WPBQ547  RM CMARS Blue1 Breckenridge Mtn  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPBQ557  RM CMARS Blue1 Shaffer Mtn  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPBQ543  RM CMARS Blue1 Black Mtn Imperial  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPEJ472  RM CMARS Blue1 Lyons Pk  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPBQ567  RM CMARS Blue1 Fremont Pk  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPBQ558  RM CMARS Blue1 Sacramento Resources Bldg  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPBQ564  RM CMARS Blue1 Bloomer Mtn  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPEH574  RM CMARS Blue2 Sonoma Mtn  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPBQ551  RM CMARS Blue2 Santa Ynez Pk  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPHX759  RM CMARS Blue2 Deadwood Pk  FMN  Multi-Tac 
851.53750  WPEH577  RM CMARS Blue3 Ione  FMN  Multi-Tac 
860.12500  WPBQ541  RM CMARS Brown1 Mt Soledad  FMN  Multi-Tac 
860.12500  WPBQ544  RM CMARS Brown1 Chuckwalla  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ548  RM CMARS Green1 Mt Lowe  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ553  RM CMARS Green1 Siskiyou Antelope Pk  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ560  RM CMARS Green1 Tuscan Butte  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ550  RM CMARS Green1 Rodman Mtn  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ542  RM CMARS Green1 Ventura South Mtn  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ545  RM CMARS Green1 Cactus City  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPEH573  RM CMARS Green1 Mt Vaca  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ561  RM CMARS Green1 Pt. St. George  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ549  RM CMARS Green1 Oak Peak Kern  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ563  RM CMARS Green2 Loma Prieta  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ552  RM CMARS Green2 Santiago Pk  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  WPBQ555  RM CMARS Green3 Joaquin Ridge  FMN  Multi-Tac 
852.53750  KNNR249  RM CMARS Green3 Black Rock Riverside  FMN  Multi-Tac 
853.38750  WPBQ565  RM CMARS Orang1 Calandra Lookout  FMN  Multi-Tac 
853.38750  WPEH576  RM CMARS Orang1 Pilot Pk  FMN  Multi-Tac 
853.38750  WPEH575  RM CMARS Orang2 Vollmer Pk  FMN  Multi-Tac 
853.38750  WPEH572  RM CMARS Orang3 Mt Bullion  FMN  Multi-Tac 
856.26250  WNZZ568  RM CMARS Purpl1 Peavine Ridge  FMN  Multi-Tac 
856.26250  WPEI687  RM CMARS Purpl1 Jamestown  FMN  Multi-Tac 

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