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US > Virginia > Virginia State Police DVRS

Virginia State Police DVRS

This is part of the STARS System. These are the "Statewide DVRS" vehicular repeater channels.


Each channel appears it can be programmed in the portable radios to operate in 'mixed-mode' and can have P25 NAC, PL/DPL or both depending on use requirements.

Thus far only NAC 07B, DPL 023, and PL 67.0 have been verified as programmed.

Input Frequencies:
 Updated in the last 7 days
 Updated in the last 24 hrs

Statewide DVRS

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
764.15625  WPTZ775  RM VR-1 Vehicle Repeater 1 (Radio Maintenance/NOC)  FM  Law Tac 
764.16875  WPTZ775  RM VR-2 Vehicle Repeater 2 (VSP Radio Maintenance)  FM  Law Tac 
764.18125  WPTZ775  RM VR-3 Vehicle Repeater 3 (Division 2 - Culpepper)  FM  Law Tac 
764.19375  WPTZ775  RM VR-4 Vehicle Repeater 4 (VSP Radio Maintenance/NOC)  FM  Law Tac 
764.20625  WPTZ775  RM VR-5 Vehicle Repeater 5 (DGIF / ALL)  FM  Law Tac 
764.21875  WPTZ775  RM VR-6 Vehicle Repeater 6  FM  Law Tac 
764.40625  WPTZ775  RM VR-7 Vehicle Repeater 7  FM  Law Tac 
764.41875  WPTZ775  RM VR-8 Vehicle Repeater 8  FM  Law Tac 
764.43125  WPTZ775  RM VR-9 Vehicle Repeater 9  FM  Law Tac 
764.44375  WPTZ775  RM VR-10 Vehicle Repeater 10  FM  Law Tac 
764.45625  WPTZ775  RM VR-11A Vehicle Repeater 11 (Legacy 1)  FM  Law Tac 
764.46875  WPTZ775  RM VR-12 Vehicle Repeater 12  FM  Law Tac 
764.65625  WPTZ775  RM VR-13 Vehicle Repeater 13 (Division 3 - Appomattox)  FM  Law Tac 
764.66875  WPTZ775  RM VR-14 Vehicle Repeater 14 (VCALL/VTAC/VFIRE/VMED/VLAW/VMED)  FM  Law Tac 
764.68125  WPTZ775  RM VR-15 Vehicle Repeater 15  FM  Law Tac 
764.69375  WPTZ775  RM VR-16 Vehicle Repeater 16  FM  Law Tac 
764.70625  WPTZ775  RM VR-17 Vehicle Repeater 17  FM  Law Tac 
764.71875  WPTZ775  RM VR-18 Vehicle Repeater 18  FM  Law Tac 
764.90625  WPTZ775  RM VR-19 Vehicle Repeater 19 (Division 4 - Wytheville)  FM  Law Tac 
764.91875  WPTZ775  RM VR-20 Vehicle Repeater 20  FM  Law Tac 
764.93125  WPTZ775  RM VR-21 Vehicle Repeater 21  FM  Law Tac 
764.94375  WPTZ775  RM VR-22 Vehicle Repeater 22  FM  Law Tac 
764.95625  WPTZ775  RM VR-23 Vehicle Repeater 23 (DGIF Region 1)  FM  Law Tac 
764.96875  WPTZ775  RM VR-24 Vehicle Repeater 24  FM  Law Tac 
765.15625  WPTZ775  RM VR-25 Vehicle Repeater 25 (Division 1 - Richmond)  FM  Law Tac 
765.16875  WPTZ775  RM VR-26 Vehicle Repeater 26 (Division 5 - Chesapeake)  FM  Law Tac 
765.18125  WPTZ775  RM VR-27 Vehicle Repeater 27 (Federal Interface)  FM  Law Tac 
765.19375  WPTZ775  RM VR-28 Vehicle Repeater 28  FM  Law Tac 
765.20625  WPTZ775  RM VR-29 Vehicle Repeater 29 (CAP PD)  FM  Law Tac 
765.21875  WPTZ775  RM VR-30 Vehicle Repeater 30 (EPU)  FM  Law Tac 
765.40625  WPTZ775  RM VR-31 Vehicle Repeater 31 (Division 1 - Richmond)  FM  Law Tac 
765.41875  WPTZ775  RM VR-32 Vehicle Repeater 32  FM  Law Tac 
765.43125  WPTZ775  RM VR-33 Vehicle Repeater 33  FM  Law Tac 
765.44375  WPTZ775  RM VR-34 Vehicle Repeater 34  FM  Law Tac 
765.45325  WPTZ775  RM VR-35 Vehicle Repeater 35 (Division 6 - Salem)  FM  Law Tac 
765.46875  WPTZ775  RM VR-36 Vehicle Repeater 36  FM  Law Tac 
765.65625  WPTZ775  RM VR-37 Vehicle Repeater 37  FM  Law Tac 
765.66875  WPTZ775  RM VR-38 Vehicle Repeater 38  FM  Law Tac 
765.68125  WPTZ775  RM VR-39 Vehicle Repeater 39  FM  Law Tac 
765.69375  WPTZ775  M VR-40 Simp Simplex only (Direct)  FM  Law Tac 
765.70625  WPTZ775  RM VR-41 Vehicle Repeater 41  FM  Law Tac 
765.71875  WPTZ775  RM VR-42A Vehicle Repeater 42 (Legacy 2)  FM  Law Tac 
765.90625  WPTZ775  RM VR-43 Vehicle Repeater 43  FM  Law Tac 
765.91875  WPTZ775  RM VR-44 Vehicle Repeater 44  FM  Law Tac 
765.93125  WPTZ775  RM VR-45 Vehicle Repeater 45  FM  Law Tac 
765.94375  WPTZ775  RM VR-46 Vehicle Repeater 46  FM  Law Tac 
765.95625  WPTZ775  RM VR-47 Vehicle Repeater 47 (Division 7 - Fairfax)  FM  Law Tac 
765.96875  WPTZ775  RM VR-48 Vehicle Repeater 48  FM  Law Tac 

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