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US > Utah > Washington (County) > Business Groups in Washington County

Business Groups in Washington County

Input Frequencies:
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Commercial Businesses

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
153.08750  WQNJ452  RM 156 DPL Red Cliffs Red Cliffs Mall  FM  Business 
463.32500  WQBF610  BM 624 DPL Dixie Center Dixie Center Operations  FM  Business 
467.32500  WQBX254  RM 165 DPL 2nd Nature B Second Nature Entrada Base  FM  Business 
463.82500  WQBX254  RM 503 DPL 2nd Nature M Second Nature Entrada Mobiles  FM  Business 
154.57000    M 79.7 PL Walmart Walmart (Hurricane)  FMN  Business 
467.85000    BM 146.2 PL Smith's Smith's Grocery Store (St George)  FMN  Business 
153.56000  KQY271  RM 123.0 PL Dixie Escalt Dixie Escalante REA  FM  Business 
464.32500    BM 79.7 PL Wingate Wingate by Wyndam  FM  Business 
463.63750  WQGX698  BM 503 DPL Viracon StGr Viracon St George  FM  Business 
451.83750  WQEH204  BM 503 DPL Wells Dairy Wells Dairy  FM  Business 
464.57500  WPII753  BM 131.8 PL Wilkinson El Wilkinson Electric  FM  Business 
464.50000    BM 74.4 PL Hardware Hardware  FM  Business 
462.37500    BM 103.5 PL Nursery ? Nursery "store with lots of trees for sale"  FM  Business 
157.47000  WNCP795  BM CSQ Blake's Auto Blake's Auto  FM  Business 
153.03500  WQHQ214  RM 205 DPL WesternRock1 Western Rock Products  FM  Business 
157.68000  WQHQ214  BM 205 DPL WesternRock2 Western Rock Products  FM  Business 
461.57500  WPHP693  BM 186.2 PL InterstRock1 Interstate Rock Products 1  FM  Business 
464.10000  WPHP693  BM 203.5 PL InterstRock2 Interstate Rock Products 2  FM  Business 
461.20000    BM 100.0 PL Construction Construction  FM  Business 
451.97500    BM 115 DPL Loader "Loader"  FM  Business 
151.89500  WQCB700  BM 025 DPL Excavation Quality Excavation  FM  Business 
462.07500    BM 250.3 PL Unknown Fax Unknown Fax  FM  Business 
161.75000    M CSQ IFB KUTV IFB KUTV Channel 2 SLC  FM  Business 
158.13000  WPKE917  B CSQ Questar Page Questar Paging  FM  Business 
451.17500    BM Dixie M/C ? Dixie M/C ?  DMR  Business 
154.49000    M 67.0 PL Hansen Stad High school sports at Hansen Stadium  FM  Business 
467.81250    BM 131.8 PL School 1 School 1  FM  Business 
469.55000    BM 131.8 PL School 2 School 2  FM  Business 
469.50000    BM 250.3 PL School 4 School 4  FM  Business 
467.92500    BM 79.7 PL School Secur School Security  FM  Business 

Church-related Frequencies

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.30000  KB88618  RM 179.9 PL LDS Temple LDS St. George Temple  FM  Business 

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