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US > California > Orange (County) [Los Angeles] > Los Alamitos Army Airfield (SLI)

Los Alamitos Army Airfield (SLI)

Input Frequencies:
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Los Alamitos Army Airfield (SLI)
Base Operations

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
143.06250    RM 79.7 PL Base Ops Base Ops  FM  Military 
143.71250    RM 103.5 PL Security Base Security  FM  Military 
141.40000    BM Security 2 Base Security Tac  FM  Military 
143.58750    RM 94.8 PL Base Fire Base Fire  FM  Military 
143.05000    BM Fire 2 Fire 2  FM  Military 
143.73750    RM 127.3 PL Maint Base Maintenance  FM  Military 
139.03750    RM 79.7 PL Ramp Maint Ramp Maintenance  FM  Military 
143.21250    RM 173.8 PL UTIL Securty Utilities Security  FM  Military 
139.53750    M UTIL 2 Utilities Tactical 2  FM  Military 

Air Traffic Control

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
118.87500    SLI ATIS VHF ATIS VHF  AM  Aircraft 
379.97500    SLI ATIS UHF ATIS UHF  AM  Aircraft 
126.95000    SLI Grnd VHF Ground VHF  AM  Aircraft 
257.95000    SLI Grnd UHF Ground UHF  AM  Aircraft 
123.85000    SLI Twr VHF Tower VHF  AM  Aircraft 
251.15000    SLI Twr UHF Tower UHF  AM  Aircraft 
125.35000    SLI App/Dep Approach/Departure  AM  Aircraft 
316.12500    SLI App/Dep Approach/Departure  AM  Aircraft 
124.75000    SLI GCA 1 Ground Controlled Approach 1  AM  Aircraft 
127.95000    SLI GCA 2 Ground Controlled Approach 2  AM  Aircraft 
231.80000    SLI GCA 3 Ground Controlled Approach 3  AM  Aircraft 
234.10000    SLI GCA 4 Ground Controlled Approach 4  AM  Aircraft 

Military Air

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
41.50000    BM GuardOps 5 Guard Ops 5  FM  Military 
65.05000    BM GuardOps 6 Guard Ops 6  FM  Military 
62.85000    BM GuardOps 9 Guard Ops 9  FM  Military 
30.10000    RM Army ComOps Army Comm Ops  FM  Military 
41.50000    RM ARNG AASF V Army National Guard - Army Aviation Support Facilities VHF  FM  Military 
122.92500    RM MedFly Base USDA Medfly Eradication Base  AM  Military 
126.20000    RM ADVSY SVC V Advisory Service VHF  AM  Military 
139.05000    RM USAR Ops V USAR Ops VHF  AM  Military 
142.37500    RM GuardOps Old Guard Ops Old  FM  Military 
142.95000    RM GuardOps V6 Guard Ops VHF 6  FM  Military 
149.80000    RM Guard Ops Guard Ops  FM  Military 
230.90000    RM USAR Ops U USAR Ops UHF  AM  Military 
233.80000    RM ARNG AASF U Army National Guard - Army Aviation Support Facilities UHF  AM  Military 
237.20000    RM ADVSY SVC U Advisory Service UHF  AM  Military 
241.00000    RM ANG Helo A/A Air National Guard Helicopter Air-Air  AM  Military 
305.90000    RM CAL MAL CALSITE/MALSITE (Confined/Mountain Area Landing Site)  AM  Military 
340.10000    RM GuardATCCMN Guard ATC Common  AM  Military 

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