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Canada > Quebec > SAAQ (Transport Enforcement)

SAAQ (Transport Enforcement)

This agency is responsible to enforce laws in transportation and weight stations.  NOT A POLICE DEPARTMENT AGENCY

Input Frequencies:
 Updated in the last 7 days
 Updated in the last 24 hrs


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
141.18000    BM 88.5 PL F1 SAAQ F1  FM  Law Talk 
141.21000    BM 88.5 PL F2 SAAQ F2  FM  Law Talk 
141.36000    BM 88.5 PL F3 SAAQ F3  FM  Law Talk 
141.39000    BM 88.5 PL F4 SAAQ F4  FM  Law Talk 
141.45000    BM 88.5 PL F5 SAAQ F5  FM  Law Talk 
141.57000    BM 88.5 PL F6 SAAQ F6  FM  Law Talk 
142.85500    BM 88.5 PL F7 SAAQ F7  FM  Law Talk 
141.91500    BM 88.5 PL F8 SAAQ F8  FM  Law Talk 
141.94500    BM 88.5 PL F9 SAAQ F9  FM  Law Talk 
141.70500    BM 88.5 PL F10 SAAQ F10  FM  Law Talk 
141.54000    BM 88.5 PL F11 SAAQ F11  FM  Law Talk 
139.50000    BM 88.5 PL F12 SAAQ F12  FM  Law Talk 
141.97500    BM 88.5 PL F13 SAAQ F13  FM  Law Talk 
142.17000    BM 88.5 PL F14 SAAQ F14  FM  Law Talk 
419.61250    M 88.5 PL F15 SAAQ F15  FM  Law Talk 
419.98750    M 88.5 PL F16 SAAQ F16  FM  Law Talk 
141.88500    BM 88.5 PL F17 SAAQ F17  FM  Law Talk 
464.70000    M CSQ Simplex SAAQ spx  FM  Law Talk 

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