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US > Indiana > Miami (County) > Grissom Air Reserve Base (KGUS)

Grissom Air Reserve Base (KGUS)

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Grissom Air Reserve Base (KGUS)
Aeronautical Operations

434th Air Refueling Wing (ARW) AFRES
72nd ARS "MASH"

KC-135 "Supertanker"

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
108.45000    B KGUS ATIS ATIS  AM  Aircraft 
121.05000    BM KGUS A/D 3 Approach/Departure  AM  Aircraft 
125.37500    BM Chi Cntr 4 Chicago Center  AM  Aircraft 
128.42500    BM KGUS Grnd Ground  AM  Aircraft 
133.70000    BM KGUS Twr 2 Tower VHF  AM  Aircraft 
139.90000    BM KGUSClrnc 1 Clearance  AM  Aircraft 
228.75000    BM TOD GEN 19 TOD GEN  AM  Aircraft 
252.10000    BM BRICKYARDCN8 434th ARW CP "BRICKYARD CONTROL"  AM  Aircraft 
255.40000    BM FSS 10 Flight Service  AM  Aircraft 
270.80000    B KGUS ATIS 15 ATIS  AM  Aircraft 
275.80000    BM KGUS Grnd 1 Ground  AM  Aircraft 
290.45000    BM KGUS Twr 2 Tower UHF  AM  Aircraft 
305.40000    BM KGUS Cell 13 CELL COMM  AM  Aircraft 
311.00000    BM BRICKYRDOPS9 ACC Primary - "BRICKYARD OPS"  AM  Aircraft 
321.00000    BM BRCKYRDOPS11 ACC Secondary  AM  Aircraft 
324.30000    BM KGUSClrnc 12 Clearance  AM  Aircraft 
344.60000    BM KGUSMetro 17 METRO (Weather)  AM  Aircraft 
351.10000    BM KGUS Dptr 3 Departure  AM  Aircraft 
354.20000    BM 434thARW Ops 434th ARW Operations  AM  Aircraft 
364.20000    BM KGUS Md 4 18 Mode 4 (NORAD)  AM  Aircraft 
370.85000    BM Chi Cntr 4 Chicago Center  AM  Aircraft 
372.20000    BM KGUS PTD 16 Pilot to Dispatcher  AM  Aircraft 
379.30000    BM 5 Approach  AM  Aircraft 

Support Operations

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
149.52500    BM 434thCmndNet Command Net  FM  Aircraft 
163.48750    BM 434thCvEngrs Civil Engineers  FM  Aircraft 
163.58750    BM 434thDistrNe Disaster Net  FM  Aircraft 
165.01250    BM 434thJobs Job Control  FM  Aircraft 
165.13750    BM 434thBaseOps Base Operations  FM  Aircraft 
165.16250    BM 434thBAKER BAKER Net  FM  Aircraft 
173.53750    BM 434thSupply Supply Net  FM  Aircraft 
173.56250    BM 434thMedNet Medical Net  FM  Aircraft 
173.58750    BM 434thFD/Crsh Fire/Crash  FM  Aircraft 

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