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Recreation and Attractions

Also see St. Louis City Attractions & Recreation & St. Louis City Sports Venues
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Input Frequencies:
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Missouri Historical Society Museum (Lindell Blvd)
*WQQL378 - 451.4 Repeater (NFM)

Attractions - Riverport Area (Maryland Heights)

Dave and Busters--469.1125, giving labor hours, sales reports, heard "Kitchen", management. Uses Motorola portables.
Also see Harrah's St. Louis Casino and Hotel under Casinos below

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
469.11250    M 413 DPL D&B Mgr/Srvc Dave & Busters (Bar & Grill) - Management/Service/Gaming (Front Desk, Midway) [NO LICENSE]  FM  Business 
469.50000    M 506 DPL D&B BarOps Dave & Busters (Bar & Grill) - Bar Operations [NO LICENSE]  FM  Business 

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (Maryland Heights)

Owned and Operated by Live Nation (iHeart Media/Clear Channel Entertainment), formerly Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, UMB Bank Pavilion, Riverport Amphitheater  
St. Louis County Police are on scene inside grounds, do carry UHF portables, got a close call hit on 451.8375, but could have been 451.825 (was standing next to officer)
--Riverport "Police", guy was carrying a UHF Motorola portable that said "RPAC 25"

*WQOH538 mobiles on 451.825, 451.85, 451.875, 458.9, 451.925, 451.95, 451.975, 456.825, 456.85, 456.85, 456.95 (NFM Security/Ops) 
**7/13 add 464.6875 Repeater (NFM)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
451.82500  WQOH538  M 331 DPL VWA Ops 1? Guest Services/Admissions/Ops (Main use)   FMN  Business 
451.92500  WQOH538  M 331 DPL VWA Ops 3? Ops (to Green Room, Lawn chairs) (most active after concert lets out, NOT security)   FMN  Business 
451.95000  WQOH538  M 331 DPL VWA Ops 6 Ops (tickets, seating)  FMN  Business 
451.78750    M 331 DPL VWA Ops A Ops (heard simplex 7/08) [NO LICENSE]  FMN  Business 
451.87500    M 331 DPL VWA Ops B Ops (7/08) (also heard 451.8875) [NO LICENSE]  FMN  Business 
452.00000    M 331 DPL VWA Ops C Ops [NO LICENSE]  FMN  Business 
456.82500  WQOH538  M 331 DPL VWA Ops D Vendor Operations ? (said close to the BBQ Stand 7/08)  FMN  Business 
467.71250  FRS  M CSQ VWA FRS Parking Services (used mostly during exiting of concert)  FMN  Business 

Hollywood St. Louis Casino and Hotel (Maryland Heights)

Penn National Gaming (Formerly Harrah's St. Louis Casino and Hotel)

Hollywood Casino St Louis - DMR    
DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Single Site (TRBO)    
New system, summer 2017
Hollywood Casino St Louis (Motorola)    
Motorola Type II Smartnet    
(Old) Hotel Operations

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.50000    M 67.0 PL HarrahStL 1 Floor Operations  FM  Business 
469.50000    M 67.0 PL HarrahStL 2 Floor Operations  FM  Business 
459.11750    M 413 DPL HarrahStL 3 Floor Operations  FM  Business 
467.90000  WQEQ540  M 654 DPL HarrahStL 4 Floor Operations  FMN  Business 
467.90000    M HarrahStL 5 Data (CSQ)  Telm  Business 

Pinnacle Lumiere Place - St. Louis

8/13 - Pinnacle Entertainment said Friday it will sell its Lumière Place casino and hotel complex on the St. Louis riverfront to Tropicana Entertainment for $260 million.

24 story Hotel and Gambling facility (opened 12/19/07)  Website   Corporate Website

Lumiere Place Casino and Hotels (St. Louis)    
LTR Standard    
Most all operations are done on this LTR system.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
463.66250  WQHA572  RM LumPlc Ops 1 Operations   FMN  Business 
464.73750  WQHA572  RM LumPlc Ops 2 Operations   FMN  Business 
462.16250  WQHA572  M 174 DPL LumPlc Ops 3 Operations (talk about track)   FMN  Business 
463.41250  WQHA572  M LumPlc Ops 4 Operations   FMN  Business 
463.43750  WQHA572  M LumPlc Ops 5 Operations   FMN  Business 
463.86250  WQHA572  M LumPlc Ops 6 Operations   FMN  Business 
463.93750  WQHA572  M LumPlc Ops 7 Operations   FMN  Business 
464.76250  WQHA572  M LumPlc Ops 8 Operations   FMN  Business 

Pinnacle River City Casino (Lemay)

Gambling facility opened fall 2008 at 999 N 2nd St (314-450-5029) Website Corporate Website
Unidentified (probably low power) LTR TRS: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?cs=WQKK459

Golf Courses/Country Clubs
Bellerive Country Club

Will host the PGA Championship in 2018.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
152.94500  KD44982  RM 743 DPL BCC Clubhous Clubhouse Operations  FMN  Business 
463.33750  KD44982  RM 464 DPL BCC GlfCours Golf Course Operations  FMN  Business 
452.31250  WQDY309  M BCC Data 1 Telemetry / DTMF  Telm  Data 
456.66250  WQDY309  M BCC Data 2 Telemetry / DTMF  Telm  Data 
456.71250  WQDY309  M BCC Data 3 Telemetry / DTMF  Telm  Data 

Meadowbrook Country Club (Ballwin)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.51250  WPLE473  RM 100.0 PL Mdwbrk CC Operations (Carrier)  FMN  Business 

Six Flags - St. Louis (Eureka/Allenton)

*464.5125 also licensed; 461.2625 reported in use
*KRF973 also 461.4, 463.7 Repeaters; Mobiles on 451.5875, 452.4875, 457.3125, 457.4875 (NFM)

*5/14 KRF973 expired - new WQUD207 - does not include 452.4875, 457.3125, 457.4875 but has mobiles on 462.1375, 463.3125, 464.2625, 464.3875, 464.4125, 464.6875, 467.7125 

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.32500  WQUD207  RM 123.0 PL 6Flags Sec Security [Ch 1]  FMN  Business 
462.13750  WQUD207  M 123.0 PL 6Flags Ops Operations [Ch 2]  FMN  Business 
464.26250  WQUD207  M 123.0 PL 6FlagsMaint3 Maintenance [Ch 3]  FMN  Business 
464.38750  WQUD207  M 123.0 PL 6Flags Entrm Entertainment [Ch 4]  FMN  Business 
464.68750  WQUD207  M 123.0 PL 6Flags Retai Retail/Food Ops,Staffing / Maintenance (Rides) [Ch 5]  FMN  Business 
464.41250  WQUD207  M 123.0 PL 6FlagsMaint6 Maintenance [Ch 6]  FMN  Business 

St. Louis County Fair (Chesterfield)

As far as it is known, the St Louis County Fair and Air Show no longer operate. See the Wiki for licensed frequencies and known past uses.

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