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US > Utah > Salt Lake (County) [Salt Lake City] > Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

Input Frequencies:
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Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
Air Traffic Control

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
130.17500    BM SL ARINC 2 ARINC  AM  Aircraft 
130.57500    BM SL ARINC 3 ARINC  AM  Aircraft 
130.72500    BM SL ARINC 4 ARINC  AM  Aircraft 
131.40000    BM SL ARINC 1 ARINC  AM  Aircraft 
131.60000    BM SL ARINC 5 ARINC  AM  Aircraft 
130.40000    BM SL ARINC JD ARINC Flight Check JD  AM  Aircraft 
128.35000    BM SL ARTCC CEB ARTCC SL Center-East Big Piney-Low/High UHF=381.6000  AM  Aircraft 
121.15000    BM SL ARTCC CEC ARTCC SL Center-East Cascade-High UHF=399.0000  AM  Aircraft 
135.77500    BM SL ARTCC CNF ARTCC SL Center-North Francis Peak-Low UHF=387.0500  AM  Aircraft 
134.52500    BM SL ARTCC CNW ARTCC SL Center-North Wilson Creek-High UHF=278.1000  AM  Aircraft 
133.60000    BM SL ARTCC CSB ARTCC SL Center-South Bryce Canyon-Low  AM  Aircraft 
125.57500    BM SL ARTCC CSS ARTCC SL Center-South Sunnyside-Low UHF=370.8500  AM  Aircraft 
127.92500    BM SL ARTCC CSW ARTCC SL Center-South Wilson Creek-Low/High  AM  Aircraft 
128.72500    BM SL ARTCC CWB ARTCC SL Center-West Battle Mt-High UHF=352.0000  AM  Aircraft 
132.40000    BM SL ARTCC CWU ARTCC SL Center-West Butte-Low/High  AM  Aircraft 
133.45000    BM SL ARTCC CWE ARTCC SL Center-West Ely-Low UHF=397.8500  AM  Aircraft 
132.25000    BM SL ARTCC CWW ARTCC SL Center-West Winnemucca-Low  AM  Aircraft 
122.75000    BM SL Air-Air Air to Air  AM  Aircraft 
130.62500    BM Atlantic FBO Atlantic Aviation FBO  AM  Aircraft 
123.10000    BM CAP Mission Civil Air Patrol Mission  AM  Aircraft 
118.45000    BM Clover Ctrl2 Clover Control  AM  Aircraft 
134.10000    BM Clover Ctrl1 Clover Control  AM  Aircraft 
131.45000    BM Delta C Ramp Delta C Concourse Ramps  AM  Aircraft 
130.10000    BM Delta Ops Delta Operations  AM  Aircraft 
122.20000    BM SL FlightSrv Flight Service Stations  AM  Aircraft 
133.02500    BM SL FlightWtc Flight Watch  AM  Aircraft 
122.92500    BM FS Air-Air Forest Service Region 4 Air to Air  AM  Aircraft 
123.05000    BM Heli Air Med Helicopter Air Medical  AM  Aircraft 
123.02500    BM Heli Air-Air Helicopter Air to Air  AM  Aircraft 
121.60000    BM Hill AFB Gnd Hill AFB Ground  AM  Aircraft 
127.15000    BM Hill AFB Twr Hill AFB Tower  AM  Aircraft 
121.70000    BM Ogden Ground Ogden Ground  AM  Aircraft 
118.70000    BM Ogden Tower1 Ogden Tower  AM  Aircraft 
125.55000    BM Ogden Tower2 Ogden Tower  AM  Aircraft 
125.50000    BM Ogden WX Ogden WX ASOS  AM  Aircraft 
126.80000    BM SL APP VFR W SL APP VFR West  AM  Aircraft 
121.10000    BM SL APP <8k 1 SL APP/DEP <8K  AM  Aircraft 
120.90000    BM SL APP <8k 2 SL APP/DEP <8K, Medical/Media coms  AM  Aircraft 
124.30000    BM SL APP >8k 1 SL APP/DEP >8K 110-160 degrees  AM  Aircraft 
128.10000    BM SL APP >8k 2 SL APP/DEP >8K 160-250 degrees  AM  Aircraft 
126.25000    BM SL APP >8k 3 SL APP/DEP >8K 250-300 degrees  AM  Aircraft 
124.90000    BM SL APP >8k 4 SL APP/DEP >8K 300-340 degrees  AM  Aircraft 
135.50000    BM SL APP >8k 5 SL APP/DEP >8K 340-110 degrees  AM  Aircraft 
125.92500    BM SL ATC SL ATC  AM  Aircraft 
124.75000    BM SL ATIS 1 SL ATIS  AM  Aircraft 
125.62500    BM SL ATIS 2 SL ATIS  AM  Aircraft 
127.82500    BM SL SW Quad SL Center - Southwest Quad, High Alt  AM  Aircraft 
119.95000    BM SL Ctr-East SL Center-East  AM  Aircraft 
127.70000    BM SL Control N SL Control North  AM  Aircraft 
133.90000    BM SL Control S SL Control South  AM  Aircraft 
128.55000    BM SL Control W SL Control West  AM  Aircraft 
127.30000    BM SL Control SL Control/DLV/Taxi  AM  Aircraft 
122.40000    BM SL FSS Cedar SL FSS (Cedar Radio)  AM  Aircraft 
125.70000    BM SL Final 16R SL Final APP 16R  AM  Aircraft 
121.90000    BM SL Ground E SL Ground Control East of R/W 16L/34R  AM  Aircraft 
123.77500    BM SL Ground W SL Ground Control West of R/W 16L/34R  AM  Aircraft 
134.42500    BM SL WX AWOS-3 SL Municipal WX AWOS-3  AM  Aircraft 
132.65000    BM SL Tower 16R SL Tower 16R/34L  AM  Aircraft 
118.30000    BM SL Tower 17 SL Tower 17/35 & 14/32  AM  Aircraft 
119.05000    BM SL Tower16L SL Tower16L/34R  AM  Aircraft 
134.35000    BM TCA APP CON TCA APP CON (West)  AM  Aircraft 
134.87500    BM SL wr34R ATC Tower-34R ATC runway 17  AM  Aircraft 
122.72500    BM SL UNICOM 3 UNICOM  AM  Aircraft 
123.00000    BM SL UNICOM 4 UNICOM  AM  Aircraft 
122.80000    BM SL UNICOM 2 UNICOM, Medical/Media coms  AM  Aircraft 
122.95000    BM SL UNICOM 1 UNICOM, Million Air FBO  AM  Aircraft 

Aviation - Airlines

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
128.85000    BM CSQ Continental Continental (includes deicing)  AM  Business 
129.52500    M CSQ Deice Iceman Deicing "Iceman" (Southwest)  AM  Business 
131.97500    M CSQ Delta 8Deice Delta - Deicing Pad 8 North of Concourse B  AM  Business 
130.50000    BM CSQ Delta 9/10 Delta - Deicing Pads 9/10 North of Concourse C  AM  Business 
129.90000    BM CSQ Delta Maint Delta - Maintenance  AM  Business 
131.45000    BM CSQ Delta Ramp E Delta - Ramp East  AM  Business 
131.27500    BM CSQ Delta Ramp W Delta - Ramp West  AM  Business 
128.87500    BM CSQ Delta Air 1 Delta 1  AM  Business 
130.10000    BM CSQ Delta Air 2 Delta 2  AM  Business 
130.70000    BM CSQ Delta Air 4 Delta 4 Deicing Pads 12/13/21A/21B  AM  Business 
130.77500    BM CSQ Delta Air 5 Delta 5 Deicing Pads 21C/21D/21E West of Concourse E  AM  Business 
131.22500    BM CSQ Delta Air 6 Delta 6  AM  Business 
136.60000    BM CSQ Jet Blue Ops Jet Blue Operations  AM  Business 
129.27500    BM CSQ Northwest 1 Northwest  AM  Business 
129.60000    BM CSQ Northwest 2 Northwest  AM  Business 
130.52500    BM CSQ SkyWest Ops SkyWest Operations  AM  Business 
128.90000    BM CSQ Skywest 1 Skywest  AM  Business 
131.75000    BM CSQ Skywest 2 Skywest  AM  Business 
130.60000    BM CSQ Southwest 1 Southwest  AM  Business 
131.92500    BM CSQ Southwest 2 Southwest  AM  Business 
131.65000    BM CSQ Tac Air Tac Air  AM  Business 
129.50000    BM CSQ United Ramp United - Ramp (includes deicing)  AM  Business 
129.42500    BM CSQ UPS Air United Parcel Service  AM  Business 

Airline Ground Operations

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.07500    BM 173.8 PL LifeFlight D LifeFlight Dispatch  FMN  Business 
462.26250  WQJL576  BM 343 DPL Frontier 1 Frontier 1  FMN  Business 
462.33750  WQJL576  BM 131.8 PL Frontier 2 Frontier 2  FMN  Business 
460.65000  WQBX288  RM 151.4 PL Skywest Bags Skywest - Baggage Handlers & Ground Crews  FMN  Business 
460.67500  WQBX288  RM 141.3 PL Skywest Gate Skywest - Gate & Ramp Agents  FMN  Business 
460.75000  WQBX288  RM 023 DPL Skywest Gnd1 Skywest - Ground Crews  FMN  Business 
460.82500  WQBX288  RM 371 DPL Skywest Gnd2 Skywest - Ground Crews  FMN  Business 
460.85000  WQBX288  RM 110.9 PL Skywest Gnd3 Skywest - Ground Crews  FMN  Business 
461.91250  WPNW498  RM 173.8 PL Skywest Gnd4 Skywest - Ground Crews  FMN  Business 
460.77500  WPBS320  RM 141.3 PL Skywest Mant Skywest - Maintenance  FMN  Business 
463.75000    BM 131.8 PL Skywest Skywest  FMN  Business 
460.70000  WPHC843  RM 136.5 PL Southwest 1 Southwest 1  FMN  Business 
460.87500  WPHC843  RM 136.5 PL Southwest 2 Southwest 2  FMN  Business 
461.35000  WPHC843  RM 203.5 PL Southwest 3 Southwest 3  FMN  Business 
460.80000  WPTN375  RM 165 DPL Southwest 4 Southwest 4  FMN  Business 
460.72500  KRE888  RM 203.5 PL United Air United  FMN  Business 
464.60000  WPLY253  RM 743 DPL US Airways US Airways  FMN  Business 
464.40000  WPZY375  RM 466 DPL Jet Center Salt Lake Jet Center  FMN  Business 
452.13750  WQAI232  RM 331 DPL Tac Air 1 Tac Air 1  FMN  Business 
452.16250  WQAI232  RM 503 DPL Tac Air 2 Tac Air 2  FMN  Business 
464.90000  WQCP621  BM 026 DPL AS Int Grp 1 Aircraft Service Int Group 1  FMN  Business 
464.92500  WYT269  BM 131.8 PL AS Int Grp 2 Aircraft Service Int Group 2  FMN  Business 

Miscellaneous Airport Services

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
462.05000  WQHH801  RM 311 DPL SLC Skycaps Airserv Skycap transport  FM  Business 
457.46250  WPML370  BM 203.5 PL Prospect Air Prospect Airport Ground Services  FM  Business 
452.26250    RM 244 DPL CarRentalSht Airport car rental shuttle  FM  Business 

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