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Businesses - Retail / Malls

Input Frequencies:
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Malls / Shopping Centers
St Louis County Malls / Outlet Centers

-Brentwood Promenade; Hwy. 170 and Hwy. 64/40
-Clarkson-Clayton Center
-Florissant Oaks Shopping Center; New Halls Ferry at Hwy 67
-Market Place in Ladue; 9755 Clayton Rd 
-Northland Shopping Center; Lucas Hunt at West Florissant
-Northwest Plaza Westfield Shoppingtown; Lindbergh Blvd. and St. Charles Rock Rd. 
-River Roads Shopping Center; 120 River Roads
-South County Westfield Shoppingtown; Lindbergh & Lemay Ferry
-Union Station (downtown St Louis)

Chesterfield Mall

151.82 D131 in use in area, customers looking for "Motts Fruit Snacks" and "Nintendo DS) (8/27/12)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.78750  WPUA864  RM ChMall Sec 1 Security  FMN  Business 
462.11250  WPUA864  RM ChMall Sec 2 Security  FMN  Security 

Plaza Frontenac

Located at 1701 S. Lindbergh; off 270 at Lindbergh and Clayton Rd.
*10/11 Davis Street (of Evanston IL) selling mall to General Growth Properites

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
452.17500  WPGD254  RM Plaza Frntc1 Operations/Security (possibly 107.2 PL, heard IL 6/08)  FMN  Business 
464.60000  WPGD254  RM Plaza Frntc2 Operations/Security  FMN  Business 

St. Louis Galleria (Brentwood)

*Has mall "Security" and patrolled by Richmond Heights Police; Owned and operated by GGP-General Growth Properties, Inc.
Nordstrom #240
*WQOB590 Repeater on 464.525, Mobiles on 464.6125, 464.0875, 464.2625, 463.8375, 468.4375

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.37500  WPGE832  RM 100.0 PL SL Gal Ops 1 Security/Maintenance/Admin   FMN  Business 
461.92500  WPGE832  RM SL Gal Ops 2 Security/Maintenance/Admin  FMN  Business 
461.91250  WPGE832  RM SL Gal Ops 3 Security/Maintenance/Admin  FMN  Business 
462.08750  WPGE832  RM SL Gal Ops 4 Security/Maintenance/Admin   FMN  Business 
457.72500    M 79.7 PL Gap SLG 1 Gap?  FMN  Business 
464.55000    M 71.9 PL Gap SLG 2 Gap? (giving sales figures)   FM  Business 
467.85000    M 79.7 PL Gap SLG 3 Gap  FMN  Business 
461.00000  KD41761  M 114.8 PL Dillards1SLG Dillard's Department Store   FMN  Business 
461.51250  WPRY258  RM 631 DPL Dillards2SLG Dillard's Department Store  FMN  Business 
461.78750  WPRY258  RM Dillards3SLG Dillard's Department Store  FMN  Business 
461.11250    M 412 DPL SLG Retail 1 retail  FMN  Business 
461.51250  WPRY258  M Dillards1SLG Dillards [Term 11/02]  FMN  Business 
461.78750  WPRY258  M Dillards2SLG Dillards [Term 11/02]  FMN  Business 
466.51250  WPRY258  M Dillards3SLG Dillards [Term 11/02]  FMN  Business 
466.78750  WPRY258  M Dillards4SLG Dillards [Term 11/02]  FMN  Business 
467.76250    M 71.9 PL SLG Retail 2 retail (Dillards? clothing?)  FMN  Business 
467.81250    M 67.0 PL SLG Retail 3 retail   FMN  Business 
467.82500    M CSQ SLG Retail 4 Data  FMN  Business 
467.90000    M 136.5 PL SLG Retail 6 retail  FMN  Business 
467.90000    M 67.0 PL SLG Retail 5 retail  FMN  Business 
468.83750    M 155 DPL SLG Retail 7 retail  FMN  Business 
469.50000    M CSQ SLG Retail 8 retail  FMN  Business 
469.53750    M 743 DPL SLG Retail 9 retail  FMN  Business 

St. Louis Outlet Mall (Hazelwood)

5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd - 314-227-5555 (Formerly St. Louis Mills)
Bass Pro Outdoor World - Possible frequencies: 451.4625; 451.5875; 451.9125; 452.0875; 452.1875; 452.4875; 456.4625; 456.5875; 456.9125; 457.0875; 457.1875; 457.4875

St. Louis Outlet Mall (Hazelwood)    
LTR Standard    
Used by Mall Security and Service Master (Janitorial Services)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.95500    M 74.4 PL SLM Retail A Retail Ops   FMN  Business 
154.57000    M 74.4 PL SLM Retail B Retail Ops (near The Gap)  FMN  Business 
451.85000  WPTY936  M 032 DPL SLM BassPro Bass Pro Outdoor World  FMN  Business 
461.23750    M 731 DPL SLM ChRosse Charlotte Rosse ? (giving UPCs, 9/07)  FMN  Business 
461.87500    M 624 DPL SLM FdCourt food court employees ? (may also be DePaul Hospital)  FMN  Business 
464.50000    M 023 DPL SLM Nascar Nascar Speedpark: Ops ("lane 17 is down")  FM  Business 
464.55000    M 173.8 PL SLM Retail G Retail Ops  FM  Business 
466.30000    M SLM Retail C Retail Ops (not DPL)  FMN  Business 
467.66250  FRS12  M CSQ SLM Retail D Retail Ops   FMN  Business 
467.76250    M 127.3 PL SLM OffBroad Off Broadway Shoe Store  FMN  Business 
467.76250    M 67.0 PL SLM Retail E Retail Ops (Sales figures)  FMN  Business 
467.85000    M 250.3 PL SLM BanRep Banana Republic: Operations  FMN  Business 
467.87500    M 074 DPL SLM Gap 1A The Gap  FMN  Business 
467.87500    M 100.0 PL SLM Retail F Retail Ops  FMN  Business 
467.87500  WQEN408  M 723 DPL SLM Gap 1B The Gap (headsets)  FMN  Business 
467.90000  WQEN408  M SLM Gap 2 The Gap  FMN  Business 
467.92500  WQEN408  M SLM Gap 4 The Gap: Data (CSQ)  FMN  Data 
467.92500  WQEN408  M 67.0 PL SLM Gap 3 The Gap (or Marshalls)  FMN  Business 

West County Westfield Shoppingtown (Des Peres)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.85000  WPWN266  RM 464 DPL Wstfld Sec Security (also D454?)  FMN  Business 
461.57500  WPWN266  RM 250.3 PL Wstfld Maint Mall: Maintenance (also D026 P/BM)  FMN  Business 
451.45000  WPWN266  RM 331 DPL Wstfld Ops 3 Mall Ops  FMN  Business 
451.92500  WPWN266  M Wstfld Ops 4 Mall Ops  FMN  Business 
456.45000  WPWN266  M Wstfld Ops 5 Mall Ops  FMN  Business 
461.22500  WPWN266  M Wstfld Ops 6 Mall Ops  FMN  Business 
463.20000  WPWN266  M Wstfld Ops 7 Mall Ops  FMN  Business 
464.72500  WPWN266  M Wstfld Ops 8 Mall Ops  FMN  Business 

Westfield Shoppingtown (Crestwood)

(formerly Crestwood Plaza Shopping Center)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
463.87500  KB62539  RM Westfield 1 Operations   FMN  Business 
461.81250  KB62539  M Westfield 2 Operations  FMN  Business 
462.81250  KB62539  M Westfield 3 Operations  FMN  Business 
463.26250  KB62539  M Westfield 4 Operations  FMN  Business 
464.81250  KB62539  M Westfield 5 Operations  FMN  Business 
464.91250  KB62539  M Westfield 6 Operations  FMN  Business 
466.38750  KB62539  M Westfield 7 Operations  FMN  Business 
466.81250  KB62539  M Westfield 8 Operations  FMN  Business 
467.81250  KB62539  M Westfield 9 Operations  FMN  Business 
467.88750  KB62539  M Westfield 10 Operations  FMN  Business 
468.26250  KB62539  M Westfield 11 Operations  FMN  Business 
469.81250  KB62539  M Westfield 12 Operations  FMN  Business 
469.91250  KB62539  M Westfield 13 Operations  FMN  Business 

Grocery Stores

Schnuck's Markets carries portables.

WirelessUSA (IL/MO)    
Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink    
TG 1104 used by Dierbergs Florist & Gifts for Delivery

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
469.91250  WPPA550  M Dierberg's 1 Dierberg's [Term 12/02]  FMN  Business 
456.32500  WPPA550  M Dierberg's 2 Dierberg's: Bakery [Term 6/04]  FMN  Business 
463.27500  WQKG917  RM SchncksWrhs1 Schnucks Warehouse (Bridgeton)  FMN  Business 
463.31250  WQKG917  RM 506 DPL SchnucksWhs2 Schnucks Warehouse (Bridgeton)   FMN  Business 
451.77500  WQKG917  RM 271 DPL SchnucksWhs3 Schnucks Warehouse (Kinloch)  FMN  Business 
462.81250  WPLP315  M SHS Securty1 Shop n' Save: Security [Expired 10/02]  FMN  Security 
463.91250  WPLP315  M SHS Securty2 Shop n' Save: Security [Expired 10/02]  FMN  Security 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.94000    M CSQ Walmart Tlgrph A Wal-Mart (Telegraph/255)  FMN  Business 
154.57000    M CSQ Walmart Tlgrph B Wal-Mart (Telegraph/255)  FMN  Business 
467.76725    M 065 DPL HomeDepot NHFR Home Depot (10930 New Halls Ferry Rd,St Louis)  FMN  Business 

Retail - Bel-Ridge

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.55000    M 67.0 PL Hoods Bel-Ridge Hoods Discount Center: Ops  FMN  Business 

Bridgeton - Retail
Miscellaneous - Bridgeton

Retail - Bridgeton

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
466.03750  WQLH538  M 025 DPL Menards Bridgetn Menards (Bridgeton)  FMN  Business 
467.85000    M 331 DPL HomeDepot Brdg A Home Depot (Bridgeton)  FMN  Business 
467.87500    M 331 DPL HomeDepot Brdg B Home Depot (Bridgeton)  FMN  Business 

Manchester - Retail
Manchester - Retail

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
467.92500    M 506 DPL Best Buy Manch A Best Buy (Manchester)  FMN  Business 

St. Ann - Retail
Miscellaneous - St Ann Businesses

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.48750  WQLH538  M 031 DPL Menards St Ann Menards: Ops (St Ann)  FMN  Business 

Lindbergh Town Center / Northwest Plaza (St. Ann)

11/11/07 - Santa Barbara-based Somera Capital Management LLC and Los Angeles-based Zelman Development Co. plan to convert the mall into a smaller, mostly outdoor-oriented shopping destination and rename it Lindbergh Town Center. Completion is targeted for 2012. Northwest Plaza, opened in two phases in 1966 and 1967 as an open-air mall, in 1988 it was enclosed to create an indoor mall. With 1.8 million square feet, it's the largest indoor mall in the area.
*(461.6125 79.7 heard in St Ann, possibly JC Penney? 4/16)
*461.125 D703, sounded like mob/portables retail near Circle K Bridgeton, listed as Casino transit in DB 8/16)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.88750  WPVI732  RM 162.2 PL NWP Security Maintenance/Security (Low Power)  FMN  Business 
461.95000  WPVI732  RM 612 DPL NWP Maint Maintenance/Security   FMN  Business 
463.65000  WPVI732  M NWP Mnt/Sec2 Maintenance/Security  FMN  Business 
466.95000  WPVI732  M NWP Mnt/Sec3 Maintenance/Security  FMN  Business 

South County

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
467.75000    M 115 DPL Target Rusty Target (Lemay Ferry; 4250 Rusty Rd)  FMN  Business 

South County Shoppingtown

Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
463.58750  KB26992  RM 072 DPL WSTSC Ops 1 Maintenance/Security  FMN  Business 
463.91250  KB26992  RM WSTSC Ops 2 Maintenance/Security  FMN  Business 
464.41250  KB26992  RM WSTSC Ops 3 Maintenance/Security (D331 is ???)  FMN  Business 

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